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Foiled again. Pat Biv. Sharp as a tack, witty as a fox.


It actually tickles me every single time. Oh, my goodness.


That's only one of the British accents. It's like the other stupid ones. The Pat Bev pod with Ron. Ron Ski.


Were Ron Ski. Ski. No, not too much.


You're firing me up, dude. You get me fired up.


Shout out to Ron here in the building. He made it to Chicago. We in Chicago. Where are we at, bro?


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Let's get right to it. People want to see. People I want to know. We did the whitest. Yeah, we're going right to it. We did the Blackest, Whitest Guys.




So I'm reading the comments, and I like to read comments because comments help me. It educates me. Okay, give me some new things to think about. Oh, one comment said... And make sure you guys show the comment that said, You guys should do a Whited, Blackest vibe.


And then at first, you wanted me to do this. And I said, Respectfully, I'm in no position to tell Black people how Black or not Black they are.


You felt very uncomfortable.


Well, it's a set up. I don't... Like me- But you did write some names.


Okay, I understand.


But it's fine. But you told me I was wrong. We All of them. Okay, so- I said Joe Missoula. Sounds Italian. No, you can't say that.


So I'll go.


Well, first, this segment is brought to us by New Amsterdam Vaca.


Oh, yeah, it is a top five. Yeah. Okay. Oh, yeah. Exactly.


So this is brought to us by New Amsterdam Obviously, New Amsterdam Vodka, the official Vodka of Barcell Sports.


I'm going Jared Allen.


The official Vaca. Wait a second. Hang on, bro. Let me get through the ad read first.


My bad.


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Here we go. We got Jared Allen.


Why? Just because he likes anime? Just because he has sweet sideburns?


You didn't make- No, I didn't ask. You didn't make jokes when I did the Blackest-Whiteest guy. And Yes, I did. Let me get my five out. Miles Turner. For some reason, they're all big.


All right. Well, is Turner also an anime guy? Or no, he's a Lego guy.


What did you say? It was arguments about Tobias, and I disagreed.


Yeah, I said that he wasn't.


Wasn't what?


Someone I should be commenting on.


Hey, it's a slippery slope with this conversation, bro.


Yeah, you're trying to shove me down the slope.


This is a setup. No, we got to finish it, though. We got to finish it. We did the Blackest White dudes. We got to do the Whited Blacks. Obama's definitely in there. Love you, Mo. Love you, Mo. Love you to death. But not as too many bigs. You got to go guards. It's only right. We have to go guards. We have to go guards. So I'm thinking, I'm thinking, like Sack, no. Lakers, No. Lakers? No. Clippers? Hell, no.




Dallas. Grant Williams. He's not on Dallas. Grant Williams. He's on Dallas. Okay, Grant Williams.


Or he was.


Grant Williams. Yeah, Grant Williams. That's four.




I think everybody that's part of the PA. Who else? C. J. Mccollum?


C. J. Mccollum is in the PA. Okay, well, CJ McCollum. He went to Lehigh.


C. J.


Mccollum is your fifth?


Yeah, but they don't have nothing to do with their basketball game.


What does it have to do with?


Just the whiteest, blackest guys.


Well, how do you determine that?


I don't know. Swag?


So these guys have a lot of swag, you're saying?


Or not enough. But swag could be different What's the thing?


White guys don't have a lot of swag.


You could tell when a white guy has too much swag, it gets him in the category as Black man.


Tyler Hero.


He got too much swag, but it's fitting. You feel me? Miles Turner. Okay, Yeah, I don't want to post you, dunk you game. I want to shoot threes. Mo Bamba, I want to shoot threes. You know what I'm saying? More of a finesse game.


What's the trash talk from these guys sound like?


Not a lot of trash talk. You know what I'm saying? Not a lot of trash talk at all. But you pay other guys, you'll get trash talk.


What do you mean other guys?


Like Draymond Green.


Yeah. I mean, the next two weeks are going to be the Black is Black and the White is White, too. So you know what I mean?


I guess- The Black is Black and the White is White. I like that. That's next episode. I'm fit to comment on the White is White.


I feel like that's the only one that I can really dip my toe I went to. The rest of it, I feel like I have to defer.


Who's the White is White, then? You go.


No, we'll save it for next week. The hook, that's why people are going to keep on listening. Okay. Stick around for the whitest white.


The Whited White.


Stay tuned next week. Cliffhanger. It's funny. The whitest white.


It's fucking hilarious. All funny games. All those boys can hoop. All of them are in the NBA for a reason. So that has nothing to do with your basketball game.


What does it have to do with?


Your energy. It's always the energy now.


Yeah, I guess so. Interesting. And congrats to everybody who got left off the list. We forgot. No, not too, but good for them. They dodged a bullet. A couple of people dodged a bullet. Belt to Ass Tour continues. Belt to Ass Tour. You beat the Philadelphia 76ers once again, and one of the hallmark moments of that game was at the very end of the game. You got a rebound, took it down to the other end of the court, and softly tossed the ball towards nick Ners.


No, that's not what happened. Man.


We'll break it down for me because I must have had a bad angle.


I wanted to throw the ball to Mo Bamba.


Oh, that was for Mo? Yeah. Do you think people are going to believe that? Man, I love Mo Bamba, but why do you think he deserved the ball?


It was the gang ball. I'm happy for him. He started. Of course, it was for the nurse. But I don't know what Ducks woke. Yes, throw that nurse.


So did nick Ners say anything to you? He spoke to me during the game. Oh, he did? What did he say?


What's up, Pat Biv? Hi. Now you're on the...


So do you think that he was proving?


He never called me Pat Biv, ever. It's always Pat. Never ever in It was like, you ever called me Pat B.


He never hit you with a what's up, man. No.


I was saying, Mo, good game.


You were throwing at the nurse.


No, I was, Mo, good game.


I mean, Mo got a hand on it, but he was on his volleyball shit. Yeah.


Shout out to Mo.


I'm sure Philadelphia fans didn't like that you did that.


Come on, man. That's all we're having fun in the basketball game. Not like that. Not like that at all.


Yeah, I agree. I also think that my guy Duffy did a video, and it's like when Pat Bebs on your team, like, Hey, Pat Bebs, the biggest dog. Like, he's a fucking coach out there. When he's not on your team, it's like... You hate him? Yeah. So there's going to be a dichotomy in the perception. I like Dress it up a little bit.


Dress it up a little bit.


Of course, Patrick. What's of course? A dichotomy in the perception. I need to start bringing other accents.


No, that's the only way I wanted to keep Emma from the fire, man.


But of course, you love the Crown.


I do.


Neil to the Crown, of course. It actually tickles me.


It really does.


You do because you love the British. Speaking of, returning I heard of Middleton. Bar. Don't fucking play with me, bro.


That is hard. So I'm on the bench, I'm looking at Bobby. Chris going off. I'm looking at Bobby like, Five-eight. You're a pat. I mean, this motherfucker, man.


Natural satisfying game to watch.


You say, Pat, and he seven for nines, nine for eleven, efficient as fuck, makes the right play every time.


That's I got a basketball IQ off the charts. Oh, my goodness. Buttershot, buttery smooth. It's incredible.


We're nice.


Very esthetically pleasing.


And you know, Doc here, motherfucker, practice here. Hey, man, listen, man, we want to give him up. We want to put 140 on motherfuckers. Next game, we come out, put 140 on my book.


82 in the first half. Listen, man, it'll be a tough out.


Seven games, it's going to be tough. It's going to be tough. It's going to be tough. It's going to be tough. It's going to be tough. It's going to be tough.


It's going to It'll be tough to be- Especially when guys like Bobby Pauertas are emerging off of the bench.


But it's anybody any given night. You know what I'm saying? Beazley had 17. Jake Carter had 18. You know what I'm saying? Quietly. Like, light.


Aj Green, come out of nowhere.


No, you're honest.


Connaughton, he could go and-brook and I can. Yeah. So many guys can.


So many guys can. That's a good problem I have.


Yeah. Middleton returns. Was this your first game that you played with him? Yeah. Were you practicing with him much? And what percentage was he doing in practice? He was working his ass off.


I like to get there early. I like to get there on days off. Every time I was in that bitch, he was in that bitch. Getting his body ready, getting this shit right, getting this rhythm down. He's been grinding his ass off. So I'm happy. I'm excited. You got to think I'm the guy that's before we run out. Yeah, welcome back, Chris. You're not going to I'm going to miss you, bro. For real. I know how I feel when it's coming back from injuries. So, hell, yeah, man. And he looked great. He looked great.


Is he as sweaty as everyone says?


Just relax, man.


I've seen pictures of him with a waterfall coming off of him, but I don't know. I don't know. Some guys just sweat. Some guys perspire more. It's a body's cooling mechanism. There's nothing wrong with it. It's anatomical. He was very natural. You guys played without Yannis, but I don't know what it was. Maybe it was the 12 o'clock start for you guys, but the threes in the first half, everybody was hitting threes. It seemed automatic. It almost seemed like there's nights when maybe Beazley's cold or crowd. People can be cold. Of course, it's the NBA, but it seemed like nobody was cold. What do you attribute that to?


The ball movement, great spacing, turning down good shot for great. Anytime you catch that bitch in the corner, shoot it. Somebody Might close that on you because you had so many threes. Put it back on the floor, make another play for somebody else, get in the pain, make a layup, shoot a floater. You got to think about the shots we missed. I missed three layups. We missed 8, 9 layups, maybe 10 open, 3 still. I'm talking about potentially a 160-point game. Put that shit right across their motherfucking head. I come out. Every time I run out, I like to sprint from the tunnel right to half-court, warm myself up. Yeah, 9,4. Katie, say what that mean. Okay, I see what you're doing. You're trying to hype yourself up for the game. Didn't tell them that, though. That's exactly what that means. All right? Yeah, 9'4. He with that pose to me. Okay, cool. I see what type of name we going to have. I think he finished with a hot 11. And I'm guard them in a post. I wish they had this video. You all don't understand. I'm guard them in a post, straight arm.


Usually, when you guard a bigger guy, you got to put... You brace yourself, you extended straight arm. You know how much strength that is just from shoulder? That ain't even elbow, forearm, straight arm in a post. Not going nowhere. Stop playing with me, man.


Yeah, you were D-ing him up in the post the whole time. What do you say?


Kd, you all know my name. Yeah, I do, too. You know mine, motherfucker. So, yeah, always good battle, battling up KD.


The NBA posted a clip on their Instagram reels or the Instagram story, rather, of you and KD talking half-court. That's what was before the game. So that was the 94? Yeah. You came out with a handshake, but they took the sound off for some reason on the NBA. So that was the entire conversation?


That was the entire conversation. I always like to think that, why is he saying that? Okay, cool. He trying to hype himself up. Okay, cool.


Say that. He seemed cordial, though.


Yeah, KD You're the homie. I'm telling you, every time we see each other, great battles, great hoops. Yeah. But from post, I'm not going to play behind them. You know what I'm saying? I'm not going to play behind. Then I know his move, the quick spin bass line shit. I haven't seen it on my fucking Instagram all summer. Him and Chad working out. So I know he going to spend baseline. So I'm quick on that. I think he spin baseline. I got great contest. I knew it was coming. I think he kicked his leg off, wanted to foul. But again, that's the rule that they've been trying to take away at the All-Star is offensive players trying to get to the free throw line by doing moves that aren't shooting and kicking your legs, and the rest not going to give you that call.


Unless you're James Harden.


I'm playing a game.


So they have been- They're really playing a game in front of me. They have been reffing it differently since the All-Star break. Has that been something precipitous that you felt from these referees? It's legitimate? Yeah.


I mean, it's fine, but that's how it's supposed to It was a point when you couldn't even touch anybody. You bumped somebody. You feel me? It ain't even bumped somebody off their path. You just body check somebody and it's foul, foul, foul. Now they're allowing us to play a little bit. Now you can get up into people. A guy can't just beat you with just a blow pass move. You got to put a move on top of a move, on top of a move. You got to do more pick and roll. You know what I'm saying?


Who's that benefit?




More physical defense or just defenders in general?


More physical defense. So players like me.


Yeah, that's great then.


I can battle. But also, I'm going to take a little bit more of a beating body-wise because now offensive guys can bump and they can do all that. So the physicality is going to be a little bit more. So you just got to play the game within the game.


It seemed like Frank Vogtle was disappointed with the Suns and their lack of closing out on some threes. Was that something that you noticed? It seems like guys are really going to have to close out. If not only do you have Usually five guys who could shoot a three out there, but also guys whose range is three-point line extended.


You got career three-point shooters. You got 38 and above. We might got like 9, 10 of those guys, 10, 11 of those guys on the roster. So where you look, you got to pick your poison. And the IQ is high, so most teams want to put a center on me. How cool. I set the pick and roll, get the ball in the pocket, make plays out the pocket, shoot my flow. So it's so much that you try to do with us, and it's hard. It's real hard because we have a lot. We have a whole bunch, and we have a really good coach.


There's also a precipitous feeling. I'm throwing precipitous around a lot. I fucking like saying it. That you guys are really trying to give up a good shot for a great shot. Don't turn down quarter three. You had to steal going up the left side. Could have drove past it ahead to Crowder. Crowder gets it back to, or maybe to you, back to Dame, and then they kick it out to Crowder for three. It's like there might have been a layup there, but he's making a three. That winds up being a significantly better opportunity.


And that destroys other teams. You know how hard it is to go hard? You got your defense set on one guy. It's our starting five, and it's the guy's off the bench. It's like, it's no let up. It's literally no let up. So it's like we got maybe, I don't know, 10, 11 starters. So when you're going against that and you got guys that experience and you got high IQ basketball players with Greek, with Dane, with Chris Middleton, with Brook Lopez. You know what I'm saying? You add in Bobby Porter, myself, Malik Beeze, the crowd, Pat Khan, to A. J. Green, Galanari. You add these people in and A really good fucking team.


You played 29 minutes that last game against the Suns. Do you expect that to be the workload? Do you get to hear a lot from Doc? Is he more communicative than other coaches as far as the workload?


You got to think. I mean, Doc relationship is the best relationship, right? So he curses me out the most. But Doc, he curses you out. I mean, he love you to death. And the people who can't take it, he curse your ass out more than them to try to break you. Got to be mentally tough in this game.


What curses does he use?


They hit me with the, Stay fucking solid, Pat. I like to do my own defense. What are we doing, Coach? You doing that? I ain't doing that shit. Let them do that shit. I'll do my own thing. But I had a lot of coaches in my career at the same time. Allowed me to do my own thing, roam, help off any type I want. So You always preach about staying solid because I see some shit. Fuck that. I'll go help. Won't be my help. Throw off the scheme with defense. They might get an open shot on the other side. I might be thinking one thing, but my teammate's not I might not be thinking the same thing.


Does it pay off often?


Sometimes too smart.


Too smart? That's what they always say about you.


Yeah, that's too smart. Too fucking smart.


But does it ever pay off on your behalf? All the time.


All the time.


You know what I'm saying? So that's why you earned a longer leash. Yeah.


And I'm the guy he traded for, so you know. His hands are tied. Yeah, you can say whatever to him. You can curse me out. You can do this. Okay, I'm going to play you 25, 30 minutes.


Like, all right, bro. Yeah. Doc, great guy. Great dog.


Great. That's my dog. Literally, mom. You got to think he helped me run pick and roll. He used to come with Clippers. Every pick and roll I seen, I rejected it. Trying to get my own leg out. Stop fucking rejecting pick and rolls, Pat. I'm not going to fuck that dog. I got to lay up. But he taught me how to run pick and roll. You got to think, man, he's Rondo, Chris Paul, James Harden. He had elite point guards. So he taught me how to run a team.


Yeah, that's love. Yeah. Doc, when he was at- That's what everybody say, Oh, you're back with your homie, huh?


You and Doc, you all can't leave each other. Hell, no, that's my man. She means that. It's literally my dog.


You guys are linked in.


Call Doc about anything, anytime. Anything, anytime.


You ever take advantage of that? Hell, no.


Because I'm the same guy that's contacting Doc when he didn't have a job or when he was in a playoff. I'm that type of player. Just checking in on you, Coach. Make sure you're okay, Coach. You need anything, Coach. You're okay, Coach. You feel me? Man, it started me, man. I got $40 million under Doc. First-team all defensive under Doc. So I'll make sure my coach is straight. So it's no surprise when he got to Milwaukee, I was first in line.


Makes sense. Yeah, you're the first guy that he picked up. Literally. Wow.


And started. You know what I'm saying? That thing, that's a ballsy move, too.


When he started you against the Sixers, was that, do you think, intentional in that it was a match-up thing?


Yeah, somebody was hurt match-up. That's usually what it is. You want to establish a defensive presence. My star to me, that helps that. Started me a Clipper game. I think Giannis was out. I think Bs was out this other game. I started. It was just to put our identity on our defense.


The Sixers need MB back.


Yeah, man, it's tough, You got to think. I'm still like, I'm going to nba. Com, and I'm, Come on, come on, Sixers, you all are in.


Fuck, fuck, fuck. Yeah, you want to root for them still.


I do. I got homies over there. I got real brothers over there. You know what I'm saying? I wanted to.


I saw you and Ubre, giving each other a nice- That's my dog.


You feel me? You got to think. They picked us up on a two minimum. So me and him have a minimum bond already. Like, All right, man, we know we're not minimum players. Let's prove it to everybody. Tyrese Max, I know you want to get the SuperDuper max. That's helping Let's help them get it. Joel and B, I know you want to win a championship, man, and the way you play, you're going to be an MVP runner. Shit, let's feed that horse. Let's help them get it. Hey, Nurse, we know you're here. Fuck it. Let's win the championship. Collectively, we We got a bond early that we established early. So naturally, you'll be checking games and checking boxers, making sure your home is playing the right way.


Yeah, Sixers are in that play-off or play-in conversation right now. That's a tough one game, too.


Trust me, I know. That is a tough one game. It's a tough one game. Anything can happen. Anything can happen.


But they're also a tough out. I mean, you win that play in, then you're one or two seed. If you're the one seed Celtics, Celtics had a tough time with the heat last year. So it's like you see a healthy in beat.


They're going to shake up the playoff. Oh, yeah. They're going to shake up the Sixers. They're going to shake up the playoff.


Because they're going to get an infusion of health at the right time.


Yeah, it's going to be good. I can't wait.


Yeah. Playoffs are going to be very exciting. We're on Watch Watch right now, okay? What is Watch Watch? We're on Watch Watch for Aura watches right now because now through March Madness, you can get $100 off these dope ass watches from Aura. Their words, not mine, but I can corroborate. These watches are dope ass watches. You got the watches? I got watches on me right now. We got watches for the whole gang, bro. Yeah. Give us, give us. It's fun to unbox a watch.


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I'm not going to say it.


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Which ones did you guys wear? No, they're cracking a joke. What do you mean? I got the black watch.


That is something. We got it for the whole gang. Tell me about that.


That is something.


Who got the silver one? Who had the silver face?


Probably the white guy. Who's white in there?


No, I had the white face, bro.


What the fuck do you mean? So you are right. They just given it to us.


I think, Mike, didn't you order the black one? Black man, gold face. Oh, this is the white one, white face. So this is mine. This is the one that I ordered, unless someone else got it. The white one, the white face. Dude, the aura.


I like these. I The watches are nice.


These are very nice, beautiful. There's an aura about these watches.


I'm struggling.


There's a bunch of bands over here, too.


Help me out.


Which one is this one? Was this one yours? This is like a different face. You could see all the mechanisms of the watch. Which one did you get? Do you remember which one you put in? The black bands are in here. The black bands are... So we got the bonus bands. I mean, these watches are absolutely transcendent, beautiful timepieces. Christmas came early. There's got to be another one in here.


Let me take my research immediately.


And then this in here. I mean, we just got to see all of them. We got to see. We're making it a bit of a crime scene in here. But look at all these watches. I mean, there's something about these hands and these faces. Oh, that's you?


No, let me see.


Black Watch, Goldface. Mike ordered that one. He's trying to snatch it?


No. Let me get this on my side. What? Oh, no, Mike. Hey, Mike, let me Can we get this one?


He wants that one?


No, relax. Let me relax.


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It's cold. Oh, God.


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What? They're going to damn near free.


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I love playing in Boston.




I don't know. I just love a cord. I love the fan, I love the floor, I love the green, everybody rooting against you, you're in the trenches by yourself.


I love that shit. Right around St. Patty's Day, too. I love it.


I fucking love playing in Boston. Td Garden. Yes, sir. I love playing in Boston.


They showed love when we had the Live show up there at TD.


They always show that. I love fucking Boston. Go right to the hotel, give me a lobster roll. Warm, please. Got to warm it up.


Really? I like a lobster roll cold. Okay. I feel like it's more natural. Cereal, huh? Yeah, cereal. I want to like cereal. You like hot lobster?


I was thinking like cereal.




I like a cold lobster roll.


I don't know. There's something about it. Chowder? Love a chowder.


The Tabasco oil.


Wait, so do you like the creamy clam chowder or the red one?


The creamy.


Same. The creamy.


Does that make you a Black, White man?


That's what I was going to say.


Does that make you a Black man? Move Move over, Grant Williams.


Pat Bev likes the creamy chowder.


Shout out to Grant Williams, too, man. They kick my man off the 10 because Luka killed him. They say they traded him because Luka was giving him a bucket.


In practice?


That's what I heard. Is that true? I don't know. You hear things. Michael Finley said he's in practice, so I'm guessing it's true. They said, Man, came in trying to be physical with Luka. Luka gave him 26 straight. Say he took off Luka's shoes, put a I put back on the Tatums.


I did see that he put the Tatums on.


I ain't wearing your shit no more.


That's Aldi.


I'm wearing, motherfucker, my homie shit. Jason Tatum.


Yeah, I love it. And then Jason Tatums was just like, Grant Williams' great teammate because they There was rumors that he was a bad teammate.


Great to wear Grant Williams' ass is in Charlotte. Yes, sir.


I was at the hotel after the Charlotte Sixers game.


That hurt, though.


I saw Grant Williams and Michael Rubin having a little conversation at the hotel. I didn't go up to them. I don't want to bother them. Great combo. They're probably talking about the white party. Yeah.


Which? The...


Yeah. So I was just happy to see them, but I didn't want to bother them. But I feel like I could have. You know what I mean? That's a conversation I could have interceded on. Are you going to the white party this summer?


I don't know if I'm invited.


Yeah, well.


We got work to do this summer. We got a lot of work to do.


Exactly. I got us. We'll talk about that when that comes in the mail. You like that? Yeah. Beautiful out here. We went to a steakhouse in Milwaukee called Five O'clock Stekehouse before the last game.


Did you go at five o'clock?




Was it packed?


Kind of. They were like, We're not going to have... They were like, We barely have room for you. You got to come at this time, not this time. But then we got in, there was a bunch of seats. But apparently, that's where Jeffrey Dommer used to go, and they don't serve cereal, if you know what I mean. But great steakhouse. Cool old vibe. You got to get in there. Also, I tried some of the spotted cow. I brought home some of the Spotty Cow. I did, too.




Oh, really?


You didn't like it?


I thought it was interesting.


Man, that shit's great. It's probably one of the best beers I've ever had in my life.


I was looking into why it's illegal, and I think it's just because they don't like paying. They don't want to pay some of the taxes.


Man, that shit's great.


This is great. Some of the best beer you ever had? Really?


No cap. Really? Yeah, zero.


I thought it was interesting. I thought it was, yeah, maybe I just need to have it ice cold. First one wasn't ice cold.


Yeah, Glo.


Shout out to Glorilla. All right. Shout out to the homie Glo. Oh, while we were on Dallas, dude, we didn't talk about one of the most skilled NBA players of all time.


I mean, but if you really look at the shot, that's the only thing he had. It ain't about, obviously, we see the shot, the shot is tough, but That's the only opening he had. He had to go to that. We should start questioning the confidence he had to go to that. That's the thing. Irrational. Obviously, you go to the left.


I've only seen one shot that Kyrie won't take, if you know what I mean.


I mean, so he going left. You got to use your left going left. Just the fact that he took it for a game winner makes it even insane. Insane. That's the thing. It's not about to shy you. I didn't say that. He didn't hit that motherfucker over me a couple of times.


They were just losing. They were down 103 to 105 plus 650 on draft.


It was the fact that he went to that. He went to that. Not the step back that you drilled a thousand times. No, I'm going to just go to, okay, cool. I got to open them. Left-hand float, right lid. No problem. I just go to that.


From the high school three-point line.


Oh, my goodness. I'm talking about flick, too. Yeah, Yeah, that's ambidextrous.


That fact that he could go both hands like that is just insane.


He be buggy.


Yeah, he really does. I mean, Dame had that buzzer beater, too.


I mean, that was Dane could shoot that thing. Boy, it can burn.


Or like, fading away. Deep. Yeah, deep, fading away. Deep. What is that? Wrist strength?


Man, I don't know what that is. He's strong. He's strong, though. He get that thing off easy, too. Good A flick of the wrist. I'm not a fuck.


Yeah, it reminded me of me, honestly.




You said three shots for 500, second shot at half court.


Check out the pod, man. I know they got this on video. They're going to have it up. We in a Barcelo office in Chicago. I make a cool little wager bet with my man Ron. A little 500. I give him three shots from half. He got to make one. I give him a nickel. If he misses, he got to give me 10 on-call push-up-Whenever you want. For the next 24 hours whenever I want. He misses the first one awfully bad. Swishes the second.


Swishes the second with tough. Tough.


It was, dude.


I didn't expect it out of myself. But then I'm also a gamer, though. I'll rise to the occasion. Not an ounce of athleticism in my body, but I rise to the occasion when I need to.


That shit was impressive. So now I owe you a nickel.


Yeah. Exactly. And you're not getting your nickel back, bro.


I actually owe you more than...


Leave it to the side.


Or to beaver.


What's Joe Missoula doing? Trying to block shots. Nets. Good deal. You like that?


I mean, no.


Yeah, that was weird.


I'm not allowed to play. Okay, he want to do that, running his ass over. Scream. Okay, my bad. Coach, you're in the way.


Chuck was basically like, I would have snuffed him if he did that. Imagine he lands on someone's ankles. Charles Barkley saying this is your Spank's favorite player. But he said basically, if you land on his ankle? You know what I mean? If he winds up underneath you or something like that, it could be a dangerous play. What call is that?


Is that a tech or a foul on a coach?


Probably. It should be tech. Tech, flagrant.


That's what I'm That's tough.


Have you seen the dude, Shaka Smart, the coach at Marquette, right? But he goes on the court and he's basically like, Gar, gar, gar. But he's like three, four feet onto the court, running up and down, super high energy. But anytime I'm watching a college basketball game and he's on the court, I'm like, How are they allowing this? Either tee him up or get him the fuck off the court.


No, come on, man. I'm going to be a coach one day. Come on, man.


He's on the court. He's like, The dudes are in the corner about to shoot a three, and he has two hands up. He's playing defense alongside of him. That's too much.


No, man. It's too much. It's not too much. If they're not calling it shit, it can't be too much.


Yeah, but they should be calling it. He's got too much bandwidth. They're giving him too much space.


Bandwith is wide. Yeah, bro.


But you're the one I always wanted to start a band with, bro. Lead singer.


What's up with you today?


I don't know, bro.


I think- You came from Chicago on some shit. I came. Did I didn't come to play. Shout out to the Yack.


They had I had it come for play. The Yack. Shout out to Yack. You're wearing the Yack merchandise. Yeah, you know. Out of 47 brand hats, bro. Official sponsor of Barstool hats. Great hats. We need to get some Pat Bev pod hats, though, bro. We need some lids, bro.


You like that?


Yeah, I think that that would be sick.


Yeah, Glo.


Shout out to Glorella, man.


She's freaking kill it. I can't get that shit out of my motherfucking head.


Why? Why is that in your head so bad?


It's your song that keeps saying, Yeah, Glo. Every time I say, Yeah, I got to add it, man.


Yeah, I thought the Joe Mizzou stuff was weird, but I'm excited to see you up in Boston. But I think that that's going to be an incredible little matchup.


They say J. J. R. Radic and Bron got podcast coming out.


Wow. White and Black Dynamic. Interesting.


Interesting. Interesting. Interesting.


Wow. Very interesting. Very interesting. Interesting stuff, LeBron.


I wonder where they got that from. Exactly. Oh, Black-White dynamic. People literally just found out about it.


Oh, yeah. Found out about white people and black people collaborating.


Oh, my God. Yeah, you got- Wait, you can do that? It's nice. I like the dynamic. Yeah. It's white and black, obviously.


Jesus. Unbelievable. But I mean, often imitated, never duplicated. No, never duplicated. Good luck, LeBron.


If it takes LeBron James and JJ Reddick to stay there with dark hoops. Okay, what are you going to talk about after that's done?


The Whited White Guys? Good luck. No, no, no. Who's qualified to talk on it?


That shit should be fired.


It should be great. I think that they're really going to focus on the technicalities of hoops, and those are two guys with great basketball IQs.


That's going to be fired. But fuck all that.


We broke- Oh, dude, the Morris news. And then Shams is acting. He's misattributing the news. Shams.


That's a shame. It's a shame. It's a shame.


It's a shame. It's a shame. It's a shame.


We announced the Marcus Mora news a day before the actual person announced it. We're literally 20 hours ahead of anybody.


And I don't understand how we're a legitimate news source. Podcasts breaking news. It's not like another guy in here, he has his dog break the news. It's like, okay, you don't want to attribute it to a dog, bro. But you can attribute some dogs. That's fucking preposterous that they're not giving us the attribution on that. We had it a full day before Shams did.


And it's fired. Shout out to my homie, Marcus Morris. He hit me, too. Let me know.


Yep, that's love.


That's love. He told me, Man, you're the first I'm going to tell, Pat. Just letting you know. So I can put it on the pod. For him to even think about the pod like that was fire. So shout out to 20. Shout out to Marcus.


Yeah, we need him on over the summer or something like that. Ten day out in Cleveland.


Shout out to Muck.


And they also needed that.


I mean- Shout out to Star.


They need a tough presence.


South Philly's on.


South Philly's on. Where did they go? Penn Charter? I think they went to Penn Charter, bro. Shout out Penn Charter. Shout out William Penn, bro. Shout out Mary Callahill, William Penn's second wife.


He literally hit me like, Yo, I got something for you. You know what? That's love.


Yeah, that really is.


That really is love. So we broke it. That was fire. We broke that shit.


So we got to be like- Third in the rankings.


It was 4, 3, 1. It has It has to be Woj, 4, Shams, 3, Us, 2 now.


No, three. Because we had a house.


But he didn't go nowhere yet.


So was that a negative one for us?


No. Pending.


Pending. My news.


Marcus Morris news.


Well, we're in the conversation. I'm holding it against Shams that he didn't... I want an apology.


No, you don't have to apologize. Everyone know it because on the phone, we've been What's the name of that? Pat Biff told us.


Yeah, but I just want the proper... We're playing the game right. We're going through the proper channels.


We really are.


And so why can't they play the game right? That's true.


You're right. Talk your shit then.


You know what I mean? Should I text Shams now?


You got his number?


I'll call him.


Yeah, Glo.


Yeah. He's not going to pick up, bro. Come on, champs. It's two strikes if he doesn't pick up.


A hundred, he don't pick up.


That's some set of balls. That was some set of balls by him. Why give me your number? For appearances? I didn't ask for it. Let me get your number, champs. No.


Take my number.


Maybe Yeah, take my number, he said.


That's a damn shame.


He can have it back.


But, yeah, we broke loose. We do everything on this fucking pot.


We really do. We go above and beyond.


It's truly above and beyond.


It's truly a pleasure.


You hear Big Cat talk about negotiation low-key today?


What did he say?


He's doing your Barstool renegotiation.


He said that?


Yeah, when he downstairs on the act.


What did he say?


I just said what he said. You didn't hear.


I didn't hear.


I know. I just said that.


What's your terms of contract with Barstool? I don't know.


Anything I want. I just give me anything.


I need an offer. What I'm saying, when did your contract start and when is it up?


I I started two years ago, October. It's up. That's October coming up.


And wasn't there something that you've overdelivered? Wasn't it like 80 episodes or something like that or 40 episodes a year for two years?


43 episodes, I think, for Each year.


So once we get to '86, you're going to be in just bonus territory.


I'm not stopping October.


What I'm saying is bonus.


You're giving them episodes. I like the work. I like it here.


Yes, exactly. Workhorse. Ox.


We might be doing 100 episodes.


And with 14 free ones for Barstool. Barstool, yeah. You're throwing in, you know what I mean?


Yeah. They give me a lot of shit. Might as well show, bro.


That is love. That's absolute love.


Come here, buddy.


What? A studio dog? Come here. What the heck? Is that a studio dog?


Come here.


We got a freaking studio dog in here. What? In Pat Biv, Jersey?


He locked in. Come here, man.


Hey, bro, I was given out. Out, out, out, out, out.


Coop, get out. Cool.


Cool. He's going to pee. He's going to pee. I was given out Milwaukee Bucks presents to multiple children's birthday parties this weekend. Newborn baby, Milwaukee Bucks presents. Two-year-old Milwaukee Bucks presents. Shout out to New Mike. He got Milwaukee Bucks stuff. Shout out to Kennedy Cribs. She got Milwaukee Bucks stuff. Fuck that.


Shout out to the Milwaukee Bucks. Okay.


Shout out to the Milwaukee Bucks, too. Straight up. Shams is calling back. Shams, what's good? It's Ron. Ron, what's goody? What's the word? Live to tape right now. We're on the Pat Biff pod. We got a bone to pick with you, bro. I got to go. No, we had that Marcus Morris news. Which one? What do you mean, which one? There was only one Marcus Morris news. He signed a mini? No, No. The Cleveland news. I thought you were talking about Mini. No, no, no, bro. And there's nothing Mini about the news. This is big news. I got to roll. I got you back.


He duck and smoked?


Duck and smoke, bro.


That's why he literally ducked smoke.


Is he saying that we said it was Minnesota, so it didn't count because we were wrong?


We literally said it was Cleveland, though. After that.


Yeah, after that. Wow, dude. I can't believe it.


Say less. Yeah, Glo.


Yeah, Glo. Hey, Shams. We're on that ass. Wait till free agency. Wait till the summer.


I'm saying why he want to get off the phone? He was like, Russian. Got to go.


Russian, like Vladivostov. Love that. West Coast of Russia or East Coast, whatever Coast that is, bro. One of the coasts of Russia. Hey, guys, let's take a second to talk about DraftKings. The thrill and excitement of March Madness is here, and you need to make sure that DraftKings is your partner. Draftkings! Draftkings Sportsbook, one of America's top-rated sportsbook apps is giving new customers a shot to return five bucks into $150 instantly in bonus bets? Wait, that can't be right. Five bucks turned into $150 in bonus bets? An insane deal from the good folks over at DraftKings. And I mean, they have lines, they have odds. They have upcoming college basketball tournament games. We already said we're in on Drake. We're in on Houston. We're in on Kentucky. Pat's in on Duke. I'm more of a North Carolina guy, but that's That's just the belt to ass lifestyle that we're living. But that's the guys that we like. You wager however you like. That's the joy that you have with DraftKings. And North Carolina listeners, don't forget DraftKings Sportsbook is now live in your state. So no matter what side of the debate you fall on, North Carolina or Duke, North Carolina has got you covered as far as in-state gambling.


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Com, there's over 2 million possibilities, but you can find your next possibility on cars. Com. Where to next? So, Kyrie, Ramadan.


Salam, BAM.


Mubara Kyrie.


Not eating nothing.


Yeah, that's nuts.


Drinking nothing.


I can't believe they can't drink. Game winner.


It's impressive.


Yeah, that's insane. I Yeah, I just can't believe that that's what's required. But I've heard that the men after Ramadan, they feel very strong. I was talking to one of my fellow Muslim brothers, and he said that while he eats first thing in the morning, fast all day, then eats very heartily at night, he leaves Ramadan not feeling depleted, but feeling strong. That there's great joy that they get from it because their time with God.


What's the time you have to eat in the morning? Yes.


Before sunrise and after sunset. So anytime the sun is up, you can't eat. You can't even drink. Not drinking water, I think, is even the tougher part because there's people that intermittent fast throughout the day. People go on nice fast. You should try it for a game.


Let's try it for a week. A week? No, let's try it for three days.


Okay. Just a mini Ramadan, a fast fast?


So we can't eat or drink anything while the is up.


You're not doing that. No change. You got a chef. He cooks incredible food. You would last till like, fucking four in the afternoon. You'd be like, Chef.


My chef is a chef, right? But he's I call him a house manager.


He manages the house.


Who also cooks extremely well.


Yeah, Glo. He gave us a ride to the last game in a sprinter van. He's the elite. Yeah, he's incredible.


Yeah, he's elite.


He's like, You need this, you need that. He's helpful.


No, he's great.


No, he's incredible.


So you want to do it for two days?


I'll do it for three days. I'm not afraid to fast, but I don't want you You just do your first fast during a basketball game when you've never fasted before.


I just came off a fast.


You've been off a fast the entire time.


I think I'm too fast.


I saw another dude in the NCAA tournament, bro, was fasting, and he was putting up Numbies. Dudes are putting up Numbies. I don't know if you've been watching this NCAA stuff. You have a team that you're rooting for because we're going to-Yeah, the Hogs.


The Hogs? And my coach, Samson. Shout out to the Cougars, Houston.


Houston might be our squad. No.


Deep down. They're literally supposed to win the last three years.


Also, shout out to Bracket Busters. Bracket Busters will be out by the time this is out. But me and you have a team in this Bracket Busters tournament, Drake. And if Drake wins their first two games, me and you split 42,000. Okay. That's nice. Okay, buddy. Let's go, Drake.


Yeah, let's go, Drake. We're not talking about the rap, but we're talking about the school.


Yeah, you never know. Blue and White. Yeah, Blue and White, Drake. I remember Drake. So, Drake, we're with. Houston is in there. I think Houston is going to be one of the best teams. I mean, UNC, I think because they are doing the Belt to S.


I'm going to do.


But UNC was doing Belt to They didn't give us credit. We said anyone could use it. Say that. Belt to ask- What I'm going to do because of John, John Shier. Okay. What's your relationship with Calvin Samson?


He's my first year coach with the Houston Rockets. They started me in the second game of the playoff. After the season, when he left to go to college, he told me, I had a hard conversation with Kevin McKeel about you. I said, I hope well. Yeah. I just told Kevin, you don't have a big issue in your head because you're going to have to start Patrick Brevin over Jay land. So he was one of the coaches who opened their door to start Patrick Brevly, which you never forget about. It's the first year I ever came off the bench, so I've been starting for a decade and some change now. So impressive, 11-year starter. And then Any time something happens in a lineup, any lineup or any team I've ever been on, starter. So 11-year starter is impressive.


What do you think about their play style? What are some of the hallmarks of a Kelvin Samson coached team?


Play hard, play aggressive, defense, defense, defense. He hands his hat on defense. What about the pace? I mean, that's why the pace is so good because all his transition, you're getting stopped. So the pace is going to be fast. He lends his hat on defense and rebounding. Quick, though, he's good offense. He's elite. And he got his son on staff, too. I don't know if his son is still on staff, but he's turned that program all the way around.


What do you think about the- Yeah, Glo. What about the Yeah, Glo? What do you think about the potential of a Drake cursed. The fact that Houston already gave Drake a jersey. You know what I mean? A lot of times, Drake winds up with the team. It winds up being a problem. Like, they don't get all the way there.


What team Where did he get a jersey from?






No. Cougars.


I didn't see it.


They gave him a jersey.


Okay. I didn't see it. Could that be bad? Drake on the back?




No. Drake is one of the best to ever do it.


No, I agree with that, but I'm saying that sometimes the team that he's-I don't believe in curses and all that.


I don't believe in that. Really?


Yeah. Great. Me neither. Yeah. And so shout out to Drake. We're rooting for them. I think my favorite player in the tournament is the guy on Kentucky. I like the guy from-Dillingham.


Tucky Dillian. Rob Dillian. Getting all the buckets? Yeah. I like the big guy from Iowa.


Purdue. Purdue, yeah. Zack E. D.


I like him.


Yeah, he's nice, too.


I like that big guy. Yeah, I like that. I like him.


Yeah, he looks like the bad guy in a children's comic book or something like that.


I like him a lot.


Yeah, he's great. Yeah, he's really good. He's elite. But yeah, we're going to do a little bracket right here, actually, with the Pap-F pod, a little tournament. With Ron. Yeah, a bracket. And what we're going to do, we're going to have two prizes for first and second place. One of them, we're going to get you out to-Learn life. We're going to get you out to learn life, which I feel like- Because you ain't in that bracket, nigga. You said it.


It's levels to the shit, young boy.


You listen to the Schoolboy Q's new album?


No. You got to listen to it. I haven't been listening to it. I did listen to Andre 2000's The flute? E-lite.




E-lite. And make sure when you all put my E-Lite, E-Lite. That album was elite. They gave me background information on it. I didn't know the whole thing was a flute. I felt words.


And it was a flute?


I felt words were being sang to me.


Not a fluke.


But it wasn't any words.


It was a flute.


Man, that's talent. That is a gift.


Yeah, great album. I would check out Schoolboy Qs, though. I would check out Meeks as well. Both good projects.


Yeah, I'm not in that rap instead. That rap is down.


Raps done?


For me, I'm just not past that shit.


What about Miles Davis's album, Blue?


Put me on.


It's like the best contemporary jazz album of all time. Okay, cool.


Yeah, I'll listen to that.


That shit will get you right. Yeah, Glow. In Roles. I mean, Glow sounds like you're really into rap. You haven't been able to stop referencing rap.


I literally that's the only two things I know from the song. Qobuz on Qobuz, they match nails, ho. For real. It's stuck in my head. What do you think about the women slapping contest? I'm not into it. Have you seen it?




They go up there and literally just smack each other. Oh, yeah.


Dana White's Slap League. Yeah, I'm not into it.


I don't like it.


Me neither.


I don't like it at all.


Yeah, I'm not into it.


I don't like that.


People can do whatever they want, but it's just not something I watch for entertainment.


They get my fuck smacking shit out of you. People on the ground, like, bro. And people in the crowd, like, yeah. We get a crowd of people on the floor. Hey, this is Jake Paul, Mike Tyson fight.




Come on now. Are you going white or are you going Black?


I'm obviously rooting for Mike Tyson, but I think it's nasty work to set up a dude in his late 50s to fight against the steroided up fucking Paul, brother.


What you got?


Mike Tyson. I'm going down with the ship.


I got Mike Tyson, but...


This is dirty work, though.


If Jake Paul get a clean one-off and hit Mike Tyson, he might drop him, bro.


Yeah, I know. Because he's fucking 60.


That's what I mean.


That's not fair. You're fighting against a six-year-old. You think you're a big, tough man? Fight Pat Bave if you're so tough.


Hey, chill, chill, chill, chill, Remember when Nate Robinson did his little celebrity boxing?


Yeah. Would you ever do a celebrity boxing? No. Please say no. No. Desperation is a stinky cologne, they say.


If this man hit Mike Tyson, man.


We're all jumping in the ring to defend Mike.


It might be Civil War. If war might start, it might be Black and white all over again, man.


No, nobody likes the ball.


No one likes it, but it might go there. Knock Mike Tyson out. You're talking about the mountain.


And he's a friendly old weed smoking man now.


He's on the mountain rush more of Black athletes.


But on the other side, if Mike Tyson gets a knockout, he's the greatest of all time.


Duh. You know what I'm saying? But if he get knocked out, you're talking about like, that's the only thing you'll remember. That's the only thing young kids who've never seen Mike Tyson. Right.


It's not fair. It's really not fair. Like anybody who does this stuff after their career. That's tough. It overshadows the stuff. That's tough. If he knocks him out, then Jay I'm all about to have to fight Anthony Joshua or something like that, or Deontay Wilder. If you think you're tough, beating up an old man because then he's basically- Did you see Mike Tyson train, though? Yeah, but they're also giving us one-second clips. I need to see more.


You want a minute 30, motherfucker.


Well, I just see like edit.


It's how Mike Tyson is there. Edit. Edit.


Yeah, exactly. But we also saw Mike Tyson's first 20 fight. Get it out of your system, bro. Thank you. 188th of an orgasm, every sneeze. Remember that. Every sneeze is 188th of an orgasm. You sneeze 88 times in a row. You're coming, bro. And that's on, bro.


I didn't know that.


Yeah, get another one out. Enjoy yourself, my bro.


Why are you laughing like that? I've never heard you laugh like that. I've never heard you laugh like that. I ever. It got light and everything.


No, I made myself laugh thinking about you sneezing to make yourself come.


Yeah, wow.


We're doing a bracket.


He's wild. He's actually wild.


We're doing a bracket for this part. That's all about our relationship. I love them.


This is hypothetical, of course. Of course. All right. Be a big boy. Don't be. Not your wife, but your girlfriend. You're not married, but you have a girlfriend. You're in college. Of course. End of college.


Of course.


Serious relationship. Woman cheats. Does it matter Who she cheats with. Does one hurt more than the other? She cheat with, I don't know, a white guy who plays lacrosse or a Black guy who's on a football team.


I don't think that matters, but I think it's like if you know him or if you don't know him.


No, not even if you don't know him. But with the thought, obviously, because your girl cheats, so you got to think about, damn, somebody wants to do everything I've done. Bend her over, does this, does that, does that. Would that vivid memory be okay if it's a white guy or it would be like, Oh, I can't think about it if it's a black dude?


No, I think it's the other way because it's like, if it's a Black guy, it's like, Oh, you understand But it's like, Hey, we got white guy at home. You know what I mean? Hey, what's making you... There's already white guy at home.


You go, Black guy.


It's like, Okay, there's no black guy at home. But you go, you know.


That's a great answer. We got white guy at home. Listen, that was a great answer.


Impressive. You want to eat out sometimes.


You know what I mean? Okay, cool. You're going to go out back, get that Black Beret.


Black and chicken.


Too much. Not too much. I'm just going to stop there. Not too much.




What's your answer? I'm hurt either way, but I'm like, Why you do? You going to do that? Why? I don't know. I don't know. Literally, that would be my answer.


Well, think about the psychology of it.


I know the psychology of it.


What's the psychology of it?


Damn. 200 years ago, I was just... You know what I'm Interesting.


Yeah. Interesting.


And that would be the first thing.


It wouldn't be like- Hey, I'll tell you what, lacrosse players are doing that shit, dude. Lacrosse players are out there fucking your girlfriend. And you got to keep an eye on them, too. Hey. A guy named fucking Tyler. But yeah, they're named Tyler. They're named Rob.


Tyler is actually their name.


Tyler. Chad, Chet, Chase.


And the guy who does this with his hair.


Talking like that. This guy?


What's your girl?


Yeah, but Chad, yeah, lacros players are out there doing that, man. You literally have to keep a fucking eye on them. You know who else is hockey players?


And I heard for women, it's nurses. Oh, yeah. I said a study show that nurses cheat more.


Yes. But you know who it is for men? Firefighters and police officers. That's statistical. It's not me. This is my opinion or interjection.


That's why I was- Firefighters and police officers are out there phalandering. Why?


Dirty cops.




Why? I don't know. Maybe they're less on the line more and they're like, One last nut before I get into the fire. No. Then what is it?


I think that...


They feel like heroes. Yeah. Or maybe they're out on the job late. No job late, no accountability.


I think the Hero badge.






Interesting. But I could see why a woman, like their uniform chasing or something like that. But the guys, what's making them... If you're heroic, shouldn't you have a stronger code of ethics? Yeah, it's true. Why do you think it is for nurses?


I don't know. They just said, statistically, that's what it is. I'm thinking maybe they see more people than the average person. I don't know how many people a nurse sees a day. Probably more people than the average person can see a day.


Yeah, all these guys throwing their balls at nurse.


Chill, bro.


I'm talking about the nurses cheating.


I thought you I'm not talking about them.


No, no, no. But yeah, I mean, these nurses might just be seeing anatomical body parts at all times, bedpans and shit like that, giving a 78-year-old guy a sponge bath or some shit like that. They're just like, Hey, this is transactional. We're just two slabs of flesh. I don't know.


I'm as curious as you are. Two slabs of flesh.


I'm just as curious as you are. So we're doing this.


Rapping the cat. Huh?


The cat? 789.


Curiosity killed it. Right. Okay. Stay woke.


Exactly. That's what I know. I'm not curious about anything. All right.


You just said you were. Fuck. It's okay. You have to say it now.


Foiled again. Pat Bev. Sharp as a tack, witty as a fox.


It actually tickles me every single time. Oh, my goodness.


And that's only one of the British accents. It's like the other stupid ones, you know?


Damn, Spider.


Spider. What you want about Spider walking in the room where we're recording?


That's not British.


Oh, yeah, it is. Corkny. Low country British. Oh. Right. All right, all right. That British.


Okay, okay, okay. I hear it.


You feel me now?


Yeah. They don't use words like that, brov. Brov?


Of course, that's right, brov.


All right. There you go. That's That's better.


Right. Yeah, I got to work on them. I don't know. Right. Dude, I used to be able to differentiate between North London, South London, dude. I was nice with the accents.


You should just go London for three weeks straight. Everything.


Yeah. I got arrested one time in college, and I hit him with a Boston accent.


Man, free wrong.


I was peeing outside, and they came up. They're like, Son, what are you doing? And I was like, Coppice, when you're drunk, the world's your toilet.


Hey, what did they do to you?


They Actually, they wrote me up. They didn't throw me in the clink. They didn't throw me in the slammer. Right.


But it was- Get off my boy wrong.


Yeah. I mean, let me live.




I can't live? You can't. Anyway, we're doing this bracket competition. The winner gets to go to a Bucks game.


No, it's two winners. The winner gets to choose which one it wants.


Right. Two prizes. Two prizes.


It's actually three prizes, but the top two are elite prizes. The first First one is we fly you to a Milwaukee Bucks basketball game.


Right. Might be a home game, might be on the road.


Pay for a hotel.


Not too much.


Not too much. Take it to the game. Not too much. The second is you come to Chicago, we play, You Chicago, you come to a live show. Whoever number one is gets to pick which one they want.


Because it might be more fun to come watch us be in the studio like this recording with us live. So you pick which one you want to. What's the third prize, though? You owe us $1,000. No, no, no. If you come in third place, you owe us $1,000 out of pocket.


I think a third to fifth is like love game.




Not too shabby.


Very nice. Yeah. And we I mean, nothing from this except for the satisfaction of giving our beautiful fans something to participate in with us.


Shout out to the subscribers, man. Shout out to the people that watch the clips. Shout out to the kids that watch the pod that they're not supposed to, and they watch it when their parents aren't around. Shout out to the parents that watch it, not in front of their kids because they don't want their kids to watch it. Shout out to the coaches that watch it. Shout out to the players that watch it who love it and don't want to give me no love about it. So, yeah, shout out to everybody who fuck with the pod.


No, no. If you've seen the clip Clips. I mean, if you've seen the clips, we're grinding for real.




But before we get out of here, grinding, for real clips.


I already know.


But we got to I'm going to give our MVP of the Week, Body armor, MVP of the Week, zero sugar. Zero sugar, 10 calories. This thing will replenish you. This thing will give you the electrolytes that you need to go on with your day. Antoxidants, electrolytes, B vitamins, zero sugar. I mean, incredible stuff that we have going on here. The vitamin C is through the roof.


I'm almost done drinking mine.


There's no colors from artificial sources, okay? I think that should tell you all you need to know. But Body Armor, our MVP at all times because of all the natural flavors and sweeteners that are going into it. I mean, it's really our companion to being athletic and having peak performance at all times. Body Armor, Zero Sugar is available in stores nationwide. Head on over to the Body Armor store on Amazon and get yours today. So, Pat, who is your MVP of the week?


Mvp of the week has to be Maggie.


Oh, that was some iambic pentameter, I believe. Shakespeare would be- Maggie is lining up deals for us.


Obviously, she's on the phone constantly, McDonald's, trying to make things happen. She's with child. She had a girl. She's with child now, about to have a boy in May, May 22nd, to be exact, and still on the phone. That shows a lot of character. It shows a lot of discipline. That shows that she's in a foxhole with us. So, yeah, shout out to Ms. Maggie. Congratulations.


Congratulations. We're super excited. Maggie Maggie MVP of the Week. Anyone on the Bucks you want to give a sub-MVP to?


Chris Middleton.


Chris Middleton. Welcome back.


Yeah. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome. Chris Middleton. Played his ass off.


Yeah. Silky. And finally, let's do some barstool cleanup while you're in the office. There we go. You said hi to some people.


I didn't say hi to him.


Who didn't you say hi to?




Mincey came up to you. I thought you did say hi. You guys had a brief conversation. I gave him my go.


I gave him this one, but I didn't approach him and say hi.


He came up to you. What are your feelings on Mincey?


I don't know how I should feel.


Well, go ahead and let's have it out.


Okay. The Black in me wants to grab him by collar shirt, but the Christian in me wants to turn another sheep.


And let him say it again? What? I don't even think Jesus would suggest that.


I mean, I'm I'm just trying to walk a straight narrow here, man. I'm just trying not to indulge myself because I knew me and I know how I get. And I'm a tough son of gun, and I can fight a little bit. I know. I know how I get, and I don't want it to get that way. Because I feel torn, though. I feel like I've let Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, I feel like I let them down.


Well, you got one on each shoulder. I mean, they would have different approaches to this situation.


I know. But the Malcolm X in me is... No.


And what's the Martin Luther King doing?


I sit down with him. Understand him. Why would you do that? Why would you think that's fine? Why would you think that's okay?


I think he just maybe misspoke, was just reading lyrics and couldn't stop himself.


How many times have you done that?


None. Pat, Beth, pod with Ron. Subscribe to the pod. You don't get conversation like this. Call us to Shams, lists like we have, breaking news, deep-seated information, NBA analysis.


I called Dave the other day. He didn't answer.


So it's smoke?


It is smoke. I'll come for every fucking pot in this bitch now. That was the only motivation I needed. I literally facetimed him. He didn't answer.


Shams didn't answer for me at first.


But then didn't text back.


Meanwhile, Ms. Peaches gets a go-yard bowl.


That was put upside down at first. Love it. Love this life we live. We're in Chicago. We're going to do some dinner. Shout out to Genos and Marty. We headed there today.


And lock back in with us next week. We'll be back with another episode of the Pat, Pat, Pat featuring Rome.