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This is the story of the wildest experience of my life, but it was also the most important character building experience of my life. If you've heard of ayahuasca, this is going to be a great ayahuasca perspective for you. And if you've not heard about ayahuasca, here's what I'll tell you. Human civilization has been around for a long time.


They tell us that it all started only about 4000, 5000 years ago. Modern historians don't believe in that. Modern historians believe that it's been around for like more than fifty thousand, sixty thousand years. There were some important ancient civilizations. Indian civilization was one of them. The Egyptian civilization was one of them. Another very important ancient civilization, which stretches back possibly beyond 50000 years ago, is the Amazonian rainforest civilization. In the same way that we have Ironweed in India, the Amazonian civilizations have their own version of irony, that they talk about herbs and plants that are native to the Amazon rainforest.


There's more than two million, three million species of plants that are already discovered in the Amazonian rainforest. And you know what? They're constantly discovering new species of plants, no margin out of all these two or three million plants, somehow some human being.


And I doubt it was a human being.


I do believe that there was some kind of divine intervention or alien intervention.


But of all the plants in the Amazon rainforest, you combine two of them, the leaves of one blonde, the rebozo vines of another plant. You brew them together, boil them together. And you create a drink. Like Jai, like the. You consume that drink and imagine that there's a spiritual ceremony attached to consuming that drink, there's someone to guide you to that spiritual experience created by consuming this natural drink that boatswain's called a shaman. The culture is called the shamanic culture.


The drink we're speaking of is ayahuasca.


It's currently being studied by neuroscientists all over the world because of its healing properties. Keep in mind in this video, I am not promoting the use of ayahuasca. I don't want you guys to listen to this and say, well, I want to go to ayahuasca right now.


It's not back.


Let me get into the details. I've done ayahuasca myself.


I'm going to be talking about the experience in detail.


But it's also important for you to know that you need to know the back story of ayahuasca. What does it do? Scientists found out that ayahuasca has the active compound called BMB or dimethyltryptamine, dimethyltryptamine. When it crosses the blood brain barrier, when it actually reaches your mind, a lot of it can break all neural badlands and can form new neural backbones.


That means, imagine you're a kid, you're five years old, you're little, you're weak. Some dogs on the road start chasing you.


You get scared, you run away from them.


And then there's a neural baton that gets formed in your head and the neural pattern explains to your mind. Dogs are scary. At one point in my life, they chased me down the road before, associate your own internal field with the concept of dogs, you grew up with that neural backbone.


Don't ask, don't ask, don't ask. Go to your friend's house.


Your friend's dog is extremely friendly but is so scared of that dog. Why? Because of your neural pattern. And this is one small instance. Imagine all the instances you go through in your life, all these multiple neural patterns that are formed in your head.


Ayahuasca has the capability of destroying certain neural patterns and forming new neural patterns. The reason it's a combination of two plants is because the leaves of that one plant have the active component of DMD.


But if you just consume that plant or a drink made from the leaves of that plant, your stomach acids destroy the empty the creepers.


The second plant in the drink actually blocks out some of your stomach acids.


And the active component of the empty is therefore absorbed by your body and it can reach your brain by crossing the blood brain barrier. Out of all the three million Amazonian plants, how did someone figure that let me combine this one and that one and I'll be left with ayahuasca, nobody knows the origins of it. Only thing that people know is that it's been around for a while. And that it's played a huge role in the human evolutionary process, it's helped a lot of people on a spiritual level, it's helped a lot of people grow into the better version of themselves.


And in seeing that it is not a recreational drug, when we think about something like alcohol or marijuana, you do these things for fun. You do these things for recreation. The fun to do even something like LSD and shrooms are relatively on the more fun side. And Ayahuasca experience is never done for fun and ayahuasca experience. And I'm speaking as someone who's done it shouldn't be done by everyone. It is an intense experience. Please understand that. What's the story?


My final year of engineering college, I was listening to a podcast with Graham Hancock, who's considered one of the world's most famous, most respected historians, is doing a podcast with Jordan. Jordan speaks a lot about IOSCO and his own podcast.


Graham Hancock spoke about how he's done ayahuasca multiple times.


And every time he's done it, he had become a better version of himself. He had healed in some aspect.


He spoke about how ideally you should do it in the Amazon rain forest, you should go to South America and curate an experience for yourself, you should find a legitimate shaman because there's a lot of fake shamans out there and there are some negative vibes associated with the term ayahuasca. They have been ayahuasca debts which aren't legitimately ayahuasca debts. Their debts caused due to those fake shamans who probably mix other substances with the ayahuasca, call it.


I'll ask to sell it to tourists, sell it to people who are looking for healing and actually cause more harm to them than benefit. All right. So please understand that that's one of the primary reasons you shouldn't go out looking for ayahuasca.


They say that with these sacred plants, which are also part of ancient Native American culture, the plants always find you.


You never go out searching for those plants.


That's something I read. And I never really believed that. I was like, OK, cool, whatever.


Graham Hancock also stressed on the fact that when you try experiencing an ayahuasca trip, when you consume the drink, when you consume the brew, a shaman has to be around you.


He has to guide you through that trip because you open a whole new dimension of existence and it's very easy to lose your mind completely. Someone has to guide you through the trip. It's very important to the process.


Now, he also said that the first part of the trip is where you will either buchel out or you'll cry a lot. Ayahuasca is a highly acidic substance. That's the biological aspect of it, that they say that it's so acidic that your stomach feels guilty.


But his stomach feels uncomfortable and throws up whatever was inside.


The spiritual aspect of throwing up in ayahuasca is that throughout your life, you accumulate a lot of physical toxins because of your bad habit or bad eating habits, your bad recreational habits, and more importantly, you accumulate a lot of emotional toxins, painful experiences from your life, hurtful experiences that are trapped inside that even you wouldn't know actually hiding in some corner of your being. That's what you bugout. It's a toxin release, but it's extremely intense and it's usually accompanied by hallucinations.


So listen to this podcast and I pretty much forgot about it. A year later when I began biceps. I was very nervous. I've spoken about my early struggles enough on this broadcast, people were saying all kinds of things. People are telling me not to go down this road of becoming a you do. But there's no such Gourriel called a social media Gourriel and it's all fake. And there's all these, like, voices which were pulling me down.


And in the middle of all this, one day my dad comes up to me and he says that, hey, you know what? Before you begin your career, let's plan a final family vacation and go to this place shows.


So at that stage of my life, I was so stressed and so unsure about what I was doing that I agreed pretty readily, went to see shows and I was trying to switch off from the world of early trios in that country on vacation with my family.


The beautiful thing about my family is that on vacation they let me be by myself.


I go do my own thing. I was on the Seychelles Beach and I started a conversation with this one person started talking about a lot of deep things. I explained what I do, basically did my own version of a mini podcast with that guy. And he mentioned shamanic culture to explain a certain concept to me. So the moment I heard shamanic, I went back to that Gamon conversation.


I looked at him and I said, what do you mean, like ayahuasca shamans?


And then he looks at me and says, Well, have you heard that word? Ayahuasca. So I told him that, you know what?


This is what I know about it. I also know that it's a pretty intense experience. It's not recreational. While it can help you, it makes you face your worst fears in terms of hallucinations.


You see the things you're scared of the most in your hallucinations and then maybe it becomes a better trip. Little. He looks at me and says, don't believe everything you see or read or hear on the Internet if you want to know what ayahuasca is experiencing and then come to conclusions.


So I looked at him and said, yeah, but for that, I'll have to go to South America to experience it. Right. So he looks at me and says, what if I tell you that I'm a trained shaman and I'm getting ayahuasca with me? And at that moment, I realized, has the ayahuasca reached out to me, I didn't reach out to it. And in the next moment I thought to myself, no, no, I don't want to go through scary hallucinations.


That's not my kind of thing. And that's the end of my life. I was drinking a lot of alcohol, consuming a lot of cannabis, and I thought, I'm all right, I'm OK with this, but I'm just twenty two. I don't want to waste my Bakersfield's. I met this guy constantly over the next two days, and we weren't just talking about ayahuasca. We had all kinds of topics. But he told me a few crucial things about ayahuasca.


He said that a bad aspect of the trip that follows difficult part of the trip, it doesn't even happen to everyone. When you consume marijuana or alcohol. Your body reacts to those substances and then creates a high order state of existence within your own mind. When you consume ayahuasca, you're consuming a substance and it's completely alive. It's got a soul and identity of its own. I'd also read these books by someone called Carlos Gustnado, I think the book was called Don One by Carlos Gustnado.


He spoke about a very important. Concept, so inJune Galtos from the Americas, that's the ancient American culture and South American cultures had these nine secret plants, they considered particular plants and particular plant brews to be very important from a spiritual perspective. These plants have consumed under the right circumstances, could help you grow a lot spiritually, but you needed the right circumstances and each of these plants had what you can think of as a spirit attached to it.


OK, now imagine that you're alone in the room with one other person. Imagine that it's a man. It's just you and that man, even if you close your eyes. And if it's your daddy or brother, you know that there's a masculine presence in the room with you, you feel a male energy. Now, in your head, the same scenario, you remove the man, you put a woman, you put your sister or your mom. You suddenly feel feminine energy, but I'm talking to you, you're feeling masculine energy through me.


It's a guy talking to you. You're listening to a man's voice. Imagine that was a woman you'd feel a lot of feminine energy coming through the screen, similarly, each of these plants had either masculine or feminine energy attached to them.


And when you consume them under the right circumstances, you do feel an external presence to say you do it alone with a shaman, you'll feel the presence of the shaman with you, and then you'll feel the presence of what they call Mothell ayahuasca. In your hallucinations, you might feel a feminine presence in the same room as you are. It's some thing very difficult to explain.


So let me try breaking it down a little for a little different people have different kinds of hallucinations. When they do ayahuasca, someone will picture a female lion, someone will picture a doll, someone will picture a really scary looking lady. Someone will picture a beautiful lady, their own version of mother ayahuasca.


Similarly, there's another plant called peyote. It's not shrooms or magic mushrooms. That's a different plant.


But peyote, there's a father figure that. Exists in association with building so many people consume peyote, they feel a very strong, masculine presence as a part of the hallucinations, as a part of their experience.


And everyone who does peyote speaks of fado, peyote, every single person that does ayahuasca speaks of mudhole, IOSCO, a female presence, which kind of sounds scary on a surface level.


But trust me, it was a huge aspect of the ayahuasca experience and it actually made it a lot nicer. Now, a lot of skeptics will be listening to this part doesn't let's talk about drugs.


They talk about hallucinations. Go.


I God, I completely understand where you're coming from, but this is societal conditioning.


All your life, you've been told that, listen, you can drink alcohol, which is an extremely harmful substance for your body and your mind and your spiritual journey. But because we been brought up in a society where it's legal, you think it's all right? Similarly, a substance like cannabis, which is harmful, have done in excess, but it's way less harmful than alcohol that's also villainize in our society because it's clubbed with other drugs like cocaine or heroin, which are actually extremely harmful for your body, much more harmful than alcohol is without getting into the physiological details of the substance.


I believe that you should trust fifty thousand years of wisdom rather than trusting laws which were made in the last one hundred years, primarily out of fear, primarily out of political organizations controlling their own citizens, telling us that you need to think like this because these substances are bad.


And if you do this, you are bad. You are a drug addict. It doesn't work like that. Let your own experiences decide your own opinions.


Coming back to the story. He explained to me that the ayahuasca experience would be very individualistic. So what I read online was, again, specific to those individuals.


What I would go through in the Ayahuasca experience would probably be very, very different.


So that got me thinking. And I honestly didn't know what direction I should go in. That also happened to be the same day that I went for my first ever deep sea dive, like the one that wins in the inability to lie down with scuba diving equipment, I went on a guided dive. Basically, someone held my hand, but took me really deep. I think I went thirty six feet deep underwater.


I saw whale on my first dive. I saw a hole underwater world.


I saw sharks. Neomi kind of opened up my perspectives. You know how deep sea dive starts.


You sit at the edge of the boat and then they tell you to just fall off the edge, you need to trust that the water will just support you. So you're kind of scared because you're kind of falling into an open ocean far away from the land, but you just go with it, you fall backwards, you land in the ocean, you look underneath you and there's colorful fish.


You were able to see all those colors and all those experiences because you decided to just take that plunge. So while I was swimming underwater with all these fish, with that whale that I saw with those sharks. It struck me that I should probably just go for it. Because it kind of was like IOSCO reached out to me. I didn't go searching for it. I knew what it was. I'd studied about it out of interest, but I never thought I'd end up doing it.


So after my dive. I went back to the office and met that guy, I told him that tonight we'll do an ayahuasca trip. He was a shaman, a shaman guide you through the experience now when you consume ayahuasca, some shamans will also consume some of it along with you. And some people say that your shaman will kind of share your experience. They'll also be a part of your whole journey along with ayahuasca.


He was what I saw. He called me to his room. He did a few rituals like how we have mantras in our country. He said a few of his shamanic mantras. He poured out all sorts of ayahuasca.


It was like the brown liquid, which is smelling better. So I looked at the brown liquid. And that seemed sort of just falling into the ocean on my head, I just took the glass down to. Best choice I ever made, especially for my Gourriel, I'll come to why later, but let's talk about the experience first.


So for half an hour, nothing happens. Everything's still normal.


And my shaman told me specifically that the moment you start feeling something, we'll switch the lights off and we lie down. Nothing happened initially and then suddenly. I look at the walls. I look at the floor, I look at the roof. And everything is becoming a little more jellylike. The solidity vanished from the floor. I looked everywhere and everything was becoming a little more liquid. I looked at my shaman and he was kind of moving and this was the beginning of the trip.


I told him that I feel like something real is happening. And he said, OK, it's begun. So he made me lie down, switch off the lights, he also laid on. And then he just told me to close my eyes. I close my eyes and the one thing that my ayahuasca trip was defined by. Was the presence of animals. I have no idea why.


But animals were something that I was always told, even as a child, I'd watch Naggie already, I'd watch the Discovery Channel already and I saw, oh, big whale just swallowing me when I went inside the whales mouth.


There was this long road, and suddenly I felt like I was kind of going down a God in that road, but it wasn't a God, I was just sliding down that road in some kind of a seat. I didn't know what was happening. I open my eyes and everything vanished. Everything was normal, I wasn't even feeling kind of high or woozy or anything. And I just don't know him and I said, hey, you know what, this is happening.


He said, no, you're supposed to close your eyes and just keep experiencing it. Go deeper in your trip. I swear to God, I was feeling completely sober when I asked him that, is it normal? He said yes, and this is why it's not a recreational drug. It doesn't make your census away from you. You're completely in control. And honestly, if you wanted to stop, it will stop. But if you wanted to go deeper, that's where you'll get your answers.


One important point I want to put across to you guys, and this is something I forgot to mention earlier in this podcast.


You have to have an intention when you're doing your ayahuasca trip. So what was my intention? At this stage of my life, I was extremely confident, had no self belief, I was constantly being told by my family, by my friends, by the world that this BAEO biceps choice was the wrong one and I was going to fail.


And I then have to go back and re-enter the rat race, which I ran away from, which I make videos about why you shouldn't be entering. I was very afraid at this stage of my life.


At the start of the trip, my shaman had also asked me to write down the question that I had from the Ayahuasca, the question that I wanted answered.


As I wrote two questions, the first question was this by suggesting that I've started. Is it the right direction for my life? Am I doing the right thing? And the second question I asked is that if they really want success in my life. What's the one thing I should be adding to my personality or what's the one thing I should be working on? Extremely simple questions. Coming back to the expedients, I'd ask these two questions about life, but what I got in return was animal imagery.


And the kind of guy who even today, when I have dreams, those important dreams always can be an element of some animal. And they say that in the study of dreams, there's lots of websites all about dreams. You should check this out. So say you have a lion doing some particular thing in your dream, attacking you or you riding the back of a lion. It all mean something. Animal presence in your dreams means something. And it happens to a lot of people who are on spiritual journeys.


So that's what I was seeing in my ayahuasca experience. And keep in mind, at that point, my spiritual journey had not begun. I was just seeing animals. So I felt. My shaman next to me, I felt he was also on the road with me, and suddenly me and him were turning into different animals, we were lions at first. They need to get into horses and you don't know dragons and you are just going down this road.


So once I kind of made peace with this weird hallucination, I looked up around me away from the road and I saw these little windows.


And those windows contain memories from my life. Now, I've wanted to actually endorse some of those memories, like almost like time travel and travel back to those important character building moments in my life. And the moment that which popped up in my head. This masquerade mask actually entered the hallucination, it was a feminine looking masquerade mask with wings kind of just settle down like a feather right in front of me. While I was traveling down that road, it was traveling with me, floating Neomi.


Kind of landed on me, it touched me, I touched the mask, I realized that that was my vision of mother ayahuasca. Wheelwright. And Musk took me away and asked me, OK, what do you want to do? And I said, I want to go there. I went into one of those windows. It was a memory from my childhood. It was my sister and myself sitting and watching TV after school. Complete BS. You're done with your homework.


It's probably a Friday evening. You're watching some cartoon with your sister. It's a very happy, peaceful childhood memory. I stayed there for a while, I felt like the concept of time got extremely stretched out. I felt like I could probably stay there for like a month. In the timeline of that dimension and then come out and it would have probably been just a few seconds in the real dimension, two seconds in the real dimension, could be as long as you want in the IOSCO dimension.


So I spent some time in that memory as a third person, just seeing these two kids, myself and my sister, kind of like a real time traveling experience, came out of that trip and or another trip where I saw a negative experience. I think my parents were shouting at me about something and they were shouting about something in specific.


So I heard that whole shouting experience as a third person view, and it kind of taught me certain things about myself in one of our old podcast, Weisbord, Implicit Memories, things that have happened in your childhood, someone shouted at you some negative experiences, which leaves scars forever. And you don't even know why you have those scars as an adult. You don't know why you're certain feels negative neural patterns and you don't know why you think in a certain way.


You don't know why certain foods were certain words. W my certain experiences suddenly are troubling you and it's because of all these implicit memories. I suppose my first experience of reexperiencing implicit memories. I went inside multiple windows and I found all these old implicit memories of myself and a lot of my current part patterns in life made sense to me, or that's why I kind of feel the dark or that's why I kind of doubt myself so much or OK, this is why I feel like I procrastinate too much.


I started also getting the solutions in my head. I didn't know what was happening, but then it also struck me that hold on, it's been a while since I've been in the Strip. Am I not supposed to puke? That's usually what happens, right? That's what I read online, that you puke after ayahuasca.


But I wasn't even feeling slightly nauseated. I was feeling fine. I was feeling happy. I was enjoying the experience. I was time traveling. I was like experiencing this beautiful scenario that I didn't know your mind was capable of experiencing. And you know what else I was experiencing. This is very crucial for the mood of the story in video games. Imagine that you have a life miedo that's as big as one hundred points when you go to a next level of a video game.


Sometimes somebody will reward you and says, you know what, from one hundred point, I'm going to go to one hundred and ten points.


In terms of your life, medo. Imagine I had a happiness meter that looked at about one hundred ayahuasca, allowed me to access a new dimension of happiness. It was a slightly more elevated level of happiness. I was feeling happier than I'd ever felt. And I was actually at this point in my life, I was feeling a lot of self doubt and there wasn't that much happiness in my life.


When Ayahuasca unlocked something new in me, I didn't know what was happening, but it kept continuing down that. I also felt a strong presence of God for the first time. In that. While I've prayed a lot in my childhood, I wasn't a spiritual kid growing up, I just prayed. I knew that there's one God, there's a higher power and you've got to express gratitude.


You've got to kind of ask for what you want. But that's all the concept of God was for me. Ayahuasca mother, ayahuasca and masquerade mask was leading me down that ayahuasca journey, and at the same time I felt like a masculine presence, which I consider the presence of God came down and led me.


Along the road, along with mother ayahuasca, the two elements of the higher power, the feminine element, which is mother ayahuasca, the masculine element, which was Fardell God.


Once I felt this presence of balance, I felt exactly for those elements that we have for my parents, mom and her dad.


Once I felt that the main presence, I went back to my original question. I said that am I doing the right thing in life? And the street, Alonzo. Was hold on, let us show you so the two hallucination parents. Changed up the entire trip for me from experiencing the road and those animals and those time traveling windows, the scenery changed into the side of a highway.


There's no cars on the highway. I could just see the horizons on the twins. So the parents showed me one end of the horizon. And I heard this massive sound like something huge was coming my way. Before I knew it, I saw this big fireball just flashed across me, it came from one horizon. Went across me and went to the other horizon and as it went, its size kept increasing.


The ayahuasca, that element of God, looked at me and told me. That is your career if you continue down this current path that you're on. That's what this particular road can lead you to. And then I said, what about my second question? The second question was, what do I need to add to my mind in order to maximize my success? And the parents kind of looked at me and said, you've got everything that you need to succeed other than self belief.


You have zero self belief, which was very true at that stage of my life. I spent four years in engineering college, hurling insults from teachers, were upset with their own lives, including my parents, see that your marks aren't great. I hope you're going to do something in life during my friends say things like, why are you not going abroad?


You're making the wrong choice by staying back in India, just hearing negative feedback that I just beaten on myself. Believe to zero points on hundred points. A very negative mindspace to be in. At the moment, they told me that you need to incorporate the concept of self belief in your existence. Everything faded away. The trip stopped happening. There was nothing that was just darkness, and when you close your eyes, you just see darkness. It was just that man.


I open my eyes and I'm back in that hotel room. I look at my shaman. I woke him up. Throughout his experience, he was doing a few chants, he was doing a few shamanic chants, but I was too withdrawn from him. I was too within myself, within my own mind, within my own experience. I looked at him. I was full of emotion. And Catrin. I couldn't explain my entire trip to him, but I said at the end of the trip.


Was this. There's two questions that I wrote on that piece of paper. These are the answers. It's the right choice. Like that he was going to be one fireballer for Correo. But I need to tell myself that I am capable of killing it in my own life. And the shaman looked at me and asked me, what about the negative aspect of the experience? So I looked at him. And I just started crying. Twenty two year old Buff Powell is just weeping like a little baby crying.


I said, I don't know.


There was no negative experience. It was just so happy, powerful and positive. And he looked at me and said, this is the height of the negative aspect of this experience feels that's it.


That's the only negative aspect of it, because you're probably not capable of handling more negativity at this point, maybe in the future when you're slightly stronger mentally. And if you try doing ayahuasca again, maybe you'll have a more intense negative experience. But at this stage of your life, I was only giving you what you can handle. And I looked at him and I said, yes, that's probably true. I was a different person after that day, I didn't tell my parents about it.


I've still not told them in detail about this experience. I swear to God, I felt like one personality and bring that ayahuasca experience and another personality exiting from it.


That actually led me to researching a lot more about ayahuasca, the scientific aspects of the biological aspects of it. And of everything I read that neural pattern thing I told you guys about, that it creates new neural patterns. That was something I experienced in an extremely strong way. I felt like I was more powerful. I felt like someone gave me an extremely powerful sword called self belief. I read other people's accounts of doing ayahuasca, and everyone said that it gave them the weapon that they needed at that stage of their life.


There's almost no one who's had a negative ayahuasca experience. Very rarely on the Internet do come across someone who says that, OK, you know what? I regret doing it.


Most people say that it was a character building experience, but it's very, very, very crucial to know it is not safe to go out searching for ayahuasca experiences. And I feel you shouldn't. There's two reasons why I explained the scientific reason. First, the scientific reason is that there's a lot of people or crooks, lots of fake shamans out there. The shaman was legitimate. He had explained a lot more details to me, which I haven't spoken word on this podcast, but I knew for a fact that he was a legitimate shaman.


He knew what he was talking about. He was trained by shamans in the Amazon rainforest. There's a lot of people are just mixing and matching chemical substances and selling it as ayahuasca, and that's why it's important not to go out looking for it.


But if you are looking for it. I'm going to ask you this, are you looking for it because you want to experience it or are you looking for it because you want to add some element within your character, or do you want to heal something within yourself?


I was cast primarily for people who have lived out life enough, who have been broken enough by life. You need some kind of healing, healing is the key word. Later in life, I discovered meditation strangely thanks to the same shaman, I met him about six months later. In India, he came to India and he explained how he had stopped doing ayahuasca and he had gotten into this thing called meditation. He explained basic understanding meditation to me and keep in mind, this guy is a white European guy, all right?


He got into old chanting meditation, sitting in one place, taking a deep breath, giving a back street. And when you breathe out, you go, Oh.


He said it was one of the greatest healing experiences of his life. Twenty minutes of jaunting meditation every single day, and I asked him that, is it the same as doing ayahuasca?


And he gave me this analogy, which I completely agree with. He said that what is ayahuasca, basically, it's an experience that floods your brain with DMB and that BMD is what makes the trip happen, what breaks neural patterns, what makes neural patterns, what changes the structure of your brain? BMT is a substance that can be produced within your body as well. Within your mind, something called a pioneer of land. In pop culture, the Benally is also referred to as the third eye, these are the opening to another dimension.


The pineal gland gets stimulated when you do deep meditations, especially when you practice daily meditations, he the analogy he gave me.


While ayahuasca is like downing a barrel full of whiskey and one go meditation is like having a sip of whiskey one step at a time so each meditation session won't be as powerful and life changing as one ayahuasca session.


But in the long term.


Meditation, daily meditation does stimulate the production of DMD within your mind that causes that state of bliss, that causes that state of extended happiness, that changes the structure of your mind over time.


But most importantly, it had to level up. It helps you level up by healing you from within. That's how I slipped into that process of deep meditations, and that's why I promoted the idea of meditation this month. It's basically the same thing. They say that your brain is flooded with BMB only at three moments within your existence. The first is when you're born. The second is when you die, and that's why they see my life flashed before my eyes.


Remember that time travel analogy I gave you about my own ayahuasca experience when your brains were DMD? You don't have a concept of time and concept of time changes up, time feels stretched out, that's what happens near death when you know you're going to die. I feel stretched out. You go through an extremely intense BMB style experience because your brain is flooded with VMT. The third movement is in very vivid dreams, were crazy stuff is happening within your dreams, you're flying, you're controlling the shape of buildings around you.


That's when your brain is flooded with a little bit of the empty.


The fourth way to release the body, naturally in your mind, is by stimulating opinions and over time through daily meditation. I've never wanted to do ayahuasca after that. There's been no urge for that, but as I've gotten into deep meditation, as I've gotten into deeper spirituality, I've reached a stage and. Adept in my meditation, where I do get lost in my own mind, sometimes my meditations get so deep that I lose my sense of identity. I don't remember that.


I mean, you do. Well, I don't remember whether or not I'm a man or a woman. I don't remember my own name, who I am, what I do.


I just have a sense of. Me being someone who's within their own meditation, focusing on my breath. That's what my focus boils down to, these kind of strange experiences happen to deep meditation. So all of you who stayed and listened to this podcast at this point, I'm sure you're very intrigued by the concept of ayahuasca, but I stress on this statement once again, don't go chasing it.


If it has to come to you, it will come to you, you don't choose ayahuasca, ayahuasca chooses you.


But what I do urge you to do is heal yourself. Take a deep dive into the world of spirituality. If you do want to flood your brain with DMP, you don't have to go to the Amazon rainforest to get into a habit of daily meditation and go deeper into that spiritual journey as Makarios unfolded.


I look at that ayahuasca experience and I realized that it made me realize that such intensely deep spiritual experiences are possible. You can feel the presence of Mother Ayahuasca and Father God and these big fireballs and future predictions and time travel, all these larger than life experiences are possible in this world within our existence.


You brought up in a certain way being told, go to school, go to college, go get a job, go have kids, go to the school, do that. It's a controlled environment, but.


There's a complete dimension out there that's waiting to be tapped into. That's what you need to remember, and that opened up the possibility of personal change through spiritual journeys and to meditation.


So if I feel like meditation is the single biggest factor in my life today, that possibility of meditation begun in that ayahuasca journey. And that's why I always stress that doing ayahuasca is the one spiritual turning point of my life. But I became open to a lot of concepts that I didn't know exist.


I used to be that guy who would make fun of people like myself who promote the idea of meditation, promote the idea of these crazy experiences like ayahuasca, and now I'm that guy who's talking about it in Barca's and on YouTube.


Final message of this video. Stay open to all kinds of experiences. And please explore the spiritual world, there's a lot of self discovery and all kinds of growth, whether that's gurgled, whether that's growth in relationships, whether that's growth in your own personal empathy.


It begins with spirituality, reading spiritual books, meditating daily and listening to different perspectives.


Thank you, guys. I hope you guys enjoy today's episode of that and be sure.