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Hello, my beautiful sludge pruners, it's me and some of you from Tick Tock know me as Rebecca Blue, and I wanted to record a tiny little episode about safety and what it takes to put yourself on the Internet, especially naked.


There are a lot of people who want to start and only fans, and they are not thinking about all of the risk it takes.


Remember, high risk, high reward. So I wanted to make a quick episode because I just know a few of you want to do this and maybe you've already started.


But I just want you to think of the full spectrum of possibility and predictability of what may come after this. I recently talked to a girl who said that one of her clients sent her a fucking picture of her front doorstep and it freaked me the fuck out. It brought me back to many moons ago when someone sent me my address and my bank account info.


This probably was some, you know, great hacker, but I feared for my life the I mean, I don't know if he was a stalker or if he just wanted maybe he got off by getting a rise out of me.


But everything changed since then. That's when I made a new email, knew everything and really took everything way more seriously. So I just want to be very blunt and very clear when I tell you guys to make a new email to stop sharing your location, all these little details that matter because a lot of fucking weirdos have time on their hands and they're not all weirdos. A lot of them are glorious simps. But before you make it only Vann's, before you start webcam and just make a new email address, go on your Snapchat, turn off your location, go through every Instagram post you have, every Facebook post you have, and remove the location.


If you have any of your real social media is connected to your online personas, you know, your online persona should be a different name.


So don't, first of all, don't have it connected to your personal social media platforms.


But this is so important. It's so important to realize that if you are going to put your body on the Internet, it will be there forever. It is important to know what jobs you may or may not be able to have because of this choice.


It's important to know that if you may or may not have children, this is something you might have to discuss with them.


And more importantly, if you have parents that are not exactly cool or on board with this nature of a job and yes, it's a job.


Then you need to have prepared some sort of conversation to have with them, if it may even arise. In most of the time it doesn't, but, you know, sometimes it does. So I have a mantra because it's difficult for me sometimes to know that I put myself out there. It's important to tell yourself every day I choose to put my body on the Internet and I accept the consequences. I choose, I own it. If you own it, what the fuck can anyone do to shame me about it?


And secondly, and most importantly. If your family or loved ones come after you about this fucking shit, I have the biggest problem with this. Unconditional love. If I had a child, if I had a parent, I would expect unconditional love that is love without judgment. I know the value of my life, and if someone is going to judge me because of my flesh, then you don't get to be in my life. This is my life.


It is a fucking. It is a fucking gift that you get to have if you choose to be a part of it, but if you're going to judge me, go fuck yourself. That's the attitude you need to have point blank. Because if someone is going to judge and disrespect you because of the way you choose to get your income, because of their morals, that's on them, it is not on you.


But here's the thing for a lot of people, honestly, in the majority, they care what people think about them and that's what holds them back from living their best life. Just saying.


But if you do, I mean, you have to envision your parents, your children, your friends, your foes, all knowing what you do before you do any sort of sex work.


It's better to have a plan prepared before something like that arises so that you have control so that you feel more comfortable and confident if you have to go into that situation.


So I tell you this before you think, oh, I want to make one hundred grand a year, just like all these only fan models doing nothing or selling panties.


Oh, it's so easy. First of all, it's not easy. Second of all, it is the hardest goddamn thing to do.


Something in the world that everyone in their mother shames you about.


You have to have a thick skin.


You have to be able to embark on the hardest journey of your life from every woman man.


And in between telling you you're not good enough, you're ugly, you're fat, you're hideous, and you're your pussy isn't worth anything.


You have to endure that shame and you have to be able to brush that shit off. I was on live on tick today and a few people were saying they're too fat or too ugly to do this, well, first of all. If you're going to compensate on your body, there is every type of body for everybody, there's a niche market for every single shape and form of human being.


Especially in the plus size community, there is a huge fetish for BBWAA, for eating fetishes, all sorts of things, if you're comfortable with that.


Definitely do research on those different different genres, if that's something you want to do. But you have to be able to understand how to take criticism. So think about this. It is so it is so much easier to get sad and upset about something than it is to be happy and to move on.


It actually takes more energy to be grateful than it is to be upset. It's so easy to read a comment that says you're ugly and to fucking cry about it than it is to be above that shit. Oh, that was a disgusting form of not editing this one again, because I, my editors, still isn't around. Any who. I need to take a few deep breaths for this one, when I worked at the strip club left and motherfucking right, people told me, no, I'd come sit down on their lap and I'd say, Hey, baby, how are you?


What are you drinking? You know, I'm stroking their neck. I'm batting my eyes. You want to come have a dance with me? I will fucking rock your world.


No, I'm good. I'm just here to hang out. And you know how fucking hard it was to, like, stand up and be like, OK, well, I'm just going to go walk away now.


Like, literally learning that at eighteen years old was the most valuable lesson I could have ever learned.


And I had to realize there were so many different dancers in that club, different shapes, different looks, just totally different aesthetics that.


Please, these customers, you know, that I didn't cater to, and once I accepted that it was so much easier to just move the fuck on because my time is money, I would sit there, they would deny me and I'd say, OK, baby. Well, I hope you understand that, you know, I got to pay my rent, so I'm just going to keep on working tonight.


It was so nice to meet you, you know, like whatever the fuck you got to say just to get out of a situation that is not benefiting you.


So if you're going to get in this line of work, you cannot just be weak to criticism. And if you are, maybe it will build your thick skin.


But you you just have to put that mindset in front of you, like, OK, it's going to be hard. But the faster I fucking propel myself through this fucker, the easier it's going to be down the road.


So as I always say, you may not be someone's cup of tea, but you will be their shot of whiskey.


You may not think that, but it's quality over quantity in this kind of business, if you have customers that are quality, all you need is a handful.


You can have three to five customers that pay you one hundred dollars a week and that pays the rent versus a thousand customers who don't even want to pay you shit.


What's that going to do for you? I've been getting a lot of models paying for paying me to shout them out on only fans. And I had a few girls say, oh, my God, one hundred dollars for a shout out like that's so expensive. And in return I say, Oh well I have sixteen thousand fans. So, you know, even if even if just one percent follows you, I'm sure you'll get that back.


You know, it's all a numbers game. This is a powerful thing right now, you can literally work from home and enjoy the pleasure. Of using your femininity, your beautiful flesh, to pay your bills. Some people think that's wrong, but to me, that's a low investment with a high return. I always say, like, girls do this on Instagram anyways and they're not getting paid for it. You can even hire someone to manage your only fans and to respond to all the thuggery that you only want to deal with.


I just am so. So grateful we live in a time. Even though things are fucked up, there is a lot of opportunity and this line of work, people think it's so easy, but it's the risk that makes makes it all worth it. It's the risk where the strong survive. It's a risk where the thick skinned girls can make a lot of fucking money.


So I wanted to put out this podcast to tell you, hey, before you do this thing about what the fuck you're doing, go through all your social media and erase any fucking location information so no one can come after you. If you're making a cash, make sure it's not your real name on the account. If you're emailing someone, make it from an anonymous email. If you have to get a new phone to talk to new customers, get a new phone.


If you know who, you will get banned from your family for doing this and you're not OK with that and not do this. I think part of me promotes sex work in a way to normalize it and to improve your confidence if you want to get into it, but I have been aware that I need I fucking must tell you the consequences of it, too.


It's just another industry that we beautify and glamorize because, yes, you can you know, you can make a lot of money for a little effort. And when I say little effort, it's still a lot of effort. But people say it's easy. They don't know. So, yeah, I just whatever feeling you're eyes from hearing this, I just hope it might have touched a few heartstrings for those who weren't sure about how to move forward. Confidence is huge.


So maybe he needs some time to work on your confidence, maybe you need some time to create a roadmap as to how to communicate to loved ones, if this conversation were to arise, maybe you need to make a game plan if there are future jobs that you want that you will not qualify for because of this kind of work. Even future, like boyfriends or girlfriends, maybe they won't be OK with this. I've talked to plenty of girls who have been in relationships, and when they told their man they were a stripper or something, they forgot the fuck out.


What the fuck? So some of you might be listening and you're like, fuck all that noise. Like, I don't give a single fuck, then great. This might be for you. Caters to the strong. It caters to the confident. It caters to people who are fiercely passionate and who they are and are so confident in their God given flesh. And are willing to conform and chameleon to any sort of fetish or request or client, and it's fun.


I mean it for me, it's fun, but it is work. It is work to. So let's finish this off. Be careful, be safe. B. So what's the word? Just use like a microscope or magnifying glass with every single move, an account you make with your cash up, your email, your names, everything. Do not leave a paper trail back to you. Because I will not witness any of my fans or followers getting blackmailed or stopped, I will not have it.


OK, let's protect ourselves. We're in this together. I want you to make money, but I don't want you to be fucking scared and sleeping with one eye open because I've been there. And not to like not to shamelessly plug myself, but if you can't get strapped or have any sort of protection, you can always go to Blades and get a knife, get a baton, whatever you need to put by your bedside or in your car or whether you're walking home from work.


That is one of my businesses where I firmly believe that all women need to have something to feel safe because whether you're in sex, work or not.


You never know who is watching you because you are also fucking beautiful and. I don't. I don't blame these fools for wanting to follow you to your car. Well, actually, I do, because that's fucked up.


You know, I'm trying to say anyhow, I love you. Be safe. Watch your fucking back my little slouch printers, and make that money, honey. I love you.