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All right, I want to talk about my MVP of the week. Pat and I, we sat down. We talked a lot about this. We didn't know if it should be Juju, Angel. It's got to be Kaitlyn. It has to be Kaitlyn Clarke. No one has had the tournament. No one has had the week that she did nine three-pointers. Stop playing with her. Those point totals, she's scoring over 30 points almost every time. There's something about her performance that really I can't wrap my head around how freaking good it's been, but maybe it's the Body Armor, Zero Sugar. Kaylyn Clarke is playing like she's off of the Body Armor Zero Sugar. Ten calories. Come on. The Zero Sugar over at Body Armor is doing the heavy lifting for you. And that's why they're sponsoring this MVP segment this week. Shout out to Kaitlyn Clarke. I mean, hydration, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no artificial dyes. It's as real as Kaitlyn Clarke.