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I got to give me a Championship this year. Straight up. I have to. I have to. I have to. Put some spit, put some dirt on it. Story's not over. Got work to do.


Pap F. Pog with Rome. Rome. Welcome to another volume. People say episode. I said, Why not say volume this time? Something different.


So volume 79.Volume.




I'm locked in.


The volume is a little bit louder on this one. You know what I mean? I like that.Volume's turned up. But we're fresh off of a game. Obviously, Belt-a-Ass merch on sale right now.


And, before we start anything.


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No, no, no. If they do that, we're throwing Ninja Stars through their eyeballs. That's That's my vibe. That's how I'm coming. You look like you just got big news.


Dilo, K-Mid, can't finish games for you all.




That's my man.


Interesting. Of him to hit you up, but that's indicative of the fact that the Lakers just beat the Bucks in double over time.


He would have texted you, you motherfucking way.


Yeah, what an asshole. I saw him walk out of the stadium, Whooping it up, dude. How dare he Whoop it up in Milwaukee.


He played really well.


He said he was sick two days ago.


Yeah, he played really well.


I feel like he was faking the sickness.


He texted me like, Yo, pal, as soon as I land, I'm going to come through, man.


Where's he at?


He pump faked me, the weak ass pump faked he got.


Slow ass game. Slow ass game. 20-inch vertical. No, he played great.


He played great. He played really good.


He's a great guy. Austin Reeves played great, too.


You all kicked ass. You all played great. Second half, which is even more impressive.


Triple, double, big three. He almost had a game winner, but they wound up winning. Lakers wound up winning. 20-point lead blown. That sucks.


I wish I was out there.


Yeah. I mean, how How's the wrist?




There seems like there's something else behind that unfortunate. Do you have something to tell me?


No. I got news that-Sounds like you have something to tell me.


What was the news?


Some disturbing news that I didn't really like.


My palms are sweaty.


Nees weak?


No, no. Nees are fucking...


I was going to flip it, but I saw Mary the dog right there. I didn't want to fucking actually- Mary didn't budge neither.


Mary didn't give a fuck. What the fuck, though? My palms are legitimately sweaty. I'm going through turbulence right now.


I get called. We give you news about the risk after the game, mind you, today I get X-ray, I get MRI. I'm looking at my shit like, my shit hurt a little bit, but I'm cool. I'm going to take the unnecessary precautions. I'm going to be a pro. I'm going to get MRI, I'm going to get X-ray and all that. Just be a pro. After the game, we're getting ready. I'm getting in the room. Six motherfuckers in that one. I'm looking at what the fuck? Is it spinal? That's what I actually said. I'm in this motherfucker, it's spinal.


I got a tumor on my wrist.


What's going on? Talked to the doctor and informed me that I tore a ligament in my right wrist and I going to need it surgically repaired, which takes three to four months.


What the fuck?


Yeah. Cool little day.


That sucks dick.


Yeah. Cool little day, though.


Oh, man.


Cool little day. Went to sleep, playing Call of Duty with my son. Wifey in town, show mad love, got my kids. Maybe that's why it happened. I need to love to be around.


Wait, so what's the... So what's the prognosis? You're about to have surgery?


I mean, in order to fix it. That's what I was told.


What? That's what you were told? Yeah. It seems like it's... I don't know. How does it feel?


I don't know.


What the fuck?


It feel cool, though. It don't feel awful. It feel cool.


Tell them to fucking run the MRI again, dude.


What the fuck?


Run that MRI again. What the fuck?


Yeah, that shit's crazy. That's crazy how the basketball shit works, though. What?


Damn. How's your mental?


Solid, strong, sturdy.






Then I, too, will be strong.


I know my body, right? And I tore a ligament in this hand.


What was that like?


I couldn't pick up anything I couldn't finish game. Mind you, I, quote, unquote, from their words, tore this pre-OKC game. I still play OKC, plus 12 off. I shot one three, I felt a little pain, but it wasn't nothing that would be like, I need to stop.


You couldn't hold anything then?


Four rebounds, four downs, locking shit up, low swipes. How do you mean that? Good blocks. Good blocks. Great blocks.


Good tease. Yeah. But you couldn't hold anything then?


Yeah, I can still hold everything.


But can you hold this plant?


Yeah. What's your name?


Oh. What the fuck with me? What the fuck?


Well, you know me, I'm with a ring. God got me, so I'm You know what I mean? Small thing. It's supposed to happen right before the play. It makes the story even better.


What the fuck, dude?


It makes some magic shit happen.


Bro, you tell me what you need from me.


No, I already called her. I told my girl. I told my mom.


Okay, so you're taking care of?


I'm good. He told my Duke, she probably on the phone Jesus now. Straight up. All right, you take off some time with me to give him. Yeah, she's a gangster. Yeah, she's a thorough one, so she probably already hung up with her.


She has her wrist is hurting now. You're feeling better.


I done shave a couple of days off her life. Mom's the best, man. Mom's a fucking soldier, man. Take me, take my wrist. You know what I'm saying? So mom, she's probably absorbing pain right now, like you said. Yeah, bro. I'll give you- My shit feeling better already, though. We'll see.


I'm telling you, I'll give you wrist transplant, but I don't know if you want these fucking noodles, bro. No ditty, but my shit's a little fucking...


What? That's fair. We It's fair. We talked about Jeff Epstein. That's fair. Exactly. That's fair. I told you it's not just us. Is it one of those vibes?


What do you mean?


The white culture.


I told you. No, they're just trying to bring a black man down. I see what's going on. They're trying to take a powerful black man down. And I'm surprised no one has their eyes out for it.


That shit's wild. That shit is wild.


What are they saying in the community?


Where you at? That's wild. It's wild, man. It's wild. Because you don't know.


You don't know.


You literally don't know. And it's like a guy who you've been like, Oh, man, he's one of them guys, one of the Black Coach. Hey, this is my agent. You all be quiet. Hello. What you want to do? Oh, man, this is your decision. Either way, I support it. You already know what we doing then. We back in the trenches, nigga. You know what the fuck going on? By the way, I called our doc back and asked him worst case scenarios that I could have in my head. And then I called back to Bucks guy and I just said, Can you work with him to find some ways to tape it to stabilize Because there ain't no way this cat ain't playing. I was like, I got you. I did all this shit I was supposed to do to make sure when you go to war, you got all the- Yeah, but I'm going to take my time. I'm going to take my time, though. Yeah, for sure. I'm going to take my time. This is the playoff. Yeah, I'm going to take my time. This is about nothing else than that. Chin up, soldier.


I did all the work. Chin up, soldier. I already did all the work. Love, love, love, love. You have a great day. You, too. Okay, you're on the pod tomorrow.


This is the most behind-the-scenes look that people could ever get at an injury. And what goes through it. And injury, when people find out who calls, like agent calls, mom calls, Dilo.


My girl going off on me. When you went out to the game, I got the kids. Mind you, it's a big ass sprinter van. I'm in the truck. She going off.


And what did you say?


I said, Hey, hey, hey, hey, I just heard the news. I might be off for a month. Oh my God, where are you? I got to get all that now. I'm so sorry.


She You flipped it on her.


She wanted to punch me in the eye.


Then you hit the uno reverse.


Diverse. Cool. Chill. Actually, I need some TLC, babe. Why are you doing this to me?


You heard her yelling, you immediately hurt your wrist. Actually, I'm the one that needs to be them. So you played against... Okay, see, it was fine. What happened? What was the event that created this?


So I do my routine I do. I hoop. We got on film, I do the windmill before a game. I always do a dunk.




Caught the ball, dunk. Ball hit back around, missed dunk. Ball hit back around. My wrist hit around, ball hit. Finger coming back. It's a normal shit. And I kept... I hooped. That's why I'm confused right now. But you know me.


That's why I don't like to miss dunks. Yeah.


Put some dirt on.


Yeah. Rub some.


Good to go.


Fuck it. Just shake it off.


And I'm a gangsta, and I know what I'm doing. They're going to look at me crazy, man. Why are you telling these people are injured? They're going to hit your hand. Yeah, I know they're going to hit my hand. Straight up. Because if I'm a defender, you hurt, you're on the court, I'm hitting your shit. That's your ass off. That's part of the game? Part of the game. So I already know what the liquor is. Yeah, I'm showing you all. Hey, Spade. Yeah, I'm hurt. So what? I'm in this bitch. Damn. Say that.


You're fucking wild.


No, I'm very sane.


Yeah, maybe a little too sane.


My will is a lot stronger than a lot of men in the world.


Sadam Toussane. No, shit.


Don't compare me.




He was wild, too.


Toussaint? Yeah. Kind of like Toucan. That's what was my new comparison that I was going to do.


You're trying to get me canceled. I'm trying to get you canceled.


And speak of that, you got yourself in some fucking... I mean, not in trouble, but people were angry.


Hey, My man, Mo. My man, Mo went off.


Little problems.


My man, Mo went off. He showed a video of Dave. He don't want to speak to me. I pay his bills. He owns the NBA team. Like, they don't pay your bills. Let's not forget.


Well, one thing at a time. You know what I'm saying? Should we talk about Dave or should we talk about the list?


Let's talk about Dave.


All right, let's talk about Dave. No, no. All right, we We got to get back to the list, though. Let's talk about the list. All right, let's talk about the list because Mo was pissed. Do you regret making that list? No. Do you regret anything you said?


A lot of people don't understand what I'm saying.


What are you saying?


Mo, I work out with you every day in Philadelphia before practice. I have to make a bet with you, Mo. Every misdunk you have, I give you $100. Every tech I get, I got to give you $100. So we know issues. My issue is I get techs. So from saving from that, this is my punishment. Your issue is because you miss dunks. Which one you want to be? Being real. Seven footer, why you get traded? Why you... Can't say you're going to have a chance. That's what I mean. 7 foot up from my neighborhood, who I ain't ever seen? He don't turn into that. They tell him, Stop dunking. It's a difference.


Mo said he's from Harlem, though.


I don't do nothing. I know some of my I know Cash that's from the suburbs. I know white dudes from great parents, and that's your killers. So that's what I mean. I mean, feel me? Be a nigga all the time. That don't mean Keep your hair braved and do... What do you mean? Why are you even looking at me about making bets about me dunking a ball? And I'm seven, too.


Did you have any conversation with him?


No, no conversation. He said his piece. He He knew what I meant, though.


Did he text anybody else, Mike or anything?


No. No. No.




And the other people that I named, I've only known them for-CJ McCollum was pissed, too.


He said, Ask Dame about me.


Yeah, but I ain't ever... You feel me? It wasn't no disrespect to him. It's just he speaks... He's with the PA. Most of the guys I named with the PA, they have a great look. They have a great look in the NBA. You know what I'm saying? So it wasn't no like, I'm not coming to anybody, man. It's from what I know. And I don't have personal relationships with anybody.


Is PA like PD?


I don't know what that means.


Police Department?


No, no. Hell, no. But most of the people who go with the PA have a different look on them.


My question to everybody who is so pissed off is, since when is being white such an insult?


I guess when you're black. But when you're black and you're white, it's cool. What do you mean? Like, for Tyler Hero, you probably walk around like this. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, I told you all. I'm him.




We asked him to get on on a pod. He said, Hell, no, fuck you all. Really? Yeah, a little game. So he did text you. No, he text them. He text the homies.


He was salty?


Yeah, he'll be strong. Stop missing dunks. And you owe me bread, too, because I think I won that bet. That $100 tech bet, too. No cap.


Oh, man, we need to get more on the pod, bro. I feel like...


So You from Harlem, fuck is you missing Dunks, fuck? Who in Harlem, Ms. Ducks? What did you talking about, man? Stop playing with me, Mo. Stop playing with me, Mo.


Oh, man.


I put you in a category. You bust my eardrum. I come press you. I get fined 50,000. You come to Philly. We talk about the press issue. Your response is Yeah, you're lucky. My brothers weren't there, Pa, because they... What, ain't you? What you mean? Fuck is you saying that for? Fuck that pose to me. You're your own man. That's what I'm talking about.


His response was something about you talking to your white co-host about all this and stuff like that.


Come on, man. But I feel you, Mo. Look, guy. Love.


Love, guy. You wanted to do that list.


You're lucky my brothers weren't there. Like, come on, what the fuck is that? What do you mean? You here to talk about what you... Ain't nobody else here but me and you. Get your ass out this car, bro. You're lucky my brother, which I was going to jump me. What the fuck you all was going to jump me? Bravo then. Like, come on, bro. Stop playing with me. Love, gang. Love, gang. Love, love, love, love, Mo.


But you didn't hear anything from the rest of the list?


No, people probably only watched the pod. We just literally did- Alan Turner. What did with the people who wrote. And I literally said that before, so it wasn't even... It's all right. It's like that sometimes.




But Dave. Yes, So you got to understand the back history with Dave. I go out, I make grand entrance. We in Philly, we play Celtics, and I'm just understanding the rivalry because I'm asking questions. Damn, Philly, we hate the Celtics. I come out, I see Dave, I see you. I give Dave big ass hug, interact with him, this, this, that, that. Probably one of my worst games I had of the season. And we lose. I learned the lesson that night. Regardless of who the fuck in this bitch, stay locked in. You perform better when you're locked in, not when you're loose. First thing I do over there, I get him hug, I dap you up. I'm too loose. I get in the game. I think about the wrong shit. So now I hear one of our guys, El Presidente, here, but I understand what he's saying. But then he say, Ron at the bar. Okay, cool. First distraction. I want to look back, don't look back. Why are we going to play Boston? I want to look back, don't look back though, Pat. Stay locked in. Oh, yeah, he in? He good? He need anything?


Him and El President say, he said it again. Okay. Dave in this bitch. All right, cool. They're Corsi. I don't know where they're going to be. Stay locked in, Pat. Why are you thinking about courtside? Stay locked in. This is me in my mind on the bus. Oh, take a picture, Pat. Going upstairs. Doc Rivers right here. So I'm running through my mind. I hope, how would I fucking think about what they sitting at? Stay locked in. We're in Boston. You play great here. Stay locked in. All right, cool. Locked in. Come out. See you all. Clear as day. Not one word.


You saw us?






But this is the thing. You weren't mad. I go to you, too. That's the thing people keep forgetting. It wasn't just Dave.


Well, because I've seen you do this every game. I never expect anything from you because I see you're just a very focused individual.


Got there, got We got right on business, too.


Yeah, nine points first quarter, first half.


We got right on business. You know what I'm saying? With some people, I took this from Kobe. Rest in peace, Kobe Bryant. He was sidelined. I think Chris Tucker or Chris Rock. I think it was Chris Rock.


Yeah, Chris Rock.


Cracking jokes. He didn't budge.


Like a foot from his face. And that's Chris Rock. Laser focus.


That's Chris Rock. That's where I got it from. So I know if I'm not laser focused like that, anything I throw my whole game on. And it did that night in Philly. It was awful. Awful. God awful.


So that affected it?


That affected it. Really? Not me being not locked in. So I don't want to make the same mistakes twice. Yeah. I talked to all that the motherfucking game. I got business to take care. That's shit to do right now. A little day. Don't be like that. But these are the stories they don't tell you because I FaceTime El Presidente, and he doesn't answer or text back why he answered.


This is before or after the game.


This is a week before he even came the game.


We talked about that on this pod.


Feel me? So don't be like that.


He ghosted you then? You just hit him with the ghost back.


No, but it was an appropriate ghost. It wasn't even a ghost. I'm at work right Yeah. That's all. But I'm happy he came, though.


So, yeah, we looked down and he was incredulous that you weren't saying anything to. I was like, he's just locked in.


And I wish him a happy birthday.


You did wish him a happy birthday. Very nice of you. I was like, I don't even think he sees us. He's so locked in because we're sitting on the same plane as you guys right down the bench, and he's looking down. He's yelling at you. I don't know if he's just looking at you. But I don't even know if you saw it, one of your bros came up. I don't know if he's on the team or if he's an assistant. Someone came up and tried to talk to you, and you weren't even talking to dude who was with you. Or someone came up trying to dap you up or give you a High five. He had access to the bench, so it had to be someone within the Bucks organization.


We did not go sit on my podcast and justify why the fuck I didn't speak to Dave. I just told you why.


I'm just saying you were that locked in. I'm saying you were locked in with other people.


We don't need to say that out loud so he can hear. And then, no, fuck that. I didn't talk to Dave because I have fucking work to do. He a killer. He should understand. If he doesn't understand, that's a personal problem. Love gang. What the fuck are we talking about? Love, gang. Right. Straight like that. What are you talking about?


You also gave me the jersey after the game. I thought that was nice.


Yeah, but them shades you had on was hard.


No, they're video shades.


I know. I'm giving you a compliment. Just say thank you first. Okay.


I thought you said they looked cool.


No, I said they was hard as fuck.Thank you.Yeah. You're welcome, guy. It was so much different from your camera than The glasses, the court was way greener. It was great. What are those glasses?


They're, I think, a Rayban. Only like 300 bucks, but I took videos the entire game. And the entire game, like the Nass is coming up to me, like dapping me up during the game. I'm in the fucking huddle looking down like everybody's coming up. I try to use the... Yeah, yeah.


I got to get them glasses.


But after the game, I tried to download all the stuff. The video stopped downloading after the first quarter. I I have none of the shit that I took. I had them on for the Jersey swap. I'm fucking salty. It's just a complete waste.




I don't know what's going on with Ray ban because I tried to troubleshoot it for three hours.


So you have nothing for the night?


I have the first quarter, and that's it. All the shit that I was literally fucking screaming because you guys made a comeback. It was a 20-point game. You guys cut it to three points left in the game. I have them on during the Jersey Swap. I'm literally huddles right here. I'm looking into the huddle.


The whole time, I'm thinking, they must be saving this shit from the big time. The wonder ain't out yet. That's why it's not out yet because you don't have it.


Because I don't know if we could talk to some support from goddamn Metta and Rayban or some shit if we could get Zuckerberg on the line. Say less. But I was recording every time. Everybody around me was like, Oh, those are recording. Everybody was... I caught the ball.


You did catch the ball and through it at ref. Hold on. You all cool? I'm cool. I'm He in this bitch. How are you looking? But you got to think, I'm thinking, I'm thinking, I'm looking at my boy, he in this bitch.


I was in that bitch. In that bitch.


And the whole fucking-Persuian is still you dying, too. You should have shot that bitch.


I should have. But imagine- Or you should have threw it to me.


I would have threw it back.


I didn't know if you knew I was there.


Of course, I knew you was there.


Yeah, Dave had the bubble guts. He had to leave early.


Sure. Huh? Sure.


No, I mean, he said he was going to leave early.


And I called him after game. Yeah. Ask me, did he answer?


Did he answer?




It was a fun game watching against the Celtics.


No, Yannis. No, Yannis.


But it was fascinating to see the Thanasus effect up front. That dude is fucking insane.


He's amazing. And when you're not on it... I know I said it before. If you're not here with it, you wouldn't get it. He's phenomenal, and he He knows basketball. He knows basketball. He knows basketball. But that's how the Greeks are, man. They're very intelligent, very intelligent, top to bottom. They know a little bit about everything. So that doesn't surprise me at all. But he's just stink, though. I'm big bro. I had a hoop dream. Right? Lil Bro. An Avenger. I'm talking about not real. Greek is not real. It's focused, laser-focused. Come back to teach a little bro. The role is reversed, but you're still teaching a little bro. You know what I'm saying? We all win a championship. Go from in a small gym together to fucking an NBA team together. You know how fucking...


It's poetic. Oh, my God.


Shout out to the documentary, man. If you all ain't seen... What's the name of it? How do you know it?




It's called Yannis? Okay.




And they filmed it for the team.


Yeah? What was it? It's on Amazon, right?


Yeah, but they filmed it before it came out. I went.


Oh, like a premiere type of situation.


Was Jake Jones all there? Memphis, the day before All Star break. Really? I was in that bitch.


How was it?


Well, I thought my phone was cutting onions in there.


You wept?


The fuck? Really? The sound, the look. Oh, man, it was great. Yeah, it was great. Shout out to Greek.


Shout out to Greek. Is TA the designated go-between between your video assistant lady, who is the one who tells you whether or not to review something?


I think everybody played a little That's one of my favorite dances that you guys all do.


Foul happens so quick. She's on the video behind. She's like, giving a thumbs down. And then everybody says, Okay, It's been really fast. Was that position?


Her name's Cee. She's great. She just had a birthday yesterday. She's a fucking hooper. Really? I love it. She loves basketball, too. I love it. It's my first time ever working with a female on the basketball court. Obviously, in the NBA, you work with females, but day to day, grinding. Got her coves on, got her sweats on. Yeah, Cyd, she a gangsta. I like it. Yeah, I like that shit.


She's quick with it, but that's a thankless and hard position.








Because you need to go back so fast. You have limited camera angles. You only have the camera angles that they're showing on the broadcast, basically. So it's like, I mean, there's some where you want to challenge it. I think that there was a, who is the late foul on today? Was it on B's or was it on Dame? Where it was like a pull up and Dame, I ran through legs. They're like, Don't challenge it. Don't challenge it. But Tanasus was like, Fucking challenge it. And then she was like, No, you're not challenging it. He gave her a fist bump. It's a tough dance. Tough.


Not only tough because it's tough, tough because there was a previous coach here before, and now you don't even know this new coach. He doesn't even know you, and he has to trust you with this. That's even tougher.


It's not like he's bringing in his own talent.


It's not like it's a new coach. It's fucking Doc Rivers. You got to get this right. Tough. As a woman, too. Tough.


Got to get it right. Tough.


But she a killer, though. She do a hell of a job. Do you ever think- Do you ever think- Do you ever think- Do you ever think- Do you ever think- Do a hell of a job.


Do you ever think we'll ever see a woman head coach in the NBA?


I hope so.


How many years do you think?


I don't know.


Within 10 years?


I hope so.


What do you think the obstacles are?




In their knowledge of the game? Their ability to affect the men's game that they haven't played and don't know?


Yeah, it's a lot of coaches.


I'm trying to be honest about it.


Yeah, I hear you, but it's a lot of coaches that haven't played. If you know the game, you know the game. If you know it, you know it. About me and Brian going up there. Just talking about basketball in 10 seconds. That 50 things that just happened.


I saw you guys basically having an eye conversation. Whenever there's a huddle, you guys are both in street clothes, fading towards center court, just having the conversation from afar.


No, but you know me. I'm soaking up game, too. What are you over there doing? Who are you talking to? What are you telling the coach? He's talking to the ref at this time. I'm a sponge, too. Don't get it fucked up. I might play like I got this crazy ego, but no, I'm a sponge.


And that's who you're learning from, Bron?


I'm learning shit. But I'm in Doc's huddle. What you're running? What you do? What you do? I'm asking a ton of questions. I know he'd be like, This one. Ask a ton of questions. A ton of questions.


Yeah, every time you were with the coach, you were like the seventh coach in the huddle over there, as opposed to being with the players, you were like with the coaches, trying to soak in there, it seemed.


Yeah, I mean, I don't know. As of late, I've been just super locked in. I just want to know how coaches operate their timeouts. You got to think, man, a Hall of Fame coach? I would not be on his hip What the fuck? Doc is a Hall of Fame coach. It's going to get a jacket for a Hall of Fame coach. He played in the All-Star Game. You know what I'm saying? From the crib. Why the fuck wouldn't I want to be on his hip? But you What do you mean? Who did you run for? Why did you do that? Why did you do that? How did you do that? Oh, I see what you did. Okay, I'm that guy.


What coach in the NBA has the best after-timeouts sets? Doc.


Really? Yeah.


In the entire league? Yeah. Who on- His ATL is what?


Because his ATLs are for people you wouldn't expect it to be for. Feel me? Huge in spacing. And I used to... Oh, my goodness. I used to fuck up his ATLs. Why, are you freelance? I was a Clipper. Not freelance, but I was supposed to come off, pick a roll out. I'm going to go this way. Fuck that. Just to go off on my ass. Go off. But he told me He's going to be a good pick and roll player, too. But over time, I see his ATOs, and I'm like, Oh, yeah, he don't play by his ATOs.


Give me some other coaches that you admire their ATOs.


Finchee. Finchee. Finchee. Finchee. Yeah, Finchee.




Yeah, Finchee. Finchee got some shit. Finchy got some shit. He got some shit.


What else did you talk about with LeBron? I saw you guys had a little pow wow. Yeah. You said congratulations on finally securing a white co-host.


No, we didn't even... Of course not. We didn't even We talked about a play that happened, and how that play affect the whole game, and how because of that play, people aren't where it's supposed to be.


On what side?


That was great. That was great. I just explained that whole thing without no one understanding me.


No one knows the fuck you're talking about, but it probably makes sense to you and Bron.


The only people.


Hey, shout out to you, Bron.


Always big bro.


You were also shouting at AD when he was shooting free throws. Yeah, fire. Yeah?




He made his free throws, though.


If he looked at me, yeah, Pat, that motherfucker didn't even touch rim.


Okay. But what are you not going to try? They hit their free throws down the stretch. I did.


That was a hell of a game. Double overtime, man.


Double overtime. A double overtime. This was lit.


Milwaukee was outside.


Yeah, but the Lakers fans were outside, too.


Everywhere, though. That's how it goes.


They come out of the fucking woodwork like termites.


I wanted to be in that bitch tonight.


Give me the shot, Doc.


Chill, chill, chill, bro. Not too much. And I just got drug tested twice.


For what?


Blood and urine. My name wasn't on the blood list, but someone wasn't. Somebody rookie wasn't there, and they chose me. I damn.


The fuck?


Good. Got that out the way.


When they test that, are they just testing for steroids?


Tests for everything. Really? Except marijuana, but yeah, mostly everything.


Are you serious?


Dead serious.


So NBA players can't do any other drugs?


No, don't even smoke weed, you all. Indulge in wine a little early and just stay with that until you get out.


Doctors used to say a glass of wine a day was healthy for the heart. Can we get some wine?


Man, pull me up, man. I'm hurt.


I don't know if that's true anymore, but I'll share some wine with you. I was sick this weekend, so I didn't get to drink this weekend, so I'd love to enjoy some. All right, gang, let's take a second and talk about DraftKings. The thrill and excitement of March Madness is live And luckily, DraftKings Sportsbook, one of America's top-rated sportsbook apps, is giving new customers a shot to turn five bucks into $150. Unbelievable, the way they're cleaning up over there. Instantly, you can get that stuff. And that's all in bonus bets with any college basketball bet. I mean, the available lines on DraftKings Sportsbook are just... It's the best time of the year for gambling. You just sit sit down and you mow down the lines, whether it's you like overs, you like unders, you like to bet on the home team, you like to bet on the high seeds. It doesn't matter. You can have the most fun betting responsibly. And North Carolina listeners, don't forget that DraftKings Sportsbook is now live in your state. So you want to bet on Duke, UNC, still in it, NC States even still in it. I mean, they are giving you a million reasons to go ahead and bet on the DraftKings Sportsbook.


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Hey, man, what did he yet, though? That's crazy. Oh, my God. Everything happened so fast, bro. Next thing you know, they home rate, then you're playing this.


People want it to be true so badly just because they love salacious and spicy story lines. I don't want it to be true. Is that crazy of me for not wanting it to be true?


That's the great human being in you, though. That's the big heart. You rap. That's the culture in you a little bit.


I don't know. I see the culture having a fucking blast with this one.




They're like, what the fuck No diddy this, that. They're fucking having a-That's how it is, right? They're having a great time with it. They want to see the downfall, and they're like, I can't. We're fucking Jay-Z's next.


I'm saying maybe I need to drink wine before games because I don't feel a thing.


You need to be Ron Artest.


I don't know what I'm just saying. I don't know who I need to be. I'm just saying I don't feel a thing.


What was Ron Artest drinking, Hane?


Damn, four months. Tough, huh?


No, bro. Fuck that. You're a soldier.


No, the soldier.




There's no way God brought me all the way to this point and be like, No, you hurt. It's no way.


Exactly. That's how I think. Well, he lets Josh Getty play. Yeah.


Cheers, cheers, cheers.


You got a tech?


Oh, my God, dog. Right. Oh, my goodness, man. Let me get this cuticle off real quick.


Fuck that cuticle. Throw it on the ground over there.


You know who I blame for this? Twitter. I don't like telling on people, but Twitter is not an actual person. Twitter.




Because when the Josh Gittie shit happened, we was playing OKC. Everybody was like, Oh, Pat, go give him hell. Pat, fuck him off.


You got to boot that game in OKC, right?


So now when I played them out, okay, yeah, I'm picking his ass up 94 feet. I'm picking his ass up 94 feet. I'm making shit living hell while he out here. Fuck that. I see him talking to one of the O KC coaches. Like, Man, if he gets up in you like that, just elbow him. If he elbow me, I'm going to put his ass on the ground. Don't give him that. Don't tell him that. If he elbows me, I'm putting his ass to the ground. He come down, little fake bow. All right. Come down again. Big Bo. He was soft ass. Ref give me tech. Tech? I understand.


For bow?


Say that. No, for soft ass. Not for a bow. Hear me? He elbow me, I elbow him over with four plays later. He pass it, man. No, no, no. Why don't you tack me? Say, Call for pick and roll. You're soft ass. Refs say, I'm harassing them. I'm like, What? What the fuck? I'm what? I got a tech for calling them off for a soft ass? So now I'm confused because I call somebody, your trash ass, I don't get a tech. Your bum ass, I don't get a tech. Your ass, garbage. I don't get a tech. Why I get a tech now? So now I need the other two referees. Hey, refs, this is what happened. I said this. This is what I said. I call him a soft ass. I get a tech for that. That's what I get a tech for?


Was it the back and forth?


But he elbow me, and he said that. I seen him throw elbow in his shoe, elbow in the back.


But no, they said it's the second guy in, not the first guy in. That they give a shit to, or is it- No, it wasn't an elbow.


Take elbow out. So then- Your soft ass. A tech. Pat, you're harassing them. What? I'm harassing him? Say less.


Damn, that's- The game is Swear of the motherfuck, ain't it?


Yeah, it really is. My grandma always told me when I was younger, she liked this a bitch, and then you die.


Yeah, she wasn't lying.


Rest in peace, that's sweet soul.


Rest in peace, for sure.


So granny real sick. I would never tell nobody's story. Okay.




Yeah. Granny real sick. But I'm home for a week in Houston, granny out of hospital. It's my last time seeing her. And she can always judge me by the way I play cards, where we play spades. When I picked up some new shit. She taught me how to play spade. How are you going to see me doing that on you? I'm playing one of my cousins, one of my trash cousins, too. She never wins. Grandma playing with everybody, playing with my mom. Grandma playing with my older cousins. You feel me? I'm putting belt to ass on granny, and I'm talking shit, doing Clean. You all got ace skated on you. Clean, your scary ass, granny. Come back ace, give me that can. 10,9. I'm having my way with granny all day. I get up. You can rest, you can rest. You can rest peacefully now. I got the family. You taught me everything. Three days later, she died.




But at least she went knowing that, Yeah, you taught me how to play a game. Now I learned it. Now I put my own season listening to it. I whipped you. Peacefully, though. Go peacefully. I'm cool. Family cool. You done enough. You taught me everything. I got everybody. Trust me.


Passing of the torch, my man. Got it.


You know what I'm saying?




Shout out to Spade, too.


Shout out to Spade, shout out to your granny.


True story.


That's great to have that last memory.


True story. Recipes, granny.


Great to have that last time.


Rest in peace, your granny.


Thank you. Yeah, my last time seeing her was out in Chicago after that basketball game, just went over, had some Chinese food with her. Her mind was going a little bit, though. She was dipping her birthday cake in the orange chicken sauce, but she was liking it, though. So I can't be upset. She was enjoying it. She was like, damn, she might be on to something. I'm about to try it next time. But she was great. She was happy to see us all. We're talking about bears football and everything like that.


Love that.


She loves sports. Loved watching you play. Honestly, for the year and a half that we were doing the pot together. She was locked in and she was loving it while you were on the Bulls. So it was just cool for her to have the association because I had a family member say one time, a family member who doesn't like sports. Why would I cheer for them? They don't cheer for me. And then to be in a situation where I know athletes because I come from big sports fanatic background where everybody just almost worships athletes to almost be in the conversations where we're on the same playing field, I think, is a cool moment for all those people to be able to see.


That's hard.


Yeah. Speaking of the bears, though.


That gave me four months. I got to get this surgically repaired. How dare they do that right before the playoffs. Give me that ammunition to put in my motherfucking background.


The fuck is four months from now? April, May, June, July. No.


How How dare they... I mean, it sounds too good to be true. That's it? You all got to chop this motherfucking head off and keep him from on the basketball court. That shit will grow back. Man, what? I trust, man. Look, I told him my mom had that call. Listen, listen, listen. I know it's me again. This motherfucking this wild shit.


35-year-old-taking off my tab.


Please come on now. Take it off my tab. I know. Get my boy.


Just put a little bit extra on this one. Take a little bit off that one. Shout out to Mom. Shout out to Mom.


Shout out to your Mom.


Oh, man. She'll love to hear that. She watches every single pod, doesn't miss a pod. Loves. It gives me a report after every one. It's like, I like this one. I like this conversation. She was like, I didn't really like the Charleston White one.


Damn. Love, respect.


But then you saw what he said about Gilly this week.


That's wild.


Treacherous. Cannot cosign that. That was very bad.




Yeah, disgusting.


And he was well behaved on my part.


Yeah, but that shit was fucking...


I mean, just- You don't do that shit. You don't do that shit. I don't know what game been played over there? But you don't talk about the dead where I'm from. I'm from, you don't talk about the dead. So you can't speak about the dead.


Yeah, that was unfortunate. It's pretty clear what side we're on on that one. You You held Shay to... We're jumping around, but you held Shay to 12 points.


Yeah, he had a bad shoot night, too.


Yeah. Did you talk to him at all?


Of course.


What was that conversation like?


You got to think I call him a name that no one knows. When I see him, rookie ear clippers, a little slinky ass nigga, man. He'll name Slink.


He is slinky.


So I get on the court with him. I'm warming up here, out there. What's up, Slink? Slink, you hear me talking to you? What's up, Pat? He finishes his workout, come back. Mind you, I don't stop my workout for anybody. No duck smoke, Pat. No, I said, Jonas.


Of course.


He come over. Yo, you're working on unders now. I stopped my whole workout, I got to. But fuck all that. They forcing you left and making you step back. You know you have to have a counter for that, right? Yeah, I'm What are you working on it. All right, cool. And they double teaming you a lot. They throwing the next guy with you. You got to have a scoring option out of that, too, because the great ones score off double teams. E, R, R, R. I got you. Okay. E, see you all in June. No, you all ain't going to make it. But I like that, though.


Why aren't they going to make it? Too young?


No. Yeah, too young. Too young.


Jordan was saying they have the same average age as Like UNC right now. Yeah.


But I've seen crazier things happen in OKC. Crazier.


Yeah, a young team over there.


Are they-It's just tough to be Denver, Man, that's all. There's no discredit to any team. It's just tough to be Denver, man. It's just tough because you think they're out, and the next thing you know, they're literally number one in the West. They were five, four, three, two, one. Later on the season and the games keep going more and more, they're literally number one right now.


Such a complete roster. Everyone can give you 20.


And I've never won a Championship before, and I'm on a bus. And that's the only Greek freak story I will ever give on my pie. Because I got that. He just keep me off the pie pad. Just keep me off the pie. You said that? Yeah, I respect that. I respect that. So this is the only Greek freak I'm going to give people. We on a bus, right? We just talk about bullshit. It was like he was waiting for me to say it. It's me E, gal. Greek, the Nass is behind me. Ryan, I look back, Hey, Greek. How that shit feel? He, When did it all? Yeah. How does shit feel? I knew what he was going to say, but I needed the expression to solidify what I thought it was going to be. He was like, A, a release. I think it was like a release path of everything, everything you've ever worked for in your whole life this moment. He said, So when they talk about this person, this person, and people beating Denver, it's hard to kill that dog. Once you tasted it, Pat, once you tasted the Championship, it's hard to kill that dog because that dog has been places that no one's ever been.


They won it. He said, That shit gave me chills, man. Like, I was talking to a Greek God, Zuz, one of them motherfuckers, the Greek freak. I mean, he's damn near Greek God. He said, That shit, bro. I was like, He is so right. You know what I'm saying, Pat? When you tasted the championship, that game six, that game seven, that that team, the Championship team, should lose, they go win. Because they've been to places and they've been places that no other team has ever been. He is hard to kill that dog, Pat. I said, Man, I ain't going to know how I'm going to feel after. I might fucking just say, stick middle finger up to everybody and say, Fuck that, I'm retiring. I want a Championship. He know you're not. Not you.


Do you want to do it again?


You're going to do it again, Pat.


I gave you four months.


Stop playing. Should have gave me nine. Made it a little tougher for me. What do you mean?


Fuck. That shit is not right.


It is right. It's exactly right. It's exactly what it's supposed It's what it's supposed to be.


That's true. That's actually spot on.


That's exactly what it's supposed to be. And they gave us four. It's Beat the Hot. It's whenever I've never done that. What about Boston? And, mind you, I tore this. So I'm on phone with Doctor, Doctor like, Can you make a I'm literally like, Yeah, I can make a fist. Because this tear is supposed to be similar to this tear. This tear, I tour in Indiana, got caught on somebody's jersey. Literally, it felt like my hand was connecting to my wrist. I didn't finish the game.


This is when you're in Houston? Yeah.


I didn't finish the game. This is my weak hand. Same one in this hand. I don't feel like this. I feel like it's still in place. They're laughing.


It's like a wrist?


I feel it here, but I don't feel it that much there. I feel it here. But if I were to go here from here, I don't feel it as much here. But if I was to go here from here, I feel a little bit.


Well, you shoot floaters, not scoops anyway, bro. You're good.


Here, boom. Mind you, I'm going to lab. Okay, cool. I got to be effective. How? Got to be effective. How? I got to give me a championship this year. Straight up. I have to. I have to. I have to. Put some spit, put some dirt on it. Story's not over. Got work to do. And I don't want to hear none of that sorry shit neither. I shot bad because... No, be better. Oh, I turned the ball in. No, be better. Oh, I can't hold... Be better. No fucking excuses. Go get it done, Pat. So I'm already there mentally, bulletproof my mind. I'm just wired different.


You think Dame is on the same wavelength? Yeah, of course.


Everybody want to win. Everybody want to win. I'm more wine, too. I like me off the wine.


Yeah, you're great off the wine. I'll do some more wine.


No, fuck that. To the pod.


To the pod.


No, I mean that, too. To the pod.


To the pod. Cheers, brother. To many, many years. Many, many years of the pod.


I don't like how you wear your Chucks today. The tongue was inside your shoe. I don't like that. That threw me off. That gave me a little kid vibe. I'm not going to lie. You can get some more of that dowel.


All right. I'm trying to get some fucking better. I don't know. I ain't fucking a whole new ass wardrobe, bro.


Can you call my boy Ron? You're Ron.


No, no, no, no. I'm a real dude.


No, no, no, no. I ain't going to do you like that.


That's a gentleman right there.


And a scholar.


I know that. Could have gone to Harvard.


For a dollar. Cheers.




To the next four months.


To the next four months. Next four months could be life-changing.


Either way, right?


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The Nets game. Why the next guy?


You guys won on a back to back after Boston.


Oh, that's a tough team to play. The Nets are. Yeah, that's a tough team to play.




Because the coach is great. Kevin Ollie, right? Great.


Jordan is a massive Nets fan.


New role. I think the shoulder pickup helped. Obviously, Klaxon, I love his game. Keel Bridges, I love his game.


I mean, he's an Ironman. Yeah, love his game.


So They play hard. He got them playing real hard. So, yeah, that's a tough back to back. That's a tough back to back.


That's why I think it was underrated.


Especially a team that's trying to get them to play off, trying to get them to play in. That's a tough back to back.


I feel like the Nets are the team that could use a Pat-Bev, that type of personality, that's someone to just fucking supercharge.


It's crazy because a lot of the people who don't know me, they don't know me. And I'm thankful for this pod because it's a lot of people that can watch the pod and get to know me without getting to know me. So teams are willing to take more of a chance because now they hear me. They hear I talk. They hear I carry myself. This is this, that, that, that. I'm like, okay, cool. Because obviously people think I'm just this. We've been honest. Thug. Right? When you look at me, the way I act, I'm just fucking thug.


Thug with a jump. I even think people think instigator even more. I never got like this.


I'm probably the most strategic man walking Earth.


Everything I done was-Chess, 3D.


I'm playing chess against myself and looking at it like, No, do this move. To myself and to my other self.


Both sides of the board. Too much.


It's too much.Size of the Board. If you get it, you get it. If you don't, you don't. Subscribe.


Subscribe to the pod. Fucking pod. Have you watched any of the NCAA tournament?


Women's, yes.


You saw Kaitlyn Clarke.


My fuck hit her with a bow. I tried to take her out. Fucking trying to take her out. It's not a flop. No, that was Bo. Good Bo. Yeah.


But she wasn't called every time, though. She's a superstar.


Hey, Mike, don't you laugh. Tyler, don't you laugh. We play game. I'm in Philly. Shout out Philly, too. I'm in Philly. They denied Tyrese. My mama said, They literally got in the zone. We playing four on four. My mama, I go through lane. Don't know what looked more. He go up lose it. What the fuck, man? Duck the fucking ball, what the fuck, man? They found me, Pat. They found me. Shout out to Obama. Look, guys. Straight up. Oh, God. Every time I tell that story, Mike Dalai. I'm wondering why he not on the ground on tears. They found me, Pat. They found. Shout out to Harlem, too, bro. Who else from Harlem? Cam, Mace? Yeah.


Bigger. Headice. Yeah.


Got it.


I mean, Headice, the man. But Mook, murder Mouk, T-rex, Un-P.






I mean, one of them dudes said they was going to choke me out, and they seen me. Damn. Yeah, man. But said they were going to choke me out.


Like a wrestling move?


I don't know. My friend, I ain't ever spoken to this man, man.


Said, you're going to choke Have you ever gotten choked out as an adult?


I got choked out one time when I was a kid. I was acting crazy. I was acting crazy. Like four dudes coming there, choked me out. But they're trying to scare me in the hood. They're trying to scare me because I'm awful. I'm awful. I'm God awful. I'm eighth grade. The guy who raised me, he just got shot the fuck up. Like, shot the fuck up. So I'm really alone. Feel me like mom going through it. I'm a freshman in high school. I'm not even hooping. I'm not playing no basketball. I'm playing all in the murals. I come out the four or five o'clock grand open gym, and I just cook them niggas, dunking on niggas, all type of shit. I'm in that motherfucker. I am literally on the train in Chicago. I'm reckless. I'm talking about some people in my family try to do it to scare me. Or maybe this will fix him up.


Scare you straight?


Yeah, it's the type of shit. Sent three guys, choked me out, choked another nigga out. We all go be some choked out motherfuckers in this is also the product of what I had to go through because I don't have a father, too. You know what I'm saying? So this is all tied together. Fake kidnapped me.




Fake kidnapped me. Take me to the projects. I get into altercations with kids my age, getting to altercations with people that's not my age, getting altercations with adults. I'm a fake kidnapper for three days.


What is fake kidnapping?


Trying to scare me straight without the TV show scared straight. Because I'm whooping motherfuckers. I'm too tough. I'm too tough. Like, Oh, we got to calm this motherfucker down.


You're going to get yourself in trouble.


You're going to get yourself in trouble. Are you talking about you want to be about this life? How about we just show you about this life? So I'm in projects. I lead there. Everybody there knew my name. And I didn't play one basketball. Everybody in the projects knew my name. I hear them talking to somebody like, No, I ain't no fixing that one. Literally. In the car, I'm listening. I ain't slow. I listen to everything, see everything from a young age. Now you all got to have a tough time with that one. Everybody in the projects knew my name. I ain't saying I'm the toughest motherfuckers, but again, my will is stronger than any man I've ever met on Earth.


True story, too. What changed it all around?


True story. And I wasn't scared a little bit. Not a bit. Then flinched, then cry, then ask where mom's at. No, I'm in this bitch. You come, you put your hands on me. I'm putting my hands on you. You whip me, I'm getting back up, and I'm going to whip you. And we're going to keep going. Until you get tired, I'm done. Straight up. I was a nuisance. I was a troubled kid.


Coolhand Luke. You ever see that movie Cool Hand Luke?


I don't. Put me on.


It's a classical movie, but this guy's in the jail yard. He's just a fucking hothead. He gets sent to jail just for smashing up parking meters, and he just fights against the baddest dude in jail, and they just keep on beating the fuck out of him, but he just stands up.


No, I wasn't like that.


He just stands up every time.


Yeah, he wasn't like that with me. They were sending a Big Bad Wolf, and I was, Whoop, whoop, whoop. Come on, ra, ra, ra, piglet.


So what changed it around? What made you get off the... What diverted your path?


My cousin died.




My cousin.






Oh, died. Yeah.


Got it. I was 16. My cousin died. They threw me off. I had to make a decision. If I wanted to be a street dude, I wanted to play basketball.


You said, I'm going to leave the street shit behind?




It sucks that your cousin died, but at least something good came out of it. Yeah. Yeah, that's tough.


Tough, huh? It's a good fucking podcast.


What was your cousin's name?


Donovan Morris. We called him Poopoo.


To Poopoo?


Real one. 16 year old. Toughest 16 year old I've ever seen in my life. I'm talking about... Mind you. Okay, and I'm trying to give people a description, right? My grandma adopted 11 kids. I know that I keep saying this, but you all are not hearing me. Each kid has either been shot, shot at, dead, or in jail. So I grew up in a house with a lot of criminals. Currently now, everyone had dukes. Everyone. I'm the only person that's never got shot.


I never Not in jail.


So the way I had to grow up was real different. And when nobody stopped in fights, that's six, seven boys just getting their ass knocked out. 11 years old. Who wore my pants? Oh, shit. Hold on. Here we go. They done started. Here we go. It was a fight every single day. From wearing pants? I mean, for anything. Serio Who shit in my pants? Oh, man, your mom don't love you. All type of kids shit. Oh, yeah, we were reckless.


Your mom doesn't love you?


Yeah, we was going as kids. That's some bad shit you could say as a kid. I mean, these kids, now that they say- Yeah, you're trying to be hurtful. They say anything now, right?


You're not good at Roblox.


We've literally fought every day. So I know growing up, my Duke's is going to be good because I fought every day. Every day. It was my fucking world rumble in that bitch. You know what I'm saying? Like, yeah, shit was real. Get a I don't know, week or two ago. My mom was in town. She, Man, good game. Hey, thanks, Mom. She, Ready? What happened? Your cousin Maurice. Yeah, he still locked up. Yeah, he just hung himself. I hear a laugh. I hear critical condition. I'm dead. Damn. Guess how she got the news? From my other cousin who's locked up with him. We're talking about the same house. We're all raised in the same house.


I hope he recovers. Real shit, right?


Yeah. Real shit through the year that you don't talk about. It only comes out after wine, but it's necessary.


Yeah. I mean, I think that telling these stories is important for people because I think that contextualizes you in some ways. And then it... Someone's like, I'm going to choke him out when I see him.


And then you got to understand, I've separated myself from Chicago so much that I don't even get calls from Chicago like that anymore. I'm in Europe. I'm in this, I'm in that. I'm in the south of France, I'm meeting with this person, I'm I'm meeting with this billionaire. My girl has a... She's fucking filthy, fucking rich. She flashs private whenever she wants. She's a Rolls-Royce collector. She has a fucking Bugatti in the fucking Dubai. She lives in Dubai. She lives in Iran. My spectrum I'm in the south of France, and I got a motherfucking cousin who's talking about he just hung himself. But hold on, let me pause that because I got to get ready for this game. And after the game, let me be 1,000 % ready for this pod.


Well, in some ways, I feel like the pod should be the last of your concerns. Never. But I feel like it should always just be easy.




I feel like I told you that from the beginning.


I was like, Yeah, this should be easy. I'm able to let things out.


Yeah, it should be easy. It shouldn't be a stressful thing It should be like you figure out the rest of all the stuff. Why the fuck is my cousin trying to hang herself when I'm sitting here with almost a million dollar watch on? Beautiful watch. You busted it down?


No, it came factory.


That's factory?


No, it's not. It's only 80 of them in the world. I also had the picture with Richard Mill. When I had it on.


Not Richard Millie, but Richard Millie.


No, don't disrespect him. Richard Mill.


Christian Dior.


Don't disrespect them. Of course, I don't. Factory.


Damn, I thought that it was your look buss down.


Interesting. My girl gasped me, though. How? She... You don't have Richard? Richard? No, she need one.


Can't go out the house without one.


I mean, you can, but what you mean? You got a lot going for yourself. You carry yourself a certain way. Tell all about a man buy I got a watch. I bought one. Fuck. I spent a pretty penny on it. Check it out, though. I get crazy story. God, I got wild-ass stories. Can I pull me up one more time, please? Let me all keep going. I got some wild-ass shit. Well, again, shout out to Dow. A wild shit. I'm in Minnesota. It's Valentine's Day. I decked out the whole month. I got a special place in Minnesota. Some upstairs, downstairs shit at this Nice ass fucking hotel. Wifey coming in. You feel me? I got roses everywhere, man. Smell like outside in that bitch. Roses everywhere. I'm telling you, you can't turn your eyes and you don't see a motherfucking rose. Rose petal, rose something. Rose stem, rose. Roses is in that bitch. Right. Get called. All right, Pat, they're not going for the 14 mil, but they're going to go for the 13 meal. Extension time for Minnesota. True story. Get called. Boom. Got an extension, 13 million. Damn. Night before a game, before we played Toronto.


Nurse. Valentine's Day. League game. Hop on PJ. Minnesota to Cali.


That's got to be $42,000.


Like, though. Zicx on extend, though.




And my girl Rich as fuck, too. So I ain't really press about cash. But due deal for Richard on plane, land plane. Wifey got both of her Rolls-Royce trucks. I'm a Rolls-Royce. Found them here, Rolls-Royce, all white Rolls-Royce. I'm going to go to Laguna, babe. I'm going to go take such and such hotel. I'll meet you back out there. But before we get off PJ, it's PJ, two Rolls-Royce's back to back. A guy, Richard Mille, walking in, drops off watch. I hop in car, she goes to Laguna. She takes a coupe with her, my dog. That's how I got the watch.


They bring you the watch?


They bring me the watch. And you know me, I'm so motherfucking paranoid. I go to Richard Mille on Rodeo the next day.


To insure it?


Just to... I was already insured. Please, cut my arm off, motherfucker. We just want to ask about pricing for a watch. We're going that, motherfucker. Take it all, put it up there. How do you pick it up. He'd, This watch? Eighty of those ever made. Probably 70 of those still out. It's no price. You pick whatever you price on. She look at me, and that's why I told you to buy it. Investment. Shout out to the powerful women out there that's changing lives.


Fuck, I got to get one.


Every strong man.


Strong woman behind her. Cleopatra.


Cheers. Cheers. So that was my Richard Mill story.


I fucking I got to get a Richard Mill story, dude. I feel naked without my Richard Mill story.


The whole time, story gets better, right? And I like to leave that shit on purpose. Story gets better. I got my cousin. Mind it, it's a separate cousin who just got out from doing nine. It's not even the two cousins that... We all grew in a house, me, him and the other two cousins that's locked up. He just got out doing nine. Yeah, come on. Come on. I experienced all this with him.


He must have been mind blown.


What the fuck? I got you. I know how it feels to go to a bar in the south of France, and there's fireworks above you, and they let out the fucking ceiling, and you pull up in a Tom Ford suit, and your girl got on a fucking rich meal, and you got on one, too, and you on that motherfucking Matt baby blue Lamborghini. You just won €20,000 at the motherfucking- The Monaco Casino.


You know? Yeah.


Yeah, you're having your way. And then I also know how I feel for to hear about a motherfucker getting shot the fuck up or somebody trying to hang themselves or somebody locked up or somebody serving 49 years in prison. The spectrums for me are way broader than anybody that I know.


And you're not seven feet tall either.


Chill. I am.


But I mean, it would be a different story if you were just like, Fuck, I'm tall. I got to fucking play basketball and collect this fucking $90 million. But you know what I mean? You're a relatively regular-sized human being, which I think is another testament to the will, is the point that I'm trying to make. Willed it into existence. Got to.


Who else will?


I think you're on one, bro.


I've been on one, though. I'm in conversations, right? How did the barstoo shit happen? Listen, man, I've seen someone on the internet I'm not going to send that. It's my motherfucker named Dave. I go to Dave, I don't know shit about him. I ask a brain of mine. They find me information out about Dave. Brain gives me back information, all information about Dave. I go through a whole bunch about Dave. Get a phone call. I mean, fuck phone call. See, Clip. Anyone who knows Patrick Brevet, I got a blank check to give him. If anyone knows him. Homie sent Clip. Send Clip to What's up with this blank check shit? We all going to get on a call. Everybody was on a call. Erica. Shout out to Erica, too. Dave. He hit me with We done this in the past with other athletes and had to work. I don't know. You're just cool and all your thing. Mind you, I'm lit the fuck up. Long night the night before. I'm lit up. I'm literally in bed, eyes closed with my mask on. I don't even have my eyes open. Let me have problems before athletes are like, Listen, man, that's your problem.


But I'm telling you, anything I touch, turn to go. The fuck? Anything I touch, turn to go. It works on my schedule. If you all can make this pod work on my schedule, I'm going to turn it into go. That's what I do. Four months, what? Stop. Don't disrespect me. Give me a year, at least. Give me a microfraction and tell me I can't come back. Don't just give me four months. Come on, man.


Come on, bro. Four months is light.


So, yeah, anything I touch, turn to go. That's what I told Dave. They gave me go. Shout out to Barstool. Merch. Go get the merch soon. Right here, belt to ask merch.


Look great on the court talking to Bron. I mean, the merch What other pod is Hawken merch that has promo pictures with fucking you and LeBron and them? You know what I mean? That's Big Bro.


You know that.


Of course, that's all of our Big Bro.




You can't be my Big Bro, too. You're my Big Bro. He's my Big. Actually, I'm low You're big bro. I'm big bro.


You're not big bro. Real bro. What, bro? I don't want no trouble. I'm sorry, bro.


Come on, bro. You got a fucked up wrist, bro. I got two good ones.


Chill. I'll be knocking shit out. Dead wrist. Hey, I got a crazy story this summer, though.


I got nothing to do, nowhere to go, bro.


I can't tell you now. What?


This coming summer?


Yeah, I'll tell you this summer.




I'll tell you.


No, don't make me wait.


You're not trying to. Be patient.


No, I don't like to be patient.




Yeah, they let us down.


Man, I'm telling you, every motherfucker on that bitch, Hey, man, my man Ron got 50,000 waiting for me in about a week. They damn, where he get money like that from? I don't worry about it. My man got 50,000 waiting on me. We go split in half. Yeah. Hey, man, who he take? So he take Drake, AJ Green go, he not beat my dad team. Who your dad team? Iowa State. My dad. We must know something. At the crib. Come on, Drake. We up eight, six minutes to go and a half. I'm about to call you, Ron. Where the bank at? I'm not shit ready and high. I got shit to do. They walked Drake down. 0 30, 30, 30.


I know. Drake let us down. Man. I was sad.


I can't believe I fucking picked Drake.


It was because we... Man, we trusted Big Cat to do it for us. I was on a plane, and he gave us his best shot. You know what I mean? But also, only one team of the lower seeds made it through to the next round. Only NC State.


How do we go with Drake, though, bro? We could have done better. We could have done battery.


I mean, neither of us were. You know what I mean? Say less.


Well, we picked Drake. We picked Drake. Drake came up short.


I went to the games on Sunday. While I had the shit, I brought Dude Wipes to the stadium in Brooklyn.


You did go to the game.


I went to the game. I watched Duke play. Duke played incredible. And then I fucking went. I watched Yukon play.


You did go to the game.


You would have loved Yukon. You would have I love watching Yukon. The offensive sets that they run are fucking genius, bro. They just have open shots, open layups at all times.


They say they got a chance to win it. That's why everyone keeps telling me they have a chance to win it.


Yeah, but Houston has their own... They have a couple of Pat Bavs on that team. Houston is- Coach Samson. Yeah. He creates Pat Bavs out of thin air.


I'm walking out the Boston locker room. I see a reporter. Man, Pat, I fucking love the pod, man. My older guy, I'm mad. Thank you so much. Mind you, I don't even know his name. I feel awful. If I don't know someone's name and I met him once, I feel awful. Hey, man, can I tell you a Coach Samson story? Yeah, I got time. I literally just lost. I'm literally walking from the locker room to the bus. It's me and Coach Rex right there. Samson story. You remember guys play OKC in the play-offs? Mind you, as soon as you say that, I already know the But Rex doesn't know. Mind you, Rex is the offensive coach for the OKC. The coach currently that I gave two defenses to, the one in the Clippers, the one this year, he is the offensive coach with Scott Scotty B, Scott Brooks, at OKC. So it's probably like a, Fuck you, Pat Biv, you fucked up my chances of me winning the Championship. So this is a lot going on, basically. We walk into the bus. Coach Samson goes, I'm trying to get in the Mikael's head that he might have to start Patrick Brevlin instead of J.


Land, but he won't listen. He goes, If he starts Pat Biv, we can win a game. We can steal a game. End up starting me next game. We steal a game. Russell Westbrook, OKC shit, all this. Mind you, he's telling me and Rex, the offensive coordinator for the Ops, the story. As we literally, he's telling the story in 6 minutes and 37 seconds while walking from locker room to bus. He's making the story. He's expediting the story so motherfucking fast.


And he got his head.


Rex goes back, looks back when he's done. And look, would you believe that? Ten-year starter. Off that. So shout out to Coach Samson, because he told me this story already. I told Mac, my last year of coaching the NBA, you're going to have a tough decision to make. You're going to have to start Patrick Brevlin. Mac did. Coach McKeel, he did. And then he didn't. And then he got fired.


And it changes everything. Hold up, Pat. We got to get into our starting five.


Here we go.


Starting Five. March Madness players-Shout to New Amsterdam Vaca. New Amsterdam Vaca. I mean, New Amsterdam Vaca, the smoothest Vaca known to man. New Amsterdam Vaca. As if a stone was tapped in heaven and out from it poured the most delicious and-He thought you was going to throw that?


I would have caught it. He's wild for that.


I was ready for it.


I know. I've seen you.


You have to think like, bro. No, I'll catch a fucking new answer to him. We might even just like a cartoon character.


Top five all time, NCAA?


Top five all time, March Madness players, March Madness performers.


Chr. Laitner, one. One of the five. I'm not ranking them in order.


Okay. Chr. Laitner.


One of the five.


Can I give you one that has to be on there. Pete Maravich. He averaged 44 points a game at LSU. Okay. Can he make it for you? Yes. All right. Pistle Pete.


Kemba Walker.


Kemba Walker. Yeah. I mean, Kemba Walker, that crossover is just truly all time shit that he had. Kemball Walker, Pete Maravich. Who's playing point guard between the two of them?


Close your eyes and pick.


Close your eyes and pick. So the two of them I don't want to make it all white guys because I was going to say Adam Morison.


Got to put Adam Morison, and you got to put JJ Redick in there.


Okay, so Adam Morison, JJ Redick, Christian Laitner, Pete and Kemba Walker. I freaking love that. That's a tough team. Who's beating that team in March?


I'm talking about in March, the boys were getting busy in March. Adam Morison was a fucking problem. Except for you. Jj Redick was a fucking problem. That's the problem.


Adam Morison was good the rest of the year, though. He lost in that second round. What did they lose to UCLA? He was killing all year, though.


Then he cried, though. So what? And I have a stash. I'm not cutting it, so what? There was another guy in college. His name was Chris Lofton.


Chris Lofton?


Went to Tennessee.


Oh, yeah.


He had to shoot deep threes.


Chris Lofton was sick.


Then he got even crazier because his junior year, he was giving motherfucking 30. Then we found out he had cancer. I'm fucking going to gave him 30. He got cancer? He was getting treatments to who? Treatments to who? Shout out to Chris Lofton.


Honorary mention. He's the heart of that team.


God, he was a dog.


Spirit dog. Spirit award winner. Chris Taft would have been on mine, or maybe Ron Rollerson, or Kevin Lide maybe would have been on one of my teams, or maybe Zephy Penn. Kerry Kittles maybe would have made one of my teams.


That was all I have.


All right. New Amsterdam. You got to get some of your New Amsterdam today. New Amsterdam, five times distilled. Why do they distill it so many times? It tastes good already, but then three times filtered, five times distilled. Suddenly, you're launching into a euphoric rainbow flavor every time that you lock down on a little bit of New Amsterdam vodka. New Amsterdam, the official vodka of Barstool Sports, the official vodka of the Papp-F pod. Get some New Amsterdam in your Tell it today. Enjoy yourself with New Amsterdam Vodka. Find your wins today with New Amsterdam Vodka.


Okay, so they wanted to do... We did the Whited Black Guys. We did the... No, we did the Blackest White Guys. We did the-White is Black.White is Black. You can say it. Now we have to do the Black is Black. Again, you can't be in on it.


Yeah, I'm going to have to respectfully bow out.


Currently in the NBA. I mean, the obvious two picks, me and Draymond. I mean, that's obvious.


How do you qualify that?


The respect you get around the league, I haven't averaged 10 points a game. I have very much career. I don't really think he averages 10 points a game. Maybe a couple of times. So the respect you get around the league.


Whom else? I know.


The three-three is going to be hard. The three-mo is going to be hard. Here we go. James Johnson is still in the NBA.


No, he's not. Yes, he is. Oh, he just started with the Pacers. Yeah.


He's in Indiana. He has to be in there.


He gets respect. He gets respect. He does karate, right?


What do you know? Say what you want to say. Demar DeRosen. Comp 10 is definitely in that bitch.


Derosen is?


Comp 10. You hear hear me what I'm saying now. Relax. He's definitely in that bitch.


Who else was just trying to press him?


Got to go Bobby Porter. You got to go Bobby. Yeah. A man's man. You know what I mean? Yeah, that's my five.


He's a man's man?


That's my five.


Anybody else make it? I mean, that's my five.


That's my five. That's my five. That's my five. That's my five. That's my five. That's my five. That's my five. That's just my five. You only I said five. I named you five. That's my five.


Tune back in next week when I present my whitest white guys. Here's a teaser. T. J. Mcdonald will be on the list.


Hey, I love T. J. We had an argument. Who was better?


Payton Preacher or T. J.


Mcdonald. And I go back and forth with it all the time.


I mean, who's a better basketball player right now is Payton Pritchard.


T. J. Just had 17 when they went against the Clippers.


But Payton Pritchard averages, what, 24 per... Whenever he starts, he averages Steve Nash numbers.


It's a good argument.




Who else you got on your list?


Tune in next week.


Give me one more. Let's give you one more.


Colin Gillespie.


Who the fuck is that?


From Villanova.


Who's that?


What? Bro, you don't know Ubers?


He's an NBA? Yes.


He's on the Nuggets.


I'm thinking you about to hit me with the Gordon Hayward. You're going to hit me with it. I'm up for all you know.


Gordon Hayward could be in the mix.


He's for show on the list.


I mean, any of the guys, any of my like, Norman brothers, you know what I mean? Any of those guys.


I don't know what you mean.


Clean Cuts. Church of Latterday Saints.


We beating the shit out of you all. We play you all.


Who's we?


The group I just named.


Yeah, well, Me, Mo, Bamba, and fucking Grant Williams are fucking putting in work, dude. I don't know what you're talking about.


Say that, say that.


Subscribe to the pod.


Freaking pod.


See you guys next week. That's a good ending. That's a good ending.