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All right, say less.


Patbev pod with Rome. Rome.


Shout out to Milwaukee, man.


Yeah, it's a beautiful city, and it's great. And you all like what I like.


Good old beer. Oh, yeah. These folks drink their beer down here, and I drink mine. Shout out to Milwaukee, baby. Yeah, shout out to Milwaukee, man.


Pat, Bed, Power, with Ron. Let's get into it. Hey, about to ask, my friend.


Where are we at right now?


All right, so we're in Milwaukee. Fireside chats type of vibe.


Shout out to Coach Bootenhoser.




Stop twirling this man furniture.


Wait, so this is still his furniture?


Yeah, all this stuff.


Wait, he currently lives here?


No, he's allowing me to rent it out. Shout out to Coach Bootenhoser. I don't know if you watch the pot, but your spot is phenomenal. It's phenomenal. I'm not a weed smoker, so I know you don't know a lot about me. I'm not a weed smoker, so you don't have to worry about your house smelling like weed or anything.


Not really a drinker, except for beer after game. But your dog might pee on the carpet. But he's a Yorkie.


He's not like a fucking K9.


It's this tiniest dots of pee. It's not going to be... My dog is... Do you hear this thunder and lightning outside, dude? It's biblical. Tornado is about to come and rip through here. We're in Milwaukee. Yeah, we're in Milwaukee right now.


Yeah, Coach Boonhols. A shout out to you. Thanks for allowing me to run out the spot, man. Incredible spot. So cozy. Couch is great.


Everything. Thank you. The fire is real. The fire is crackling. It's keeping our asses warm right now. You know what I mean? But you've been putting heat to ass in a whole different way. It's been-At All-Star break, they talked about us like a dog, didn't they?


They got on TV and they clowned our players, and they told the coach he was... They clowned us, didn't they?


They did.


Look quiet now.


It was a bit of a runaway train of people having a lot to fucking say. And then coming out of All-Star break, Minnesota.


Number one team.


Belt to Ass.


Belt to Ass.




Haven't seen you guys in a while. I miss you guys so much, but Belt to Ass.


And then just tonight against the Hornets.


We got to win. I can't really go crazy on them because we play them again. So let me respect the game.


Be reserved. But I mean, I don't What's the ask? What the fuck is he talking about? What happened at the All-Star break that has his team playing like a fire has been lit underneath them?


You played a heat on a back to back. Always a tough game, playing a heat straight up. You played a heat on a back to back, and you played Straight up is always a tough game. Last game, all-star. I'm coming here with this new energy. Got guys competing in the all-star weekend. We got a lot going on. New coach. You feel me? So okay, cool. We dropped two. It happens. Revamp. Let's re-energize. Let's get right. Man, I'm talking about we got our first little come back from break. You got your first practice. Yeah. Yana, stand up. You're thinking about the future. Think about now. Have fun now. Have fun right now. Don't think about the playoffs. Don't think about the Championship. None of that. Have fun in this game right now. If we're supposed to send somebody right, send them right. If we're supposed to send them left, send them left. If we got to box out, we got to advance the ball, we got to put... I'm sitting there like, wow. That is fucking impressive.




Because As a leader, right? As a leader, you appreciate leadership like that. It's the first message before the coaches say anything for him. First message is Giannis. That don't take... Have fun, have joy. Let it be joyful. Man, I'm talking about, man, like I was listening to a Greek God or something. I'm in that business. Yeah, let's fucking go. You know what I'm saying? Had us fired the fuck up.


First practice, we played once.


Come on, Pat Bell, let's play once. Then B's joined. Then A. J. Green joins. The whole practice going on, we on that bitch playing once. First day, getting right after. Bumping him off. And we playing once. Defensive game. Not how many points you score, how many stops you get. Then we switched that went offensive. Yeah.


But you got to think-It was you and Yana's playing one?


You got to think I get on bus off all-star break, right? In Minnesota, our first little practice. Shout out to University of Minnesota. Shout out to University of Minnesota, that's where we practice. I'm on bus. Yeah, I know we're hooping today. All-star break, you feel me? When the coaches go, no contact today. What? They get me off this bus, man. I ain't practicing today. Ain't no contact today. I ain't practicing. What the fuck, man? I go in that bitch, I dock, man. Contact. Let's go. Yeah, we're about to warm up. Okay, cool. All right, bad. Let's go. But this is during practice, but the ones kick off before. Before. Big shit talking, big bumping. This, this, that, that. Oh, yeah. Great times.


What was the thought of not going in contact? Preserved body?


I'm in season. We got some back to backs. We're on a roll with the time. So I understand it from that point. But we ain't practicing against each other. We need that bump. We need that bump. I need to hit Bobby Portis in the pocket. I need to go, Come on, Brooklyn. Let me go and float you. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, you can't fucking go. So, yeah, we practice. Damn. But you didn't ask the question. I don't see. I don't know. How did practice go?


I knew you were going to ask- Belted ass. What you're talking about. Belted. In once?


No, no, no. In once, we played a defensive game. I think I won two spots.




And I think we played an offensive game. I think Yannis won a couple spots.


Got it. I'm not shocked. That guy can get to the fucking rim if he wants to.


I mean, anytime.


It's pretty-No, no.


We went five. We went white against green.


Oh, I thought you were going to say white against something else. No, no, no. Because I'm like, Conatan, AJ Green. ' Who else? Lopez? Which team is Lopez?


So Gal to be with us there, right?


No, you're not getting Gal. Gal, Lopes, Conatan, Green.


Oh, man. So we got a hell of a practice, man. And that practice kicked off that Minnesota game.




That practice, and we said it. We said, I'm like, Man, this practice is going to propel us. And it did. It did. That little practice we got, competed, bumped some elbows, caused some motherfucking some bonds. Yeah, trash. You can't fucking shoot. Yeah, me and Jay Crowder going at it, back and forth doing this. Yeah, fuck that. Bobby Porter is doing this thing. Yeah. Had a ball, had a fucking ball. Practice is lit. It gave us that momentum that we needed for Minnesota.


Yeah. Between You, Jay Crowder and Bobby Porter, those are three guys who can talk, who wear their emotions on the sleeve. It seems like the three of you are a heartbeat in some ways of the team.


Yeah. Toughness, too. Not fake toughness.


What does fake toughness mean? Because I feel like Draymon Green this week was talking about fake toughness about a certain guy, Grant Williams.


I like Grant Williams. You feel me? I ain't never known him to be tough, so I ain't saying... But I like his game. I like what he did in Boston. He was a big part of his success. I've never looked at Grant Williams. You know what I'm saying? Me looking at Grant Williams has always been the same. I never looked at him as a tough guy, but he do take us to entertainment.


I was watching the game closely today. You come off of a may basket, he's bumping in chest, but that's how it's supposed to be. Yeah. It didn't seem like it knocked you off your game at all. Too little.


Too little, bud.


Too fucking littles. You've been giving out two littles like Halloween candy.


Don't worry about it. I got a lot more treats in my pocket. Left and right. And I got the other pockets with the two in the back.


So people are fucking going to be blessed with two littles.


I've been having fun, man. I've Man, I've been very excited, man. Like I said, shout out Coach Bud. I literally just moved in two days ago.


And this is a temporary setup. We will have studio.


Yeah, so bear with us.


But for the time being, I think he could do a lot worse. The foliage, you know what I mean? Milwaukee is a beautiful city.


A beautiful city.


Beautiful, peaceful. It's nice out today.


And I hear you all out there. It's just so hard because Milwaukee fans, I'm a real dialed-in laser-focused guy, and I don't do a lot of talking to fans during the game. And I wish I could, but I can't do that and stay focused on my craft because I am at work and I am trying to win a bunch of games and hopefully a championship here. So I hear you all out there. I hear you all, Pat, you all subscribe. I hear you all out there. Milwaukee, man. The welcoming has been great. So I don't want you all to think that goes unnoticed.


No, 100 %. Shout out to Milwaukee, man. Yeah, it's a beautiful city, and it's great.


And you all like what I like. Good old beer. Oh, yeah. These folks drink their beer down here, and I drink mine. Shout out to Milwaukee, baby. Yeah. Shout out to Milwaukee, man. If you see me, man, put me on a beer.


Yeah, we need a beer. Wait, there's a beer that only exists in Milwaukee. I'm sorry, in Wisconsin. It's illegal to sell this beer.


It was some guy that we just met. He gave us the name of the beer. You can't drink this- He's from Milwaukee. We met him in Philly.


Because if you drink it outside, they'll set up stings at bars on the Coast in Minnesota to be like, Hey, you're not supposed to be selling this beer here.


We met him at Lapstone and Hammer. Lapstone and Hammer where I was at. And you wasn't. You don't know. It's motherfucking. Let me tell you about Ron. Ron is so motherfucking big time. I'm out here selling ass. I'm out here. I'm on the straw selling ass. You feel me? I'm meeting with a bunch of people. I got game before. Man, Philly showed up, man. Philly showed up, Lapstone & Hammer. They show up. They bought merch. They show love, right? But I was there alone, Ron. Damn. No, I ain't no damn. I was there alone. And I haven't talked to you for- You must have felt betrayed. No, I didn't feel betrayed. I didn't feel betrayed. I just felt like, Yo, I should have been there. That's that Black-White shit, though.


I should have canceled vacation?


Black friend would have been there.


Would have canceled vacation?


You heard what I said. You want to say it again? This is my third time. Black friend would have been there.




There. Listen, we still have Black history, man. Don't go too far down. You're right. Fuck. It's okay. But there.


You're right. I need to be better.


But then I call you. Then I missed call. You call back. I'm doing a lapstone and hammer thing. I call you back. Don't give you another answer. Now I think you, this motherfucker is trying to play me. Not only am I out here, Out here grinding for the pod, for the Pat Biff and Rome podcast.


Wait, that's the new name? You heard it here first, folks.


Pat Biff in Rome.


Pat Biff in Rome podcast.


Fuck that. With Rome, let's go back. Demotion. I'm glad you weren't there because they gave me all love, so I'd have to share it.


Exactly. Thank you. Shout out to Philly, man.


You all show love. Everybody that came out, man. Shout out to the gang, Lampstone and Hammer. All the boys there, man. It was great.


Yeah. And after the game that everybody was showing love, too. In the parking lot, I saw those clips. You're literally getting mobbed in the car. And I think it takes a special person to hop out a car.


So we played Minnesota. Right. Minnesota was great. We were there three nights. All Minnesota was great.


Great walleye up there. It's one of my favorite fish.


Shout out to the guys from Fema, the restaurant Fema's in Minnesota, man. They gave me my favorite pasta, the Pat Bia Special, man. It was great.


What pasta is it?


It's like an Alfredo marinaire mix, 70 Alfredo, 30 marinaire. Creamy. It's Parmajian cheese on top. Seasoned medium steak on top of that. Slice stuff.




So I was in Minnesota, they call the Pat Bia Special.


We need to get a place in Milwaukee that's Chef & Pat Bia Special. So- Side of beer.


So it was good. It was good seeing old faces. It was good seeing old teammates.


So three days you're up there, you play basketball game. It must have been like you're running into everybody. Former players you must have said hi to, former coaches probably were eager to talk to you.






No. No.


That's interesting. I saw a tweet that you put out that said that your former coach, Finch, didn't want to say what's up to you after the game.


And that's my dog, too. But I understand, in their mind, it's probably a bad loss. Number one team, you won four or five games at home in a row, you protected home court first game off break. You know what I'm saying? So in their mind, he was probably angry. You know what I'm saying? Or just wanted to get out of there.


You said that after the-B and B.


We both like, damn. Finch didn't say what's up to you. Like, nah. Like, damn. He just walked off. I spoke to him, but no word. I said, Finch, what's up, bro? Give me a hug. He looked at me, gave me... He kept walking. I'm like, damn. Damn. All right.


What do you think that was due to?


I don't know. Just disappointment. But they played us in Philly. Philly played them in Minnesota. He's the first one to come up. Yeah, Pat Babb, I thought because he was on a back to back. I thought when you were with me, you didn't play back to backs and gave me hugs and crack jokes with me.


I don't know. Was it something you said?


No, nothing. It's great. But it's hard. We'll see him again.


Yeah, that's unsettling. Well, at least this stuff must have gone better. Nurse did the same thing though. What?


Yeah, I had to tweet that, though. Damn. Nurse did the same thing.


I thought Nurse was the bro. I thought he was a friend of pod.


Yeah, after the game, they walked right off. And mind you, I look at everything. I look at, okay, cool ways. Okay, cool game is about to be over. How many coaches wave to the other coaches at the end of the game? They show respect. How many coaches wave to other coaches before the game? I want to be a coach, so I'm trying to pick up the coaches mannerism, too.


You know what I'm saying? The coaching culture.


Throughout my career. Okay, cool. Okay, cool, cool, cool, cool. Well, he walked right out.




And I'm there when I'm like, You know what I'm saying? I'm behind him walking out like, damn, it's taking a while to getting out of here because he said what's up to a couple of guys. But this time, I didn't even see Nurse at all. I didn't see Nurse at all.


Who else did you talk to after that game? I saw you talking to Ricky Council Jr. For a little bit.


For a little bit. I talked to most of all the guys. I talked to most of all the coaches except Nurse.


Any interaction stand out?


No, I just damn, nurse. What the fuck Nurse said, he can't speak.




I'm not even seeing. Yeah, that's me. I like calling motherfuckers out, but it's cool. It's a competitive sport. Like, motherfuckers being their feelings.


You could tell that you were really competitive.


Had them on a pod, that's what you mean.


I thought he and I bonded well.


Yeah, you feel me? Or Am I getting my feelings too involved when it comes to- Maybe. You know what I'm saying?




Maybe. I'm giving myself to organizations and giving myself to coaches to implement their systems and everything, and then it's like that.


Do you think maybe you're even looking too much into it?


No, because I feel it.


That's very interesting. I mean, I think that it has to be a frustrating time in Philly. I feel like Philly is like- Man, Philly was so fucking great.


Oh, my God. You should have seen it, man. I went out there to shoot. Little kids were everywhere, man. It was a vibe, man. I seen faces that I seen on the other side, but I seen on the other side, going out. And I tried to make sure I signed every autographe, every hook, every handshake. It was great, man.


It was great. My brother-in-law texted me before the game.


I hated to tweet the belt to ass. I hated it. I know. I thought it broke your heart. I hated it. And I'm like, I hated it. But it was necessary.


But no, my brother-in-law texted me before the game. He's like, I'm at Xfinity, the bar across the street. He said there's so many subscribe hoodies everywhere that he looks around there. Obviously, the love you saw the videos after the game, you heard the people in the stadium. And I think it's important to note that every little pocket of the Internet isn't necessarily indicative of how people feel because there's definitely genuine love coming from Philadelphia. People are really- Real genuine love. People are showing up at the event deep. You're on another team. You know what I mean? You don't play for them. You're playing for a team that's playing against them, and they're showing up in numbers. That really is a testament to the people of Philly.


But I want Philly to understand, too, the sacrifices I made, too. Mind you, I'm a 16-year pro 13-year in NBA, 12 in NBA. When the team got two G League guys in California this summer, meeting up, Pat Biv there, week one. Pat Biv there, week Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6. Didn't miss a week all the way up into training camp. You know what I'm saying? I want you to really understand what I'm saying. Some guys don't even show up until your training camp. I'm there six weeks, six weeks before. Rick O'Hine's run. Okay, cool. You all there five days? I'm going to show up three, four days. Okay, cool. You all here four days? Okay, I'm going to show up two, three days. Oh, you all here five days throughout the week? Cool. I'm going to be there four days.


Playing like you're literally an undrafted rookie.


You don't say shit to me? What type of shit is that?


So interesting trials and tribulations in Philly. Then you come back, play against the Hornets who have been playing well recently.


Yeah, they have been playing really well. They have been playing really well. They made some trades. They got better. They got a little experience. I like Brandon Miller. I've always been a fan of Greg Williams. I think he's a winner.


Yeah. Man, Man, Seth Curry.


Steph Curry coming off the mess. So, yeah.


Even though he kicked that foot out of you. You know what I mean? Offensive.


What he was on with me. For us, you get off as a foul, that's $100. So I can't wait to Collect tomorrow on the plan. Who pays that? I really don't care. Give me my money.


Someone better pay the man his money.


Pay that to me on his money.


He needs it. So you're on a plane tomorrow. I recently just got a plane hack that changed my fucking life. It's not even really a hack. Okay, tell me. I should have been up on this, but I was fucking lacking it. People love plane hacks. I would catch myself bored of shit on a plane. I'll be like, Why is this? It's my fault. I wasn't bringing the iPad on a plane with shows downloaded. And now on this trip, flew out to Milwaukee today.


You're a decade behind.


I'm a fucking decade behind, dude. I'm fucking asleep over here. I'm fucking lacking. Today, I hop on plane.


I have-Me and wifey at the crib like this. Okay, babe, you download that one. I'm going to download this one, okay? What you mean? You download episode one, two, three. I got four, five, six. And when your shit go off, my shit shit.


Wait, but how do you listen to it? One ear, one ear. Locked in. Because I think with the new ones, you can put two on the same one.


Man, And we locked in. And we got the one that's on the outside, both, because it's not a lot of noise on the inside. You understand what I'm saying? So if you put one right here, you hear this. This guy over here, a guy cough. You're looking over here, bathroom door opens a woman, you want water, you want orange juice, stuff like that. But you put it over here. They usually don't even mess with you because you look busy. You feel what I'm saying? The minimal sound is coming from here. You really don't hear anything. A little hack.


It's game.


Put me the fuck on. If you're with Wifey. You all try that out. It works.


So if we're on that topic-And you just found out about it? I didn't find out. I'm fucking a lazy piece of shit, and I should have been on top of it already.


Listen, you're a good friend. You're not lazy. It's okay.


It's okay. I can take accountability I'm in Philly for myself. That was a lazy ass fucking move, and I should have been on it.


And you weren't a good friend. You left me hanging. And I didn't show up in Philly.


I owe you one. In Philly, your hood. I should have canceled the vacation.


My Black friend would have.


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But not as beautiful as the good folks over at cars. Com. Find your next possibility on cars. Com. Where to next? While we're on the topic of you and wifey watching TV together, is there any shows that when you're sitting on the couch and she has the remote that she I started putting you on to that you are now a fan of? Because for me, while you're thinking about it, I can tell you my answer, and it's the Real Housewives franchise. And tonight at the Milwaukee Bucks game, I'm lucky enough to meet the entire cast of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. And when I tell you, I was geeking the fuck out.


I tell you, you wanted to get that off, too.


I see. I was sweating from my armpits. I was so excited to meet these women.


At an NBA game.


At an NBA game. They were filming.


At your first Milwaukee NBA game.


Yeah. Shout out to the team President, Peter. He brings me into the room.


Shout out to Peter, man. He tried to holla at me one time. It was before a game, man. But I'm super like, I'm super down. I know he was looking at me like, This is motherfucking here. No, shout out to Peter. I heard you. We go have dinner. We go chop bread.


Tell me. I'm sorry. He was just the nicest dude. He was the nicest dude possible. He was just like, Come, you're a fan of them? Come meet. I was like, My wife loves this show. What, dude? He was I know your whole backstory. I follow all the blah, blah, blah. He was so nice, so welcoming. He was like, Come on, they're fighting. We'll get in the background of a scene. We'll be on TV. He's like, You got to try the-Oh, that's fire. The shrimpcakes, dude. I'm trying the shrimpcakes. They're the real housewives of Salt Lake City are fighting. I'm living in a fever dream, dude. I was living my fucking best life. Love that. So anyway, what shows do you watch with your wife?




At any time.


The Crown.


The Royal Family Show? Yeah. You love the Royal Family.


I love Royal tea.


Any Royal tea?


Any. Star in the Jungle together, and you raise your whole family in the jungle. It was a movie. I forgot the name of the movie. Oh, my God. The Lion King? No.


That sounds like the Lion King.


Oh, my God. I'm forgetting. I find that. Black Panther? No.


Coming to America?


No. They literally live, born adults in jungle.


Jungle Book?


No, not jungle.


Out of Africa?


No. It was like one of those weird names. They had the big earrings in the ear. They had the... They didn't speak.


I'm going to stop guessing. They hunt it.


That whole type of was wild. It was great. But I'm into royalty, though.


You think they'll let you be a royal one day?


I am a royal.




I am royalty. No one's ever did what I did, where I'm from.


Wow. One of one.


One of one.


Do you strive to build an empire?


I am currently.


Really? You ever watch that show, Empire?


I'm a power type of guy, but I know of it.


The Rise of Canon?


No. I'm the James St. Patrick vibe. Oh, okay. Recipes Ghost. Damn. If you know, you know. But, yeah, royalty is very important to me.


Interesting. There's a lot of people that dislike royalty for what it represents.




But not everyone's going to like you. That's one thing that I've learned through this life.


And doing a pie with me, you should know that now.


Yeah, but a lot of people do like you. Actually, so many people are like, wow, I like PappF so much more now that I've seen his perspective through the podcast. Do you feel that?


Everyone's narrative's changed. You see me, you see Dreads, you see I act on a court, and it's like, this fucking asshole, who the fuck does he think he is? Motherfucker. I have just six points. He's out there. But then you hear a backstory, and then you see the sacrifices, and then you see the work continue to put in, and then you see, damn, age, what he's playing great. And you're starting to see all of it come together. And it's like, you know what? Fucking love, Pépé. Not only am I... I give people a different perspective, but you look at my perspective, you're like, damn, you got a point. You know what I'm saying? So you respect it more than just He's just neglecting it, whatever he says, whatever.


Damn. He does have a 0.2, like a fifth of a grand, bro. That's fucking crazy. Chill. No, that's barred from bro.


Chill. That's why I said chill.


No jokes. Wait, is that someone at the door right there?


I'm tired. Get to the door. What's up, bro? What, though?


It smells bad, though.


Oh, shit. What? Are you kidding? It's a flip-flops. You can see it. You're getting to it. Hey. What? Hey. Hey, good man, Mantis. What's up, bro? You be everywhere. Everywhere. How the fuck you're going to pop up in my house like that, man? Bro, this is just a make it.


Absolutely. What the fuck? I know, that looks nice. Hold on, we have Mike. We're getting Mike.


We got another mic here. Does that work?


Check, check, check. One, two, three. We good, Tyler?


We good. Hey, Mantis, man. What's up? You probably I'm up at my motherfucking house like this, man. You look good, buddy.


Thank you.


I appreciate it. You look a sick fit.


Yeah, thank you, man. That was my first bus game.


Wait, what jersey is that? I can't even see the jersey.


2022 Patrick Beverly twin bar jersey.




You Can you hear the Gat on this? Oh, my God. Hey, look.


Hey, Mantis, man. We're one and no. Every time you come to a game, we win.


I'll just put it there.


You're welcome. Listen, every time Ron comes to a game, we lose. A lot. A lot. Not only lose, it's record-breaking. He just lose 60 points.


Wow, shit. Don't say that. That breaks my heart. We won tonight.


We did because it was Mantis. Fuck. You out there having shrimp tacos with a lot of house... I mean, Salt Lake City housewives.


Yeah, my mind was in a different place. Were people were confusing you for Pat BF tonight?


They actually thought I was you, bro. I was crazy. I got 50 photos. What up, Pat? I was like, What's up, twin? Like, okay.


There we are. Man, nobody thought that.


I swear. No, don't swear. Video approved. It's on TikTok. It's only right now.


Hey, listen, I'm going through Instagram.




And you know me, I'm on the Internet. I see everything. I'm on the Internet all the time. I see Matt is going Vegas. Mind you, I follow Mantis. I have to see everything he's doing now. I'm intrigued.


I mean, that's twin. That's triplet.


Okay. I see Mantis, a blonde fit on. Sign say, Come get picked with LeBron.


Follow with LeBron.


Then I see Mantis, burger this big. Restaurant to make you put on a gown.


Oh, wait. That's like the... Oh, a Joey Chestnut?


That was two weeks ago. This was the Heart Attack Grill.


Oh, the Heart... No, wait. No, you know what the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas is, right? You know people actually die at the Heart Attack Grill? Yeah. Like, multiple people have had heart attacks at the Heart Attack Grill because they're just serving up absolute slop there.


I need some slop. I've been like three weeks. But no, dude. Also, I almost got killed. I got spanked from the nurse.


If you couldn't finish, you got to get a spanking. Yes.


What? Three spanks.


One, two, three. He was beating his ass.




A woman? My waitress.


They put him in a wheelchair. Yeah.




Because if you don't finish your food, they spank you before you brought the door.


Damn, bro, you've really been grinding on your YouTube shit since you-Shout out to YouTube.


Yon Mantis You all on Mantis, too. You all on Mantis, too. You all on Mantis, too.


Man, you all subscribe. You all follow.


Because Mantis was at Barstool, and now Mantis.


I asked him, you know what I mean? I'm like, Hey, yo, Dave. He's like, Yeah, you know he used to work here. So why doesn't he work here anymore? I had to fire him. Why? He's bringing girls to the office all the time.


Oh, my God. I was there that day. He brought a girl on date to the office.


He said, In fact, he was doing it all the time. Okay, well, that's the reason why folks should get fired.


They posted up right at the bar in the office. You know the bar, the U-shaped bar at the Barstool office? He was just posted up.


He loves them, though.


Of course he does. He loves them to death. Of course he does. But also a lot of people come to Barstool, and then they leave, and then you really don't hear from them again. And I think to give you your flowers, you really have done a good job of building an online presence and a YouTube presence. You pop up virally all over the place.


They said it was 70K in one month. That's some shit.


100k in two months. Wait, was it one a month? 70k in one month. 70k in one month. Shout out to my team right here. I got security, I got photographers, video on. I got a whole team right here, man.


Show the squad.


Show the squad.


Whole team. Hell, yes, bro. What other videos What other viral moments you have cooked up? What's the key to the viral moment?


Funny you said that we got about three weeks from now, I'm going to be locking myself in a gym until I hit 100 free throws in a row.


So you'll do the live joint? Yep. That's going to be fire. And your record, '98, right?


'98. So it's going to happen.


So when is it?


About three weeks from now, definitely during March Madness, we got some celebrities coming in. We got Anthony Richardson coming in.


Where are you all shooting it at?


Carmel, Indiana.


They got good free throw shooters out there. All we have is 10:01.


How close is Pat and Ed?


Am I close?


Oh, of course. You're twin. Of course you are. And just don't tell, of course. I'm doing it. No, all of you guys, we'll get you on the list.


Because I saw the clip of you fucking splash in the three at the pickup game. Basically, the only white dude in the building. Did you see that clip?


He literally just showed it to me.


It's preposterous.


I think he almost got into a fight. The guy didn't know what to do.


He was in his head. He meant the Y I'm not going to see it, but you mean the one that was two weeks ago?


Yeah, two weeks ago. I'm talking about the Y video I just seen. I didn't see that one.


I showed them the wide one. They respect my time there. They let me shoot. So it used to be where no one would ever pick me or I would get picked. I was like, Hey, buddy, you got next game. And four hours later, I'll just still be staying there.


That's fucked up, too. That's not basketball etiquette. It's not supposed to go like that. No, it's not. No, no, no.


I'll be there at 7:00 AM, jump up at 8:00, and I still got next. But now the tables have turned because I was, Oh, Mantis, bro, you want to hoop with this? I'm like, Come on, man. Let's do it.


Okay, so tell me how you got your shot going like that. Not only the form, but the consistency with which you're splashing.


Yeah. So it all started when I was born, unfortunately. When I came out, they couldn't find out what was wrong with me. It's not like, I have an undiagnosed condition. There's no name for what I have. It's like, I'm bent. That's my brand, my physique. But it's not stoiosis, not lumbar dosis. None of that is.


How do you feel? You feel healthy? What's the hardest thing? Like everyday life?


Picking up chips. Definitely. That's just an insane. Really hard. But I can hit like three. I can hit free throws.


But do you feel physically good?


I do. Yeah. Well, actually, last week, I've been eating in and out every day because I was on a bachelor party in Vegas. So we're trying to detox from that. But other than that, no, I don't have any pain.


That's dope. That's dope. That's dope as fuck. That's dope.


It's just the girls.




Interesting. But I feel like that's a grind you've been on. I mean, you're bringing dates to the bar store office. I feel like you know what I mean? It's not like there's a lack of effort. And I think that you've probably done a lot better than you would have if you were just scared, fucking cursing the world for not bringing everything to your doorstep.


His confidence is one of one. It's key. His confidence is... It was great meeting him the first time. I don't know one thing about this young man. One thing, Dave was just like, Oh, yeah, he could fucking burn it. But check him out. And I seen him. And obviously, you look at the physique and you want to feel bad. But just the confidence he has, it makes you be like, You know what, man? That's what's up. So I want to give you your flowers, bro. Shit's impressive. Really impressive. Love, guy.


I appreciate it. I appreciate you, dude. You're the man. Check out his stream. He's going 100. I mean, you'll probably do that shit in like fucking two hours, dude. Honestly, it's not going to take that long. 100 consecutive free throws.


He can burn it, though.


Carmel, Indiana.


He can fucking burn it.


I believe it, dude. I've seen it with my own eyes. I can't wait. My boy shoots from the hip. Hip.


Fuck out of here. Get out the way.


That shit wasn't Fucking... That shit went fucking triple platinum, that clip. That definitely went viral on every platform.


Dude, the amount of people that walked up to me and just talked about that clip and all that, it's insane. When you're in Philadelphia, all your fans mobbing you, every now, it's like, Yo, dude, Pat Bev. Yo, that was insane.


It's the same way. You have to understand. I'm on the internet, it's the same thing, bro. You and Mantis, bro, you need to do pie. Fuck wrong. That's what they told me, bro. I didn't want to say it to you.


I wouldn't even be mad. I wouldn't even be mad. Sorry, little bro. I love that. Triplet, bro. We're woven like a braid, bro. Appreciate you, man. Go check out his YouTube for sure, Young Mantis, too.


Appreciate it, fellow. And if you want to sponsor my free throws, hit me up.


You all hear that. Any sponsors that want to do his free throws, hit them up. Boy, it's viral. Look at him. Look at him. He tough. I fucking love Mantis, man.


But what was he doing in your fucking living room?


The fuck was that? He went to the game, and I told I told you, man.


Coach Bud's living room, dude.


Bud and Mantis.


Mantis and Bud. That sounds like a fucking-A vibe. It really does.


Mantis, draw me up some plays.Oh.


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We got to talk about Dave. My own miss P. Yes. Oh, miss P. Yeah, that dog bad as hell. That dog has been eating up shit, eating wallets, biting hats, this, this, that, that. I'm talking about dog has been God awful.


The biggest star that's come out of Barstool, period.


Miss You got to say it because everyone says it. Oh, Ms.


Peaches. I can't even do it. It's the way he said.


Oh, you don't want to go outside, Ms. Peaches.


That dog is a fucking superstar. Superstar. I don't care who you're talking about. Call her Daddy, Pat McAfee, fucking Pat Bev, whatever fucking star you're talking about that's come out of Barstool. Ms. Peaches is a bigger star. Ms.


Peaches. Shout out to Miss Peaches. She's had over a half million. I know you're watching. Listen, I know Dave watches the pod, so she's watching the pod also.


Dave puts on pod, she chews up remote. He can't change channel.


You know what? Fuck that. If you all a real, real, real one, and you all fuck with the pod, I mean, love the pod, send all voice notes of your Miss Peaches. How they can do it? Dm us?


Yeah, DM us. Dm us on any platform.


Dm us on any platform of your Miss Peaches sound, and we're going to make a whole edit skit about it.


And dude, it's And put music behind it.


And show her every time they say it. Straight up. Shout out to Miss Peaches, man.


Dude, it's dope that he is really pushing the adoption, the dog adoption thing. No, that's great. That he's raising that much money. It's the lifelong animal project in Atlanta for Ms. Peaches.


They've raised-277,000 so far. It's insane. And that's count and count.


The T-shirt, go buy a T-shirt.


The merch is great.


Yeah. I mean, adopt, don't shop. You know what I mean? I adopted my dog, adopted both of them. Lost One. Rest in peace.


One for two. Sure. Don't get sentimental here. Be strong. Be solid.


For Ms. Peaches, I will. Ms. Peaches is literally a superstar. And I think your next dog, you got to adopt it, bro.


So check it out. Quick story, right? This is how much of a... Okay, I'll let you all know after the story. So I want dog, right?




But I don't want big dog because old guy in the hood who raised me hit me with it. You don't have to be the biggest dog to be the biggest dog. So I'm like, Fuck it. Give me Yorkie, right? The big ass houses I got. Get the flat drop, private jets, chill on private beaches. Yeah, give me a fucking Yorkie, right? So I hit my connect. Michelle. She handles all my- Concierge? She's literally the biggest concierge lady I've ever known in my life. Shout out to Michelle. I know you watch a pod. I love you. I'm Michelle. I need dog. She, Okay, Pat, whatever you want. I need male. I want Yorkie. She, Miniature side, I don't care. Whatever you have available. I send ASAP. She, Dog, get on playing, we seeing. My girl. Hey, what's up, babe? How are you doing? I'm just trying to find out. It's out the blue. Sofia said she wants a dog. Interesting. Babe, I got a dog on the way right now. Mind you, the dog is named Ace and everything, right? I give her Ace. Cool. That's your dog. My mom has a Yorkie who's awful, right?


God awful. Mind you, my mom has Pitbull also. Like, you got to take this dog. This dog will fuck around, get killed in this house. Seriously, the dog is awful. Pissing on dogs. He's pissing on... He's shitting on tiles. He's pissing on clothes like the dog is awful. His name is my dog currently, Coup. I take Coup.


You got rid of Ace, took in Coup.


Took in Coup, right? Overall, start break, every time I come to LA, I always see Ace. Mind you, I had Ace first in my hand, he was a baby like me first. Every time I come to the house, Ace goes crazy. He lays on me right here. He's the best doll. It was like he was actually like... My girl be looking at me like, damn, he loves you more than anybody. He's literally like, draped up on me like this. Licked me. I have to tell him, Stop licking me in my face. I go home another night, man. We play Philly. I Coup, man. Come here, Coop. He look at me, put his fucking head down, turned his eyes.


Coop hates you?


I mean, bro, for real. I got real shit going on, man. What? For real, man. Me and Coup, he's probably mad because I've been gone so long. I've been on the ground. Coupe, you can't get mad at me, bro.


Yeah, what? He's trying to put you in mansion. I'm literally...


He lives in mansion. He's currently in mansion. Right.


But our house is the penthouse. That's Ms. Peaches' story. You know what I'm saying? Or maybe he needs to spend more time in the outhouse so he could appreciate the way that Ms. Peaches does.


Listen, not too much on my dog. Only I could do too much on my dog. Okay. So, yeah, life is great. Life is fucking great.


So you're adopting next dog or what?


Fuck it. Yeah. I'm going to adopt next dog.For.




Dave and Ms.


Peaches. And do it for Ms. Peaches. You'll be able to adopt. You could adopt a Yorkie. You could find a Yorkie. Someone will probably find a litter of them. Be like, Hey, Pap Ed, need another Yorkie. A good one.


Cooper's good. It's just he's jealous.


He's going through it. You're jealous. It's complicated. It's tough being a dog. It is.


A rich dog, a wealthy dog.


I know. It's depressing.


But we got the man on PJ. We didn't took the man to motherfucking Laguna, the Ritz in Laguna. He's at the table. We have a dog, man. You have a dog, man. Let me see that, motherfucker. We have grilled chicken. We have the broccoli. So he put his plate up there on the table with us. It's like three All-Star breaks ago. When I used to play in Minnesota. We're on a private. He on a private. He chilling. He at the table in Laguna Beach Hotel eating with us.




A Cooper Sport riding, man. Silverware? No, he had a little thing around his neck just going out there. What? Yes, some true story. No cat.


They have a fucking dog menu.


I mean, that's how I treat my animals. How do you treat yours? You give them canned food, huh? No.


I use the farmer's dog. Okay.


Not bad.


Very good. It's all good ingredients. I'm training the fuck out of this dog. Okay.


Say less.


I'm working on this dog every day, playing with it, wrestling with it.


And we're doing all this without Chris Middleton.


You're crazy. Talking about dogs. Bro, that's a fucking dog right there.


Without Chris Middleton.


What? Imagine when Chris Middleton comes back.


We got a chance.


I mean, it really goes back to the first conversation that we had that it's like, you need to focus on moment to moment, because if you get too caught up in how deep this roster is, you can be like, Oh, fuck. Like, this could go. But it's like, what?


Hold up. One time.


One moment at a time.


And that's what I was talking about. Eleven starters. Yeah. You got the five that start down, the five that come off the bench. Me, PC, BP, Bobby Portis. Pc means Pat Connaughton. Gal Nari. And I'm missing somebody.






Jay Crowder.


I'm talking who comes off the... Yeah, Jay Crowder.


Once Middleton's back. Once Middleton's back. And then 11th, Thanasis. Yeah. Thanasis start for me any day.


Yeah. I mean, AJ Green, you got even our young guys. Bo-champ. They can be really good on the team, but you're talking about 10 guys who are going to start it over seven years in their career.


It's fucking nuts.


No, it's a blessing.


Let's whip around some NBA stuff.


You got to shout out to management, too. To have all that on one team, management did a hell of a job.


I mean, the way they built that team is pretty fucking incredible.


Speaking about Bell's to ass. Yeah. Motherfuckers literally been getting punches to face. Jesus Christ, bro. They've been fighting. Which one are you starting off with? Stuart.


U Banks. Yeah. I mean, that Detroit situation, I feel like there's a lot of talking that goes on in the NBA. Rarely do we see a punch thrown. Unfortunately. We saw a punch actually thrown. What does it take for it to get to a situation like that? I don't know.


I didn't punch nobody.




I've never punched nobody. I ain't never punched nobody.


But I feel like you-It's crazy.


I'm not going to get three games for a punch. I get three games for a shove. System's broken, bro. The system is broken.


You should have shoved someone in the tunnel, then.


Or should have shoved somebody in the face. If I'm going to get three games, I might get my-I might, I'll earn it. You know what I'm saying? It's crazy. The system's broken.


I feel like Stuart's always getting into a little bit of... That's a tough guy.


They just need a good vet over there. Yeah? They just need a good vet because you can harness that and use that another way. Hey, Stuart, you can become a Ben Wallace who can hit corner threes, right? Got somebody, a good vet around, and probably they're trying, but it's a mixture of everything. It's a mixture of like, Okay, cool. I used to be high temper. I used to be wanting to fight. Okay, cool. Let's direct that. Let's put that energy somewhere else. Let's use that. So I just need some good vets.


You respect the move at all? Punching someone?


I used to, and the older I got, I don't anymore. Why? I don't know. I'm real big in religion. And in my Bible, it says, someone slap you on the cheek. Give them the other one.


Interesting. You think you, bank, should have just said, offer another cheek?


I don't know. You're in that position. You're a grown man. You want to defend yourself. I get it. But we are human, right? We all make mistakes. I've made a ton of mistakes when it comes to punching people. Yeah? Yeah.


When was the last time you punched someone? Long time ago. Good. I mean, it seems like the pistons are going through it because I see Monty Williams in a fucking postgame press Conference. He's beleagered after that Knicks game. I don't know if you saw the ending to the game. I did.


That's a tough call, though. That's a tough call for any ref, right? Because although, man, it's going to be a What's the level of a take, man. People will take this the wrong way, but I'm trying to see how to say it. Although you're coaching a game, you know the team. Although you're reffing a game, you know the team that you're reffing. You know the Detroit business. Right. Worst time in the NBA. I'm not saying that's why I was a no-call, but it's tough to make a call like that, a bang-bang call like that. You're in the guard and you're playing against the Pistons.


It's Hard. You think Monty Williams should have called a timeout when they had ball right away?


I don't know. I don't know. Every coach has his own philosophy.


You think that's a foul?


A hundred %. It's not even close. Actually, it should have been reviewed. It might have been flagrant.


So do you think he's justified?


Yeah, he's justified, of course.


But you just understand why that that call isn't made in a situation like that.


Yeah. Because if that was... You know what I'm saying? If that's playing in game, you want that call? I guess yes, right? I guess yes. Yeah. Yeah. Of course. You know what I'm saying? If it's playing in game, hell, yeah, I want that call.


So you think that worst NBA teams get reffed with less leniency?


I mean, I don't get reffed. I'm not going into a game, and refs are looking to give me 12 free throws a night. But with other players, with DeLuca, it's okay, cool. He might shoot 16 free throws a night. Different players, right? Same with teams.


While we're going around the NBA, I think that we should make a stop right here in Milwaukee because I saw a clip the other day, specifically highlighting Dame Lillard's defensive effort. Have you noticed an uptick in his defensive effort? And if so, what do you think that's due to?


I go with the Dame, the day I ate. You got straps?


Guns? It's in the car.


Hell, no. Defense. Yeah, I played these when I had to, but I've been in situations where I had to. But he's been really good defensively.


Yeah. And it's not just... I mean, it's effort, fighting over screens. You know what I mean?


It's a will. Defense is all a will. Yeah. He wants to win. He wants a championship. He wants to be really good. So now we need it all.


Next time, you got to find out if he has guns.


Chill, chill, chill.


I'm talking about muscles, bro. You got to chill. What are you talking about?


I don't want to be looking at his arms like that.


Yeah, I think that his defensive effort has really been showing up. I mean, just all over the place. But there was a lot of interesting stuff that happened.


Miami Heat was getting busy, too.


Miami Heat were having a watch party.


I'm going to choke Jimmy Butler. I'm going to choke Jimmy Butler, man. You're going to choke Jimmy Butler, man.


Jimmy Butler has been through the fucking fire in the rain, like James Taylor.


That's what I'm up for, you don't Choke, man. That motherfucker, that motherfucker, that ain't got it all. I'm up for a Choke Jimmy Butler, man. Oh, man. Jimmy, they got a watch party at the crib. And then Alvarado and Thomas Bryant. I know, mind you, Thomas Bryant is my teammate with Lakers.




I'm on a text thread with Jose Alvarado two days ago.




Just for advice. He go out there and do that.


What advice did you give him?


Nothing. I meant, play the You feel me? Play the long game. Be a pro. You know what I mean? I want to know some insight. You feel me? But I had so much going. I'm like, Okay, cool. I can't talk right now, but when we come play, I'm going to sit down and chop it up with you. I should have chopped it up with him there. Maybe he wasn't the fault.


Damn. You could have given Alvarado some gems.


Yeah, man.


What do you think of his little hiding in the corner move?




It's fucking awesome. Impressive. It's one of the coolest things that's happening in basketball.


It's to a point where before games, your coach, the scout coach, you're overscaling. He goes, You guys watch out for Jose Alvarado. You guys know he like to do that sneaky shit. He does it, and it is like the crowd goes crazy. Every time he does, I feel like they either hit a huge three or somebody get dunked on. Every time he does it. I've never seen him not do it and nothing great happened.


It's like getting hit with the hidden ball trick or something like that. It's like, fuck, that did not happen to me. You got to feel so dumb if he hits you with that. But at the same time, he's literally standing fully out of bounds with his back to the play, making himself small like a fucking Pokémon. It's crazy.


But he's great, though. He has a bright, long career in the NBA. I'm excited for him. Yeah.


What advice-Shout to Jose Alvarado.


Shout out to Thomas Bryant. Shout out to Jimmy Brotherman. How relaxed out there, man.


Yeah, I relax. If you could have given him advice, what would you have said to him?


Just the advice So I'm going to give them. You can't stay still. You always have to improve your basketball game, and as a man, too, throughout the NBA. You always have to add something to your game. Obviously, you're a small guard. So it's important to make sure your body's in top shape. If you're able to make sure you... I'm talking that three, at least for five or six years, that three are 39 or 43 % from the three in that range. And You have to do it collectively over five, six years to have a longevity.


Cement yourself. Let people know that this is you. This is going to be a consistent thing. So a very interesting thing happened this week with Kevin Durant. Two players, two fans at the Mavs game basically called him a bitch. Not basically. They flat out called him a bitch.


But you know how the incident at the Mavs game? Somebody said, Fuck you, something about my mom or something. Right. Yeah. And Mark Cuban. Shout out to Mark Cuban, too. He took care of He said, You know what I'm saying? Pat, I'm sorry that happened, blah, blah, blah. So that doesn't surprise me.


About Dallas fans?


Doesn't surprise me.


But Kevin Durant's response was interesting because he went and talked to them. He didn't even press them, but they showed their true colors once he talked to them. Big smile on her face, guy saying, I got to actually have a podcast about sports. And then the biggest thing that he did, he didn't kick him out of the game. He just said, Hey, you're going to sit in this and you're going to learn a lesson from it, which I think was even more powerful because they get kicked out of the game. They have sour grapes. They feel justified in what they said. And he showed that not only can he handle the situation, but he's bigger than the situation.


All the fans I run into this year, last nine years of the NBA, obviously, they booved me. But the fans I run into one-on-one, you might have that one fan. I was the first time or only fan of my career that really got disrespectful. All other fans have been great. So you get that one.In that case, two.And.


I feel like, rarely the people They want to repeat what they said.


But that's such a pussy move, right? That's such a coward.


I was like, they're the bitch.


Sound like that's a little coward. You wouldn't see this guy at a movie theater and say that. That's always been my thing, right? You wouldn't say that to Kevin Durant in the movie theater. I tell all the fans, Come on, you can be disrespectful, but I'm not going to your job telling you, Fuck you. You're a bum. I'm not out here in front of your coworkers. Those trash ass. I'm not doing that to But we get the-Well, people just mistake where there's not a TV screen in between them.


You know what I mean? People just feel like when they're at home, they're just like, Man, fuck you, motherfucking My Parlay, that type of shit. And then you get to a game and it's like, Whoa, he's fucking seven feet tall. You can't just continue to talk like that. But it is interesting when the player fan barrier gets broken. And there's a story in college basketball where they're We're talking a lot about that player fan barrier. Duke had a game the other night.


Shout out to John Shier.


Shout out to John Shier.


Tho Mr. Basketball from the Illinois, 2006. Literally stole it.


Well, John Shier is trying to steal court storming from college students right now saying that they shouldn't be able to storm court after Filipowski, one of his players.


Get well soon.


No, he's fine. He's cool? Yeah, he's fine. He actually initiated the contact, I believe. Did anyone get hurt? I think that he was fine. I think that he said he was a little sore. He's good to go. All right, bro.


What was his name?






Filipowski. A good Polish lad. Helsinki. Do you think that court storming should be legal?


Fuck that storm court, man. I ain't trying to hear that shit.


Yeah. Thank you, bro.


I wish NBA Storm Court. Yeah. Fuck that storm court.


Storm court, bro. It's rules. Storm court.


I literally wish the NBA Storm Court.


It'd be sick.


It'd be incredible.


But you know these NBA players- You know the pictures you'll get from that?


Oh, my God.


Yeah, it would be legendary. But then, old boy, on the pistons would go be throwing punches.


Scoring board.


They'd be throwing you up in the air on some hip hip hooray.


I'm up here making all type of shit. All type of shit going on. Shout out to the pot. Subscribe to the pot. Subscribe to the motherfucking pot. And if you're a kid, mother freaking pot.


Mother freaking pot.


Respect your parents, kid, children.


Steve Kerg. It's extension. 17 and a half million dollars a year.


So I'm in locker room. I see you, Steve. I see you, Steve. Deserved.






You feel any type about what he named his son?


What's his name? What's his name?




Kerr? Nicholas Kerr?


Well, I mean, if you dropped the... I mean, what's short for... You know what I mean?


What? I don't know.


Paulo Bancaro cried after a game.


Say, he was crying. He was sick. Emotion. Gang winner. I'm new to all this. Success is coming. I made the All-Star team. I made the USA team. My team is We don't stink, but we're not the best. But I'm competing every night. I'm healthy. I hit gang winner. Hell, yeah. Show your emotions, young kid. Show your fucking emotions. You deserve it. Straight up. You deserve it. You deserve it. You're You're playing well. You put on for your country. First time making a fucking All-Star game. It's a lot of built-up emotions. Probably shit he probably couldn't even settle in yet. Those tears probably came from All-Star.




And then that, follow that up with, Okay, my team, we're okay. We're competing. We're not the worst team in the East. You feel me? We're not at all the worst team in the East. We're a respectable team in the East. I just hit game winner. I feel great. I'm young. My mom used to hoop us a lot going on. Hell, yeah. I show you emotions. I'm proud of them. We need more of that. The league needs more of that.


I mean, I'm surprised that Max Struce didn't cry after that game winner.


You see that today? And you know he's watching it. They didn't say, Man, you've seen that Max Struce? Hey, I'm not showing it to him. I'm watching the shit off Dame for him. Damn, all that.


It ripped a hole in the solar system.


I heard a... Damn.


That was fucking loud. Yeah. That's got to feel incredible.


Dame He's about to start-We want to move it up to second place. I know. That's some bullshit. Shout out to Body Armor.


Shout out to Body Armor. Dame is going to start shooting 60-footers, no doubt in my mind. Jordan Puhl, Clay Thompson coming off the bench. What do you think that says about them, their character, and do you recommend more players be willing to come off the bench, allow Russ last year?


I mean, it's worked for Golden State and worked for Clay. I don't think that's going to be his career, is coming off the bench. But to be a guy who's been in the line, like been in the starting line up through those championships years, the part of the Championship runs, obviously, you don't feel great, especially if you're not the top seed, but he's doing what he needs to do for his team. You understand what's going on? He's doing what he needs to do for his team, and I respect that.


Do you think that Jason Tatum is underappreciated in the MVP race?


It's hard to say.




Because their team is really good. It might be Porzina's one night. It might be Al Hart for one night. It might be Drew one night. It might be Derek White one night. It might be Jalen Brown one night. And obviously, Tatum is top dog.


Well, couldn't you say the same thing about Denver or Milwaukee's lineups? That could be player X, Y, or Z one night.


Yeah, but all those players are like... They're the same size. They're the same wings. Him and Jalen Brown, they take turns. You score 25, I score 25, or you score 31, or I score 28. Porzini is just scoring a dub. Drew Holly is connecting everything. It's hard because the team is really good, that's all. So you couldn't give it to just one person.


Yeah, complete team. And then LeBron talking about his son in the Mottrace.


They need to let him run. They need to let him run. I've never seen anything like this. But it comes with being LeBron James' son also. Totally. It has nothing to do with play. It just comes with being LeBron James' son. And we can sit on here and say all day, let the kid be a kid. But no, he's not just a kid. He's your kid.


Royalty, like you say.


Like you say. It's literally royalty. But Obviously, they go mock draft this and mock, draft that. But that's what comes with it. That's what comes with this line. That's what comes with the light. You'll have this. But I'm just always I always like to look at the positive and everything, right? Yeah, this is happening to him at a young age. This is what his father built. This is what he's built for. So if anyone can handle it, he can handle it. You know what I'm saying? So Shout out to Bronnie, man. Keep hooping. Keep getting better. I wasn't ever on no draft thing, so I'm not the type that. You know what I'm saying?


And it's not the easy bake oven, bro. The shit isn't like, you don't just put it in. It's like ding. It's fucking ready. Everybody's on their own journey, and all success isn't linear.


It's just because his last name is James.


It's James.


But the younger one is going to be even more. Yeah.


And then imagine when the daughters come along.


It comes with it. Totally.


Well, one thing that comes with this pod is the onus of the listeners to subscribe.


So I got a homie in the hood, right? Yeah. True story. It's a fucking true story. You all are going to love this. I got a homie in the hood. His name is...


Yeah, change it.


Tip of the Dawn. Tip of the Dawn on Instagram. His real name, what we call him, Cheese fries. Right.


Bro, he already had One really good name. Why did you have to go and fucking reinvent the wheel with Cheese fries?


That's his name. Don't nobody fuck with Cheese fries. Nobody. Elite duks. Elite. Hands and feet. Yeah.


Billy Blanks, Ty Bo.


Not Black Belt, but why you know how to do a kick like that?


What? So he's kicking people or just like- Got shot in the head, been in the penitentiary.


I'm talking about my man had a rough off-bringer. Everything I've ever posted. He's replied to it, reposted it, gave me advice. You all should do this with the pod, some things that we currently do. Look out for this, look out for that. Every single thing. He hit me with one At the end of the day. What's on there?


What the fuck is cheese fried? What the Dawn?


Tip of the Dawn.


Tip of the Dawn?


It's a motherfucking down. Food is here, too, outside.


Oh, shit.


Let me outside. Okay, here we go. Tip of the Dawn goes. New slogan for Nike competitors. You know what, man? Better yet. Nike is going to love that shit, man. But don't just do it. Do it now. It's a Out of town, like you do a little bit of reinvention or drop something new. You know what I'm saying? I don't know, just coming into some new shit. Keeping the old, but just repackaging that shit. You feel me? Don't just do it. Do it now.




I mean, like- That's fucking...




And he's elite.


The fact that he's like, Hey, I need to get this to Nike. Who could get this to Nike? Let me voice message Pat.


I love you, King. You already know we like that forever, man. He's elite. Elite. Tip of the dog. Yeah. Nike competitors. I got something for Nike competitors. If they don't like, I got something for Nike. If they want to do some real branding. Who ever wants to first? Don't just do it. Don't just do it. Do it now. It's impressive.


That's great.


That's genius.


What? Get Tipper on the pod.


For sure. Listen, every time I Hey, man, call Cheese Friday. Tell me you're going out. This is back in the day, and I used to be like 10, 15 D. Every time we go out, he got on suit.


Cheese Fri?


Where the fuck you get soup from, Cheese Fri? He, bro, you never know. You know what? You're right. You're actually right, though. He's the best, man.


What the fuck? Shout out to Cheese Fri, man. What an absolute legend. We need to give out our Under Armor MVP of the Week. If you want to give it to Cheese Fry, I feel like that's legit, dude. I feel like Cheese Fry could 100 % use that.


No, I got to give it to Mantis. Mantis has been killing me.


Over Cheese Fry? I love Mantis, but-But Mantis has been kill him.


This run, Mantis has been on since the made free throws and bars, too. I think you got to give it to Mantis, man. Yeah. Yeah, he on a whole another level off that one thing. So I like shit like that. Shout out to Mantis. It's something going up. Shout out to Mother Mantis, too.


Mother Mantis.


Mother Mantis.


I thought you said there's another Mantis. No, never.


It only could be one. One of one.


Confidence, one of one.


Just one. Only one.


Forget one. How about zero?


As in zero sugar. Okay, go ahead.


Break it down to me. What you got? The zero sugar in this body armor right here.


No, that's why it tastes so lovely.


Yeah, it's absolutely incredible. Body armor, zero sugar, sports drink. No artificial sweeteners. No BS, no artificial sweeteners, no No BS. No dyes in there. It just is what it is, and you never need to forget it. It's orange right here. It's a super drink. Zero sugar. And you're going to be hydrated because, dude, I learned this. I thought I was just hydrated on water alone. Electrolytes. Electrolytes are essential.


Listen, we had a game, and I'm drinking it.


Yeah, exactly. Because you need the electrolytes. I need it. That's the best way to replenish. It's not going to just naturally replenish. You're going to need to do that extra mile, Body Arm or Zero Sugar. Great tasting.


No, no. Elite tasting. Fruit punch. From the beginning, also.


Lemon lime.


Strawberry banana. Orange. Blue raspberry.


I mean, if you got- Watermill and cherry. Come on, bro.




Come on, bro.


Locked in.


This body armor, next level. Whether you're trying to get through a hard time, whether you're trying to elevate, whether you're an athlete, whether you have exams coming up, if you have a hard day of work, it doesn't matter what you're going through. Body Armor will get you through it. That's our promise available in stores nationwide, but you can head over and over to the Body Armor store at Amazon and get yours today. Shout out to Mantis for being the freaking Body Armor MVP of the week.


Yes, sir. Let's give him a round of applause. All right, I'll clap.


I'll clap. I'm not scared to clap, but dude, shout out to Cheese Fry. Shout out to Cheese Fry. Check it out.


We want the fans to... We've been coming up with, of course, we have Wine Down, right? We have our wine down, and we've been trying to come up with something in Milwaukee because not only is this a lovely place, this is a beer place.


And it could be a beer down, but that sounds close to Bear Down, which is a Chicago thing in Milwaukee and Chicago.


Don't get along like that. Then we can't do Fear the Bier because you all already got that, right?


Fear the Bier, Fear the Deer, yeah.


So we came up with one.


Yours is good. The one that you came up with, I don't know who your creative management team is, but you came up with heat. You came up with some crack rocks, bro. That sounds like something that will come on a fucking voice message from Cheese Fry. That shit was so insightful.


Okay, cool. So mine was-You had two in there that were really good. I had Hoppy Hour.


Hoppy Hour is great. Okay.


I have Scoring Pints.


Scoring Pints is great.


And then my elite one I had Hold My Bier.


Hold My Bier. Hold My Bier is also good. I think I like the first two better, though. Hoppy Hour?


I had Case Race. I had Brewbox. I had the Six-Pack Shuffle.


Those are all good. Scoring Pints is really good, too, though.


Scoring Pints is hard.


Scoring Pints.


So this is going to be our new segment of the Pat Biv pod and Roon.


With Roon, you think you whisper it out to us, or it would be the Pat Biv and Roon pod, but it's not really like that. What about the Roon No, that doesn't make sense. No, no. That doesn't make sense. No one would know what the show was. It would mess up the SEO.


So this is our new wine down. We got to choose one. We go choose one. I like the scoring pints, but I really like to hold my beer.


Why don't we let the people decide?


Like that.


Underneath the video, comment, whichever one has the most upvotes, thumbs up, is going to be our new beer segment because this is a beer drink in town. Did we ever Did you find out what that beer is? Spotted Cow? Spotted Cow. Wow, it just came to me like that. You didn't even have to say it. Spotted Cow. Hey, man, if there's anybody smuggling Spotted Cows out of Wisconsin-That's what the guy told us, too, right? That's why we need to build that wall, build a wall around Wisconsin.


Man, I got two shoutouts. I was supposed to give on a pot. I told people I'm going to give them a pot on a shot out.




Yeah, him. In Philly, right? Shaemus. Got to shout Shaemus out. Who's the guy with the beard? You know who you are. Come up front.


Tell us who you are.Beer.






All right, subscribe to the pod. See you guys next week.