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Did you see that Kobe's statue has words misspelled on it?


Come on, man. That cannot happen.


That's so... Three words misspelled.


Maybe they were just trying to rush to get it out.


It's a statue, though. You can't rush a statue. It's not like you're like, handwriting it. You're like, chiseling.


I'm trying to be positive here, bro. That's all I'm trying to do.


No, there's no excuse for that, bro.


No, there is none.


Would you ever have a statue in your own home, a la Terrell Owens of yourself? Yeah. You would?


But in all my homes, like a piece of one big statue in all my homes. So when you put it together, it's me. You know what I'm saying? It might just be your arm. Like, What's that arm come? Patrick the Great.


On your Captain Planet shit?


You know what I'm saying? Our powers combined. Captain Planet, he's the hero. So I have a piece that each home I have. And then you put together, it's like a safe somewhere else.