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Or starting five. All-time NBA hairstyles. Player-based. So not just the hairstyle, but the person who exemplified that hairstyle. Allen Harrison is number one. Number one. Corn Rose. Corn Rose. Having Corn Rose. Birdman Mohawk?


I mean, he has some crazy ass hair style. Michael Jordan. The Baldy. Got to go Baldy.


Yeah, Michael Jordan, the Baldy is tough.


Baldy is always tough.


How about the Dr. J. Afro? The fro.


How forget about the fro.


The fro. You can't forget the fro. Also done well by Ben Wallace, but you have to give the fro to-Shon Livingston.Shon.


Livingston had a-You got to get the Julius Herb, though.


This next one is tough. The Flat Top.


Which one? The Pip one one or Sean Kim one?


I was going to say the Patrick Ewing or the Amand Schumpert.


Schumpert did have a motherfucking kid in play.


Here, the Eraser head.


He had the motherfucking Eraser on top of his shit, didn't he? The great ones. This shit was tall. Those are great ones.