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Come back from break. You got your first practice. You understand that. We're thinking about the future. Think about now. Have fun now. Have fun right now. Don't think about the playoffs. Don't think about championship. None of that. Have fun in this game right now. That is fucking impressive. As a leader, you appreciate leadership like that. I mean, that bitch, Yeah, let's fucking go. You know what I'm saying? Had us fired the fuck up. First practice, we played once. Come on, Pat Bell, let's play once. Bs joined, then AJ Green joins. The whole practice going on, we on that bitch playing once. First day, getting right after. I bump him up, and we playing once. Defensive game. Not how many points you score, how many stops you get. I'm on bus. Yeah, I know we're hooping today. All-star break. When the coaches go, No, no contact today. What? They get me off this bus, man. I ain't practicing. What the fuck, man? I go in that bitch, I dock, man. Contact. Let's go. Yeah, we're about to warm up. Okay, cool. All right. Bet. Let's go. We need that bump. We need that bump. Big shit talking, big bumping.


This, this, that, that. Oh, yeah. Great times.