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Hey Slut's I'm in a coffee shop right now editing the episode you're about to listen to and funny story I did, I did get my tick tock account back. I still don't know how and why Parklike specifically didn't even get a notification that it was back. So you're about to listen to how frustrated I am when it got taken away from me and the research I did as to why? Because it's going to be super helpful, especially to sex workers who have gotten their accounts deleted.


I firmly believe you will if you're still posting suggestive content. So this is a good listen. But I did get my account back and I did a long, thorough video as to why I might have suggestions how to get yours back, if that's what you would like to listen to. That's going to be on my YouTube channel. My YouTube is under a.D.A and DVD. So head over there and check out that video if you'd like the conclusion to this tragedy of losing my Tic TAC account permanently.


And thanks for listening. I love Billabong's. Hello, my children, half of you probably know what's going on. And for those that don't. I'm going to tell you today is one of those episodes where I record it in the car and I pour my heart out because this podcast or part of it is like a diary of mine. So I'm actually outside of my health care building. I don't know what to call it. It's a new place.


I'm going to get my yearly pap smear at. So reminder, if any of you hadn't had your annual pap smear, go on, get it. I'm also going to have to check out if my hymen and my pussy is an issue or not. So can I tell you guys about that? OK, so I'm going to light up a little CBD, cigarette butts, all hemp.


Turn off my car so you don't have to hear that my take talk got banned, permanently banned, no warning. I literally two days ago is taking the best nap in my life. I woke up, I was actually in a really bad mood before the nap, ironically, woke up, checked my phone, went to go to Tick-Tock and it just said, like, can't login. You've been permanently banned. And I was so shocked. I was literally in shock for probably two days.


I was literally running around the house laughing and screaming to cope like this isn't real. It'll it'll come back. But now it's set in and my hopefulness has just now pissed off. I wanted to talk about it. My tick tock had almost a million followers. The day it got banned was the day I was going to release my mini e-book series that I'm sorry, blowing smoke off of my phone that I hadn't really told anyone about because I wanted it to be a surprise.


Now I have no motivation to work on it. It'll come back. I know it will. But oh, my whole tick tock, thousands of videos from the gate were to empower women, to educate, to teach, to make people laugh. I mean, I truly showed me and all of me authentically was the only platform I ever had. The platform made me so happy and fulfilled. My followers there were so supportive. It was a family and it evolved into something I never dreamed of.


It allowed me opportunities that I never dreamed of. I it if you listen to the podcast, I encourage everyone I interview to go make what I referred people left and right. I helped small businesses grow. I know that for a fact because I got messaged every day about it. It allowed me to create an entertainment corporation for my mentorships, for my only fans stuff. It encouraged me to make an only fans, encouraged me to teach others about the safety and the ropes of it all, but I think that's where the ice got too thin.


I always was very smart how I talked about only fans and weird things I sold on the Internet and I always used PGT terms, always sugarcoated everything. If this content was not allowed on the platform, it would have been removed weeks if not months ago. I know people reported certain things, but it still stayed up because it didn't violate the guidelines.


A month ago, my bio got removed, I had a temporary, like weak bio removal is really strange. And people were telling me that anyone with an only fans link in their Langtry were getting their bios removed, that they were cracking down. So that put me on edge a little bit, took it out of my tree. And I was doing my research today, my lawyer has already sent an email explaining the entire tick tock guidelines, how I did not violate any of them, been sending out this email 10 times a day.


I've been tweeting that on Instagram and having others help report a problem to tick, tock, tick, tick, tick, tick tock. Encouraging that my account had was a really great resource for them, not to mention I was a verified creator and the creator and they had already done a full review of my account and approved it to be in the creator fund. There's like three thousand dollars that Tick Tock gave me for creating viral videos that I no longer have access to.


But I don't give a fuck about that. You girls got only fans. You don't give a fuck about tick tock money.


So I was doing digging, I went on Twitter, I said this has to be happening to other people. I went like, you can still go to my Rebecca Blue tech talk. It still says, I've been temporary, temporarily banned. It still has my link tree in the bio. Strange. You can still see my followers and who I followed. So I was going back to who I followed to re follow everybody. And I noticed there was a lot of people I followed that had also been banned and every single one of them was an only fans creator.


Granted, there are still some girls models who create tuneup content who still have their accounts and this is a huge warning for you. Be careful, take your links out, remove any videos that suggest your content creator for only fans or anywhere else. So I was like, damn, they if this was a band where they had bots go through and see anyone with it, only fans link and just like fucking permanently ban them with no warning. And I've never had a temporary ban or any temporary suspension suspension.


You'd think they'd go down the chain of like temporary before ban, but never knew a sex workers. Isn't that just discriminate or discriminatory? Got a long fight ahead of us. And it's not like sex work, sex workers can even create an app like to talk for sex workers because the App Store won't allow it and there's no fighting tech talk because it's their own app. They can do whatever the fuck they want to do. So I went on Twitter and I searched the term tick tock, banned me, I also searched tick tock only fans and I started saying a lot, a lot of only fans, creators who were getting banned without warning with high follower counts.


And I just that's the pattern, that's the fucking pattern, so I have a business account with tech talk and I reached out through them for my alien outfitters Tic TAC account. I did a support ticket through the app they're expressing, hey, my personal account linked to here got suspended. Please review it. I didn't do anything wrong today to a few hours ago. I got a response and they said after another review, we can confirm it's been permanently banned.


So that made my heart sink to my feet again. And I just had like another freakin mental breakdown. And I'm so upset that I'm even reacting in this way. I know better. I've been through censorship before and I know better.


I know. I know. I know that when bad shit happens, it turns into good shit. I know when you look back on situations in your life that were bad, I know they propel you into better things. I know failures are lessons in disguise. I know my energy will create something better. I know this will be a teaching opportunity for others and could save other people's accounts. I know this. So why am I not fucking listening to myself?


Why am I so fucking sad? I'm sad because creating the content made me so happy and fulfilled in the response and family I grew made me so happy and to have that ripped away with no explanation makes me mad. I'm not even mad. I almost had a million followers. I'm upset that I've spent this year writing a book that I want to share and I don't have the platform of people that wanted the book. It sucks in reality when you work hard for things and they get ripped away from you.


And I've spent my whole life breaking the boundaries in front of me, breaking the rules to get where I want to be or changing the rules, like being self-made in that aspect. You reap the rewards of of people wanting to watch you like I've never done well with the boss above me. That's why I don't have one. And that's why I moved away from eBay and Etsy, because you still had to answer to their terms. That's why I made my own website.


That's why I make the products other people can't make for me. I always just reinvented and recreated things in situations where I was told I couldn't do it. So I'm a little bit sad. I'm grieving the loss of the account. It's hard to have this short window right now where you're unsure if Tick-Tock will reinstate it, review it, if it was an accident, if it was unlawful, it's just getting in fucking contact with them. God damn.


Why do you have a platform where the creators are the platform and you give no no space to communicate with them in no space to express clear guidelines? I mean, it's just like Instagram and Facebook. So I wanted to mention the reason I started this podcast. I want to close this episode with why I started this podcast last year when the horny stoner was having our 420 sale. I noticed when I started hash tagging the term the horny stoner as well as hash tagging Bud Slut, which is what we call our customers there.


When I use those two hash tags in the same caption, Instagram did an automatic post ban for like three days. And I would test this theory because I'd use one hashtag without the other and I could post. But when I, I realized if I was hash tagging too many slutty words or adult content words, they would audobon your account from posting. They'd restrict it. And this was during a bake sale. So it was stressful. And this was a new automation or new algorithm that their bots were doing.


This was happening to other sex workers and business owners in the sex industry. And what we did was we all got in communication with each other to help each other. I said, hey, change your captions. Hey, this will get you banned. Hey, let's get each other to follow each other. More accounts. We're getting deleted. I was terrified. It's like you run a business that's legit and illegal, but they still fucking censor you.


They still fucking censor your bodies and anything that has to fucking do with it. So when I was so mad about being censored, I was like, you know what? I'm going to use my voice. I'm going to start a podcast and talk about the censorship. So I talk about that in the trailer of this podcast, which you can no longer here, because I was so angry in it. I didn't want to keep it up.


But now look at us now where the our family, because I turned a shit situation and created something out of it when Alien Outfitters my one of my stores sold toys and knives at the time. All of our advertisers started to cut us off, all of our payment processors cut us off, so I took a risk and I made new stores for those products. It was a shitty situation and I made it better. It's clear that what separates successful entrepreneurs from others is because when bad shit happens, we react to it in a positive way.


We are problem solvers because ultimately we are all going through bad shit. We all have a different set of the same problems. But it's how you react and how you evolve because of those problems that set you apart from other people. And right now, I am caving in to this depression and not reacting how I usually react. It is so hard for me to get out of bed right now, so hard for me to touch my phone or look at my email.


I'm getting all these texts about people worried about me and supporting me. But I'm having to tell people, like, I just need a minute. I need to go into my head and talk out some shit with myself. So I wanted to come on to you. I wanted to warn anyone in case. This could possibly happen to your account, too. I got some really good episodes coming up for you guys, so, so excited to finally get a schedule for the podcast.


I'd like to upload every Humpday every Wednesday. Finally, some organization. But that's it. I love you. I love you so much. Keep your head up and I'm going to attempt to give myself the advice I always give you guys. All right, slot's. I'll see you on the next one.


My bike and try again.