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I think it really is about giving them what they wish they had, but they couldn't because most girls don't game, I am considered a unicorn for sure in this world. I will sit down, I will drink a six pack with you, and I will play games all night long and avoid any adult responsibility. Like my husband, for example, was just talking about how he wanted to get Cold War and all his guys, friends, wives were like, no, you can't spend sixty dollars.


I'm like, bitch, you better get it because I need a partner to play with. Like, what are you waiting for?


Hi, welcome back to the Sludge podcast, I'm your host and EDEK here to empower women to build their own empire and interviews sluts who like to make money on my podcast, I give you a peek inside my life as a girl, boss, mentor, retired camgirl, viral tech talker, and now one person only fans. I share my ups and downs of running a multi-million dollar business and the difficult yet sexy path to success. So my dear partners and my baby sluts in training, buckle up and grab your notebooks.


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Back to the show. All right. Welcome, Kaylee, to the slide show producer podcast. Thank you for jumping in on today's show. Yes. Thank you so much for having me. So you go by deprived Dipendra. Could you tell me what that means? That's your only fans name. It is.


So I am a military spouse and a dependent is kind of just what we call spouses who really rely on their service member for everything and tend not to work. It's not necessarily a great name to be called, but I figured I would just embrace it. And my husband's currently deployed overseas, so we just kind of we're like, perfect, let's go with that. So deprived of it because I'm sexually deprived for your freedom and I am a dependent so.


Well, you know what, like honestly, we talk about this all the time, like capitalizing on what makes you unique. So how quick did it take you to come up with that or was it just natural?


So it actually started as a tick tock name. And I was doing it was really comedy based and it was just about how sexually deprived I am. And then my husband and I kind of we started talking and I was like, listen, I really want to do this. And he was like, all right, cool. Like, go for it.


What made you think that you wanted to do it? Was this just like viral sensation of girls talking about how easy it was to make money?


No, I don't think so. I think that it's something that I've always wanted to do. I mean, going back I mean, when I was 16, my life goal was to pose in Playboy. And obviously that didn't pan out for me. So when the pandemic hit and I'm like watching everyone, I'm like, damn, like they're owning it and they are just embracing it. And I was like, I can't do that. I was like, I don't have the body type it.


There's no way. And then I just like it just kind of sat in my head and I message my husband, he was like, haha, you're funny. And I was like, yeah, you're right, there's no way. And then like it sat there a little longer and I was like, no, I really think I want to do this. And so we had really intense conversations about it. And then here I am and I've only been doing it for two months, but I've had I think I've had really good success.


I mean, I don't know what how we measure success here, but like, I feel successful.


Tell me how that conversation went, like when you said it was like kind of intense. So there is definitely this like, oh, my gosh, like, what if our family finds out, like, what if they know? And honestly, for me, I'm just like and whatever, no fucks given like it is what it is. And then he finally came around to it and then we talked about goals like what we want our goals to be with all of this and where we want to go together financially from this.


So it just kind of worked. But there is definitely a lot of hesitation, a lot of concern. The pros and cons, we watched very tech talks and listen to your podcast and stay with a handful of others that were just like, these are the risks, like this is what you're risking by doing this. And to me, I was like, I'm willing to do all of that. Like, I don't care.


Well, what was like the scariest risk you'd say? I think the thought of somebody like blackmailing me are like doxxing, I guess. And when I talk to my husband, I was like, honestly, if they're going to do it, I'll leak my shit first and I'll be like, Here, here it is. Here's all of it. I don't give a shit. So that's a really good point.


And I think that's like is obviously a huge thing. And I talk about my mantra of like, I choose to show my body and accept the consequences. Yes. So it's just one of those, like, bittersweet things like, well, if you want the opportunity to make a lot of money, it's high risk. High reward. Absolutely.


And I definitely I set my boundaries and the beginning, like I was only showing chest up, our waist up. So but I had a lot of people asking and then the derogatory comments came in. It was like, well, you're doing this, why aren't you showing everything? And I'm like, dude, my boundaries, my body, my rules, respect it or leave, kindly fuck off.


Could you paint a picture of yourself so the audience can kind of get an idea of what you look like?


Yeah. So I say I say that I am curvy by definition because I'm just kind of your average like everyday girl now. I mean, I'm a size 16. I am tall, but I have blonde hair, blue eyes. And I have my as my husband says, I have a nice rack, so I go with it.


Yes, I agree with your husband. I just want to see me. I was like, OK, follow. And I scrolled through like the first three and oh my God, I was like, she's so cute with her glasses, you sipping some champagne or something. And you have lovely tattoos, great lingerie choices. Your skin looks like butter. And see, I'm just taking a browse. I see a lot of like selfies, but you're definitely super active.


Yeah. So I really try and post every day, multiple times a day, and I really want my followers to feel like they have a connection with me. So if I'm going out, I'm like, hey, this is what I'm doing today, keep me company or just something so that I'm not just another face. And I actually had a follower tell me this last week. He was like, you have the face of a girlfriend, not a porn star.


That's why I'm attracted to you.


I was like, oh, I love that. That's that's so I like that is the key. I was I mean, I was going to say, you know, what is your secret to marketing, even though it's only been two months. But have you seen a really positive feedback when you act a certain way versus like trying to act what you think you're supposed to do for sure? So the first three weeks, I was definitely imitating creators like you.


What what I think that you would do or what I think other creators did when I was just like, oh, I feel like I just doesn't feel right. I don't feel genuine. I don't feel myself. I'm a really big gamer. So I started really throwing that into it and offering the opportunity to game with me, which has been successful.


Well, I've never heard of that. How does that work? So basically I get tipped for my time and then I will add them as a friend. And as long as it's a game that I have, then we set a designated time and we play together and we can have the conversation through chat.


Oh my God, that would make me so nervous.


So it's weird because I, I'm not aware of what I how I talk when I play and my husband's like you talk like one of the guys, like you're so brutal. You're like making kids cry because I'm just yelling.


And I was like, oh, I don't know what to do. When is this like on Twitch. So we just do it through Xbox.


I'm slowly, slowly getting into the Twitch world. I just haven't taken that plunge yet. But that is next.


Yeah, I downloaded it and it was so confusing to set up the recording since you live stream and you have to like download applications and it's just it's such a saturated market. But you definitely see girls on tech talk with the whole gamer girl cosplay persona. It's definitely a niche, but to me it feels oversaturated. But I feel like that clientele is just not easy to please. But it's like easy to know what they want and to deliver.


Yeah, I think it really is about giving them what they wish they had, but they couldn't because most girls don't game. I am considered a unicorn for sure in this world. I will sit down, I will drink a six pack with you and I will play games all night long and avoid any adult responsibility. And I won't harp like my husband, for example, was just talking about how he wanted to get Cold War and all his guys, friends, wives were like, no, you can't spend sixty dollars.


I'm like, bitch, you better get it because I need a partner to play with. Like, what are you waiting for?


Have you told hubby that it's a business expense. Yes. And is fine. But he's still in that mindset that it's like that's money out of my pocket.


I'm like but it's not like I know I have had like the craziest mindset since I moved into a warehouse. We have spent so much money trying to build the foundation so we can grow here.


And I was like, you know, if I have an office here, I deserve a fucking throne. Like, you don't work this hard without like that. What do they call it? Like an executive chair behind your desk. And I'm talking to my assistant about it and she's like, and we're not spending a thousand dollars on a chair. Like, we have chairs. And I'm like, OK, let me think about this. And within two seconds I'm like, I'll just use my only fans money.


I will not have anyone tell me no.


Yeah, I love it. Yes. Now my husband and I both follow you. He actually sent me your tech tax. He was like she just bought a warehouse and I was like, I know I follow her, but it's weird because people are like, wait, is a sex worker does like, what does she do? And, you know, lately I've been more involved in the warehouse and not sex working. But today it's Sunday, things have slowed down.


And I'm like, you know what? Today I'm going to devote finally time to only fans because my sub count is dropping. I went from one percent. I think I'm at four percent now. I mean, I'm still making, you know, what is it, three, four figures a month?


I was at five last year, but I realized when I put less energy into it, it depletes, which is, you know, it just shows it's not always consistent. But today I was like, OK, if I go through my hard drive, I can schedule posts for the next two weeks. So I don't feel guilty. Like, do you ever feel guilty for not posting or responding fast enough?


No, I really try and make sure that boundaries and expectations are set from the get. I am huge on expectation management when in everything that I do, not just this, but I definitely use the CU system that only has to offer, which I think a lot of content creators underutilized that a lot. So now I don't and I won't get on for eight hours. Then when I messaged them back, I just let them know, like, hey, I was busy, but I'm good now, like I'm free.


So now I don't feel guilty because my time is my time and I'm a person to.


Your confidence is contagious. I love it. Oh, thank you. So what is like do you do video stuff? Because I see pictures here. I wasn't sure if you private chat the video stuff.


Yeah. So usually I do privately send videos. A lot of my videos are just customers right now and then I obviously will turn them over after so much time. But I am as of yesterday, starting to get into full body.


So as of yesterday, yesterday I wrote because I think my hesitation with it was a lot of what I want to make sure that this is something that I want to do and to I want to make sure this is something that I'm going to stick with for the long haul, not just for the like. Oh, my God, this is exciting. OK, I'm over it. I'm done. So that was my boundary that I set with myself. But now I think that I think that I'm definitely going in the right direction.


I started my paid subscription page yesterday and my free page will stay up, but I've got tons of great feedback so far from some of my loyals and they're like, yes, finally, thank you. And I was like, I like, hang on, Mom is so proud.


What does hubby feel about that next step?


Has he been like, OK, let me ask this. Does he see a difference in your confidence after doing this? In a way he does, but he's also super frustrated by it, because it's the thing that he's told me for ten years, like we've been together ten years. And he is like, but I tell you all the time, you're beautiful, you're gorgeous, you're sexy. Your ex-wife.


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And I'm like, yeah, but like when I hear it from the same person for ten years, it loses its value. It's like, but it's nice to know that after ten years I still got it. So girl, I can't tell you how relatable that is. You know, I've been in a relationship for a decade and since the beginning when I was a camgirl, he always knew how much brighter I appeared after I got off a webcam show because there is something about men worshiping you.


And it's not that I want attention. It's like I already know I'm a goddess.


But there's something about being behind a screen and people drooling over you and paying you for your presence. Yeah, it gets me in touch with, like, the queen I was in a past life.


If I'm absolutely that makes total sense.


So there are benefits from it for your partner. And I can totally understand the frustration, too, because it's it's just simple psychology. You're like relationship dynamic for a guy to be like, OK, so you need one hundred men to hype you up, but you won't respond when I am. But it's it's just that familiarity. And as long as you can navigate that in a mature way with constant communication and conversations, I don't know how much you tell him about it.


Like if he doesn't want to know the details. Yeah.


So we have our boundaries that he obviously has no interest in knowing how many. People I talk to, but something that we have established is that any picture or content that I share with somebody else goes into a shared folder so that he has eyes on it. That way, it doesn't feel like I'm hiding anything from him.


And he still has, especially because he's deployed and can't just come home and bang me when he wants.


Like he has a folder that we share and he can access that. So he sees everything that I'm sharing. But he doesn't know in the context as like what was said for the reason that things were shared. I will say entering this world in an established relationship, I'm so glad that I did it, because I think that it has made our communication skills 10 times stronger. We talk about everything without boundaries, but it also at the same time has made his homecoming something that we are both looking forward to, because I think within this process, I have kind of found myself, but I've also found new things that I want to try from researching and Googling and finding out what other people's kinks are that I didn't even know existed.


Yes. Steve, is there anything that you'd like to share? Yeah. So one and he might murder me for this, but I really want to experience a threesome with another female.


Oh, that's not bad to say, but I know what you mean. It's it's different for every relationship. And how do you feel about that.


What about how I feel about what specifically. Like what?


I mean, are you just attracted to women and now you feel more open and confident? I blame Tick-Tock because I think that I was always a closet bisexual and I never realized it.


And then I discovered gay tech or lesbian sex talk. I'm not sure how we classify it, but I discovered girl tech talk and I'm just like, holy fuck, I'm married to a straight man. Why am I thinking these things?


And I go, Now, I was going to say my husband.


I just kind of talks about it. And he was like, Wait, are you serious? You like like he's like, don't take me around. He's like, are you serious? I was like, Yeah, I am. And he just it was just like super awkward tension. And he was just like, OK, I'm here for it.


Like, OK, but if I could just go in for it and make sure everyone knows who you have actually been. The world of Twitter is amazing. I, I usually don't work on Twitter, but since entering the world of sex work, Twitter is just like, holy shit, Paul. It's like there's everything on Twitter. So we will send each other videos that we like to kind of gauge be like, is this something that you might be interested in?


And then we can comfortably say yes or no without repercussion. And if it's a yes, then we talk about it more. If it's a no from either of us, then we just drop it and it's done.


It makes sense. That makes sense. What is the weirdest encounter you've had on only fans?


I don't know if it's necessarily weird. I think it kind of comes with the Territory about the outrageous amount of unsolicited dick pics that I get. And I'm just like guys like know.


How do you feel that they like Blur? Like, I always know if it's a blurred photo, like what else is it going to be a fucking right like flower right now I feel like.


How do you respond to that? I'm usually uber bitch to them and I will ask them if that was so decker, if they were giving me a thumbs up and usually I get blocked instantly. The way that I look at is I'm not going to entertain that. It's very clear I don't want them. If you were to be like, hi, I am so-and-so, can I send you a picture? I would probably say yes without hesitation. But to just assume that because I'm in this line of work that I just should take it.


Absolutely not.


In my eyes, I see that as an opportunity and I have geared unsolicited dick pics to myself responding with the dick rating, but I put a price on that response. So Dick ratings are ten dollars for me. But if it's the unsolicited as I say it.


Yeah. Anything pasta syllables. I'm like, let me make sure anyway.


So if it's unsolicited I will add like an extra five dollars to be like and I'm charging you extra because you fucking didn't even ask me for one. Right. I love it.


What is what's the way you deal with cheap people cheapest and how basically people who are asking for a lot for a little.


Oh so I just I usually will send them my priceless because I have a price list or a menu that they can work off of. I try to work with people's budgets and if they're like, oh I can't afford that, that I'm just like, OK, well what is your budget? Let's see if we can come to an agreement that way. But if they're just like, no, send me everything for free, I'm like, get fucked.


I wish I had like a get fucked button, we could make one. We should totally make it down. Down. So do you, like, share this part of your life with your friends or family?


So my husband is the only one as far as family that knows that I have actually converted my best friend and she has joined the dark side with me. She actually just started last week. And so she's loving it. She's like, why did we not start the sooner? I was like, girl right? With you guys ever do content together? I mean, I wouldn't take it off of the table. We're definitely not each other's types, even though our neighbors think that we're like lesbian lovers because of how much we hang out, I don't think it's off the table.


I think that we would probably take pictures for each other because doing yourself is a struggle. But I don't know. I don't think that it's just not something that we've talked about yet.


Yeah, I've had people ask to come to content with me, but just because of the pandemic and everything, it just makes me like weary because I work with people who have, like, autoimmune stuff going on. And I don't want to jeopardize anyone, let alone myself or the person coming over right now.


Absolutely. This is definitely a weird time to do any of that.


So how do you promote yourself on social media?


So I started on Reddit. The Reddit world is weird to me, just and weird in the sense that I don't know how it works. Like I get the basic concept, but all of these separatists who just so overwhelming. So I switch to tick tock, I had a tick tock that kind of blew up and I gained over one hundred subs from New Year's Eve. And it was literally just being like knowing that my thirty year old ass hit top twenty seven and less than 30 days.


And then since that video, there's actually one going up today is knowing that my thirty year old ass hit top 16 percent in less than seven weeks of being on only fans.


So do you get weary about the tick tock rules like getting it shut down, talking about only fans?


I do, but I'm also I am at the point where, like, if my account gets shut down, I'm not losing much. So to me, the risk is worth the reward. But if I was in like a much higher follower count, I would definitely I'm more concerned about Instagram's Santic talks.




Do you have any like do you go by any rules to prevent something from being taken down or do you just like go for it?


I mean, I obviously don't wear lingerie. I'm pretty much always and just like my regular street clothes. So a hoodie, a t shirt, shorts, a lot of pajamas because I don't leave my house because of the pandemic. But as far as tock, no, I like I'll take the word only fans and change it to like only friends. Or if I'm talking about it, I'll be like mexi see work and just kind of do it that way.


Do you have your only fans link in your bio now?


So when Instagram went crazy, what, two weeks ago and like deleted all of the accounts that had Leatrice attached to them? I actually bought a website so I own deprived a dotcom and that is how I advertise my links without it violating or flagging their systems. I love it.


I also have recently on my tech talk just linked it to my Twitter. So that's another alternative. And I know there's different sites that Emilee link Turay, but I don't want to tell someone to use something and have it not work. It's it's honestly scary as fuck.


And ever since that happened, I don't even talk about only friends anymore.


I have a million followers and I don't want to lose them. Yeah. So I've just gotten I mean, on both platforms, I've gotten really creative and I'm like my friends only page or my only friends page or just something along those lines so that you start, they still understand what it is. It's just like talking in code.


But I know at some point I'm going to be like I just made some content at the place, you know, where I post content.


Oh, my God. So what are your goals for twenty, twenty one and your newfound money making business financially?


I want to be able to buy my husband a truck in cash. That is my goal financially. And then next the following year would probably be to go towards the house or at least planned to buy it to build a house on. As far as personal goals, I think it's just keep doing what I'm doing because I'm absolutely loving it. And then just like embracing other creators and working with them and building them up and collaborating and letting, like, working off of each other, I think that this mindset that people have with what's mine is mine and it's going to stay mine kind of thing is just so old fashioned.


I think that there is so much joy in. Happiness and knowledge to be spread with other people that like, why hoard it when you can make bag and your girl can make back? Like what I know.


I think people who have that outlook that only a few of us can succeed are are just, you know, uneducated about the opportunity or there's something inside them that's hurting that they just want to project on other people because they may not have the confidence or agree with with showing their body. I mean, I don't want to speak for everyone, but I think doing this allows the opportunity for people with that kind of mindset to hopefully open their mind. I think any conversation, whether it's constructive or negative, if everyone was just open minded on each side, there's so much to gain from, you know, just communicating in general.


It's it's frustrating, especially on tech talk when the comment section is just hazardous.


I mean I mean, we all know and it's like, what if we all just, like, tried to understand each other? I guess that's something that's too much of a wish to have.


I think there's just some people that genuinely love being miserable and we're just never, unfortunately, going to get them to the happy side so they can just be miserable and miserable. Island.


Oh, my God. Well, anyways, over here on Only Fans Island, where can we find you? What's your social? So we can all show you some love. And Tipu. Yeah.


So I am deprived depend on all platforms. So Twitter, Tic-Tac, Instagram only fans, everything has to depend. I made sure that that was mine before I entered this world.


I love it. Smart girl. Smart girl. Well, thank you so much for being here and jumping in last minute. It was amazing to meet you. I'm so happy you're part of this. Let your partner family. And do you have any last words for our little baby sluts in training? Just do it. Just take your clothes off and do it. Oh, all right. Everyone thinks we're listening and we will see you on the next episode.


Bye bye.


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