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Top five all-time March Madness players.


Christian Laitner, one of the five. I'm not ranking them in order.


Can I give you one that has to be on there? Pete Maravich. He averaged 44 points a game at LSU. Can he make it for you? Yes. All right. Pistle Pete.


Kemba Walker.


Yeah? I mean, Kemba Walker, that crossover, just truly all-time shit that he had. I don't want to make it all white guys because I was going to say Adam Morison.


Got to put Adam Morison, and you got to put JJ Redick in there.


Okay. Adam Morison, JJ Reddick, Christian Laitner, Pete Marivich, and Kemba Walker. Who's beating that team in March?


The boys are getting busy in March.