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JJ Reddick said he's tired of the excuses from Doc Rivers. Then Pat Bev fires.


Back this man, Doc actually saved your career. He started you when no one else wanted to. You retire and go on tv and.


Say that on my text chain. Can I tell you what JJ said? Respond to you, Pat, my guy. I had a four year offer with player option for the same money to be a starter for a different team. Fuck out of here. Save my career.


Well, you're saying that he's being disloyal to Doc.


That's all I'm saying. Getting thrown in the fire middle of the season, that's really not natural for a coach. Obviously, it's natural for players. And you go. Accountability. Should Doc be held accountable for playing you? That three one series when the Rockets, when we walked y'all ass down? Three one, should he be accountable and be like, you know what? Let me get JJ Reddick off. James Harden should have started Jamal Crawford.


There are times where maybe Doc shouldn't have been as loyal. Fact that JJ said that. You chirped in. JJ tweeting. You tweeting. JJ texted me. I'm texting you. They don't even know we together. They don't even know we all together. I got to send the pictures so they can say this shit.


We got to get us all.


In here.


There we go.


Here we go. There we go.