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And what I would say to anybody that wants to get out, you don't have to do full out porn to make money, I mean, because only family got started for the sex industry. It was started for, you know, mostly celebrities, but people I mean, A.S.A. more people subscribe to people that eat peanut butter and pickles and want to hear that, you know, so there's just every realm of possibility that you have for making money. People all the time like, well, I'll I'll join if you send me a nude picture.


I'm like, look, if you need that, go to PornHub. It's free. But if you want to chat with a nice female and for her to check on you and see how your surgery was or see, I mean, whatever, and that's that's the thing.


Like they're paying for you and there's no other you. And I don't understand why they they think if they say that, that they're going to get something free, like it's it never happened.


I love. Right. And then I find that I'll say, look, there is a million other girls on here. I am just not your girl. I'm not it.


Hi, welcome back to the Sludge podcast, I'm your host, and it's here to empower women to build their own empire and interview sluts who like to make money. On my podcast, I give you a peek inside my life as a girl, boss, mentor, retired camgirl viral tech talker and now one percent only fans creator. I share my ups and downs of running a multimillion dollar business and the difficult yet sexy path to success. I hope you all have had a wonderful start to the week.


And now that my warehouse movie is finally complete, I'm excited to get my weekly episodes back on track. I know I say that every week, but we're finally, finally getting married. If you haven't watched my recent YouTube video showing you a little tour of my new workspace, go check it out for the link in the description. So, my dear intrapreneurs and my baby sluts in training, buckle up and grab your notebooks. And if you're a new listener, it's an honor to have you here.


So get ready to take a peek inside. My pleasure.


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All right, back to the show and today's episode we'll be talking to and only fans, top one percent creator named Jenny. Her only fans handle is at your wish is the command. And she is well known and worshipped for her magnificent muffin top. Let's welcome this queen to the show. Hi, Jenny. Thanks for being here.


Hey, how are you? I'm great. Would you like to introduce who else is with you? I have my boyfriend with me.


He's pretty much the marketing part behind of everything that I do.


Hi, boyfriend. Do you want to say your name? My name is Jason. Hi Jason. Great to have you here.


Thank you very much. So would you like to paint a picture of yourself so that we can kind of envision what you look like?


Well, there's a little bit of an age difference, but not too much. But we are just typical people that you see when you go out. I don't know, do a day.


Well, I am. I guess to tell you what we look like, I'm probably about five, ten, 220 pounds. And Jenny is five, too, and she's about one hundred and six. Eight pounds. Yeah. I mean, I'm pretty petite. Yeah.


But we're we're both from previous marriages. We have have had some rocky relationships in the past and we met each other in a bar at a bar and we just hit it off and have really found what we think is the perfect relationship.


Hey, it looks like magic from what I can see. Are you guys in the South like myself?


We are. That's easy to tell just by the accent. Cool. So do you do you care to share if you guys have kids or not?


Yes, we have seven between us.


Oh, my goodness. Good God. Do you plan to have any more? Absolutely not. One.


When do you decide to stop? I mean, I'm just doing it. We practice a lot though. Yes. Yes, yeah.


And we have you know, I think that this has been fun for us because it's kind of like a fun secret outlet whenever you're trying to find, you know, that spark. Yeah.


I kind of just want to like I guess my first thought is, is this something you share with everyone you know, or is this just something like for you guys?


We're the only two that know about it.


They're very secretive. It's hard for us to create content because then it got really famous on Tick-Tock for her her bottom, I would say her booty. So we just really we're very proud of it. We don't show her face in any of the TTIP talks. And so we're very private about who knows, who doesn't know. And like she said, we're the only two that know and we like it that way. We like the sort of the mystery of it.


And it's been it's been really good for her financially. Yeah. And so, yeah, it's been it's been nice to keep it a secret. Yes.


Do you get to reap the benefits as well from her newfound income or is that something that she's like that's all her.


He gives it all to me. She yeah. She keeps every bit of it. I'm I'm fairly financially secure. So it actually excites me. He's very much excited me to help her up some financial freedom and breathing room. And she can give you a little bit of history of, you know, her, how she came to this point.


Yeah. I mean, I was in a really long, crazy, bad marriage. Seven. Years and, you know, I felt so bad about myself and about my body, I was I was probably one of the most insecure people you've ever met, just, you know, always they covered up, which I know that sounds crazy with everything that, you know, I put out there now, but.


Well, how how old are you? Because when I saw your tick tock, I was I was I thought you were in your 20s. Like you have a rock hard body.


I'm forty. I'll be forty one this year.


That's insane. Like, I just have to ask, like how how does your skin like looks. I mean you just look flawless to me.


I mean butter go on. You know, I mean I've had three children.


I just can't even believe it. That's in credit. Like I, I'm just in how you've taken yourself and just totally use that to your advantage.


Like, do you care to share what your Tick-Tock name was or is it still is. I did lose one account because they sat me down for no reason, but it relatable.


Nothing tops zero zero because normally women are like ashamed of having a muffin top.


Well, you know, I was kind of shy about it, but when I met him, you know, I was waitressing in a restaurant and I was just like, I can't you know, I was just working. And he, of course, noticed my ass. And an hour it was a bar. And and I never I mean, if you guys ever even looked at my butt, I didn't even pay any attention at all. And he would always I mean, it could not keep him away from it.


And then covid hit and everything else. And so I was like, gosh, I've got to make a supplemental income. I've got to do something else. I've got to do something else. And he gives you what are you watching this Rebecca Blue girl, you know, and oh, shut the fuck up.


Are you be and and and I was like, no, you've just got to see her. And I was like, I don't even have a car. I don't know who this girl is. Oh, my God.


It's crazy how the world works like that.


I was like, oh, I could never do that. You know, I don't have enough confidence. You know, I can't get in front of a camera like that. And he's like, just make one to talk. He finally talked me into it. It blew off.


Thank God he did. I mean, I just have to say, I like your confidence in the way he films you and the marketing techniques that I see. It is so inspiring to me. Like when you send your mass messages. Of course I get them because I follow you. And every time you do, it reminds me, OK, I need to send a message because you are so personal and yourself and authentic.


And I'm like, no wonder she's doing so well. Like she she gets it. It's clear that you know what your followers want. And I'm assuming as far as marketing, you might have a really good idea of who your your subscribers are.


I do. And I mean, I try to at first I was just like I didn't know what to do. And then I kind of was like, oh, my gosh, this guy really thinks I'm his girlfriend, you know? But then I was I was getting, like, tipped, like, ridiculous for telling these guys good morning, good night. And and just asking them about their day, you know, and just different stuff like that.


And it's unreal what that means. And they know what they've gotten into. You know, I've had a couple of, like, crazy guys, you know, and I'm like I had to kind of set it straight. But these guys know what they're paying for and they're OK with that.


Do you think age is a factor in knowing how to build relationships and having that experience gives you a creative edge with that technique?


Yes. And I also think that because I mean, I think that there's some self-esteem issues probably I mean, I don't know from some of the guys because they're lonely or whatever. I've been lonely before. I know what I want to hear. I know what it feels like to have someone care about how your day was. Sure.


I think that that's important. I think the other advantage, too, is that she has a boyfriend who who can say, yes, I like these things. No, I don't like these things. And when we first started out, it blew up so much to change the direction of what we were doing. So we started off kind of solved, if you will.


It got a little bit more edgier and your hard core sluttier, you know, and then she realized, which is awesome.


She realized that she did not want to do that anymore. So I said pull the reins back a little bit. This is your money. You do what you want to do. I told her, but I said, you're going to lose some people if you don't do these things. I said, but I think you still gain, but you'll still have this one crowd of followers that stay with you and they come in, they go. But the interesting thing is that she has probably about, I don't know, two or three hundred who just absolutely adore her because she's so personable.


She she asks about their day, you know, some of them, we do them in mass messages and different things like that. But it got to a point where it was too big and it was taking both of us. Almost full time to handle everybody, but I'm a marketing guy, and I was blown away by how much money was coming in every month.


So are you, like, categorizing certain subs, like favoring them in a list that are like, OK, you're super loyal ones? Because that I figured out a little bit later. So I made a category for guys who bought panties or guys who paid, you know, higher spenders and stuff. And I like. How do you utilize that to your advantage?


Well, I definitely have a favorite, which are people that are hot tippers that need more attention. I don't have a VIP page, but I do have like certain guys that I mean, they have let me know. They just want me to talk to them. They don't want the videos. They said it insults them to get the videos with that price tag on it because they're already just tipping me randomly.


So do you like do you exclude them from the meals?


We have a category for. Well, we do. And just like modern gambling. So they're the big tippers and they're the guys that built to the max. And I think you heard Max, right, those 200 or so to two hundred dollars. And we had one guy who would he tip two hundred and he took two hundred. I mean, like, my God, five minutes after another.


So so just get I ask you like what. Hands down. Like what are your hard boundaries for this, because you seem like a really easygoing guy.


Let me let me answer something on that. Have you seen first chick talks that go across is like how do you say your boyfriend would never cheat on you without saying he wouldn't cheat on you?


I could video him messaging men for me and my boyfriend, just like, how do you like how do you have the female tone when you do that?


Is it just is it just to eat? Like does it come naturally?


I think is what I would want to hear or what you want to hear from somebody who doing math. But that's a hard boundary. When we first started, it wasn't anything graphic or anything. But I did. I told her, I said, I don't want you calling anybody, baby. You can't sweetie. You call them honey, sugar, love, whatever. Not love that one either. But baby, I didn't want her because that's what she calls me.


And I didn't want her. I didn't want to go in there and see where she type. Hey baby, how was your day. That's limited for me. So that was really the only boundary I told her I was very encouraging with her to tell her if she wanted to do certain things, I would be fine with that, whatever her limits were.


Well, what what about with you, like in a film like film and content together.


Oh my gosh. Well, I get the advantage of that to make films and watches on film and I watch.


And then when I stop filming, then we he rigs the benefits, the benefits of that.


So do you feel like do you feel like the sex is better post content making? Because she's kind of it's almost like when you're at the strip club and you get the stripper in front of you, like warming you up dancing before you get that lap dance, like, does it really just heighten your senses so much like it's like foreplay? Oh, for sure. Yeah.


Honestly, we did have a point, I think, where we got to work too dirty or she got to thinking she was too dirty. And and I think it did affect us emotionally because we were spending so much time creating more hardcore content. It was taking away from our relationship. But we saw that and we said, OK, just pump the brakes. And it happened to be during the holidays, which was good. And so we must pump the brakes just back off and just see if we can lower the content down to really dissect the dual type stuff.


And we don't do any content together. None together. It's all her. It's all she doesn't do it with anybody else. And a lot of people want to see boy, girl, girl, girl, whatever. We just decided not to do it. We let them know up front. That is just her. And you know, and everybody knows from tick tock, which is up and that's how we draw. I think how she draws is because she's such a terrible tease.


We get I would say we get forty percent of the people subs just who want to see her face to face it all.


Well, the art of the tease is is such a huge thing. I mean, when I personally watch porn, sometimes I enjoy the before, you know, and they have their clothes on so much more. And I just love and respect how much respect you have for each other and have the ability and maturity to navigate when those feelings happen. Because I think it's clear communication and the boundaries is what will make this work and grow and excel and not get out of control.


I mean, that's a beautiful thing. I think it's clear you guys are are on the right path as far as doing this as a team.


Yeah, I'm sure, you know, to because I don't know how many subscribers you were at, but when you get up into those bigger numbers and you got to figure ten. I don't know how women actually do it by themselves, because, I mean, not only is a full time job, but I think the thing that we've learned, too, though, is, you know, the mass messages is a wonderful thing because you don't have to text everybody.


But there's only so many of them that actually text back and say, how's your day going? And we'll do it. I mean, a lot of the text is kissy face or your sweet whatever to simple stuff.


Well, how do you navigate the schedule of that? Because I find it difficult and I I'm constantly seeking, I guess, agencies to help me manage it. But I'm terrified to hand someone over my hard drive of nudes and they won't edit my footage the way I want to edit it. And I don't you know, I don't know what kind of contracts go in place. And I think there's definitely a market to do that is probably somewhere out there.


I'd love us if we could talk to someone about that. But is there a way you guys schedule, you know, do you just do it throughout the day or is it just kind of do it as you go?


It's more of a do it as you go. Yeah, but I am because we bounce a lot of ideas off of each other and I'll be like, hey, I need to do this. Say this, this is on the schedule. We've got to figure out if we do it at noon or or can we do it. Janah We try to keep our relationship going, you know, all the time, like we have date nights, at least one or two times a week, and we go on one trip a month.


But we also will film on the trip. On the trip. The only fan stuff. But the thing that I'm trying to get her to understand is when we first started, I did I did tick tock. I did Instagram and I did Twitter. Well, I also have two other full time job. So now what I'm trying to get her to do is to call a nine to five by any means, because it's not a nine to five. But, you know, for an hour a day, she works Tip-Top for an hour, a day she works Instagram for an hour, that she works Twitter.


And then for an hour a day she works only fans, but that our only fans are spread out messages all throughout the day. So having having a schedule like that, I think will help. But the thing I would say more importantly than anything, is find your sweet spot. We found ours. You know, where we she still makes a very like the first couple of months was incredible. Blew it out of the water she's got now. She has a very nice nest egg, but now it's more like, OK, let me pay the bills and then continue to put that money into that nest egg.


And there were some investments where stuff now with cryptocurrency and a couple of other things, because we now we're we're not sharing the money, but we can collaborate together on other things.


Have your money, make money. You know, that's what we're trying to do, is buy a house, you know? Yeah.


When you make that amount of money so quickly, when you blow up like that is just I can't even explain. You have to you have to think about you just don't even know what to do.


Well, what's your biggest like? How have you spoiled yourself or do you have a biggest expense that you've felt you need? You wanted to reward yourself with probably nothing.


I would say I paid my car off. Oh, that's awesome. Congratulations.


I'm so frugal anyway. I always have when I was. But like I said, we take a trip. We have a certain amount of money that goes into we call it our travel kitty and trip once a month.


We build content there. We, you know, work on our relationship. We work on everything while we're there. And it's really, really nice.


So if anybody tips her through cash out and not through only finance, because we really try not to pull people away from only fans just because we don't want to violate anything. So we leave that there. But if somebody says, hey, do you have an Instagram or whatever, and once we pull them over that way, then we could say, hey, if you don't mind, would you? If you want to tip me, would you do it in cash out?


So that cash account is just for travel, but that cash account is in Bitcoin. So as we're getting tips, we're also growing it through Bitcoin. Wow. I wish you guys were my parents.


I thing is, we probably could be. That's so insane.


Now I'm like, I'm writing this down like, OK, Akashat Bitcoin because I do the same thing with my cash app card. If I'm out and about and want to go to a thrift shop, I'm like, all right, how much do I have my cash up? Because, you know, it's I don't know how documented expenses are on cash shop. I know Venmo is a little different. And what about, like, Amazon wishlist you? Do you ever have any gifts that come to the mailbox?


No, we decided not to do that just because we wanted to keep it very private. Not no, we're OK with having the way that I do.


It's like a virtual girlfriend kind of thing.


A few of my guys are like, I have a guy that has a blanket with my picture on his face mask, just her body with my body on it, like his face mask that he wears and and they use extremely clean.


Wait, so do you do you ever worry about it going too far in that sense? A little bit. Yes, but then I have to pump the brakes with them and I'll say, listen, you do realize that this is only fans, that this is what, you know, can't go any further because, you know, my goal is to meet you one day. And I'm just like, well, that's not going to happen because I don't do that.


Yeah, about 40 percent of want to meet or have a date with her. I'll give you ten thousand dollars for one date.


And I've been offered very large amounts of money and there's nothing worth it to me.


I think I think the thing that we discussed it was so important because I know part of what you do is encouraging women to do this. But Jenny to me is so encouraging because when she came into this, she had never done anything like this before, never even owned a dildo.


And she was not joking. I am not.


And she did not. Rebecca, she did not appreciate her body. And and of course, you've seen it. I was floored by it.


You know, to me, I'm floored by it. And I was worried about the size of her chest. He was worried about, you know, if I came up with the muffin top thing because I just love her, her love handles, you know, she's got these great hips and ass below it. But she didn't think she had that. And then once she discovered that other people like that, she was like, well, I don't have big boobs.


I'm like their classes of people out there that just asked that, just like boobs that just like feet. So what I would say is encouraging people to do this is somebody is going to like your body. A lot of people will like your body and they will pay to see it then no matter what size it is or what you think it looks like, because I know there's tons of people that want to try it and maybe don't want to show their face.


And we are or she is the prime example of taking a ton of money without showing the face.


Now, she doesn't only fans. I do show it on only fans.


Yeah, I saw that. And the message is a little more. And then I was like, oh my God, she's really like cute. Like, it's not like nurturing vibe. And I totally got that when I started getting the messages and whatnot. And I mean, I'm not going to like it. They kind of bring a smile to my face as well.


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OK, that's it. Back to the shop. Yes, I love you.


How do you choose your subscription prices. Nine ninety nine. Your sweet spot.


When we were at fourteen but I cut down on my content because I went from being quite so edgy and with more of the porn videos or whatever or soft porn or whatever it's called. So I cut down the price because I mean I want them to get what they're paying for.


So that's why I went down to nine ninety nine, also trying to stay in that sweet spot of what we can manage and what we can't manage. So, you know, after Christmas we dropped off and I think the average subscriber is two months, two and a half months maybe. So you've got to constantly bring in a new crowd. So we're trying you know, I think we have, of course, completely saturated Tip-Top. There's all we were always getting new members from there, but we're trying Klapper, more Twitter, more Instagram.


Tell me about Klaper. What's that? Klaper is is just like tip top, but it's they're saying it's very free. They even have an icon for your only fans. Link.


Oh, well, well, you know, and after this.


Well, and it's it's just like tip top now. They don't have the I don't think they have the capability of the music yet. So you've got to you've got to put your music on it or either some little cheesy synthesizer type music. They have some decent choices. But is this more of a free speech platform? Sort of. Was that the Patriot Act that a lot of people were going to. Yeah, when Facebook was going through everything, everybody's peeling off and going to.


Oh, yeah, yeah, I remember that, but I can't remember what it was.


But we don't have I think we've got a couple of Klapper, but I think we could really use it to. I think people are knowing now that you've got a clapper you'd find only found women or men or whatever, but it's very, very similar.


So are there any fears between you two of I wouldn't be like this secret getting out, but, you know, what's the worst case scenario?


Oh, my children, we have preteens or I have a pre-teen two and child at their school. Thought they saw me in a tick tock that way. They did. They did. It was it went viral. It was like it like a million something. And I thought, well, nobody's gonna notice because I don't think he noticed.


He knew it was her. Yes, and and he texted me and he he's 14 and he hit him, he hit on me.


How did that make you feel? Awful. I went private. I shut down. I did not post anything for, you know, several days until I could get out of that phone. And I was like, we blocked him. Yeah, we blocked him.


We lost his family connected with. Yeah. And we have our own ticktock. We have our kids blocked so they can't see it. So, you know, that's an important thing. And another thing I would say about only fans is if people are worried about people around them, they have a way that you can block states. It's not perfect. I've seen people who said I can't get in, but I live in the state next door or whatever.


But that's interesting. Yeah. So there's there's that ability if someone's really, really worried about, you know, somebody that high profile or something, you know, that they can block a state, but like, it's not perfect. But, you know, we worry about it because I'm pretty sure he's very well known in our town. We live in a small town. I'm very well known. It could. It could.


It would. But what what is I mean, do you feel like you'd lose your job over it? Or like what's what's the fear?


Because I don't feel like I lose my job. But it's just people talk in small towns and it is a very small town.


Yeah, well, you know, I live in the swamps in North Carolina. I mean, it's I'm the only one that drives a Mercedes. And, you know, I know people don't necessarily know I'm on only fans, but one time I went to the Harris Teeter when I had a million followers on tech talk. So I'm getting like my one million balloon, get my cake. And they're like, what are you celebrating? And I was like, oh, you know, I just got a million followers.


And then everyone in the Harris Teeter follows me now and it's on there now. I'll drive thirty minutes out the way to go to the other Walmart. But it's I just because I just don't have the patience to deal with anyone in person. But I do see a side note. I see a lot of young moms on ticktock who are very vocal about their only fans. They're very like famous for being on only fans and they show their kids and their tech talks.


And a lot of them, some that I follow, are very honest about that conversation that may or may not happen with their kids and kind of embracing that honesty kind of situation. But I honestly have no idea what I would do because I sell sex toys.


So I'd be terrified that, you know, my kid would start playing with a vibrator at a young age, you know, finding one somewhere. And it's it's just something that society doesn't teach us how to do because it's such a normal job, because people don't know how the fuck to talk about sex. Right. It is just insane. So I feel for you in that aspect that it's just not normalized and it should be. But I can't really comment on that because I don't have children.


Yeah, well, we have you know, I think that my son would you know, he's a teenager and he would be definitely mortified if he knew that. I mean, he's probably looking at porn on his computer right now.


Yeah, you know what I mean. He's mom's powers and everything else. And he does not want to think that his mom is doing that.


I don't think maybe when they're all adults, you know, it's going to be the Christmas conversation.


Yeah. My kids don't even they think that, oh, my God, why are you wearing that? You know, Mom, stop doing that. You know, why did you get your belly button pierced? You know all that. I know you're too old for that. Yeah.


When you're in the mom and dad mode, you're if you're lucky, you're not. I mean, I look at her as she's so sexy to me, but her kids don't look at her.


No, they do not look well. They're not the only good thing that they have a hot mom. They're like, oh, I want to say a blow from your school hit on me.


So I love it. That's that's a power to me.


I would be thrilled if they knew how I was on Tick-Tock because they all want to be big on tick tock and they're not.


Yeah, my my brother called me the other day. He was like, I think my ex girlfriend follows you because she's been sharing some of your TEQ talks and I just put my head down and he, he was like, I'm tired of seeing you half naked everywhere. And I'm like, well sounds like a huge problem.


I know.


But he he, he's OK, he's OK with it. He doesn't want to talk about it. But at this point I just had to make a decision once it got too big. I said, you know what, if someone finds out and they don't accept me, like, what am I losing? You know, it's only making room for me to gain someone that that respects me.


Exactly. And how do you tell Jay? As I said, if I if I get caught doing this, I mean, honestly, with what I've made doing this, they can suck a dick. I really don't care.


Well, we've also we've also dialed back enough to where if somebody did come on and said, oh, I recognize her from tip top, then it's only ten dollars to join only fans. They go home and it's it's not even we're not even doing soft porn anymore, but. But the great thing is she's retained her followers and she's retained enough to make a very good living every month without having to do the things that she really didn't want to do in the beginning.


I mean, it could have gone the other way, too. I mean, we could have gotten more graphic and probably gained more fans. More weren't more and more emotions, more time apart, more stress. But she's found that sweet spot and she's making more money or three times more money than she was making before and working a very stressful job every day from eight to six or eight to five. And now she gets her nails done. She goes to the tanning booth.


She she I mean, it's small things because when I met her, like, her nails were never done and her toes were never stopped. And so I said, this is part of your business. You have to you know, women would hate to hear that, that you have to get your nails done.


Well, and I completely agree because I always felt guilty getting my nails done. I mean, a pedicure can get up to fifty dollars sometimes. And I'm trying to put my money back into my other businesses. And that was the very first thing that brought me joy when I did this was getting cash up to go get my nails done because I would paint them at my house. And, you know, that wasn't the same as, you know, going to get them done, done.


So I completely relate to that. And I say that a lot without any shame. Like this side hustle for me is purely so I can you know, I put a little bit of it away, but I'm getting things done in my house. I'm going to the salon once a month instead of every four months. And there's there's something to that, because I used to feel more I wouldn't say like more handicapped to people getting it for me, like waiting for a boyfriend to get me a gift card or, you know, say go get your hair done.


And now it's like I can just put appointment after appointment on my calendar, you know, Botox, shopping, anything.


And it's it's just so empowering. That's the simplest way to put it.


That's the best way. It's so empowering.


The great thing about it is she's so frugal anyway. Like she's every bit that she's made so far she's been able to save.


But for me, I could not still pay my bills.


But like when we got our our favorite thing is to go into a thrift store or an antique store or whatever. Yeah. And the whole time we're thinking, hey, can we use this for content or can we use this for this? And we have this. You have this business mentality about it. But part of that business is keeping yourself looking nice for your subscribers because we have men and women that pay to follow us.


And I think it's interesting because a lot of the people that we see who have a ton of fans, they're other creators. There are other women either watching what you're doing or copying what you're doing or whatever. The thing that we've been able to do is have a really I would say. Ninety eight percent of our people are genuinely tipping subscribers instead of people just watching your content, which I think is interesting because we may not have, you know, three thousand subscribers or four thousand subscribers, but the core group that we do the all too.


So I noticed on your wall you would, you know, write something really sweet and you can I don't know if it's like a fundraiser button, but you can press this button that allows people to tip on what you post. And it was just something very simple.


You know, it could have been like, good morning. No, no, no. This is what it was. You said, I'm going out with the girls who wants to buy me a drink or three or four or five.


And girl, you had two hundred dollars worth of tips. And I just I said, oh, my God, what the hell is she doing?


Because I need to to latch on and figure the fuck out because that's incredible. Not there's no way all the girls on there are getting that like you are.


Well, that's one thing that we do. And another thing, too, that I found that if you if someone didn't want to do an Amazon wish list just because I haven't gotten that because of how some of my subs are. But one is I will send out private messages of a piece of lingerie that I may want, but it's it's just going to on. But it's actually something everyone and say, hey, would you like to buy this for me?


I'd make you a video and then everybody buys it.


That's that's a huge troublemaker. So we'll say, I want this launch right. For Valentine's Day. And if you buy it for me, if you've seen them, if you buy it for me, I'll make a special video for you.


And and that video goes out free to everyone that that really goes out to everyone.


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant idea.


You have you have one hundred people who are buying that one item for you and you're only bought it once for like thirteen dollars, thirty or forty dollars off Amazon.


Work smarter, not harder. So soon, I know you mentioned you were a little more shy about your body, you know, years ago, so now has this open your eyes to any new kinks that you guys share together? Yeah, I think so.


Oh, yes.


I've never had such an incredible sex life ever. It's like I feel like I just hit the the peak. Oh, my gosh. Yes. It's amazing.


She is never had a sex orgasm before. No, not to my relationship with him. Yeah. Not many of us have either to be. It is true.


Not only has he doesn't have to get into all of that. Give me give me the PG 13 and say, I mean, I don't know if it's I don't know if it's like, ah, foreplay and and everything that we do.


I mean, I think I mean I can have multiple. Yes.


Love that. And I was reading a book, I think it was called Orgasm.


And for women it's clearly a mental thing, like, yes, it's physical sex, but the foreplay and feeling comfortable with their partner, which you obviously are, just opens you up ten times more.


Yeah, it's it's insane. It's I think everybody should have I mean, I wish that for everyone else to have that kind of relationship.


But it exactly is that it's that I think it's the comfort level because, you know, I'm not a big guy, but it's average, you know.


But but but the thing about it is that we put so much into it, I think feeling and it's in it's real. It's not we're not just fucking I mean, we're we're actually wanting to be together, wanting to touch each other, wanting to spend time together. And yes, I mean, since we spent well, since we started dating, I mean, she's like a sexual dynamo. I mean, it's just in here.


I mean, we'll just pull over randomly like an cemetaries or anything like that.


Oh, my fucking God. You you're a lucky man. You're a lucky woman. One hundred percent.


But with that being said, I mean, it is it is great. And, you know, I do wish that for everybody. And I think that it's something I think foreplay is super important. But I think that if other women wanted their partners to work with them on something like this, you have to be so confident on both ends in your relationship.


So what do you have planned for twenty, twenty one? Probably about the same thing I told her. As I said, you know, we found that sweet spot and I want her to start running it more like she wants to grow more people that like her interaction with what she's doing now, the sort of the virtual girlfriend experience. So what I'm getting her to do now is she's logged into Twitter now. She's logged in on Instagram. Now she's logged into all the things.


And, of course, still Hill, of course. But I want to kind of shove the bird out of the nest and let her take more of the ownership of drawing these people in, because she's she's the the focus in the content. Yeah, but I think you need an assistant.


What he has been and I'll be honest with you, I mean, I couldn't have asked for it was I mean, he he didn't like a third assistant. Well, he took I will say this. He did have to take Tick-Tock out of my hands. Like he blocked me to be able to look at my own tock, like I got my feelings hurt so many times.


I was like, why are these people being so mean to me? They don't have to watch my videos. Why are they.


Oh, I know all about. Yeah. I mean, yeah.


And I'm just like, you know, I have my lip all pooched out and everything. He's like, why are you letting these people get to you. It doesn't even matter.


These people go out where we're human beings. So it's difficult for me when people like just brush it off. I'm like, if someone came up to me in the middle of the street and told me my tattoos were disgusting, I want to punch them in the face. Don't tell me to brush it off like that's human decency. But at the same time, you have to have a thick skin if you're going to make that choice.


So he blocked me off of my own ticktock and and he said, oh, my gosh.


Well, I just want to know if she's picking at her Tip-Top her secret to talk through her tick tock, her normal tick tock, then that's going to get into the algorithm. And then so people that know her could actually see her. So I said do not long ago do this thing, you know, so this part of that protection, you know, but I think but I think as we go forward for this year, we're going to try to maintain the weight, the content that she's doing it now.


She's very comfortable with that. And what I would say to anybody that wants to get out, you don't have to do a full out porn to make money. I mean, because only family started for the sex industry. It was started for, you know, mostly celebrities. But people I mean, I guess more people subscribe to people that eat peanut butter and. And when I hear that, you know, so there's just every realm of possibility that you have for making money and there are people out there and people all the time like, well, I'll I'll join if you send me a nude picture.


I'm like, look, if you need that, go to PornHub is free, you know, go to go to somewhere and get all the porn you want to. But if you want to chat with a nice female and for her to check on you and see how your surgery was or see, I mean, whatever, and that's that's the thing.


Like they're paying for you and there's no other you. And I don't understand why they they think if they say that, that they're going to get something free, like it's never happened.


I know. Right. And then I find out, I'll say, look, there is a million other girls on here. I am just not your girl. I'm not it. And I mean, I've had to be honest like that because I'm I'm such a people pleaser, like, it's ridiculous. And I'm like, well, I don't know how to say no. And I don't want to be mean to this person. And and he's like, you got to stop.


Well, taking it personal on thing. But the other thing, too, is she'll have subscriber's you will be on for a month or two and they'll leave and they'll be gone for a while and they'll come back and say, oh my God, I missed you so much. I couldn't stop. I couldn't find anybody else like you on all my fans. Well, I'm going to wrap this up.


I really enjoyed both of you being here. This is our first couple's interview. So that's awesome. And also, congratulations on all the success. It's clearly working. And I'm so excited for this to seep into our audience, especially those who are a little more insecure or really want to start and don't want to show their face, like I think this is the episode for that. So, yeah, I wish you all the success. Thank you for being here and sharing your world with us.


And is there anything else you want to say to the producers listening? Just you know, it's possible. Anything is possible. And thank you for having us. Of course. So thank you for being here. And we'll see everyone on the next episode. Bye bye.