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I will never question a player's injury. But at some point in time, you have to recognize that this is a pattern of behavior.


He's fighting through knee injuries.


And again, nine games no one knows about. But he still scored 70 points. You rest two days before to get ready for that matchup against Jokuj. I go and tell Jamal Murray. I was like, Yo, Joe Allen's out. He's like, No fucking way.


We walking out locker room. We try to get out there by 18:00 on the clock, run out by 18:00. I get out there, me and nick Matun. I don't think Joe playing. What? Mind you, this is 18 minutes before the clock. We don't even know what's the fuck going on. Joe is trying to fight through it. Literally, me hanging on by a thread.


I am only saying what the basketball community and culture is saying.


I'm witnessing people spray num and spray on this man, me, during the game.


I'm like, What the fuck is that?


Just to get through the third quarter.