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All right. I hit Scott Foster. We played Milwaukee. I think he called 8 seconds violation. On finesse. Oh, yeah. I go, Scott, the fuck is you doing, man?


The fuck is you calling 8 seconds, man? Game almost over, man. Get this shit over. I got shit to do. You know what, Pat? Rules are rules, man. I don't want to hear that shit. Hey, Scott, don't make me call Chris Paul on your ass.


His response, right? Could gave me a tech. I want to hear that shit. Don't be disrespectful. Pat gave me a tech.


Pat, Chris Paul ain't got your number.


You know what I'm saying? You know what the fuck going love how you call the game. If I say some shit, tech me. But you know if I'm being disrespectful. You feel me? You know if I use curse words, you can feel if I'm being disrespectful.