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Give me your all-MBA team.


But I'm going to go Shay, Jokich, Giannis, Luca. I always go by winning teams.


So Tatum?


So Tatum, yeah.


Who would you give most improved player to this season?


Most improved, I'm going Tyrese Maxi. Sixth man, I'm going Bobby Portis.


How about Defensive Player of the Year while we're giving out awards?


I'm going to go WMDBE.


Yeah, I got to go WMDBE as well.Let's go Rooky of the Year.WMBE. Yeah, I think you got to give it to WMBE.Coach of the Year.Okay, see. Do you give more credit to Shay or give more credit to both. That's not how more works.




Coach of the Year to Shay, then. Who's your MVP? Shay?






10 to number one. Average 30. You're valuable.