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What's up, man? All right. I got to know guys quick. I don't have time to practice. I don't have time to... I ain't been around that long, so I got to know guys' games in and out. So you have an initial conversation with everybody on the team. Introduce yourself. What do you say to Dame? What does he say back to you? No, it was just, what's up? Just tell me which way you like it. I'm always a lot of weekends card on me. If you're not going to come up and set I can slip out. You just tell me, what do you want? You want a pocket? You want space? I want space. All right, cool. Got it. My one minute, and this is your one. Bucslairs, please give a warm welcome to Mac Gouverly. And so the first game, one of the first highlights that people from Milwaukee absolutely latched on to and gratiated you to the city, you're grabbing clipboard. Yeah. What are you saying to everybody? What are you talking about? How does Doc receive that? Just basketball stuff. Maybe you're over here. Maybe you should just be a little bit in.


Instead of being outside on the three, maybe you just go box it on your elbows, keep the paint, make it look like it's real tight so guys don't attempt to drive. You look in and you see for a dude, I'm not going in, I'm going to get off. So it's a little shit like that. Not crazy. So, yeah, we played the Hornets, Belted Ass. Belted Ass, trash theme. One quarter pounder with cheese. Only the sandwich? Only the sandwich. With the Big Mac, the Big Mac, I want the meal. Okay, Big Mac meal, what for a treat? I would like a Sprite, light ice. I need to know. Could you put a little You want some extra salt on them fries? You want the Big Mac meal large? Yeah, I want the red box fry. And you said extra salt and the fries? Yeah, there we go. Okay. Look at it. Are you going to have That's it. All right, check your window. Thank you. Yeah. Can we do a happy meal as well? Out of here, a good boy for that go, sir. I've seen him out with an effort, saying I got a low pass.


I can't do no feats, What's up, bro? How you doing? Thanks for coming. We need you. Oh, yeah. You already know what the vibe is. Yeah. Making these. What's up, my man? All right, you tell me what type thing this is. I'm in this, dude. No, I don't want no damn mic. Don't do me like that. Treat me like I'm some type of weird up. Yo! All right, let's fucking go. Lock in. Let's go. What's up, boy? Where's the camera at? Everywhere. Take that. Don't read the chat. I'm trying to look impressive when all these things. I drove all the way down. What's up, guys? What's up, guys? Three. They had three. So we've been getting to 15 and giving it to him. That's what I'm saying? All right. I've seen two of them, though. That was in and out. Tough bottom line. Yeah. It's like that. How did you guys do, Tony? Pat Peltz, the three-pointer. He's good because that just goes to show you the level of talent. Pat Pats with the lay-in, the final 112 to 95. Belt to ask. We didn't fuck around. The boss was just saying you dapped him up like a shithead.


What does that mean? I did that on the pod. A lot of white people don't do the whole... It's a procedure I've been doing. I can't. How many angles am I getting there? You got it from me. I'm going to show you. It's like... But then you got a cup. Yeah, right there. All right, done. I'm just saying, be coachable today.


Wild. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No You don't need to. You can't afford to bet. You want to warm up? He hasn't. He has three. He has three. He hasn't been hit. What's up, bro? What's up, 20? How you doing? Hey, you okay? Hey, you good? You're burning. Me? Yeah. I love it. You ready for this? Yeah, you're ready. What, 38 hours? 38. That's fucking impressive. Thank you. That's a fire. Mantis. Come on. All right, man. There we go. Holy fuck. He just hit 10 shots. He just fucking hit 10 shots. Lebron James. I literally have a game. I have to read something. I have a game today. This is hard. Fuck. Bro, it gets so tense at the... It hurts. I feel sorry for them. We're in hell. Love you, buddy. We're so fucked. Two mile run, though. That guy just made it a long turn, though. I'm not even like this. She can get you right for the night. She ain't looking. 6'7, then 400 pounds. Fuck around for the underground. She just underneath the L down in Fishtown. You know how that shit sounds. Snock a bitch, you'll get down.


Fuck it. You go all up in a spot of San Emporium. Yeah, that shit looks glorious. Fashion she been hoarding She got four of them. That thing she got more of them. How the hell she scoring them? Who is her consortium? Find her at the stadium working on her mate job. Find her down on South Street working on her date job. If she was an outlaw, she could get your train robbed. Instead, she's a girl boss, then she thinks the world's soft. If you order that for life, well, she won't stop it. Check your wallet, she can sock it to your pocket like a rocket. Go here watching, she been clocking all the moves. If you getting into something, really target isn't nothing. Let me make an introduction because it's Big Fat Josie. She the plug, she got what you want. She got what you need. Yes indeed, I got you on. Big Fat Josie, she the one. She Yeah, I'm on his ass. But I ain't going to tell nobody. I'm going to put all the pressure on Kyle. Hold time, I'm going to guard Reece. Then I know Reece. Reece ain't going to know what I'm talking about.


I'm going to catch his ass off guard. Push him, hit him, all type of shit. No, no more. What are we doing? What are we doing? This ain't that. This ain't that. So, yeah, that was the play. But it's all going to come out when we play the ass on TV. You know What's up, man? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Got Dade circle. What's up? What are you doing, man? Come on, man. Let us put some gas on that, man. Push that bitch through the Pat Beard pod, man. Where are you going, man? I don't know, man. Okay, I'm going to get the track. Yeah, man. My veteran A veteran guard, Daniel House, looking for a contender to join. We're going to put that gas out there. We need you on the motherfucking team this shit. We ain't playing. Yeah, I ain't shit. Like I said, bro, you know me, bro. I just want to play good basketball, bro. I don't know about it because that's what's going to help us win. Good basketball. And you always going to have a job because of that.


First shot of the day. Can't make it up. First shot. You ready? I'm going to go underhand. Okay. Off glass. Oh, wow. Yeah, I got a lot going on. One side, buy. There you got to take a little good jump on. There you are. Make sure you get the hook. The two. The all-black hoes. The Barstool bass pro-shop shirt. The one I stole. They asked me, Does anyone take it? One, two, three. It could get melt, though. That kick up is real good. This is NBA? Yeah, boy. Oh, shit. Usa Game Boy is ready. If I shot this ball, my ball will go that way. Ten toes. Can I shoot One, 35. Still shooting. They compact. Elbow in. Bjj ready. Bjj ready. Elbow in. Elbow's in. Elbow's in. That's it. Elbow's in. Just joking. Just joking. Elbow's in. I know it's over. Thanks. Hey, rep, come on. Line as a bat. Line as a motherfucking bat. All right, boys. Thank you, brother. That's stuff. Thank you. That's exactly what I needed. There he is. Everything was smooth, transition in and everything working right in front. I mean, elite. I feel like I'm Patrick Baffie. Exactly.


That's all that matters. How are you? I'm great. I got to get better. I got to get better. How are you? I actually really good. I got to get better, though. You see, that's the thing about this world, that you've won in life, and you still want to get better. I don't think I've won in life. No, you've won. I don't think so. I think I think I had a line of view. But I'm saying that's what the difference is. You've won. A lot of people get comfortable when they win. You still want to get better. You have to, right? That's what they say, but not everybody does it. Thirty-five years old. I'm steady getting better. It's probably the best season I've ever had. I'm fishing for sure. For sure. I'm talking about... I'm saying I'm fishing with less minutes than usual. Efficiency is up, though. And I think I might I might be, numbers-wise, I might be the best isolation player in the NBA. I was about to say I saw your staff inside and I've been following you. You've been getting easy ones, too. You're making it easy. I think you're going to fit in well with the Bucks.


I just got to see. He's going to make it one time. My man, Merrill Cole. That's my man. You know what I'm saying? He was in Arkansas. Yeah, it's a good man there. Yeah, man. Good, bro. Good. Good luck to you. Now, go ahead. You all keep grinding. For sure. You all be good. Good luck with everything, chief. All right. Hell, no. Whatever you want. Appreciate it. Look, man. What position is he in? Point guard. Point. Nice? Yeah. Look at that. I'm thinking we're going off this camp. You got that, too. That's what you're doing. No, it's just my little podcast. Nice to meet you, bro. Appreciate it. No problem. Take care, man. Keep grinding. Makes a difference. No one else is here.