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I think that I can make a better lineup of your former teammates than you.


I got LeBron.


At small forward?


I got LeBron.


Position by position?


I'll decide what position he plays based off of... Yeah, that's the versatility of having him. I'll take Steph. I'll take Tim Duncan.


I'll take Jokuj.


I'm going to go with Jason Kidd.


I'm going to take Dirk.


I'm going to go Prime Clay.


Okay, so I'm going to take Kawhi.


I'm going to go Kyrie.


I knew you was going to say that. Okay, he took one. I know you was about to say this one.


Vince Carter.


He wins.I win?He wins.


No, bro. You have a guy in there that never made to a conference finals or an NBA finals.


And you have a guy in there who likes to say what's up to everybody before the game.Do.


You think that's a bad thing?I.


Know it's a bad thing.