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For instance, when I was fortunate enough to win a Championship, T. Lou and his communication, we play against the Atlanta Hawks. They got Paul Millsapp, they got Al Horford, they got bigs. So he looks at me and is like, Hey, Rich, this ain't the series for you. So we played Kevin Love and Channing Fry. We got a five that can shoot, a four that can shoot. Their bigs are pushed away. Now, the next series, Golden State, right? Golden State. Tanning, you're out. Kevin, this series is going to be tough for you. We're going to play more Richard. We're going to play more Shamp. We're going to play Bron at the small ball four. We're going to go Kevin at the small ball five. So it's like, in that moment, I'm not sensitive that I'm not playing much in the Atlanta series, right? Because I get it. I can see the game. I don't give a fuck about loyalty. Go get this shit done, right? And that's what I'm talking about when we mention Doc and loyalty and having guys on the court that shouldn't. If you're having guys on the court that shouldn't, I don't care if it's your own damn son.


That's a problem. Once it gets time to it's us or them, we got to do the best thing that we can for the group. I do feel like at the end of the day, your record is what your record.