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It's the first year I ever came off the bench, bro. I've been a starter for a fucking decade. To me, I felt like I've been demoted. I'm going to play my role to the fullest. Here for the fucking team, let's fucking win. But this year with Philly, I started off on bench. First two buteltic games this season, you played 10 in 15 minutes. They saying, The Pleasant of Legion and the people back there going crazy. I'm in my mind, I'm praying to God, Lord, because you help me, guide me to be a starter again. Every fucking game, bro. Every game, from the beginning of the season, the preseason, until now, I'm going to start a game four. Four games left until the season, going to the playoffs. Just beat the number one seed, bro. God is real. Every day, Lord, please. I'm a star and point guard. Help me get there. Please, please, please. You got to think, Ron. I'm in a whole 'nother vibe. I got these on. You got to think. Motherfuckers is telling me, giving me text messages like, Yeah, whatever you want to release, release it. This is just a new start.


The solar eclipse, it has to do with energy. How do you think waves happen in the water? I got sage burning. I got incense burning. I'm in a whole flow. Preparation meets opportunity. I'm ready. I've been ready. I've been ready all year.