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Who are your whitest white guys in NBA?


At Point Guard. Okay, who are we got? Standing 6'1. Okay. From the University of Arizona, T. J.


Mcdonald. That is an elite pick. I love T. J.'s guy.


Gordon Hayward, a white man's white man.


He gives me jail and hair vibes.


Half the tube of jail.


See, again, that's a white thing.


Oh, okay. Sam Hauzer.


Caucasian male.


Caucasian as hell.


The first outfit in Call of Duty.


Sweater, around waist. Walker Kessler. It's in the name.


Big Kess.


He gives me, I eat steak with my elbows straight out and cut it like this type of eyes.


Okay, I don't know what that means.Me neither.Okay.


Say that. I don't either, bro. It's hard not to include a motherfucker named Duncan. Duncan Robinson, like he mows the lawn on Sundays for fun.


Or mows your neighbor's lawn for fun.


Mind if I do the edges?