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But that ain't the first hook I done through. You've been throwing hooks all year. All year. Low key. Fly hook, not just bump, bump, hook, float. I'm talking about full extended magic. You got to think I'm yelling mad. I'm doing it in practice, though. That's why everybody got up on the bench like, Yo, you all tripping. He really work on that. Not trying to do too much. In Hoopers, I want you to understand, it's like every time you open, don't mean you got to squeeze. What does that mean? They put the center on me. The ultimate disrespect. I have to be a center now. Now I'm a strain, now I'm a roll. I got that game, too. I'm just not going to limit myself because I'm a guard. If I have a bad shooting, they put the center on me. I got to be able to play the center position.