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Indiana will be good, especially if we don't have Giannis to start. It's going to be a good series.


Early on in the season, they were shooting a lot of threes, but now they don't have some of the guys that they had earlier in the season, Brown, Matherin, Buddy Heel.


They got that one for T. J. Mcdonald, though. You got to watch out for that little sneaky money. He'll give you 20.


He'll give you 20 and run for Senate.


For real, he'll give you a 15.5 assist, 5 rebounds, plus 17. We got to find a way to count them.


No, you got to find... That's your assignment, bro. I'm giving you that assignment, bro. You need to neutralize. The addition of Pascal Siakam, I think, is a welcome one to them. It changed their playing style.


He's a winner, a two-proven winner. He's been there.


He's won it. How do you think he and Miles Turner fit as far as spacing, and how are they to guard?


Spacing? I mean, what? Miles at 36. Ciacom shoots two or three at 36. Most people forget 6% of their points come from the paint.


So Lopez has to... You know what I mean?


No, not Lopez. Everybody, we got to move them bunnies. To the left now.