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Hey, folks. This episode is brought to you by McDonald's. Pat, take it away, my brother.


Here we go. This episode is presented by McDonald's.




Did you even know about the McCrispy?


Did you know?


No, no, no, no, no. If you've ever seen a McCrispy, how would you know to find this perfect bite? Right. Mccrispy.




Not knowing about McCrispy is a disservice to spice lovers.


It's a disservice to spice lovers.


Those who know about the McCrisby know about the golden ratio of each bite.


The golden ratio.


Sometimes, the silence between them as crispy bites is just as powerful as the bites themselves.


They're delicious. Don't forget that.


It's a McCrispy day.


Today included. Oh, yeah.




Yeah. Mccrispy. That was beautiful.


How was that?


That was elite. It made me want a McCrispy, honestly. If you're at home and you don't want a McCrispy, you're not listening.


Real ones know about the McCrispy. Taste it yourself today.


Taste it. Pat, Beth, Pa with Roan. Roan. Postseason flow.


Roan, you're at my home.


I'm at the home. This is how we're going to be doing it for the postseason.


Look at the hat on my dome.


Listen, I don't want you to be here alone because we're on our path to the throne right now.


Okay, stay left.


Keep going. Honestly, it's postseason time, and we are hurtling towards, hopefully, a crown. You have to win 16 games. Fifteen. Fifteen now because the Bucs are fresh off of a win. Game one against the Pacers. We're recording from your home. Honestly, you came to let us in at the door. You limped in. No, relax. I mean, you have ice on your knee right now. You got poked in your eye. It's all right.


Let's play you all. That shit doesn't matter.


We're calling less fouls now.


Don't even whine about it. Take out the ball.


Check ball. No Yannis, but still, do I have to take it off?


No, he was missed. He was He was missed. Definitely always missed.


For sure. Giannis was missed, but still, built to ask, against the Indiana Pacers. How are you feeling?


It's a lot of stuff in a game that, obviously, we can get better at, and we will.


There's a different energy around you right now. I could tell it. In a regular season game, when you win, it's like, We've beaten them, we've vanquished them, belt to ass. Right now, there's very much an air of unfinished business.


No, more of respect. It's a hell of a coach.


Rick Carly.


It's a hell of a coach. So you got to respect You got to respect him. He runs, he runs some great stuff offensively. He's great at making adjustments. They're a young team. They have really good players on their team. They have an all-star guy on USA team. So that's just the ultimate respect. You can't just have to give them all their respect.


Okay, so a hell of a game by you tonight, Pappev. Eight rebounds, seven assists, really filling out the stat sheet. I mean, some of these assists are playoff assists. You're lying face down on the floor tapping a ball out to B.


I almost turned that shit over, man. I got to be better. I got to be better.


But you didn't turn it over.


Yeah, but I still have to be better. I shouldn't even get to that predicament. I have to be better. And I will. I will. It was the first game. It was the first game. It was a lot of stuff I thought that I was sped up a little bit. It was the first game, so I'll be better.


What did you see your role as for the Bucks tonight?


I don't know. I don't ever really go on like that. I'm a hooper, right? So it's just whatever the game presents. Just a little bit of everything. I just wanted to be a hooper.


But it was 37 minutes. Oh, man.


Look at me. Time to switch.


Like a night that just walked off of the battlefield. Sword marks, like Lance marks you just fallen off the horse, got back on the horse.


No, I'm talking about at the game in cold to... No, fuck that. Excuse me. At the game in weight room. Hit the weights. Got to stay strong.


What did you hit? Chest for the ladies?


No. Last of the tries? No, I squatted. I did a little front squat on that thing. I did a little RDL ham string. I did a little core, and I did standing calf. I got a good work in a two-setter.


What's the benefit of that?


Get your muscles while they're fatigued, right? Not all the way fatigued, but a rest state. Build that up and give yourself more time to recover until the next game.


So prepare for the next fatigue, but also have enough of your- It's just a long run.


It's just more hours to get back to yourself.


Okay, so finish game, weights.


Come on. Cold tub.


Cold tub for inflammation? Yeah.


I need to feel like I'm 19 years old. This team, Fast as Hell. They're Fast as Hell. It's tracking me. So I got to make sure my shit stay fresh. Leave there, go to crib, get massage, deep tissue joint. So I'm going to be sore as fuck tomorrow, but I should be fine for Tuesday. Hey, Coup.


Coup, with those cute-ass feet. Get on out of here. I know you want to be the mascot. All right. Coup wants to be the mascot. Coup wants to be the mascot. Come on up here, mascot. Yeah, you're the mascot. Hey, Coup.


Bye, bye, Coup. Down, down.


Get What can you say about Dame's performance?


He played well.


You think he has more in that tank than people know?


He played well the night. It's not a game.


I fucking love it, dude. Don't even give me half. Don't even give me a quarter. Don't even give me an eighth, dude. Don't even give me a 16th. Just a little bit of a taste is all I need because it really gives an insight into your mindset of how badly you want it.


We're playing a really good team, a well-coached team, man. We got to be ready for every fucking thing.


No, that's a fact. One game isn't shit.


Long way to go.


You lose a series 4-1. It's like they basically got swept. You know what I mean? One game is not shit.


Got a long Long way to go.


Long way to go. So you were talking a lot at the end of the game towards their bench.


No, I wasn't. I was talking to the ref.


I thought that Gennaro Pargo is one of their assistant coaches. Am I right about that?


Gennaro, that's my guy, man.


He's great. Chicago guy, right?


Chicago guy.


What was that exchange like?


I seen him before the game. It was always good seeing him, man. You got to think like, he went to the University of Arkansas. I'm hooping at this gym. I'm hooping at this gym called Hoops.


Good name.


Yeah. Tim Grover used to run it. I got Nero in there. It's Carlos Bouz in there, but this is primetime Carlos Bouzer. You know what I'm saying? They got Will Bynum in there. They got Tony Allen in there. I think Antoine Walker was in there. It was like NBA guys in there. And I'm in there. I'm on my way to college. Joe Johnson was in there. So I'm in there catching All right. If I'm doing my thing, I'm hooping. Mind you, this is the next day I leave and go to University of Arkansas. I get fast break in and out. In and out, Berga. Let me get this quick lay. Oh, lay. Push in the back a little bit. I'm looking at my choice like brick wall or window. When I'm like, I'm just, you feel me? I'm just plant myself on a window. I don't even think that happened. Like, Like 16 stitches. Hand went through window. I ripped shit out. Oh, shit. Why did I do that? It's instinct.


Oh, that's when you get the... My shit.


I'm talking about, I get 16 here, I get eight here, I get three here, I get seven here, whole hand.


Got it.


Day before school.




Day before college. True story.


Oh, God. What?


Everybody was telling me, You should have sued the shit out the air. I was a real one. I ain't going to do them like Well, yeah, I was in college like this, running stairs. Yeah, locked in still.


So Gnero Pargo did that to you?


No, he was in the gym, and I just always remember that.


Yeah, that's crazy. That's a fucking brutal scar. I've done that before. Punch through glass and pull back.


I know. I have a nasty scar.


Let me see. Shout out to Taylor Swift. It's in here somewhere underneath all these- VIP.


How many bands you get?


Bro, I I need to be in the stadium. I was in stadium with- Chill.


I'm holding it up like a Shaq Rovero. I like your shoes, though.


Thank you, bro.


Them bitch is fresh.


Vans. Just kick push vibes.


I know, but like...


I might have to skate on somebody. They were hard to find for some reason.


I like that hat, too.


Honestly, signed by Pep F. I like your hat. What is that?


When does that wind up in stores?


Honestly, we need this this week.


Oh, hats this week?


Hats this week. We need this in stores as well. Exactly. It strikes a cord when you have good hats like that. It really does with the people.


This man can't help himself. This is going to be funny, you see? It does, bro.


And we need these in stores because people are clamoring for these.


Clamoring is a beautiful word. People are desperate to have these in their collection. I like how you put the A. No lie, though. Talk about the material on the hoodie. Be honest. Don't lie.


We're wearable.


Like, anywhere.


No. Extremely wearable.


Like, early morning, got to take out trash, I throw it on. Easy throw on.


If you're traveling, hop on the plane, you're wearing this hoodie. Super comfy. Extremely comfortable. But also You want to get swaggy?


My boy Ron, put that shit on.


Wear it out to bar club dinner or something like that.


Tell them the sleeves ain't super tight with its loops. You could pull it up and it could stay.


The shoulders fall at a modern length. You know what I mean, it's not like it's all short sleeve. And you got three quarter length baseball jersey.


You take it off if the hoodie is tight. No, none of that. Comfortable at all.


Bro, the amount of hoodies that you bought for people the other day was incredible.


Oh, you're going to shout out to Snipes.


No, shout out to you. You're putting on for the real ones. It just shows how much you have a connection with your fans, how much you love your fans, and how much you're willing to give back to the community. Because I'll be honest, some of the people that came in there were underprivileged. They were not asking for a handout, and they got a handout. And I think that really speaks to your character. So you want to support somebody who supports people. I think that this is the hoodie to buy.


That damn, that's real.


And the hat to buy, honestly, support somebody who supports people. That's all we're trying to do out here.


We caught a vibe, didn't we?


It was a fun time. It was a very fun time in Chicago.


Shot commercial.


Got back. Shot pot. Shot pot. And then you got back to Chicago and got back in the fucking gym. The same night. Yeah. That, bro. It's truly beautiful. The play-off grind, what can you tell us about the playoff grind as far as what's the day in, what's the day out? Do you have rest days? Are there times when you can- So you got to think, like with any game, you want to play well.


Well, for me, any game I ever I want to play, I want to play really well. Of course.


I know, but every game presents something different.


And most of the time, most guys, In order for them to play where they think, instantly, first thing, points. Instantly. That comes from when you was a kid, though. So it happens organically. But there's so much going on in a game where you can make an impact, and you got to be ready for all that shit. You know what I'm saying?


I saw a line of discourse online on X, specifically, saying that Pappev is not a meme. You know what I mean? You might be an exciting player to follow in the media, but on the court, you're not some joke player meme who's just- No, I don't know. You run a team as a point guard, and that is a almost underrated skillset When people take into the totality of what you present off of the court, do you feel like you're underappreciated in some ways as far as your acumen, as far as being a traditional point guard who can run a team? No.


I mean, the The work, it'll happen. The work that goes in, I love passing the ball. You feel me? I love having a ball running, picking and rolling. I love that shit. But I've been on so many teams where it's guys that just numbers are way better than mine running, picking and rolling. So I have to accept what comes with it. But it is going to be a time where I'm going to have to do that. This year, this whole year, I've been really having a ball on my hands.


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Me this time.


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Yeah, you see the game? Yes, sir.


Yeah, I was at the Sixers' Knicks game.


Yeah, that's the one I was talking about, the one I seen you at.


Off-backboard and beads dunk. Did you see that one? Disgusting.


Fuck that.


Fuck that.


Let's talk about this fight.




Belt to ass.


Belt to ass. Belt to ass. I heard that you watched that fight. You didn't even sit down. You were so excited.


Listen, I'm damn near using Tyler as the punching dummy. You feel me? I'm a steady teller type. Tyler, you got to go with the uppercut. You got to go with the uppercut. You got to go with the uppercut. Went with uppercut, knocked him out. Then I say, Tyler, he got bricks in that left hand. He just laying wood across his motherfucking head. Every time, motherfucking put to sleep. My damn. Entertaining fight.


Garcia Hane.


Entertaining fight.


Very Very entertaining.


He get on the interview, Yeah, I was drinking in, motherfucker Dave. That shows you that, Hey, you all don't forget who I am. He was put belt to ass, man.


Belt to ass. He was saying crazy shit before the fight, and a lot of people were discrediting him. And it made me wonder, why would you think a guy is less likely to win a fight because he's crazy? If a guy is crazy, he's more likely to win a fight. Fuck that.


We've seen this motherfucker since he was nine years old. Whole world. Bro, he been doing this shit for so long, and we've all witnessed it. I'm not surprised. We literally witnessed it like, Man, this motherfucker be cold. And now he gets here, he say some crazy shit, do some crazy shit. All of a sudden, he adapts crazy.


Expose the Illuminati, blah, blah, blah. Dude, I did a video with Ryan Garcia a couple, maybe two years ago.


You faked that left punch.


And he also was hitting me with that. I was wearing the thing. I know.


Yeah, I seen it.


I was eating those things, It didn't seem like you was.


So you was faking on TV.


No, I might be the one. I was eating those, bro.


I know, but you was curling up on TV. I'm just saying you were faking them.


I was faking the curl up for sure because I was eating them for real. I was eating it on McDonald's, bro. I was eating them.


Speaking of McDonald's.


Come on, bro.


We back.


The McCrispy. That McCrispy is back.


Shout out to the McCrispy.


Hot, fresh.


Yeah, and it's a spicy one, too.


Yes, dude. The McCrispy is the sandwich. The Premier Chicken Sandwich. To chicken.


Mcchicken. Mcchicken. Fucking time to hop. That McCrispy is back. Okay. Mcdonald's is back.


Yeah, I'm so happy to have them back.


So we got to say it. I can't even compete. I can't compete. I literally can't compete with that.


And I'm loving that. I truly am. People are coming up to me at the stadium. I swear to God, strangers coming up to me at the stadium being like, Don't just do it. Do it now. Strangers.


Shout out to Tip of the Dawn. Strangers. You met Tibba Da Dine.


Yeah, bro. I told you about his kid, bro. I told you about his mustache-owned five-year-old who was doing back flips, like a fucking Olympic gymnast. Elite. Elite. I came with the DNA that they have in Tip of the Dawn. It's like the Boston Dynamics robots, bro.


He pulled the suit on, suit jacket on. Yeah.


I mean, it's truly a family vibe, and I Can't wait to meet more of the family as the days go on, as the playoffs go on, as the vibes progress. Hydrate, bro. Get some body armor in there. Get some zero sugar. Get your electrolytes back in. How important is eating, hydrating in the playoffs, yeah.


I'm up and going.


How important is it to make sure that you're completely taken care of physically and mentally and nutritionally?


So I text Chef right after the game. We on our schedule anyway. But food, as soon as I walk through the door, because I know I got to recover. I got to recover, right? I lead a gym with a brown paper bag with four different liquids in it, liquid IV, some Gatorade, some water, and I got to finish that shit tonight. So hydration and recovery is the ultimate. It ain't even important. It's literally the only thing that can save you.


I know that he's big into cooking Fish. And I would ask Chef sometimes, I'd be like, What fish are you cooking? Talapia? And Chef told me, Talapia-Not a real fish.isn't even a real fish.


Yeah, your ass eating some bullshit.


I'm eating a fake fish. I'm eating a plastic Fisher Price fish, dude. What the hell is going on here?


Kfilta fish.


But Kfilta fish even exists more than talapia. Talapia didn't even exist until 2004 or something like that. They're just chefing it up on a farm.


No, I'm up for making that.


From scratch.


They ain't even coming out no water, neither. Motherfuckers just really making that, throwing it in pack, throwing it in ice.


They're getting it out the mud.


Yeah, literally. Yeah, they're making that. You eating some made up shit.


I'm eating some made up shit.


Stop eating it afterwards or you can be on.


I haven't had tilapia since then, honestly. Well, I'm just trying to put the right things in my body.


I'm trying to be like you. You use the knowledge, you apply the knowledge.


What's the play off, dude? I'm trying to be ready for the play off. I'm trying to be right for the play off. Let's do a quick whip around of some of the games that we've seen so far in the play off.


Who won the OKC game?


C. J. Mccoll missed a buzzer beater. Okc wins. Really, really close game. And good for OKC for being able to put it together without Zion. But man, closer than it should have been. That's a one against eight.


Okay, here we go. Laker game.


Lakers. Was lit.


They missed some shots, though. Lakers just missed some shots. But that's why I told you about Denver. Denver was tough, man. Once they get that thing going, they tough, man.


Do you think that there's any merit to the thought that the Lakers have figured something out by putting Rui Hachimura on Jokich? Do you think that that's- No, no.


But he a tough cover, whoever guard him. Maybe you can guard him for one possession, but 10 possessions, he go get some buckets and drop some dimes. He's nice. He's just nice as hell.


Who do you think the ideal Lakers starting lineup is? Who's the ideal starting five of the Lakers?


Anthony Davis.


Anthony Davis. Okay, the whole five, though. I mean, Davis, LeBron.


Obviously, Dilo.


Dilo. And then who would you put the other two spots?


Vando's out. Can't play him. That was Vando's spot, if you feel me, but he's out. So you got to put Rui in there.


Rui Hachimura.


Yeah, but then you got to have somebody to even it out. So you got to put like a Torian Prince in there.


So Torian Prince. Who else?


Who did they start? They started-AR. I mean-No, I'm tripping. Ar. I'm tripping. Okay, AR. Yeah. Ar.


I'm tripping. And that's our Starting Five, presented by New Amsterdam Vaca. It's a good Starting Five.


I like that.


It's a good start. I would ask you about the Starting Five of the Clippers, but... All right, guys, let's take a second and talk about New Amsterdam Vaca. In fact, that's Starting Five we just talked about it. It's brought to you by K'cha, New Amsterdam Vaca. New Amsterdam Vaca.


Shout out to New Amsterdam Vaca. They've been with the Pots since the beginning.


No, They have been maybe our strongest partner, and it really is a testament to who they are as a company, the values that they have, the loyalty.


The loyalty is important. They've been there since episode zero.


Yeah. The values in a company are really something that you want to buy into.


Were we in episode 81? Yeah. Sorry, I got to shout somebody out. Who's that? New Afghanistan, Vaca, finish.


Shout someone out.


I'm me guy. O KC. Yeah? Equipment guy working up.


Graham Bennett?


No. But got his name, though.


Shout him out?


He keep up with every part. He be like, episode 80 coming, man. I ain't miss one. I'm like, damn. We play O KC.


See, there are people out there. Fuck, I feel awful. Don't worry about it, bro. There's people out there who are as loyal as New Amsterdam Vaca is. And that's what you're getting every time you buy a bottle of New Amsterdam Vaca. Sure, you're going to be able to make an awesome cocktail, whether it be a cosmopolitan, whether you're making a New Amsterdam Mule, whether you're making a martini, whether you're making some cool cocktail.


Whether your ass is taking a shot.


Yeah, exactly. Ripping it back, ripping some shots. You know what I mean? Maybe you just turned 21 in college, you want to take a shot. Perfect. New Amsterdam Vodka is the vodka for you, and it's the vodka for us at the Pappet Pod.


What wrong?


Five times it still. Three times filtered. New Amsterdam Vaka. Those are our friends over there. Shout out to our buddy at OKC. Shout out to everybody that's been rocking with us from the beginning, specifically, New Amsterdam Vaca. Find your wins today with New Amsterdam Vaca. And shout out to the Laker starting lineup, man. I like their starting lineup. A solid. Solid starting lineup. And they could go a lot of different ways.


I like TP starting with them, too.


Tp, Dinwiddi offers a lot of ball handling for them, too. There's so much optionality in the way that they could build out their starting lineup. New Amsterdam Vaca. Find your wins today with our good friends of New Amsterdam Vaca.


The who?


The Clippers. They have a really nice starting five right now. And I think so-Who won a game? The Clippers. Okay. But actually, they were belt to ass, wire to wire. They were up 30. Who else played today? There's a Celtics. Who won a Celtics game? Belt to Ass Celtics. Every home team has won so far. Okay.


But you got to think, those are game ones. Most important games in a series, if it's not elimination, it's game two. What's that? It's really game two because you could sit back game one, make some adjustments. Excuse my dog, man. He just loves wrong.


I love him back.


Hey, Coo, move. Move, man. I ain't going to keep tucking your ass, man. Come on, man. Stop acting crazy because people here, man.


Why did you get under the couch like that?


Yeah, I don't be playing.


Because you lowered your voice two octas. Bro, you sounded like Tip of the Dawn My son.


Hey, just relax. That's my homie's son, man.


Hey, he's a man. I thought it was disparaging him. So why is game two so important?


Because coaches go back. They make adjustments. Players, you They feel, Okay, cool. This worked, this didn't work. Just how I'm getting guarded. So game two is always important.


Richard Jefferson made a point that the team that loses the first game has the advantage. Is he I don't know. Is he out of his mind? Does that even make sense?


No, I just don't know his perspective.


Maybe his perspective was, Now they know what they need to do to win. I'm trying to be beneficial to him.


I feel you, but it's the play-offs, man. Anything could happen. Let's just win the game in front of us. Yeah. Got a chance to win it, win it.


It almost sounds like he was trying to outsmart himself with that one. Who knows? Shout out to Richard Jefferson, though. Shout out to Richard.


They said, I had a torn ligament, Yeah, that's crazy.


How does it feel?


Torn. I don't know. Great.


It doesn't feel great or torn? It feels great. Natalie and Brookley over here, dude. But it does feel good. The shot looked good from the corner.


Everything felt good. It was cool.


Did you watch any of the Knicks Sixers game?


You know I did. But I don't want to overdrown myself with basketball. Then I'll be just watching, you know what I'm saying? I want to be a human also, so you can take your mind off basketball. Go for a walk, but it's hard to go for a walk because I'm so motherfucking damn sore. I got to look at the window to play video games a little bit. So I'm not trying to have basketball on all the time because I don't want to get overwhelmed with it.


Yeah, it's tough. Going for a walk has to be nuts. I can't imagine somebody watching you walk down the street like you were just... You came out of a casket.


Why are you getting why? I did not I'm not going to walk like that?


You came to the door stiff. Like you were in an old West shootout, bro. But it's right after an NBA playoff game. You played 37 minutes. You played more minutes than your age, bro. You're wild. That's crazy. You're wild. It's fucking impressive.


Okay, well, I got to be back at it. I got a good tool. You see, I'm hydrating, recover, hydrate, recover, rest, repeat, repeat. See, that's the thing they don't tell you about. It's hydrate, rest, recover, repeat, repeat. Do that shit again, and again, and again. And again. And again. Yeah.


And then do it again. Yeah.


I usually have beers after the game. I can't even have beer. Slows down recovery.


Bro, W-W-R-G-D. What would Ryan Garcia do, bro? Listen, man. That man would be having beers.


I know, but that's one fight I got. Right.


He didn't have another fight the next day. He wasn't on some crazy shit like a Rough and Rowdy.


How was Rough and Rowdy? They had you as a motherfucking pilgrim.


I was dressed up like George Washington. It was supposed to be me and Caleb.


You looked at great.


But then Caleb got sick, so he didn't show up.


See, I don't have you doing none of that shit on my show. I'm just letting you know. What do you mean? I don't have you dressing up all pilgrimish-ish shit.


Well, I was going to not do it, but then everybody looks so sad.


I don't have you do that on my show. I had you be swaggy. I'm just letting you know, putting that out there.


Thank you, bro. But I come through with a A Blinken stove pipe hat.


I'm saying, we don't need that.


If you want me to, I'll show up.


We don't need that flair, though. I agree. We already flared.


I was I'm just trying to sell fights, though. Trying to be a company man. If someone asked me to do something, I'm there. I'm not one being like, Well, I don't want to do this, or I'm not trying to do... No, I'm a team player. I know, but you're not- Because some nights, they might need me to score 15 points. You know what I mean? Some nights, I might need to have a- Clown suit on. Yeah, I might need the clown suit on. Sometimes I might need to go 40.


Say less. When you put it from that perspective, I totally understand. Yeah.


Sometimes I'll show up, you know what I mean? Let Dave and Dan, let them do And I'll fucking come through it like I just walked out of it. Pilgrim.


Our founding fathers.


Yes, exactly.


Got it. Say less. I got it. I understood it.


I will say one thing about going to that next game. Madison Square Garden in the playoff is just fucking rocking. I know Pfizer Forum, they're rocking out here in Milwaukee. Milwaukee needs to make sure they keep the fucking energy up because there's other stadiums in the NBA that are going fucking crazy. Make sure as a fan that you're competitive. Make sure you're holding the belt high in the air. First off, make the sign. Go belt in the air. We'll put you on the pod feed. What's belt in the air? Beltes.


You You got your belt in the air?


I have my belt in the air, twisting around my head like- I don't even want to know.


Pee-pop look.


Like a helicopter. But I'm just saying that it's important for the fans, no matter where you're from. What's wrong with you, man? Because the fans in Philly are going to be fucking crazy. You're great. The fans in New York are going to be fucking crazy. You're great. It doesn't matter where you are. You need to step the fuck up as a fan, too, because these players are going to be given their all limping off. You need to have a horse voice. You need to be walking out of the stadium fucking gasping for air, needing a bypass surgery. You need to give it all if you're a fan of the NBA, if you truly are a fan, because a lot of these teams make some money. They make the playoffs, and then a bunch of white collar fans People who are coming through on some corporate contracts, they want to sit on their hands and they want to just enjoy some free cocktails, have a new Amsterdam mule or something like that. Sure, have your new Amsterdam mule. Go fucking crazy in the stands. You have to. I love that. You have to.


I love that.


Give what the players are giving back.


I love that, bro. What do you think? Pop your shit. I love it. I'm here for it. Bro, I'm a real fan. You are.


I love the game, and I don't pretend to be anything that I'm not. You had your belt in your hand today.


No, no, no. Relax.


All right, all right. Pat, Pat, Pat with Ron. Ron. Let's get this guy some rest. We're going to be back. I'm coming to the game in Indy on Friday. Let's record after that. Is that cool?


You'll ask me on air. This is up over here, so you can have video proofed out.


I'll skip the game. I don't know. I'll stay home. I can stay home.


Okay. After what game? Game 3?


Game three.


In Indy?


Yeah. Okay.