Transcribe your podcast

I saw a tweet that you put out that said that former Coach Finch didn't want to say what's up to you after the game.


Me and Bs, we both like, damn. Finch didn't say what's up to you. Like, nah. He just walked off. And that's my dog, too. But I understand. Probably a bad loss. Number one team, you won four or five games at home in a row. You protected homecourt, first game off break. Philly played him in Minnesota. He's the first one to come up. When you were with me, you didn't play back to backs and gave me hugs and crack jokes with me.


Well, at least this stuff must have gone better.


That, though. Well, he walked right out. I didn't even see Nurse. I talked to most of the coaches except Nurse. What the fuck Nurse said he can't speak. Had him on a pod. What's your name?


I thought he and I bonded well.