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Bro, I walked 10 miles in these today. I put the walk in Milwaukee, bro.


I went- Relax, man. You took one more walking walk in Milwaukee. Now you took the walk out of Milwaukee. Everyone keeps telling me they walk. My mom told me, Oh, man, I walked today. Where'd you walk? To the game? Mind your game is a cross street from the hotel.


Walk to every part of Milwaukee.


Relax, man.


Eleven miles. Why does it say eleven miles? Eleven miles. I went to every hood, bro.


Relax. There you go. Relax, man. You went down the street.


The Mexican hoods, the Black hoods, bro.




I had a blast. I saw where Jeffrey Daumer used to live. Chill, bro. What you on today? I saw it all.