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Guys, let's take a second and talk about New Amsterdam Vodka. New Amsterdam Vodka, born from an uncompromising passion for great vodka. If it sounds sexy, that's because it is. The stuff that they put in those bottles, oh my goodness. Is it tapped from a glacier in heaven? Where is this vodka coming from? Pour it up straight. Pour it on the rocks. Do it in a shot. Maybe if you want to have a nice New Amsterdam Mule Martini, a Cosmo, it doesn't matter how you're having it. All that matters is it's New Amsterdam vodka in your glass. You will enjoy it. And that's a guarantee from me. That's a guarantee fromv pod guarantee. Every time you're going to like it, every time you're going to love it, find your wins today with New Amsterdam Vodka, the official vodka of the PatBev pod in a BarstoolSports.