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Lancaster, South Carolina, is in the middle of not much, but growing up near that rural town in the post civil rights south.


I knew it as the hometown of a black man named Jim Duncan, who became a Super Bowl hero at the Baltimore Colts game for the American conference, the Dallas Cowboys champs of the National Guard, and where his death even now, almost half a century later, still makes no sense at all.


Gets the kick away from the 15th. The story was that my brother went into the police station, took a gun off a police officer and shot himself in the head. Most people don't believe that. I'm Brett McCormick. For the past three years at the Rockville Herald, I've looked back at a story that's of than ever breaking news.


So my first impression was that could have happened last week. The tale of a life falling apart, lock out and police too close to the edge.


I couldn't do much, much to forget about five years ago.


Well, the search for closure for an event almost no one could believe, South Carolina will be a better fate, but even fewer dared question. Have you got some time to talk? Never has this been something that anybody's interested in talking about until now.


It involves race, the mental state of the person and a child that was scared to death to say anything to get the market out.


Return men from the Rock Hill Herald, McClatchy Studios and I Heart Radio coming January 26 on the I Heart Radio at Apple podcast, wherever you get your podcasts and herald online dotcom. I don't think there's anything unusual about Lankester. If you took away the date and time, could you imagine that happening today? Yes, you can.