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Everything I've ever posted. He's replied to it, reposted it, gave me advice. Look out for this, look out for that. Every single thing. He hit me with one other day. I'll phone that. Tip of the dime goes, new slogan for Nike competitors.


You know what, man? Better yet, Nike going to love that. Don't just do it. Do it now. It's about time Nike do a little bit of reinvention or drop something new. You know what I'm saying? I don't know. Just coming into some new... Keeping the old, but just repackaging that shit. You feel me? Don't just do it. Do it now.




And he's elite.


The fact that he's like, Hey, I need to get this to Nike. Who could get this to Nike? Let me voice message Pat. I love you, King.


You already know we're locked in, Fever, man.


But he's elite. I got something for Nike competitors. If they don't like, I got something for Nike. If they want to do some real branding. Who ever wants to first? Don't just do it. Don't just do it. Do it now. This is back in.