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And tonight at the Milwaukee Bucks game, I'm lucky enough to meet the entire cast of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. I'm the biggest fan of this. That is amazing. It's a guilty pleasure. It's not going to kill me. I'm winning. I had it. It was mine first. And when I tell you I was geeking the fuck out. I tell you, you want to get that off too, I see. I was sweating from my armpits. I was so excited to meet these women. At an NBA game. At an NBA game. They were filming. Shout out to the team President, Peter. He brings me into the room. Shout out to Peter, man. He was so nice, so welcoming. He was like, Come on, they're fighting. We'll get in the background of a scene. We'll be on TV. Oh, that's fire. The shrimpcakes, dude. I'm trying the shrimpcakes. They're, Fuck, the real housewives of Salt Lake City are fighting. I'm living in a fever dream, dude. I was living my fucking best life.