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We did the Blackest, Whited, Guys. I'm reading the comments, and I like to read comments, and make sure you guys show the comment that said, You guys should do a Whited, Blackest, Five.


Then at first, you wanted me to do this, and I said, Respectfully, I'm in no position to tell Black people how Black or not Black they are.


You feel very uncomfortable. Well, it's a set up. Here we go. We got Jared Allen.


Just because he is sweet. Si Burns?


You asked- No, I didn't ask. You didn't make jokes when I did the Blackest-Whiteest guy. Yes, I did. Let me get my five out. Miles Turner.


Miles Turner also an anime guy? Or no, he's a Lego guy.


Obama's definitely in there. I love you, Mo. For some reason, they're all big. Grant Williams. Yeah, Grant Williams. That's four. I think everybody that's part of the PA. Who else? Cj McCollum?


Cj McCollum's in the PA. Okay, well, CJ McCollum is in. We went to Lehigh.


But they don't have nothing to do with their basketball game.


What does it have to do with?


I just... Swag?