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You got a tech? Oh, my God, dog. You know who I blame for this? Twitter. Because when the Josh Getty shit happened, we was playing OKC. Everybody was like, Oh, Pat, go give him hell. You got to boot that game in, OKC, right? So now when I played him out, I'm picking his ass up 94 feet. I'm making shit living in hell while he out here. I don't want to... Okay, see, the coach is like, Man, if he gets up in you like that, just elbow him. If he elbow me, I'm going to put his ass on the ground. Don't tell him that. Come down, little fake bow. Come down again. Big bow. You're soft ass. Ref give me tech. Tech? For a bow? No, for soft ass. Not for a bow. He elbow me, I elbow him over with. Four plays later, he pass it. Man, no, no, no. Why you don't tack me? Stay call for pick and roll. You're soft ass. Tech. Ref say, I'm harassing him. I'm like, What? I got a tech for a soft ass? Because I a tech. I call him a soft ass. I get a tech for that.


Was it the back and forth? But he elbow me. And he said that, I seen him throw elbow shoot you, the elbow in the back. Pat, you're harassing him. I'm like, What? I'm harassing him? Swear of the motherfucker, ain't.