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I've never had a player in my history of my career that I ever beef with, had smoke with, defended well, said he wanted to whip my ass.Dame was the first?Dame was the first. To walk into a locker room with him and to be on a mission to do something I've never done before, he's never done before, win a NBA Championship. We go to Bobby Portis' birthday party. Dame goes, What's up, Pat? Man, this is two games after we done played with him. What's up, Dame? You all right? I'm good. We need to sit down and talk. Fuck talking. Let's just go have dinner. You all like that. But just the point of saying that, right? Because I ain't saying that shit. I tell Dame, all those 40-foot shots that you shoot, you got to shoot that shit so the team can see it. Because I've been on teams with Kawhi and PG, where they shoot 19 shots a game and get to the payoff. They shoot 27. All the role players looking like, Man, you all fucking gunning. No, they're not gunning. They're doing what they're supposed to do. So I go, Dame, man, those 40-foot shots, you got to shoot that shit.


The team needs you to shoot that shit. Why? Because we need to see if you miss, how the fuck we're going to rebound. And we need to react off of that. We need to be able to react off that. Damn, Pat, I never look at it that way. You got to, bro. I don't give a fuck what we got going on. I'm trying to win a championship.