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And then you break news. My own news. You're Woj now.


Maybe Dural did us a favor because he gave me the news before he gave the media the news. Should I hate him? No.


I'm entitled to have my own opinion.


What was the biggest trade? Pat Biv. The Knicks got nice.


Bogdanovic to the Knicks. Who else did they get? Alex Berks.


Yeah, they got somebody else, too, on my tripper.


I mean, they already got O.


G. Right. Okay.


Kyle Kuzma was almost traded, but he wasn't traded.


I don't understand that, but okay.


Why did he not want to leave Washington?


Don't understand that, but okay.


Yeah, I want to get out of there. P. J. Washington goes to Dallas. Who's that? Okay, fair enough. Dimwitty gets bought out, winds up with Lakers. I like that. Jaden Springer to the Celtics. I don't know why the Sixers are doing deals with the Celtics in the books. Oh, Hey, we're to OKC.


He still got better.


What's that going to do?


I mean, nothing, but they got better.


Daniel House gets traded. Yeah.