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Everyone, so a little bit earlier, I was able to catch up with the man, the myth, the legend, Jimmy, Mr. Beast, I hope you enjoy it.


What is up, everybody? I hope you're enjoying this. So far, I have not been able to let you take it away. Thank you.


Jimmy, thank you for being here. And first of all, thank you for helping us build a community of philanthropy on Twitter. I think you're probably the world's biggest philanthropist online. Is it fair to call you that?


Yeah. I mean, obviously by revenue, there are people that way more than I ever could imagine. But I think or in terms of impressions and stuff that saying that's what matters. But I'd say we're up there. I mean, it's just it's just fun to inspire people. It is.


It is. You're definitely number one in our book. So thank you for being here. Just a couple of questions, because obviously you were voted on by hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people being in the top three. And I know you'll probably end up winning or at least you'll win last year's reward. I know you don't really care about these things, but we are trying to inspire other people to give. So I guess why did you start out helping people in giving people money?


I mean, so much of today's day and age is sold on clicks and controversy and everything, and you took a completely different route.


Well, I mean, I wish I had a really just elaborate mission statement or whatever to say. But at the end of the day, like to me, you know, really nice cars, like, it's cool, but it's overrated. Do you need 12 cars? Do you need 12 houses? There comes a point, obviously, as your income gets quoted, life gets better. But it was a point where it's just like materialistic things don't really change your life that much.


And I just personally and maybe I'm weird, just get more enjoyment out of helping other people than I do buying a bigger box to live in, you know what I mean? To me, it's just slightly overrated. But yeah, I don't know. I and I also like doing it because the people watching, you know, I think mindsets of a lot of younger people are changing. It's like buying ten thousand dollar shirts and our Gucci and all this stuff, which again, there's nothing wrong with doing that.


But I think a lot of people are starting to realize, like, money can allow you to experience things in life or can you to help people, which is fun and just do things other than just load on dumb stuff. I agree.


Well, it's worked out pretty well for you now, doing your philanthropy soon. Right? What is that and how can people get involved in that?


OK, well, that's a big one. So it's basically we have a food pantry set up here right now. There's not much they can really do. If you're watching this be fun, fun story. We are actually having a massive food drive come up to communities in my state that's a little ways away. Their food pantry ran out of funding. And so I did a video of a YouTube channel where I bought everything in five stores. So I have five stores with the food.


And so we basically are stepping in and in like ten days we're just going to do a big drive and feed everyone in the community because that food pantry went out, ran out of funding. So right now, we're not necessarily servicing a specific community. We're just kind of just helping out as much as we can and getting our foot in the ground to more questions.


Do you think what we're seeing with the Robin Hood investors and all these things going on where technology is disrupting all these industries, do you think that we may be in this maybe a rhetorical question in a sense, but you're on the cutting edge of this where we're disrupting the charity industry and a good way. Right. Things are going viral. People are able to donate. You did your team trees, for example, over twenty million dollars. We're going raising over 30 million on this thing.


I'm sure you're going to be doing something that's one hundred million before not too long.


You see, this being the future of charity is on social media.


So that obviously, obviously there are people out there like Bill Gates that are just doing things that, like me and you combined, can only dream of accomplishing philanthropy wise throughout our lives. So I don't want to diminish what they're doing, but I definitely agree with you. I think anyone who doesn't agree with this is crazy. As social media gets bigger, there's going to be more and more opportunity to influence people, to call to action, to get volunteers, to raise money to to drive change.


And yeah, I think you'll play a really big part in the next few years.


Awesome. Well, we look forward to it. And thank you for your time. We got one more question for you. What is it? One thing if you had to give away that you haven't given away yet that you'd like to give away?


Oh, that I'd like to give away, boy. I mean, the you know, it's kind of funny because I have you here, you know, your family, so I'd love to give away a neighborhood that would be so much fun and we will have to do that.


Stay tuned, everyone. Jimmy, thank you for helping me build the platform. I have. Thank you for helping us. You saw last night the kid with cerebral palsy. The team got together and did it. We're really building a community here, philanthropist. And thank you for spending some time with us tonight. No problem.


Everyone watching. I hope you enjoy the rest of the stream. It's been good so far. Thanks, Jimmy.