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No one like. Testing, testing. All right, we're back.


I've been putting this off, so I made a decision, no more long editing, no more trying to remain as professional because the nature of this podcast is so professional.


All right.


So let's to the intro to something in my throat. Excuse me. And I'm simply I wrote this today, I think it fits me it's more fitting than the previous episodes because we were turning a new page today. Bitches, welcome to the podcast. My name's Anna, a retired stripper turned c e ho. I've been dubbed the E Commerce Queen and master of selling weird things. One thing that gets me off is using my experience to help other sluts succeed.


So that's what we're doing today. Today is the only thins episode.


All right.


Drumroll, please. We got tips. Tricks, how tos.


That's what this episode is full of, because we all know on the tick tock the comments B pouring in with who, what, when, where and how to only fans.


And before we even get into that, I should at least give you my street cred on only fans. Since January, I have made sixty thousand dollars with six thousand subscribers so far very grateful for everyone who has subbed. I have done very minimal promoting, but a lot of it has to do with the following. I have, but I just Lokey have the link up on my social media and people clicked the link and Bion have access to it. Now what do I do with that money might ask.


Well one, I invest it back into my business and to your girl has been landscaping like a motherfucker.


All right, let me just tell you this real quick. My house sits on three acres. There is a whole lot of mulch beds around the house. It cost two thousand dollars a year to remodel my house. Now, I live in a kind of prestige neighborhood where there's an ancient and being the first house in the neighborhood, it's a big deal. OK, so I have to make it look proper.


And I got Orimulsion every year. Now with the mulch comes a snake issue because we live next to a swamp and also a weed issue. We have this crabgrass shit that covers the mulch. And I spent weeks trying to pull the weeds, spray the weeds, and they are vicious. Vicious is an understatement. So I did some research and I realized if you laid on black tarp, throw some stones on top, you can prevent the weeds. You can see if snakes are on it and we don't want no snakes go in my dogs.


So once this money was rolling in, I was like, we're pulling the trigger.


And to take all that mulch out, to lay the tarp down, put the rocks and put the edging on, we're talking like ten K, OK, now pre only fans, I would have never done that.


I would have cried and bitched about the mulch forever for every year we did it.


But I was like, you know what, this little pot of gold is going to go towards things that typically we wouldn't pay for because I'm budgeting and whatnot. So this has opened this huge door of happiness because now I can afford to buy things just for pure leisure.


I can afford to get a massage every week. I can go get fucking micro dermabrasion, all facials that cost hundreds of dollars.


I can not worry about the bill at dinner. You know, fucking the other month I was like, you know what? I don't like having the lawn mower and all the shit in the garage next to my nice car. Let's build a shed. And I'm just pretty much like adding value to my home with only hands money. Now I know most girls probably spend it differently and pay their bills with it, but this is just another stream of income for me and I already know I'm good at only fans.


So it has just been pure joy to be on Amazon getting all this fucking stupid shit that I don't need that makes me happier and my day to day while we're being quarantined. So that's the pretty face.


I printed out some things about how to start your only fans, just like the generic way to get this all set up so that I'm not scrambling over my words.


So we're going to get into that. I found some of the stuff that vlog only fans dot com. Yeah, I think that's all I printed out. So I just want to give credit to the organization for how we're going to be explaining this, but after that, once we get into how to create content and what I've learned from my experience and my success on only fans, that will be all just based on pure from the heart. And I'm not just give it audio and all I ask in return.


First of all, there's going to be no commercials here.


This is just me. This is your fuckin mentorship for free.


So I'll ask in return is if you are a new model and you're going to sign up on only fans, please, please use my referral link in the description.


It would just be like a fair exchange. OK, so if you're supporting the podcast anyway, that's all I ask. Just go to the episode details, click the description and it will take you right only fans, but it'll be through my referral link.


So I would really appreciate the. OK, let's get into it.


So before we even move forward, I wanted to share with you guys a mantra that I kind of look at every day, because dropping things when you're in this line of work, the sex industry.


It's a tough job if you know, you know, so I wrote this down the other day and it's been really helpful just for my mental health. So here goes. I am not ashamed of my body.


I choose to show my body and understand and accept the consequences. One more time with people, I am not ashamed of my body, I choose to show my body and understand and accept the fucking consequences. Now, I want you to do anything you'll regret now, I have never had a square job that I have to feel afraid that if I post the wrong thing, that I'll get fired for. So if your intuition is telling you this is not for you.


Please don't let me persuade you. I mean, of course, you can totally get out of that job. And this could be a full time job, but. I would never suggest anyone to quit something and just put all their eggs in one basket. You got to put a few eggs in another basket before we fully commit to swapping jobs.


But since we're in this freakin Korona thing going on, I know a lot of people are out of work and this is an opportunity when you're at home. So it's a lot to think about. So don't I don't know. This is my experience. I can't speak on someone who has like like I don't have kids. I don't have an extra job to worry about. I have family that are scouring like weird images of me. I hope not.


Speaking of mom and dad, if you're listening to those us, believe it. Love you.


Bye. I had one drink. Don't judge me. I had to get loose one.


If you want to know what I like to drink at home, I'm a classy ass bitch, I start with like one of those nice. What do you put in these, like, whiskey classes? A big ol ice cube. And then I put some botanical gin, followed by someone as a troops, I think that's what it's called. And some lozado Lacau with a splash lemon. That's my signature.


OK, so what's next? So since we're still in the intro, oh, my God, we're nine months and I'm sorry, I have never read like fan mail or an email or whatever it's called, but this lovely lady gave me permission.


This lovely little prefer to read what she emailed me. And I love when you guys email me, it literally makes my day. You guys think I'm so busy, but I'm never too busy to read something kind and amazing. So she says, I'm sorry, could you turn my volume down so I'm not gonna miss Anna. I just wanted to write a quick email, how much I adore you and how much listening and listening to your podcast has caused my game.


Hussle to crank to the max. First of all, anyone to listening to my to my book Kudo's. I hate hearing my voice. I'm sure everyone does. But as she continues, I started out sugaring at 18, which is probably stupid and naive of me, but it worked. I ended up pulling in. Two men are and t who I spent a couple of nights with a month separately are paid for six months of my rent, as well as a hefty allowance and shopping trips.


T- paid for new tires and a new engine on my car, a large allowance and weekend getaways. At 19, I moved and lost those two relationships and retired from the bowl.


It is now at 20. I'm back and I feel like my grind is even better with quarantine still going on in my town. I'm sitting in my car typing this in the parking lot of my local FedEx after just sending off a care package in small terms to a man who spent one hundred dollars on a pair of my fuzzy socks and a box of cutups I use to clean my nipple piercings.


Yes. Oh, Gio's.


I have a new sugar daddy w these fucking acronyms who just sent me money for making him smile and his day for a not even shirtless mere selfie. I snapped this morning. I knew these were possible, but man when I say I didn't think this could be me, I'm serious. Stay safe, stay well and hustle on your fellow soldier producer Z. I love that guy.


That makes me so inspired. I feel like half of my followers are like wanting the full T how to make money online and then the other half are doing it. So it's a funny position that I'm in because I'm not sure what listener I'm talking to, the one who's experienced or not experienced. So I want to do a mixture of the two.


OK, by the way, I have a a Yankee candle on that I got from Wal-Mart. It's called Silver Birch and it smells like a sexy old middle aged rich man. So if you need a new candle, highly suggest.


All right, let's get the only three bucks if you're still listening, all three of you. So you literally go to only fans.


Dotcom, after you click my referral link and you can sign up. Now, some of you might freak out that you have to send your bank account info and all that stuff, but it's totally normal. It's safe, I promise you.


So whenever I'm mentoring girls on only fans and by the way, if you use my referral link, feel free to do me email me any time. I'd be happy to help with any questions. You can even message me directly on my only fans. I'm here for you. So after you make your account, I usually ask my mentees to send me a link to their account.


And this is after you've gotten approved by only fans. Only fans will ask you for your social media to confirm it to you. They will not share your social media. Is it all freak out about that? I promise. So I always tell them, like, OK, out of profile picture, out of banner and a bio. Three very simple things. But all these girls be doing this. They put a profile picture that's like got a filter on it and it's only like half their body and then their banner and some zoomed in fuzzy picture and then their bio says, subscribe to see exclusive content.


That's all wrong, bitch. Excuse me. The sun rose this first of all. All right.


This is your only chance to captivate the audience.


This is like your first fucking impression. So when it comes to business, when you're doing like a mission statement about your business, I always say it's like the elevator statement. So, say, in an elevator and you have thirty seconds to tell someone what you do. And what's it about. You need to stand out and make them interested. You can't say I'm Cindy and I make a. So content you need to be like, I'm Cindy, the baddest bitch, I sell foot picks and my panties and no one in the world smells like me.


So that was just off the block. So your bio has to be short and sweet and to the point. Tell them who you are, what you sell and what makes you unique. What makes you special. If you're just going to be a basic bitch, you will be a little fish in a big four big pond and there will be so much competition to eat you alive. So stand out. If you don't know how to stand out, figure it out.


What what can you do that's different? What is it about you? Are you a tattooed goddess? Are you a plus size princess? Are you a Ginger frickin Disney channel? Looking where they go? What are the Disney princesses called? I don't know, get creative juices.


OK, and then as far as the banner, it's going to be in a landscape style, like left to right. So I would prefer like a body picture of you laying down. I hope you're taking notes. You'd better be taking notes if you listen to my fucking podcast. You're taking notes. Could you imagine working with me? This is how I am. I literally would be pointing my finger.


So your biopic, this is where it gets interesting. Half of you are going to say you want to be anonymous and don't show your face. And the other half are like all in. Trust me, there's clientele for both of you, just got to just listen to me, OK?


So for the ones of the ones that are like all in have a sexy ass picture, you know what I'm saying?


Like being a bikini or some lingerie. If your face is your best asset, if your tits or your ass or your ass is, oh, my God, I can't fucking talk.


This is awful. I'm going to be terrified listening back to this. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. In advance maybe. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


I'm overthinking this. I'll get back to business.


So you get what I'm saying. Like post a bomb ass picture. If you're trying to be anonymous, post a body pic, hide your tattoos. If you're not trying to show your tattoos. OK, so once you've done that, it's time to set the right subscription.


So a reasonable price is probably between nine ninety nine and fifty ninety nine depending on your content and posting schedule. I personally started at twenty dollars. I found a lot of people subscribing and then subscribing once their subscription was done.


I did see girls on here for like five dollars, but for that you just have to kind of feel it out and see the history of subs subscribing and unsubscribing. But this is their door fee. Like, imagine you're a strip club and this is like their door fee to enter your page and get access to you. And the fucked up thing is Chiba's will bitch about this price, but that's what the block buttons for. OK, don't deal with their shit.


I swear to God, I wish I could slap them all the ones that are like twenty dollars. Like, seriously dude, do you know what what we're risking.


The price needs to be high enough that the fan feels they are purchasing a quality product, but low enough that they will be willing to spend more. And Tipu without feeling shortchanged.


So how do you feel about that? Any thoughts the other side of this, and I hope I explained this in the right way, because you can have a subscription price for your only fans or you can have a free only fans. So if you have a subscription price, you're more likely to send like nudes or whatever you whatever content you create.


You're more likely to send it for free if they're paying a subscription, so say John comes in, he pays twenty dollars to subscribe you, you might post on your wall every day once a week nudes of you or you could be mass private messaging nudes to these people, because if it's on your wall, they'll stay there forever like they subscribe. And whatever's on your wall, they can see your wall is literally like your feed. I mean, only fans is just like a social media account.


You have your home page messages, search archive. It's so similar to Instagram, it's stupid. So there are pluses and minuses to having a paid subscription or a free subscription. I started with a paid subscription. I think I had a thousand followers paying twenty dollars a month, so.


Talk to me a thousand times 20. Is twenty thousand. No, I was making ten thousand, so maybe it was five hundred. I don't know. This was at the beginning, yes. Five hundred twenty dollars a month. So I was easily getting ten thousand. But after that month, it went down so far. And then I was like, OK, how are these like celebrity only fans, girls, how are they posting on their wall these posts that people can unlock?


Now, if you don't understand what I'm talking about, you might want to fast forward like a minute, because I'm going to try to explain this clearly.


But if you have a free subscription, you can post everything on your wall, but you can have it.


You can have it able to be unlocked, so I have a free subscription and I post a nude, but you have to pay ten dollars to unlock the nude. So then I make another post the next day and it's a video, but you have to pay 50 dollars to unlock the video. So you're getting in the club for free, but you're having to pay for every encounter and every dance vs. paying the cover fee to get into the club and getting everything for free inside.


So test like do a split a B test, maybe start off with having a subscription price so that your fucking friends aren't getting it for free or whatever. Just do the subscription price and post stuff on your wall, private message people and then maybe try out the free subscription.


The reason I like free subscription is because I can literally have a hundred posts on my wall and everything you have to unlock. So when a new sub comes into my club for free, they have a whole menu of things that they have to pay for. If it were the alternative, they pay twenty dollars to get in my club and then they're in the queue to get all my new content for free. And they're missing out on all my old content because they weren't there to see it until they subscribed.


And me having a million things to do in my life, I don't have time to reply to every message. Or if someone has a particular request, I don't have time to download a video and send it to them. So this is why the free subscription works for me. Another plus of the free subscription is that guys can fucking message you unless they pay too. So they have to pay minimum. I think it's five dollars to even message you and that's amazing.


Like imagine talking to someone in person and they have to pay you five dollars every time they talk to you.


Oh, that's literally only Bandz. So that's why I love it. I think the paid subscriptions more discreet, but I hope I explain that in a way when you're deciding what your subscription price would be. I only figured this out because I followed a celebrity and I was like, how the fuck is she posting on our wall? But I have to pay to unlock it like I'm already subscribed to her. Why do I have to pay to unlock post?


So I had to Google and figure out how she was doing this and it was because she was on the free subscription. It's the only way there's more perks to the free subscription. I feel like only fans wants you to have free subscriptions. And not only that, but you're going to have more subscribers if it's free. When I have the twenty dollar subscription, like I said, I have five hundred and between five hundred and a thousand subscribers. But now that it's free, I have six thousand subscribers and I'm anticipating to have like ten thousand by December.


But keep in mind I have over half a million followers on Tick-Tock. Tens of thousands of followers and other social media is so I'm kind of grandfathered in and like supposed to have a lot of followers because of that. So if you're starting at the bottom, you're building it brick by brick. Keep your expectations realistic.


I am here to fucking inspire you and get you hard working like you.


You say this one time, because I don't want to come off as a bitch, but this business is cut throat, OK? Guys are rude as fuck, and you have to be thick skinned and you cannot be a girl who's like, how do I do this? How are you this? How do I do this? Like, you have to throw yourself into it and figure out a little bit of it. And either a Google what you are not sure about, because Google has an answer about only fans, I promise.


Or just message me on only fans and I'll help you out.


But Grant, you have to tip me to message me. So it's a fair trade because I'm giving you my time and expertise to help you. So and trust me, the girls that do message me, they have doubled, if not tripled their following, because I've just I literally threw myself into this and I don't know what it is about my brain, but there should I do that just works.


I mean, it's happened ever since I started hustling. And I hope that's why you're listening and subscribed. So thank you. No. Two, let's talk about promoting your only fans link online line. The usual suspects, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook work. Well, of course, but feel free to get creative. People have found success sharing their links on Reddit, tick tock or their official websites. Or you can make a custom URL so your only fans link will have your branding.


We're not going to talk about branding, but. Again, there's half of you that want to be anonymous and half of you that don't, but how can you promote a business without promoting it? My biggest suggestion would be to go through all of your DMS on Instagram, find every single fucking creep who has ever messaged you and reply to them, Hey, Steve, missed you so much.


I just want to let you know I started only fan's account. If you want to see every part of me, here's the link. Love you by.


Who is she? I only had one drink, I swear, as one drink. OK, let's move on to tick tock. Tick tock. Definitely where I hit it off, I have not ever promoted my shit on Instagram. Too many too many people on Instagram, a little too close to home. But a lot of you are going to be like, how do I promote on take off? First of all, you have to be fucking discreet because tick tock is like a PG app.


So there's a girl I mentor. Her name is Mad Mad Joe, girl follower on tick tock at erm a d j. Oh girl G. I throw all of her dick talks are promoting her only fans and she uses sounds that are perfect, like just go through her content and get inspired. So when I tell you promote yourself on tape talk. She is a perfect example of how to promote yourself on Tick-Tock without getting banned on tick tock. It's just super subtle.


She's got her link in our biome. That's it. So I got to know redit I've never used, but apparently there's a lot of threads on there to promote yourself. Twitter. It's great because you can use hashtags like hashtag only fans, hashtag only fans model use these hashtags to not only find models to subscribe to, to get inspired by or to do fucking shout out for, shout out, help each other out, but to also message and find potential clients to subscribe to you.


And then there's Instagram. I think that's just self-explanatory how to use my talking to.


So that's how you fucking promote that's it, that's it. Number three, advertise your content, give current and potential followers a good idea of the kind of content you'll be posting with short clips, images, announcements or polling. You can do this on social media or on your only fan page itself. Unless you have set your profile to fully private non subscribers will be able to see the written part of your posts. Fans like to see that an account they're thinking of subscribing to is posting content regularly.


So you'll notice when you go to people's accounts, it'll say how many likes they have on their profile.


So if you're engaging with your followers, asking them questions, telling them to like your photos, when potential subs come to your profile, it'll show you this model has five, ten, one hundred a thousand likes.


So those likes to establish a.


It looks like KRED credit street cred. So all your captions will show.


So, like worst case scenario, your sister goes your only fans page. She's going to see all your captions on your pictures, like, hey, baby, pay for this post and you'll see the inside of my pussy. Like they will see the caption, just not the photo. So be wary of that.


But advertising your content, like I see a lot of girls posting about special deals, like I'm ticked off, they'll say my only dance is five dollars a month only for this month.


And then when you're actually posting on only fans, there's a way to show a preview of the content that people are going to pay for. And again, this would be if you had a free subscription. But I had to Google my phone.


Oh, wow.


I'm popular, bitch. My God, stop.


All right, what was I saying advertised your content. OK, so you need a Google how to show a free preview from four like your only fans content? I had to Google this to figure out if I was going to post like a ten minute video, how to show like a two second clip preview. So excited that. But even if you make a post again, you have to have a free account to do this post on your wall, like a hundred dollar video covering yourself and baby oil, you can then mass message all of your followers with, like a little photo or some text like, hey, baby, did you see my last wall post love?


Go check it out so you can mass message all your fans and you can mass message, message and things that sound really personal so that they don't think you're mass messaging it to everyone.


I follow Christian pilgrimage.


She messages me every day and I know it's a mass message. Why would she message museums like a million followers? But she'll be like, Hey baby, how's your night? And just constantly messaging you personal stuff because you want your clients and followers to feel special. Some of you follow me because of the tannin's and all the weird shit I saw on the Internet.


And you'll be like, where are you so strong?


And just know that only France is also a perfect avenue.


It's a platform to sell that stuff to, say, post a video of you spitting into a bottle and people are paying to watch that video. And then you can also say, hey, tip fifty dollars, motherfucker, and I'll express mail you a bottle of my own spit that you can put where.


So get creative follman only fans.


It'll inspire you to follow Tanne. I follow Ryley read Soini. It's so good to follow other models because their videos and captions can be so inspiring. Even on Twitter, following them even oh, my God, I forgot to say this, even if you're on Twitter and Instagram, there are so many only fans, promo accounts, literally just Google only fans, promo tick tock accounts. And you will find all these freakin accounts that you can pay like five or ten dollars to share your only fans link.


Some of them will reassure only fans every day for like a month for like 10 bucks. Great way to promote because all the dudes are following their page already. So if they have ten thousand Twitter followers, you are paying ten dollars to get access to all those potential subs. Huge, amazing way to advertise. And if any of you are like, oh my God, I can't spend ten dollars, like you got to spend money to make money, honey, you got to scare money.


Don't make no money. No. For talk to your fans, consistency and communication are key.


Make a posting schedule and try to stick to it and reply to comments and Dems, let your fans feel like they're in like they're in their own community purpose built for them to get closer to you. It's exactly what I meant by mass messaging, like make it personable, personable.


And I think that is what makes me unique, is that I'm so weird and out there and up front and blunt, but silly. It's just that's what makes me unique, you know. So just use that. Don't be shy.


Whatever makes you you is your power number five tri tiered paper views.


Why did it come up? You know, that means I think. Oh, well, I think I know what this is. So one of the rules I follow and I keep talking about her, but.


What's his name? Chris Christie is like a tick tock star.


Kristen Cantor, Hanshaw, I had her permit me one time, I think I paid five hundred dollars for her to share me on her page and it didn't do shit, but she'll message my message to followers and be like, hey, or tip one hundred dollars to be on my private VIP list because you can save people lists like your fans. So if you tip around your dollars added to a VIP list and send you exclusive content that she holds back, she'd be like a machine, my Katie and then don't show her her kitty.


But I follow her because she has a great captions and they inspire me. But I really think someone's running her only fans. And honestly, I was talking to my assistant the other day. I was like, well, you found my only fans.


I mean, I know she's in some place, but she was like, no, actually she wasn't.


She was up for it, but she's too busy. No.6 reserve the content that you think will be most lucrative for PBS's.


Your super fans will be willing to pay for your PBS if they feel they're going to get something really special. So, yeah, if you have super nodi graphic content, like hold off until you find a client that's spending like Mr. Big Spender, save that content so you can message in like, hey, maybe I made a video today, but I'm really shy and nervous to post it.


But do you want it's five hundred dollars or something like that. No.7, get to know your audience, find out what your fans want and learn what works. Use polls to ask your fans what kind of content they want to see next. And chocolate's successful with the help of the analytics feature on only fans. And you can also track many messages that have been open read in which price points are the most successful.


I didn't know this, I didn't even know that analytics, but you can like when you make a wall post, you can add polls and questions. So you could always post something and say, you know, do you like this? Do you like that? And kind of get a feel for what your fans want.


Number eight, do promotional campaigns throughout the year. Sales are a great way to draw people in or engage your current followers by making them feel they're getting a bargain for extra content. There's always an excuse to do a promotional campaign like making use of Halloween, Christmas or whatever seasonal that you celebrate. So do what pertains to you, like if you are literally about to go to your friend's pool for the day, be like, Hey babe, or whether it's your boyfriend or your or your girlfriend, ask him to film some content for you, like make use of what you're doing in your normal life.


Like if you're taking your dog for a walk, why not flash your tits out and take a little picture and be like, oh my God, I'm in public.


Do you want to see my titties? You know what I'm saying? Like, just every opportunity or everything you do is an opportunity.


Always it's always a marketing tactic.


If you want it to be No.9, consider making your account free. This is just what we were talking about. An alternate strategy to consider is making your account free because.


This can allow for a higher following, right, as we talked about as subscribers, they don't have to commit to paying a monthly subscription fee. Free accounts can use the pay per view post feature. I call that the unlocking feature, which allows you to monetize individual posts in addition to pay per post and tips. I'm sorry I'm the worst right now. Although you don't have the predictability of subscription income, this strategy can be lucrative and lead to wider brand recognition.


It is risky, but I honestly, what was it was in August was promise to try.


I'm not that stupid, I swear. I just had one drink in July. I made 10 K off of the twenty dollar a month subscription and then in August I did the free account, but it was pay to unlock all the posts on my wall and I still made 10k. So what's going to happen is I'm going to gain more subscribers and ultimately I will make more than 10K a month from all those paid unlock posts versus the subscription price. I hope so.


If not, I'll go back to the subscription price and less followers, which is fine. Like it's totally up to you.


No, to collaborate with other creators and swap shout outs. This is brilliant. Only fans allows you to tag other creators and posts, just like other social media platforms, meaning creators can shout each other out and collaborate with these team up with like minded creators that have audiences with similar interests to your followers. You can swap shout outs and content or even better, shoot joint together.


So I've had girls reach out to me. I reached out to like some celebrities on. Only fans figure out their rates.


I think Riley reads rate girls get out.


We're seeing. Because I asked her and she responded with. Read my lips, Dotcom. I mean. She's so look at her strapon. Shot the video. Promo shot out of. Those crazy only fans promo to my God. OK, so we got through one through ten, I hope that gave you that idea of how the process works now.


I just want to say, having a partner, it's the whole rule group, if you're single, have a fuck you want.


But if you're in a partnership and there's respect and boundaries that need to be discussed before you do that, if you have a supportive partner, make sure he is being honest or she when she says she's being supportive, but discuss the boundaries, how far they're comfortable with and respect their wishes because your relationship comes before this. I hope some guys aren't cool, that some guys are some guys will actually film content with you and just have fun with it. Other guys don't want anything to do with it.


It might make you uncomfortable, which maybe you shouldn't be doing this. If it makes you uncomfortable, maybe you're too comfortable, which is fine. Just talk it out, just have open communication about it and make sure, you know, if they want to know about it or not.


The thing is, you're going to be getting messages all day if people graphically, graphically explain how hard they want to fuck you in your ass. So you best have a girlfriend that you can like dish and t about these weird fucking.


Otherwise you're going to be in your house with your man, like with a fucking knock on your throat because you probably had some weirdo message. You so have a little outlet because like I said at the beginning, this line of work is for the thick skinned.


I had another girl messaged me the other day. She wanted only fans mentorship, so we had to set up the account, she replied after I told her, put her profile picture up and she was like, I put the picture up. I'm so disgusted with myself. I closed the account immediately because I fucking hate the way I look. So I responded to her and I was like, Honey, don't do only fans.


If you can even look at yourself like you, poor thing.


That breaks my heart, but we had a whole conversation about the journey of self-love, but this type of thing, confidence needs to be at one hundred, take no shit, needs to be at one hundred if you have any ill will towards yourself.


All right. I'm only going to take, like, 30 seconds to say this, but if you have any ill will toward yourself, first of all, you have one vehicle for your whole life. You are so blessed to be existing and breathing right now. This is the only skin you're in when you talk to yourself and say you hate yourself or you hate the way you look. Just know that when you say that shit, all the cells in your body wilt.


They weaken, they become sad.


And you deteriorate, but the moment you learn positive self talk, like when you look in the mirror, you grab your thighs and you're like, you bad bitch, you can take over the fucking world, you queen of the universe.


When you talk positively, all the cells in your body, they burst, they grow, they lighten up, they beam. This is what confidence is.


I get comments all the time about how people admire my confidence and strength, but I, I have to practice positive self talk and in this industry is if a guy wants something and you deny him, he will beat you up.


And that's on him because. Happy people ain't Hayton and haters ain't happy. All know that. So you have to be able to brush that shit off, but before you have to know what self love is. So this particular mentee of mine, we and so the only fans direction, we discussed positive affirmations. Not only that, but I recommend therapy for everybody. If your insurance can cover it or if you can afford it, people will not only with mental health, but even without mental health.


It is so good to have a therapist that you can talk to that's not your friend, that does have any ulterior motives. And with covid, there are tons of therapists that you can talk to via Skype or Zoome.


So that's the two.


If you listen, as far as I love, you feel so good to podcast again. I hope you enjoyed this episode because it was very freeing. I just want everyone to know my family supports me. Why? Because they know. They know this girl right here is a light in this world. And if they didn't support me, they can walk out that motherfucking door. Because the last time I checked, love is unconditional and unconditional. Love means you can't fucking judge somebody.


And not only that, but if you're going to judge someone because of the body, the vessel that they're born with. And not only that, but, you know, men are the ones that pay for this shit. If you're going to be mad at only fans, you should be mad at the the people that are running this whole business. All right. I'm going to stop.


Thank you for listening to this episode. Make sure to click the referral link and my description to set up your account, only fans. And if you do, you have full access to DM. Message me email me with any questions, tips or concerns that you have with the platform. I love you.


Thank you for listening. And I'll see you very soon. Hi, guys.