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We ready. See, I start shaking dress when I hear a competition song. We ready. Okay, okay. We ready. Okay, okay. We ready. That's not wrong. Come on, come on.


The Pap F pod with Ron. Before we do anything- I got to put my motherfucking hair down after the night, Ron.


Yeah, let it down. I got to let my shit down at night. Yeah, man. Take that shit out, bro. I ain't really the shaking dread type, you feel me? Because you feel me? Mine more of a model look. You feel me? But belt to ass.


No, no, no. Belt to ass.


As belt in my hand tonight.


They were fused together. Belt never left ass.


I love playing Boston. I love playing in Boston.


I love Boston. Dave didn't text us back. I texted Dave.


I didn't hear anything from him. It's something about the history of it.


Wait, but before we even go any further, can you guys make sure that you are going on to Apple?




Subscribe on Apple.


Because what they did to Spotify, that shit was crazy. They blew it up. They gave us 4.9 with the stars. The reviews was crazy. We got a new thing. You go to Apple, it's a ask, pat, and wrong question.


Right. And we're reading the best ones.


We're going to do a segment on it every five.


We're reading the best ones next week. Five-star rating, the only ones we'll be reading, obviously. But you know what time it is.


Bell to ask. Belt to ask. What the fuck is you talking about?


Bro, Pat Bav, starter on the Milwaukee buck. Can I hit you with a stat? Four and one as a starter. That's a 800.800 winning percentage. We got a game tomorrow. Well, let's keep it up. Well, let's keep it up then. Let's keep it up because now people have an expectation. 20 points, 10 rebounds, season high and rebounds, 20 points. You had 26 against the Celtics. I don't know. I mean, something about playing against the Celtics. It must have felt good to get that win today.


It felt great to get the win, right? To be out hurt, ankle. At the same time, I'm still rehabbing wrist, right? Shout out to the Bucks. Oh, my God. The staff has been great. They've been on point with my shit. Like, shout out to Ryan. Shout out to CC in the weight room. I don't know if you guys listen to the pod, but without those guys, there's no way I come back this fast, obviously. So I'm I'm talking about, damn near can't. My shit tender as fuck. Wrist? No, my ankle.


Enkel? I mean, because in the Washington game, rolled ankle a little bit.


It almost broke my shit. It was that bad? It was bad. I'm going to send you out a clip for it, too. I got two clips. I rolled it the first quarter They're not rolling in a third quarter, even worse. So being out, not being able to compete one, not being able to go hoop two, not be able to be there for your teammates three. Watching the team lose. And not only lose, but the morale of the team is, you feel me? We're losing. It shouldn't be like this, but if it's a sunny day, it's sunny, but not that sunny.


People care.


Yeah, especially from this organization. You talk about a top notch. These motherfuckers, last five, six years, probably don't run the most games.


And there's an expectation.


Of winning.


And I mean, these losses, let's be honest, they were bad losses. Lost to a 12, 13, and 14 seat.


And I was going to try to come back from New York. I was going to try to come back from New York, but I needed two days of condition. I didn't want to force it. So all the guys with the training staff, all the motherfucking the fucking interns, bro. I'm playing one on one every single day, one on one. Three on three. All the young guys, they beat my ass this time. I'm giving them credit. You have to.


We can't just read our good press. Can't get it. I have to read the bad press.


They was on my ass.


They probably listened to pop.


Yeah, for sure. And then on a day off, TA, Yana's brother, he coming in. We do two on two. So I'm hooping. I'm not playing, but I'm like, to be a basketball player, you have to play basketball, not just drill. So I'm hooping. So it was just preparation, meet, opportunity. That's I'm not exactly what that was today.


You hear that you're the starter. How does that conversation go?


You got to think. And I want you all to hear this, real talk. It's the first year I ever came off the I'm not going to get to the bench, bro.


Flat out. Even last year, after Trade, you're starting for Bulls.


I've been a starter for a fucking decade. To me, I felt like I've been demoted. You You feel me? But I'm going to play my role to the fullest. I'm here for the fucking team. Let's fucking win. You feel me? But this year with Philly, I started off on bench.


Some games, I mean, first two Celtics games this season, you played 10 in 15 minutes. You know what I'm saying?


I felt like, okay, Pat, you got to go. What's your goal? Rome. When they saying the Pleasant of Legion and the people back there going crazy, I'm in In my mind, I'm praying to God, Lord, could you help me, guide me to be a starter again? Every fucking game wrong. Every fucking game, bro. Every game. From the beginning of the season, the preseason, until now, I'm going to start a game four. Four games left until the season, going to the playoffs. Just beat the number one seed, bro. God is real. Straight up. True story. Every day. Every day. Lord, please. I'm a star and point guard. Help me get there. Please, please, please.


And you got there. It happened.


Out there. Happened. Preparation, opportunity.




Man above.


Yeah. Straight up. It really is a testament to what you bring to the team as far as your energy.


We look like a different team today.


Well, the team needed a shot in the arm. I mean, it was like, how is the energy going to change out here with how things have been going and what can we do to change? And the shot in the arm was Pat Biff. That was literally the one ingredient that changed in the dish and suddenly, bonapatit.


So I go with my guy, Pete, Shal Pete. He go, Who's Pete? So Pete used to do the film with the LA Clippers. Part of Docs Day, now, Pete is behind the bench, up and coming coach. That's how I work out pregame. He pat. I can't practice. I can't work you out today. What the fuck you mean, Pete? Why don't you lock the fuck in, man? Let's go to work. You know, I got to go to this meeting. I got to go to this meeting, man. About you star. You know what, Pete? Get your ass hurt. That makes sense. Go ahead and enjoy the meeting.


Have fun. You need anything?


You want to get there early?


Right. So shout out to Pete.


So I get text from Rex, Sexy Rexy. Who do you want to guard? I, literally. Drop me. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. You got to think, Ron. Pause that. I'm in a whole 'nother vibe. I got these on. You got to think. Motherfuckers is telling me, giving me text messages like, Yeah, whatever you want to release, release it. This is just a new start. You The solar eclipse, it has to do with energy. How do you think waves happen in the water? Because of energy and currents and stuff like that. So this won't happen to another 40 years. I'm already 35, and that's 75. I hope I make it that long. But if I don't, I got to take advantage of the solar eclipse, right? So you got to think, all this is happening. I got sage burning, I got instance burning. I'm in a whole balcony, and feel me? I put shades on, take them out, burn I'm going to get my motherfucking ass, put them back on. You know what I'm saying? I'm in a whole flow. It's no surprise why today was today or the Boston Celtic Gang was today or the Orlando Gang was today.


You know what I'm saying? It's just preparation meets opportunity. I'm ready. I've been ready. I've been ready all year.


The gravitational pull of the moon is giving an extra softness to that hook shot.


Through hook. But that ain't the first hook I done through.


You've been throwing hooks all year.


All year.


No, like fucking Deontay Wilder. Hooks, bro.


No, no, no, no. Hooking.


Like Trey Song, bro. Hooks. He's got hooks, dude. Hook, fly hook.


Not just bump, bump, hook, float. I'm talking about full extended magic. You got to think I'm yelling mad. I'm doing it in practice, though. That's why everybody got up on the bench like, Yo, you all tripping. He really work on that. Hook.


Hook. Finishing at the rim multiple times. Not trying to do too much, not trying to- Every time I I'm open in Hoopers, I want you to understand, it's like every time you open, don't mean you got to squeeze.


What does that mean? Okay, every time you open, they put the center on me. The ultimate distance back, put the center on you. But I've been there before. I done played. Okay, I have to be a center now. Now I'm a string, now I'm a roll. I got that game, too. I just ain't going to limit myself because I'm a guard. Okay, well, if I have a bad shooting night, they put the center on me. I got to be able to play the center position. So Hoopers, I want to let you all know, it's because, you feel me? If you don't feel a shot, you don't feel a shot, don't shoot that shit. You feel me? You know when you work out, hold on, it's probably somebody calling show-in-love. I'm answering all. Coach Rags.


Shout out to Doc. And shout out to B. I saw him as I was walking in. It seems like he really took his role with Grace. He's playing in the fourth quarter. You're with him on the bench, arm around him.


But you don't understand. Shit like that. He going to be the hero. He going to win some games in the playoff for us. Like, watch.


He's ninth in the NBA in three pointers. Watch.


You feel me? That gives you motivation. That gives you motivation to go out there. You know what? Okay, cool. All right. I'm in a different role. Let me turn the fuck up. And I ain't going to let bees fail. What you mean? I had Bs in Minnesota. I ain't going to let bees fail. No, come on. Let's work. Only way to get out of slump is one thing, homies. Work. You in a bad relationship, you and your girl, you're arguing. Fuck it. It's time to work. Go take her out. Go for a walk. You and your friend beef and don't go ignore her. No, fuck it. Work on that shit. Come on, homie. Let's go get a drink. Let's go to the movies. That's catch a vibe. Work. If you're going through any type of struggle, fuck, pal. Go to work.


That's the hook right there.


Straight up.


I also saw that you had a renewed energy on the bench. You're walking up and down pacing the entire time. Even your mom at one point is like, sit down, Nathaniel.


Why she called me that? Literally, that's not even my name. I don't even know anyone named Nathaniel.


You know it's weird? Spider calls people Nathaniel randomly. I don't understand it, but Nathaniel was wild. It was wild. I couldn't believe it. She was wild. But you had a palpable energy elevation. And I don't know if it's because you're starting or it's because what the team needed. But did you feel that while you were on the bench?


I just felt like I was lost in the game. I came in the game with be aggressive, you open, shoot, you don't feel it, don't shoot it. So I came in the game with a pure fucking spirit like I do. I'm out there with Johnny Chris, he getting the ball. Dame getting the ball. Chris getting the ball, Brook Lopez getting the ball. You know what that means? If you're hooping and you understand basketball? Oh, my God. I'm about to get a ton of shots.


Because there's a gravity- Why wouldn't you want to help from Patrick Beverly? And you led the team in scoring tonight.


Cool. I'm going to make your ass pay. Got to.


I mean, leading a team in scoring with all of those players on the team is fucking wild.


Those guys just making the right play. And we was fucking clamping out. Our Our defense is on point today. We look like a different team. So, yeah, fortune, bro. Fortunous to be starting. Fortunous as fuck. And I won't take it for granted.


Fortunous favors the brave.


Fuck that. Game over. Got another one tomorrow or today. Yeah.


On to the next. I mean, there's three games left in the season after this one that we just completed. And even though the Bucks have clinched a playout spot, these are crucial games. Unfortunately, we saw a Giannis injury. Any updates on any of that? He cool.


He cool? Yeah. At Everything good there. Everything good there.




And Giannis, too.


Yeah, he's Yannis. It seems like the whole city of Milwaukee is willing to give up any body part for Yannis. They love that guy, and They're really locked in. What was your discourse like with Dame as you guys are two ball handlers, but you're both sharing the backcourt? I listened to, I think it was the next broadcast, they said that after a make, Dame brings the ball up. After a miss. Yannis traditionally brought the ball up, but now you're bringing the ball up sometimes. How does that all work?


No, it ain't even that. Whoever's close to the ball, bring that bitch up.


We got plenty- And I saw Middleton even bringing it up.


We got plenty of playmakers. But the thing is, I'm also used to bringing it up, and I'm also used to sitting my ass in the corner, shooting corner threes. I play with James Hard.


That's a ball dominant usage.


He had the ball all my fucking game. Feel me? I went from James Hard, the point guard, to James Hard later on in career, he the point guard. You know what I'm saying? So like, Man, I know how to play that position, too. And I know how to play guard to guard. Okay, cool. And okay, this season, I missed a couple of shots. Okay, they're putting the center on me. Okay, trainer. Let's work the center game, too. Let's pick and roll, get in the pocket. Come on. You feel me? I'm a full-blooded hoop. So, yeah, whoever get the ball first, you push it. We'll play fast, right? If we reward ourselves, the only way we get in the ball is because Because we're getting stops.


Did you guys play fast because of that text message I sent you today?


No. What text message did you send me?


Al Horford in the elevator being like-No, I didn't even use it today, bro.


No? No, tell them what you told me, though. No, let me read it. Let me read it on my phone. I got to read it. All right. I forgot you. I forgot you. You texted me that you are fucking a great friend. Sleeper cell. I'm talking about you are a great friend. Let me go, my man. Here we go. So Ron hit me with this today, you all. Now, this is on a group chat. Ron hit me with this.




Chill. He goes, Today, the day we played Boston at 10:43 AM, was just in the elevator with Al Horford. He was getting on, talking to an assistant coach, and they said, They're not used to playing fast. This is inside Intel, Pat Biff. They're going to try to push the pace tonight. Lace up those track shoes.


I got the ears to the... And they're lucky I didn't pull the fire alarm, bro. I was about to.


Stop letting you in games. Speaking of letting you in games, Simon says, Got you, huh?


I got texted, Simon says, today.


Yeah, belt to ass. No, I mean- And you walked off gracefully like, Fuck, I lost. Yeah, well, let me- I'll put the clip up.


Simon says, Run. Simon says, Stop. Hands up. Hands up. You're out. Simon says, Hands up, Hands down. You're out, you're out, you're out. You're out, Mr. Henry. Simon says, Hands down. Simon says, Move down. Simon says, Move down. Simon says, Stop. Hands up. Hands up. You're out. Am I that good or are they that awful? Here we go. Simon says, Put up your right-hand. Wave it around. Simon says, Wave it. Simon says, Wave it. Simon says, Stop. Both hands up, both hands up. You're out. Oh, God. He's coming. Simon says, Hands down. Nice. Move down, please. Move down. Simon says, Move down. Stop. You're out. All right, here we go. Here we go. Simon says, Up. Simon says, Down. Simon says, Up. Simon says, Down. Simon says, Stop. Hands up. All right. You all did it. Technically, you're all losers, but we need a winner. Here we go. Simon says, Hands on head, Summit is tap the head. Simon says, Tap the head. Simon says, out. Hands up, hands up. You're out. Summit is hands up, hands down. Hands out. You're out. Ladies and gentlemen, Adam Throne. Bino Rapper. Adam Throne. Number two, Simon says, Hands down.


Let me read the other clip I got from Simon says, or I'll let you read this one.


Talk to me.


Go ahead and read that one from Steve Max, the best Simon says guy.


I've been told that because you're my friend, you can't win.


Who is this? That's the Simon says guy. That's Steve Max, the guy that runs Simon says. That's why I was in it. He's my boy. I did a video on him before, five years ago. He texted me today. He's like, You in town? We got on the phone. He was blah, blah, blah.


So they cheated.


No, but also in the footage, I was lucky to stay in as long as I did. I had a little flinch, bro.


He could have got my ass out. I've seen it. He was supposed to get you the one before that, the hands on shoulder. You had to hesitate with that. I damn wrong, my real.


Because I was trying to hesitate. I I'm trying to slow play. You try to play Simon says too fast and you get your ass in the fucking dirt. But I still got smoked. He's the best in the world, though. He could pick people off like a sniper, bro.


Do his ass. Yeah, right, bro. No, did he? No, no, no. Straight up. Belted ass. All right. Simon says, Hands on head, hands down.


Yeah, I'm sure he's going that slow, dude.


Come on, let's go. Come on.


Simon says, Hands on head. Simon says, Hands by your side. Simon says, Hands on head. Hands by your side. Simon says, hands by your side. Hands on your knees. Simon says, hands on your knees. Simon says, hands on your feet. Hands on feet, bro.


Simon said, How many feet?


Yeah, but I said, hands on feet. Well, I'm not fucking C-Max, bro.


I'm not the one. Bring his ass in here.


I'll bring his ass in here, bro. Bring his ass in here, bro. He'll smoke your whole team. Dude, he'll mow you guys down. I don't know your fucking thing.


Then I do his ass. Then I turn around. You see, I do it behind, too. No look.


You think so, bro. He gets anybody. It's the look.


When you play Simon Sids, it's a look. It's the look. It's you looking at them because they moving. If you close your eyes and do it, you're cool.


Dude, you say all that and that shit sounds cool.


Man, I'm waxing his ass. You're not. I mean, how long? I'm going to go forever? Yeah, on your ass. Ten minutes straight. No.


He'll have you out whenever he wants.


I was always the kid who won all the games.


He'll have you out whenever he wants.


Red light, green light.


Red Rover, Red Rover.


Yeah, why? I didn't play. I did not play. Look forward to those games, too. Yeah, give his ass a call. A little later. We'll play. Well, come on, let's finish pot. I got to get some rest. I got a game tomorrow.


Facts. You have a game tomorrow. Going into the fourth quarter, 15 points. First bucket that you make in the third, in the fourth quarter, a little very soft, beautiful jump shot. And then afterwards.




But the last game against the Celtics, it seemed like there was a little bit of fire lit under maybe some of the Celtics from those exact moves. Was that a response to what was happening last game with the Celtics?


No, I was just getting lost in basketball. I wanted nothing like that. You got to think. I don't give a fuck. Obviously, they had Porzinians out in, they had our Hofer out also.


But their guards are all there.


But still, in their defense, they weren't healthy. You know what I'm saying? Or sitting out of rest in whatever case it may be. So I ain't going to give him no bullets in press. I'm definitely not going to sit on this pod and do that. I just love playing Boston Celtics. It's a vibe. It's always a great game. Larry fucking Bird played there. If you're a hooper, I don't care what hooper you is. Larry Bird was the stud, the man. What are you talking about?


I was more of a John Havlicek guy.


Okay, cool. And my first coach who started me, Kevin McKeel.


Coosy as well. I always enjoyed Coosy.


I love fucking him. That's a lot of great history there. There's a lot of That's the right way.


Yeah. You were playing a really good defense in the first quarter against Jalen Brown. He got fortunate.


He missed some shots.


Yeah, that's always lucky. Going into the playoffs, I mean, this is going to be the last episode that we have before the playoffs.


We're recording every two playoff games. I love it. Playoffs could be fire. I can't wait. You all got to subscribe as the real ones. You all got to tune in, Playoffs, man. Shout out to Jaymon Green for giving me that, too. I love it a lot when he did that.


And people got cheated last year without there being any playoff ball for you. So now, I mean, they're about to get a whole new fucking dose of inside information inside Intel, and you're starting.


Jay is way better than mine.


No, bro, don't say that. That bitch is cold. Bro, I walked 10 miles in these today.


Everyone keeps telling me they walk. My mom told me, Oh, man, I walked today. Where did you walk? To the game? Mind your game is a cross street from a hotel. I walked- She know I walked from hotel to a pod. What? What's that? 26 minutes? She 37. Say she walked. Now, you got to come on this bitch. You're telling me you're down.


You walked. No, I walked to every part of Milwaukee. I put the walk in Milwaukee, bro. I fucking went- Relax.


Relax, man. You took one motherfucking walk in Milwaukee. Now you then took the walk out of Milwaukee. Relax, man.


Eleven miles. Why does it say eleven miles?




Eleven miles. I went to every hood, bro.


Relax. There you go. Relax, man. You went down the street.


No, I The Mexican hoods, the Black Hoods, bro, everything. And how do I know there was a Mexican flag flying? I'm not stereotyping.


Okay, so you had fun?


I had a blast. I saw where Jeffrey Daumer used to live.


Chill, bro. What you on today?


I saw it all.


All right. Come on, let's keep moving. How Shaam beat us to the thing today.


Where did he beat us to?


Probably every start, but it's better coming from him like that.


Yeah, it's nice. Shout out to Shaam. Should I call him? No, no, no. I better not.




I better not. So going into the playoffs, is there any teams that you want to see? Any matchups that you're looking forward to throughout the NBA?


You got to run in with somebody. You got to run in the Heat. You got to run in the Philly. You got to run to Indiana, you got to run to somebody, so you can't. That is first round.




Heat are playing well.


Philly's playing well.


I mean, everybody's playing close to some of their best brands of basketball.


It seems like the Celtics are wrestling guys in anticipation of the playoff. So the East is going to be very interesting. And then Orlando, the Knicks, they're all right there. Cavs. I mean, it's a lot of scary teams.


A lot of scary teams, but We ready. We ready. We ready. See, I start second dress when I hear a competition song. Okay, okay. We ready. Okay, okay. That's not wrong. Come on, come on.


I'm not trying to- Bronnie James declares for the NBA draft. He ain't wrong.


My son, I'm in the NBA, and my son is in college, and I got a little power. Come on, boy. Get on this, motherfucker, NBA draft. Somebody go draft you. His last name is motherfuck James.


Yeah. Who would you draft first, though? Caitlin Clark or Bronnie James? She'll chill.


I ain't seeing enough of Bronnie.


Well, you've seen enough of Kaylyn Clarke. She's up.


She's up. People ask me, Pappe, you think her game is going to translate to WMBA? I say, Hell, yes.


Have you noticed the trend of a lot of W WMBA, veterans.


Hell, yes.


Hating on her?


I mean...


They're hating on her. They're like, Well, once you get to the league, Dianes Tarassi, once you get to the league, you're not playing against little girls anymore. No shit. She She knows that.


I promise you, she know that.


Right. And other former Yukon players being like, Oh, well, unless she wins a championship, she's not stamped. She did this at Iowa. She didn't do this at Yukon, where everybody's a McDonald's All-American. She transformed that program.


Listen, it shouldn't even be you explaining yourself about this one.


But it's corny that people are doing this.


You shouldn't even have to explain. She has the most points.


Right. Period. Boys anger. But the woman who had the most points said, I don't really believe If she has the record, it's like this. Women should be uplifting women.


Yeah, but that comes with greatness, too. I promise you, motherfuck, when they dropped to Steph Curry, they said Steph Curry, Man, that shit ain't going to work. I said that shit wasn't going to work. Steph, man, stop shooting that shit, bro. That shit missing, bro. You're shooting from half court, bro.


Who the fuck ain't- You need to play like Johnny Flynn.


That motherfucker looked at me and said, Pat, that's my shot. Steph, that shit ain't going in, though, bro. Come a little closer. It's my shot. Right? It was 15 years later. Nba history, three-point shooter. Feel me? Is this some shit you can't teach? Touch and shot, you can't teach that. She got that shit.




She got that shit.


The proof is in the pudding because the women's championship had more viewers than the men's championship.


She got that shit. She got that shit. She cold. The crazy thing is, if you're a hooper, bro- Of course. The way She get her shit off. She get her shit off all going left. She did one move, bro, like a tween, cross, side step, side step, side step. It's NBA. She's doing that, James Harding shit. It's NBA guy.


With a target on her back.


I'm talking about with the best defender, with traps, with all that, man. And it's to a point, if she get open three, it's cash. Yeah.


She has the demeanor of a superstar, too. The way she wants calls, the way that she's not like, fucking... She's pissed. She's like, fucking folly.


I like to relips and everything. Yeah, talk that shit, can't talk. Talk that shit, CC. I'm calling the CC like I know her. Yeah, CC.


She feeds it Yeah, straight up, man.


She go crazy. A huge fan. I'm a huge fan.




Huge fan.


Exactly. Men uplifting women. The men's Championship, though, was a doosy. A doosy.


Shout out to Doc. Shout outDoc Rivers, too.


Why Doc? What does Doc have to do with the men's College Basketball Championship?


All right. New coach. Right. New coach, bro. Coming an opportunity. All right. Trade for his guy. Trade for his other guy, guy. All right. Team struggling. Start me. A lot of coaches, I don't think they had a boss to make that decision, especially on a team that you're trying to win a Championship with. Why would I start nine games, 10 games this season? You know what I'm saying? So to have that trust, make that decision. Obviously, it's been one game, so it's a marathon with this shit, but it's a hell of a start.


So this has nothing to do with NBA, College Basketball Championship? Nothing.


Okay, cool.


I'm just- I'm just a non-sequitator. I like non-sequitators. It keeps people on their toes, keeps the listener, the viewer engaged. I like that. Shout out to fucking Doc, bro. That's what I'm talking about.


With criticism, with all that shit. Shout out.


Yeah. He made the right call. He got his guy in the starting lineup. Let's continue all this. Yeah, got to keep going. Let's keep this going in the right direction. All right, guys, let's take a second and talk about Game Time. Game Time. Game Time. Got it right here on my phone. It It's too insane how easy it is to interface. Bam, New York's up on here. Yankees games, Brooklyn Psycholog. They have freaking Minor League baseball games on here. Msg Boxing, New York Rangers, Islanders. We would tab over to music. What music do they have? Bad Bonnie, Jay and Silent Bob. Bro, they got it all over here. Then I can go over to shows. Andrew Schultz, bro. Sweeney Todd. You could go see Sweeney Todd. Bro, GameTime, the best app. The best app. If you want to get tickets, the official ticketing partner of Barstool Sports, the official ticketing partner of the Pat-Bev pod, you know that we're locked in with game time. Those are our brothers over there. You can pick your seats, you can sit where you want to sit. You're flying through. You can get your tickets on the way to the game.


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Draftkings pick six. Pretty fun game. If you had said that Pap If we're going to score 20 and 10 tonight, you would have done exceedingly well. It's very fun. That's why I love it. Pick your favorite players and compete for huge cash prizes. Download the new DraftKings Pick 6 app now and use code Roon I like that. Take on the competition with your best NBA player picks only on DraftKings. Pick 6 with code Roon. Use that code. Draftkings, those are our bros. Yukon plays incredibly. Did you notice anything about the way that they play basketball, their coaching?


So our young guy, AJ Jackson, he went to Yukon. He won a Championship with them last year.




So we're doing shooting contest before practice. He's shooting, he missing his shit. Broke-ass shit, man. You better check my resume. Mind you, I don't know who fuck he is. I just know this is my fucking good jump.


But he's got the beautiful hairline. That shit is fucking one inch above his eyebrow, like a fucking edge of a paper.


I go right home. Aj Jackson. Ncaa champion. Okay, cool. Come back next shooting game. Because you want to championship your resume solid? You ain't doing shit in the NBA. It's my dog.


Shout out to AJ. He's getting some burn.


I mean, he got- Shout out to AJ. Got him cuff. Young Pitbull. You're going to be ready when I'm done with him. Watch out. Mind you, listen to me.


You got AJ and AJ.


Yeah, it's two Ajs.


Two Ajs.


Yeah, so I got two Ajs. So, yeah, shout out to AJ Jackson, too, man. It's my dog.


Shout out to AJ Jackson. Yeah, he was getting, what, first quarter minutes today? Great. Yeah. Love it. And he's been bringing a good energy. Love it.


Energy. Love it. Whatever it takes. Against Boston.


Do you think that the guy on Purdue was going to get drafted? Zack E. D.


I like his game. Really? People don't think it's going to translate. I do. He gives me Zuboc games. But it took a while to Zuboc to... It took coaches a while before they allowed Zuboc to get his hook shot and all. Because you don't know, Zuboc got real game, but he limited to a role. Zuboc got off the glass mid-range. He could shoot threes. When we play pickup, Zu shooting threes and everything. But eating, he's going to be able to show his display his skillset a lot earlier, and it's going to work. And he's big as hell. Obviously, he might get pushed around, but I'm talking about longevity of his career. You feel me? Fifth, sixth year. You're talking about the Steven Adams type of body with a skillset, bro. Steven Adams lasted. Why wouldn't he even last? So I'm excited. I'm excited to see him. I like him.


Yeah. He put up incredible numbers for the entire tournament. And even though they're lost in the Championship, you're going against the Buzzsaw in Yukon, and he basically carries his team through that entire tournament. So Zack E. D, stamp of approval from Pat Jeff.


Yeah, hell, yeah. And.




And. Hear this? No N-I-L.


Right. Broke ass Zack E. Get your money up.


I'm talking about they doing my man crazy.


He's out there with fucking baked bean dinners.


He's out here with a fucking- You'll probably be asking his team, they say, Bro, split something that shit, bro.


Let me get some fucking... Yeah, break me off, bro.


Ap player the year twice.


And no NIL? I would have left. I'd be in the league, bro. Everybody's He's not getting money? He's the only guy not getting money?


That's wild. That's wild. That sounds exact.


Canada is fucking up, dude.


No, they're not fucking up. Canada is a great place.


But why are they not letting the kids get money if all these American kids can get money?


Listen, I'm not a Canadian man, nor from Canada.


Well, then let me be the first one to say they're fucking up.


No, don't do that because we might have Canadian fans, bro.


They understand that they're throwing this kid over.


Be nice.


I love Canada. Okay. I've been to Canada dozens of times.


Check out the Drizzy.


Why? Because he stayed out of the beef? You think he's going to say something to Kendrick?


I haven't really been locked in. I don't know what's going on.


Kendrick puts a verse on Future's album, has a little bit of heat.


I just don't know. I don't know if people actually talk about each other.


Then J. Cole responds back. J. Cole says, Your first project was all right. Your second project was overrated. Your third project sucked. Then two days later, J. Cole is on a mic. I'm sorry.


For real? When I like that. I shouldn't have said it. I respect that. Why? A man that apologize?


But it's just rat beef, bro.


I don't give a fuck what it is. I step on your shoe, it's just a shoe. My bad, bro.


Yeah, but he said the shit on purpose. He stepped on your shoe on purpose.


Which is even worse. So if I can apologize for me stepping on your shoe, yeah, I suppose I apologize for a rat beef.


Yeah, but Kendrick stepped on his shoe first.


Okay, cool. That don't mean... Just what did Jesus say? Turn the other cheek.


I'm not going to call Jesus soft. I know you're trying to bait me into doing that. I'm not going to do that.


I don't want to say call Jesus soft. I don't want to do that. I just said Jesus said, someone hit you, turn the other cheek.


Do you think that Drake would respond in a situation like that? Do you think he would turn the other cheek? Still, fam.


I ain't going to lie. He one motherfucker. I don't think people want to go to war with. You can say what you want. That's a waste, you fam. Listen, listen.


That's a scarborough thing.


Hey, man. Regardless of how people view Drake, talk about Drake, always got something to say about Drake, That ain't no motherfucker you want to go in a rap battle with.


He understands rap battling.


Man, that man ends people's careers.


No, ends their career. Meek came back zombie, but Meek was in the fucking grave for a couple of years.


No, no, no, no. That shit was crazy. And Meek, you got to think, when that beat was going on, I'm listening to every word, every fucking word. And you know what I'm saying? I know people around the situation, so they give me inside scoop. Man, this shit crazy. Meek, he ain't going. Hold on. You got me fucked up, which I respect. You feel me? I respect. But it's hard, boy. I'm talking about because Drake, his touch to people was so much longer than a lot of rappers.


He also didn't come with- So he would do a back to back inside of a football stadium in Philly. Listening to A. R.


Ab. That's why. That's a lot of power.


Yeah. Meek, I'm a massive Meek fan. No, no, no. But at the same time- The homie. Yeah, he's incredible. But at the same time, this wasn't like J. Cole saying, Kendrick's second album was overrated. He said, Is that a world tour? Is that your girls' tour? That's personal. That's so personal. That's a feeling heard her.


Fuck that. The first is...




I'm going to say, We outside the Four Seasons looking like a football team. He upstairs, Meek upstairs. Other four Seasons.


It's crazy. There's 53 people on a football team.


It's wild.


Yeah, so interesting week for- Meek come right back, Yeah, I'm top-flowing Four Seasons, count money.


You feel me? But yeah, that ain't your motherfucker. You want to go to war with it, man, with Drake, for real. I mean, you're a goal, but you're one of them. Come on, you all. This is going to be a lot of this about Stan's get hit.


But Kendrick said there's no big three. It's just big me.


Yeah, it's supposed to feel like that.


But I mean, that's That's basically a warning, or that's first shot of war. That's how wars get started. That's the Archduke Franz Ferdinand getting shot in the head.


It starts with a woman. Secondly, it starts with that. You're right.


Right. Helen of Troy. Ships get launched.


You know what I call him Troy because he got shot in his ear.


Chill, bro. Or as we say, the dogs, we want them to chill. Heal. Come on, bro. Ant had 51. Ant had 51. Mouthclive, Flynn had 50. Hold on.




Ant, 5,1.


How do you have it?


A little bit of this, a little bit of that, I would imagine.


Great night.


Great night for Ant. It's proud of him. That's our brother. Shit. Edwards, that's our fucking brother.


17, 29, 6 for 13, 11, 11 free throw line, 51. I remember I told the boys, I came in that bitch, I This motherfucker. Next, Michael Jordan. People on the film say, in Minnesota, Why would you say that? Because he needs to know the truth. You all don't watch basketball? Two years later, you have some similarities of Michael Jordan. All these random people just saying that.


Michael Jordan was drafted in 1984, didn't win a Championship until '91.


You all better stop playing. You all better stop playing. That motherfucker, he cold.


He's cold.


I'm I'm talking about, I can't go to school, mommy. I got a cold. He cold.


I'm talking about the heater's broken. I'm talking about- No insulation.




Antarctica. Iceland.


Speaking of- Green Bay, Sheboiken, January 14th. Cold.


Tyrese Max, you also had 52.


I see some motherfuckers in their bag. Knee deep.


No, no. Sack Race.


I'm talking about... Zup. Soulja. In the trenches.


Knee deep. Yes. Knee deep.


Knee deep.


Sixers' first team to have two players have 50 points three times in the year.


That's my fun. That's Nurse, though.


That's Nurse. Nurse. Shout out to freaking Nurse. Shout out to Nurse.


Kawhi hit me with, Hey, you like Nurse, Pat? I like him a lot. You love his offense, don't you? Hell, yeah. He lets you do whatever you want, huh? Hell, yeah. Shout out to All right, man. Get well soon.


That Kauai is incredible.


Yeah, that's my dog. I love that, man. That's my dog. He lets you do whatever you want. Straight up. I broke my hand. True story, right? True story. I broke my hand. I come in, he, You broke your shit, huh? I, Yeah. See, I told you. What you tell me, okay? You got to start doing those finger-tip push-ups, strengthening the bones. I started doing the finger-tip push-up. Then I started doing knuckle push-up. Straight up. He be saying the wildest shit.


I mean, that dude, he's the claw for a reason.


He told a motherfucker one time. I ain't going to say the person names you. We Hooping. Slip screen come. A slip screen is a fake screen. I'm going to slip to the three-point line. One of the coaches sexy Rexy. I'm going to say Rexy because Rexy's part is sexy Rexy hit him with the... Kawhi, you got to switch that. Kawhi answers. Why? Because we don't want this person on that person. He goes, So why is he in the game? Rex go, Got a point. If he can't guard, why is he in the game? Straight up. K-cole, shout out to K. He look at basketball with the most simple frame a person can look at, bro. Simple as that. His shit is based off defense and working hard. If you ain't got no straps, Pat, you can't play. You can't play.


Bro, this might be my new favorite impression.


I promise you, though. He cold. We're watching a film. Doc, stop, man. Stop this shit. He. Ak, bro, where do you want the ball at? He, play it. He, stop it. I'll cross half-court. He. Anytime you cross half court and you see me, throw me the ball. All right, cool. What hand? Anywhere. Damn. That's the first Superstar I was like, this one fuck cold.


Well, he's doing those fucking knuckle, finger-tip push-up. He's cold.


Healthy kawaii is one of the best players to ever play basketball.


Yeah. I mean, this Clipper's team is a 50-win team.


In front of other all-star, Superstar players. Like, Yeah, you see me? Stop it. Yeah. I cross half course, you throw it to either hand every time. All right. Straight up. That motherfucker K-Cole. K-cole.


Yeah, he's incredible.


K-cole, and he love basketball. I spent some time with him in San Diego, man. We worked out every fucking day. We going crazy. Ape shit. Covid. I drive I take Sprinter down there in big ass house in La Hoya. Beautiful. Four-floor pool. How about that? Backstroking to working out with Kawhi Leonard, man.


That's fucking beautiful. What?


Every day. And you know I'm a freak anyway when it comes to working out. I look at how you do this shit every day? Every day? Shout out to this homie Jerm, to Kawhi Leonard. Go, go.


Shout out to Jerm. Paul George, game winner.


I seen that. Come through pound, twing twing. Oh, on, got there. He lose dribble on the behind. Tap it inside. I don't even know what be going on. He pop, pop, pop, pop, come back, then hit him with the right to left because he... Okay, cool. Rap, Left wrap to right wrap didn't go clean because he lose balance a little bit. Tap ball with side of hand. Boom. Grab all with right-hand out. Got control. Boom. Side step. Why are you down there on the ground? But say less.


His whole fourth quarter was like that. They came back. I live bet them on DraftKings, no freaking big deal. But incredible-Shout to DraftKings. Shout out to DraftKings for sure.


Shout out to DraftKings.


Straight up. No, no. Shout out to fucking DraftKings for sure, bro. Did you see this, that this woman named Lindsay Harding is interviewing for the Hornets job?


I love that. How cool was that? We just spoke about that.


We've spoken into existing things.


If you know Ball, you know Ball. She had success on a man's level.


She was the-Sacramento. Yeah, at Stockton. She was the best G League coach. Yeah, you're locked in. But I just think that that's so cool. Shout out to Lindsay Harding. Even if she don't get the job, that's just the envelope. She's in the conversation.


That's just pushing the envelope, right? If she get it, that'll be it. If she don't get it, she go open the door for somebody else, maybe open the door for herself down the line. That's pushing the envelope.


We freaking love women on this side. Straight up. How about freaking Whoopik? Come on.


Hey, John. I had some fallen out at Arkansas, man. I didn't know if I was able to get back there with the love. Let me slide through now. I want to come through now. I want to come through now. You feel me? They didn't give people my Jersey numbers. My shit is nothing. Man, I'm a freshman of the year, newcomer of the year. I got every freshman's newcomer stat in NCAA history of Arkansas. I don't know if I can even throw a camp there. Hey, Cal. Man, we know some of the same people anyway, man. Come on, man. Come on a pod.


We got to get Cal on the pod. We got to get Cal on the pod. We'll go down there.


Hell, yeah. Whoopig. Whoop fucking pig. And you see me? I never diss Arkansas.


No, you diss love. It's always Whoopig. You, Bobby, Whoopig.


Always love. I'll be going down there, man. Can I get a gym or can I get Can I lift? I don't really get a response. You know what I'm saying?


It's time.


Yeah. I'm like, damn. Coming home. Coming home. Yeah.


I heard they're giving him $5 million in NIL money to distribute how he wants.


Yeah. Whoopig. Whoopig. They're about to get- They don't play. Catfish hole. I'm talking about some of the best catfish hush puppies a man I've never tasted in my life from. You know what I'm saying? I'm talking about like, when I met, I was friends with John Tyson's son. Shout John Tyson, man. The Tyson chicken guy? Tyson chicken guy. What? John Tyson, the homie. He's like, Hey, Pate, you want to work on my golf? Yeah, I work wherever you want to do, Mr. Tyson. You know what I'm saying? You're talking about I'm so locked in in Arkansas. The guy who used to tape my ankles, he taped motherfucking Corlice Williamson's ankle. He's been there for eternity. He's not doing well right now. His name is Dave England.


Shout out Dave England.


They say, Pat, he was the only person that... The only time we've ever seen Dave cry is when you left school.


Man, get Pat Bed back in Arkansas. What?


I love Arkansas. Feel me?


Coach Cal, let's do some recruiting for him or whatever.


Yeah, shout out to Dave England, too, man. And I text him out the blue. I text, and I say, Man, I keep up with everybody. Say, Dave England's not doing so well. I hit him out the blue. He, Oh, man, that just made my day. Shout out to Dave, man. Dave, England cold. He cold. Tape game. Tape game. Elite. You hurt. Put ice on it. You're not fucking hurt. Stop being a pussy. He one of them. Yeah, tobacco, chewing it. Why are he taping you? Yeah, shout out to Dave, England. My dog. He gave me the biggest hug when he found out I was leaving, man. The biggest hug.


Hardbreaking. But yeah, let's get that. What a come up for Arkansas. Please, Cal.


All right.


Cal, let's make it happen. Let's quit fucking around. Dawn Staley.


Go. I'm so crazy about this. I go, her record last five She probably lost 11 games. In one year, she lost eight games. That's where the 11 come from. Other years, I'm going to lose one.


Yeah, I think they lost three last year. What did they lose one last year?


She does it her way.


Yeah, maybe they were undefeated and they lost to Kaitlyn Clarke, and then they came back and beat Kaitlyn Clarke.


She does it the right way.


No, she's incredible. That's what I'm feeling right there.


It does in her right and the right way.


Yeah, she's locked in. She's the ultimate believer.


But that's That's no-Works her ass off. They didn't lose a game. So that's not-It's a temple owl, too, man. Yeah, but her success is not shocking. It's expected because how good of a coach she is. Hella of a point guard. So it's expected. It's expected.


Totally. We freaking love women on this show, bro. Greatness, bro. All right. As usual, our Starting Five is brought to you by New Amsterdam Vodka. A New Amsterdam Vodka. Tell me that thing. Born from an uncompromising passion for great vodka, this stuff is five times distilled. They could probably get away with four times distilling it, but no, no, no. At New Amsterdam, there are no half measures. They're going to do this five times distilled, three times filtered for a beautiful, lovely, scrumdiddly, umptuous taste that you really don't see in other vodkas. New Amsterdam vodka. Make a cocktail with it. Have a round of shots with your friends. I like mine chilled, but you can like yours however you like it because that's the joy of living in America. Enjoy your New Amsterdam with your pals, with your parents. Why not? I mean, they're your parents, and this is your Vaka. And New Amsterdam Vaka, the official Vaka of Barstool Sports, the official Vaka of Pappet Pod. Find your wins today with New Amsterdam Vaka. Now, let's get into this very fun and very exciting Starting Five. I have a fun Starting Five this week. This week was Russellmania.


I would like to know your top five NBA players who would be great wrest.


That's tough.


You could take a second to think about it.


That's tough, though. That's tough. You can't ask me. I mean, that's tough. That's tough. That's tough. Draymond for sure in that bitch. That ain't tough. That ain't tough at all. Steven Adams for showing that bitch. That ain't tough.


Stone Cold Steven Adams.


That ain't tough at all.


A Wonder from Down Under.


I'm putting big drumming in that bitch.






Andre the giant?


Yeah, big drumming. Now I got to get Ray Mysterio type of motherfucker.


Mashed up. Who's that, bro?


Elusive. Flips everywhere.


What about Alvarez? Alvarado. I'm sorry, Jesus Christ. Jose Alvarado.


Jose Alvarado in that bitch.


Jose Alvarado is Ray Mysterio type.


Yeah, he in that bitch.


Just because of energy, not because of anything else. Mass That's just coming around from... You don't see him coming. Swings in.


I know that either Giannis or the Lopes will be pissed off at you if they're not in this list, because I know those bros love wrestling.


But you could keep them out because I already gave them an honorable mention right there. Who else would make that list? Anybody like-Yeah, Brook Lopes.


Brook Lopes? Yeah, bro.


Brook Lopes.


But then you got to go Robin.


Then Robin comes running out.


Yeah, so yeah, that's cool. That's That's a nice six.


That's a nice six. Very nice six.


Were you a wrestling- But it was five because the Lopez brothers, they come together.


That's a package deal.


Right, right, right.


Joined at the hip. Were you a wrestling fan growing up?


What you mean? The most biggest wrestling fan.


Did you watch it or did you see any of the highlights of this Russellmania?


Grandma was the only person in our family on the Beverly family, Beverly side. That first woman I know to own home, own property. Imagine, I didn't even know because my mom was rent so motherfucking much. I just thought everyone was rent. So a tenant that she had, the kid was my age. His name was Ricky. He was a huge wrestling fan. So he put me on. I bro, Why the fuck you going to be outside, bro? What the fuck you be up here doing? Yeah, I just be watching this. I look at TV. I see my fucking fire off Top Robot. Damn. Next thing you know, I'm locked in. All right. Pay-per-view fights come on. I run downstairs. Cranny. She what boy? Got about this wrestling match. I ain't paying all that damn money. Man, fuck that. What you want me to do? I take a cup of right now. Tell me, granny, what do you want me to do? Recipes, granny, sweet soul. I clean car. I sell. We got a candy store, too. I do the early shift for the Candy Store in the morning, and I take out all the garbage right now.


I need to wrestle.


What was the pay-per-view at that time? 150?


Yeah, something like that. Hitting off with a side to hit. So I guess her and the lady upstairs, they split it. I'm I'm talking about us to a point where we're trying wrestling moves on each other, bro. I'm talking about I got a thousand wrestling motherfucking characters just floating around. I'm talking about I'm a Stone Cold starter. I've got voices. I got all types of shit, bro. I'm locked the fuck in, man. Locked in.


They wanted Stone Cold to come out, but then Under taker came out in that.


No, but the sound effect, go dark, that bell ring. My old take in this bitch. That's what we used to call him.Taker.Take.Take. That boy big take in this bitch. I better watch out. We gave my niggin We give him a whole new name. Tate. Tate, big Tate. When lights go off, big Tate come in. It's a casket close. He was putting motherfuckers in casket. Then all of a sudden, another motherfucker, they come around. Don't ever talk. Can. With a mask on, with red. How about they brothers? No way. Ain't nobody beating these motherfuckers. Rock, Stone, Cold, get together. No.


People were crying.


Oh, my goodness. I'm talking about...


We're not even talking about the fat boys, dude. I love watching the fat boys.


I'm time to come out with a mask on, with a sock on. Who is this motherfucker? My Mankind. Mankind. They're choking the shit out, motherfucker. Mandible claw. Dirt Sock, motherfucking mouth. They died. Mcfoly. Come on, man.


Alternate personalities. But then, bro, Viscero, Big Boi, Rakeshi, Cheeks. You know, Pete Rose actually had face and cheeks, dude.


Hey, remember what was the cage match? It was like 30 motherfuckers came out. Hell in the cell? No, no, no. It was like, it was the Roy Rumbble.


The Royal Rumbel. Oh, the Royal Rumbel.


Royal Rumbel was fire. Everybody just kept coming out. Every what minute 30, another motherfucker run out, another motherfucker run out, another motherfucker run out. In a cell, motherfuckers were climbing up.


That shit was wild. They said that this wrestling, it healed people's inner child. Everybody was coming back. We saw Cody Rose.


Is wrestling back?


Wrestling might be back, dude. Wrestling is back. Wrestling might be back. We might have to start watching this shit because- That man chokes, slam the shit out of rock.


Yeah. You know who got to come back?


Who's that?


Stone Cold. I'm talking about, you would be watching wrestling like, Man, this shit okay, man. They lame as hell today, bro. I'm going to fucking know. He ain't never here.


Catching beers like, fucking- He come right down, shaking head, motherfucker.


I'm about to whip somebody like that. He come right down. He didn't play. He come right down, shaking on one thing. One thing he was about, whipping someone's ass. I'm here to do one thing. I'm not here doing a motherfucking talking. You all know why I'm here. I got all my boots. I got all my motherfucking jeans, 316 T-shirt. Hold on. Before I whip you, throw me beer. Let me take care of this motherfucker. Which hand?


Either one. Never dropping. Never drop it. Soft hands.


Never dropping. You have eight of those bitches. Never drop it. Get one, hit one. Throw the other one in the back. Somebody throw them another one. Get drunk. Hold on. I'm on my way back to you. Yeah, now I got to whip his ass. Yeah, Stone cold. He come back, I'm going.


Bro, that X-Pox D-Generation X, Scotty Timbati, Grandmaster sexy.


Hunter Hersch Hounsley. Yeah, I know his real name. I'm locked in.


Now, he's the one who brought it all the way back. Come on, man. Salute to him.


Come on, man. I'm locked in. As you could tell, I'm locked in. Why do you think I took the belt? You think I took the belt because I wanted this belt? It symbolized a wrestling belt. I never had a wrestling belt.


I thought it was for someone's ass, bro.




It's a different type of belt. Yeah, bro. Those are the Trish Stratas, Stephanie, We could go on. China.


God, why does she look so strong? Let me check this out. Oh, okay. She out there whipping people's ass, too.


I have weird feelings in my body. I don't know if they're good or bad. This shit is confusing. China was confusing as hell.


She was sexy, strongy.


But like, lats.


But like, heavy lats. Cool, but I watch. I watch.


I watch. I watch.


Yeah, shout out to China. Shout out to China. Rock was good motherfuckers. The Rock Bottom.


Rock was incredible. Everybody's incredible.


What about the count? Jocular? No, I'm talking about you Stone Cold Roll a motherfucking, motherfucker, motherfucker, bounced off, hit ground. He flipped leg, too. No, he's still alive. He's still alive. Yeah, motherfuckers. Pick his ass back up, throw him off. That shit's crazy, man. Big show? It's the big show. He come with that bitch. One thing on. Country, motherfucker. Grab, motherfucker. Throw him, motherfuckers. He don't even had no moves. He got high kick. Yeah, take that to the chair. And my boots this high. Yeah, he got a thousand laces up his motherfucking boots. Yeah, I ain't got no rest of my boots.


Bro, you know who I hated, bro? Fucking Kurt Angle.




I hated him.


He was floating around that bitch, wasn't he?


Well, and he would always fight against Rock or Snow Occult. He'd always be the one that they're sending the Angle. He would come in with this singlet and shit like that. His gold metals and shit like that.


That Kurt Angle was cold. What was his go-to move? He was putting him off on a lead hole or something. Yeah, what was it? The Angle Lock. See, I'm locked in. He was putting him off on some type of hole.


Yeah, dude. Kurt Angle would always piss my ass off. Bro, those were the fucking... That was so much fun watching wrestling.


Generation X was wild.


Dude, I mean, the chokehold that this had on people.


Oh, my goodness. You do that in school, get kicked out.


Yeah, Joel is getting fined for it still. It's 20 years later, bro. They're still fucking taking-Generation X, man.


That shit was incredible. Resting was great.


Resting is great. Resting might be back. Shout out to Cody Road. Shout out to Triple H. The boys brought... Shout out to Philly, bro. Philly made that shit. Philly showed up, didn't he? Philly made that shit.


Philly showed up for that.


Showed up, showed out. All right, you guys got a game tomorrow. I'll let you get your rest. Playoffs are around the bend. We are going to be recording as much as we can. All we care about is breaking news, talking about the stuff that's going on. This is the hottest time of the year for NBA. College is over. It ain't football season. This is pure NBA basketball season. Thank you so much for being part of the pod, Real Ones. We love that you're listening. What did you say on TNT? Listen to your fucking parents.


Listen to your fucking parents. And if you're a kid, you're freaking parents.


Listen to your freaking parents.


Mother freaking pie.


See you guys next week.