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And, you know, like in my Saylor's group, you get to know everything Hostettler has contacted me and she's like like what happens if there's a little bit of pressure on the panties? I think people are too embarrassed to ask because you, like, shit happens, right?


No, I like. Welcome back, baby slut's. Today, we have a very special goddess of a guest who is the host of the infamous panty selling podcast and the founder of the panic selling school. In today's episode, we will be leaking tips and tricks for experienced sellers and offering guidance to grow your used clothing empire. So let's bow down to the queen herself. Miss Omarosa, welcome to the show.


Thank you so much for having me. That is such an epic introduction. Thank you.


You're welcome. And I think we can tell by your accent you may not be American. So do you want to tell a little bit about your background here?


I'm from Scotland, so, yeah. So many people message me and go, oh, my God, I love listening to you, because I think most people just expect that the podcast will be run by an American because a bulk of the audience of Punti sellers and buyers are American. And so I think they always get a surprise when they hear my voice and go, OK, so it's nice to to be a little bit different, I suppose. I don't think my voice is all that interesting, but I certainly get lots of people.


Oh, my God. It's so, so nice. Does that affect your sales at all?


I mean, I don't know if your clients or if you're still selling panties, if they know you by voice or know you by who you are, you kind of stay anonymous maybe.


I think being Scottish, I certainly use that as a unique selling point when I join, you know, selling platforms, because obviously Scottish people are very sort of proud of their nation and all that kind of stuff anyway. But there wasn't a huge amount of Scottish sellers, so it was something that I could go, hey, I'm Scottish, you know, I'm a little bit exotic or, you know, and all that kind of stuff. But also what I found was I tended to target older buyers in America and they would be more interested in the Scottish thing because maybe they had European heritage or they had got like I had so many buyers contact me who had Scottish, you know, great great grandparents or whatever.


And so they were really excited about the fact that was Scottish. I just run with it as, you know, anything that adds to stacking the cards in your favour. But yeah. So it was interesting at the time I started sailing, I was actually living in Spain. So that was also a little bit something different, but also didn't necessarily work in my favor because lots of American buyers didn't want to purchase from so far away. So it kind of it worked and it didn't depending on my circumstances.


I'm living back in Scotland now, so I'm just.


Well, I love that you used what makes you unique to your advantage, because a lot of new sellers come in the game and they look at the girls who they find perfect and they try to implement that. But to me, the market's oversaturated with the typical, you know, skinny white college girl. And I think if if we were more open minded to, you know, looking at ourselves, where we're from, how, you know, any any sort of spice we have.


And just like you said, you found value in older men who found your heritage attractive.


So the that type of customer, they're willing to spend more because they want you. And not only that, but it makes me think about when I was in the strip club, when I would go out on the floor, I did not go to the the American boys in their twenties. I would head over to the older men, maybe the guys who had a little more weight on them, the guys that seemed a little more shy because I knew I had that advantage.


I knew they were there to spend money and not just look at me and I kind tell I was telling my mom about this. I was like, you know, and you scan the room, you have to find the potential in people what works for you. And so you probably learn pretty quickly who who you were going to make money from and to like target them more.


Yeah, absolutely. And for me, as well as an older sailor, I just preferred communicating with men over the age of 35. Plus, I did have customers who were younger, but for me it was important that I enjoyed the experience as well. And so we could have conversations where there was a shared experience between us, that there was cultural references that we both understood like, you know, so that just contributed to me enjoying my work more and also going, OK, like these are the guys I want to work with, not just because.


They do tend to have more money to spend, and they appreciate an older woman who has confidence in ways that younger sailors don't, but also because I enjoy the experience of communicating with these guys because they're more engaging, quite frankly, than a 21 year old guy who is just messaging age. Are you a question mark that everybody has their own preference with regards to their ideal customers, if you like? But going back to the original point, which was, you know, capitalizing on what's unique about you, a lot of sailors come on to platforms.


They look at how it's done and they think, OK, I have to copy that. Right. As in like I have to do the same kinds of pictures, do the same kind of status updates. Right. The same kind of profile. And really what will set you apart from the thousands of other sailors is for you to be you because nobody else can be. You're right. That is your unique selling point. You are the meet. And a lot of the times it's just stepping into the confidence of that and going, OK, it's OK for me to look at what's different about me and then amplify that and speak from that place in order to make sales.


So do you think that older women have more an advantage? Like how old are you and how how do you use that to your advantage?


I am forty one. And I'll be honest, when I started on Pontell, which was the first pontiff selling platform, I don't I didn't I wasn't truthful about my age because I was carrying that. And in our narrative that guys don't want older women and that was just purely because I didn't know any better. So it took me a while to become confident enough to go, OK, well, actually, I'm about to turn 40, which is at the time, I'd say the guys out there are looking for lots of different things, right?


Lots of different ages, lots of different sizes and shapes, lots of different hair color, you know, all kinds of different things. So, you know, there's not one size fits all with regards to poncy sailing. But I'd say it takes a maybe a particular kind of guy that's looking for a 40 plus Mel.


I think that men don't feel more comfortable with older women because they know that they're in there and their confidence. And, you know, I think some of the younger, like they might think like, oh, the younger girl will be grossed out that I want to drink her piss or, you know, like anything like that.


But it sounds like you're really selling the experience. And I firmly believe the communication is what makes the sale. And you're selling the fantasy like at the end of the day. Yeah, the panny matters, but not as much as how you communicate to the buyer and emphasize how much you want them to desire you and be happy with what you have to to sell them out of your closet.


Yeah, absolutely. I couldn't agree more and I've said this quite a lot recently, that you are not here to sell panties. You are here to sell the experience of purchasing panties. And that experience begins at the moment that they log on to their if they're on a platform at the moment, that they log onto that platform right up until the moment that they've opened your package and they're enjoying it. It's the entire thing. And I think that more sellers need to get that into their minds, that this isn't like an eBay thing.


This isn't like a transactional thing. This is an exponential thing for your customer. And it starts like way before they've even contacted you or you've contacted them, whatever it may be. So it's about really stepping into that.


Well, that's a really good point on tick. When I do my little, you know, weird things I sell on the Internet series when especially like with the toenail clippings, I get a lot of comments saying, oh, my gosh, I'm throwing money in the trash or I'm flushing money down the toilet. And my first thought is you can't just clip your toenails and sell them for a million dollars. I'm selling my toenails to particular clients that I've built relationships with for years, and we've worked our way up to that point.


And along with them saying, you know, where do you sell these? You know, I'm going to get everything out of my panty drawer and sell each one. And most of the time I'm like, you know, I can recommend sites where I started. But ultimately, I'm very content with, like the three to five long term clients I have that really pay for my time. And they pay extra because they want to continue with our our built, trusted relationship, because even buyers get scammed to all the time by new sellers.


So do you have any customers that are more like long term or are you still more and more engaged with, like finding them on platforms?


I know. I mean, I just received an email like in the last twenty minutes from a guy to. I've had a relationship, obviously, it's not a relationship, you know, I'm in a customer relationship with four. Well, it must be six months now know we're just talking about his relationship. That's not really going very well right now. And then, you know, things like the coronavirus, all that kind of stuff. So we have this ongoing connection and I have that with a number of my regular customers.


But yeah, that is where a lot of sailors are mistaken. They come into this and they do think that it's more like posting things on eBay where there's just like most guys ready to buy and they'll just purchase from you. And that's why I keep coming back to the premise that people buy from people and it takes a period of time to build that know, like and trust factor so that they want to purchase your things. It's like it's not that there's a lack of things for them to purchase.


It's just that they're very particular about who they want to purchase from. And so your job is to make that connection with them, even if you're not having a message back and forth with them, but just through whatever it is that you're posting and sharing on the platform or on radio or whatever is you're choosing to sell so that they're making that connection with you prior to actually contacting you with a view to possibly purchasing, depending on how those messages go.


Well, that makes me think of two really good points, because it's it sounds like when I'm making a product listing for a product on like my Shopify stores, like my very PG products that I sell, it's you know, you are selling, for example, the toys I sell. You're selling the experience of the toy. It's not even about I mean, now you want the toy to be pretty and satisfy you. But in the description, you got to explain what it does, what it feels like.


You know, the pictures need to show what it's going to look like when it shows up on your doorstep discreetly, of course. So it's it's very similar to business and how the product listing is the most important thing. And when a customer reaches out to our customer service, you have to respond quickly, diligently and, you know, really put yourself in the customer's shoes and give them every answer to whatever concern they have. And it's to me, it it flows right into my panic selling because it's a it's business.


And secondly, when you're getting those emails and building those relationships that it kind of reminds me of like therapy sessions, because the these customers, whatever you want to call them, are seeking out a release to something that they're not really comfortable telling everybody. So when you build that trust and start talking about other things, like you said, like the pandemic or their relationship, all of a sudden I feel like a little bit of a therapist. And part of me is like, you need to be paying for my time.


But it's part of building and building to get to that sale. But it takes a lot of energy to to feel or pretend to feel invested in what they're going through. And, you know, I'm sure you experience that as well. But how do you manage not expending too much energy because you want to be paid accordingly to what you're providing, you know, the value to them?


Yeah, that's something that comes up a lot. I get asked that question a lot, particularly from sailors who, you know, they are having messages back and forth and they're like, OK, but how do I bring up the sale? Like, how do I make the money? Because obviously they feel like they're taking some risks. And for me, I mean, I just I never did. I never just brought up the sale in the middle of a conversation.


I kind of got the conversation to a point where it felt like it was obvious that a sale was going to take place. And then if it didn't, I would start to pull back my energy with regards to how much I was interacting with the person. So with my regular customers, the reason that they are regular customers is because they absolutely respect and honor my time. Don't expect me to be messaging them quickly after the emails, me or anything like that.


And that's just been a boundary for me from the beginning. And so I've set that expectation very early on, so I never have had to juggle with that. So I mean, like to say it's something that comes up a lot for sailors asking me like, oh, I've been talking to this guy for like a few days or whatever, and he still hasn't bought for me. And I'm like, OK, well, rather than go, OK, are you ready to buy now?


Which is just going to kill the Bible together, just start to like pull back energetically from the conversation and then there's sort of like they'll pick up on that and they'll either make the purchase or it will be time for both of you to move on.


I firmly believe if you're coming from a more dominant point of view very early on, I like to say, oh, well, you must tribute your goddess before you even consider.


Taking a breath towards me, kind of sending that sort of boundary immediately, and I've sometimes encouraged girls to encourage like a down payment before they speak like, hey, you know, I've there's a lot of scammers on the site lately. I need you to cash out me just one dollar to show that your payment method works. But it does take a little bit of that real relationship vibe out of the conversation. But if you're receiving, you know, tens, if not 50 messages a day, if you're in that threshold, I think it kind of depends like if you're a beginner or you're more experienced, if you want to set that boundary and also on only fans, you have to I think you can change the settings.


So they have to actually tip you to send the message. And I wish it were like that.


Yeah, I think that is a really handy feature to have. And you're right, a lot of new saylors that come into this industry maybe don't feel very confident in sailing or even communicating with what could potentially be difficult or challenging or just annoying customers. And unfortunately, the way I see it, that's just the territory. That's that's the game we're playing here. We're here to make sales. Of course we are. But selling is such a huge thing.


Like there are 50 billion books on how to sell and selling and selling online and all that kind of stuff. So my approach has always just been making the connection with the person. And that's why I've always said I don't want to join a punch selling platform where I can't message buyers. Like if I've done that and I realized I can't message buyers, then I just left straight away because how I sell is getting into their inbox, charming the pants off of them and then they can't help but purchase from me.


And so that's just my strategy. And it's not for everyone. Like I personally wouldn't feel comfortable necessarily asking for a down payment just because that's not my style. And so that speaks to a bigger sort of part of like finding what works for you. Like my strategy and my take may not appeal or apply to you personally, but they work for me. So that's where I come from.


So and I appreciate how you explain that. You have you know, it's I encourage reaching out to the customers on this on any platform because you can sit there and message every single one and get a bite. But do you do you think that all the new sellers coming on? Do you think it's making it harder for experienced sellers or do you think it really doesn't matter? Because at the end of the day, your experience has value and you can quickly weed through the bad eggs?


I think the buyers are always going to be inundated with messages anyway. And it's just there's two options, as far as I'm aware. There's message on the premise that, yes, other women are, of course, messaging these buyers to you're not the only one that's doing it and potentially stand out enough for them to reply and it lead to a sale on. The second option is don't mind them because they're getting lots of messages. So it's like we're done normal sales person in the real world, like, say, these people that work in call centers and cold call individuals and try and sell them insurance be like, oh, well, they probably had other phone calls today, so I wouldn't bother.


It's that kind of when you look at that kind of logic is like, well, just make sure that your phone call is a good one, right? Don't do the majority of them are doing. And I know because I have your friends and me sometimes screenshot me and it's like 50 messages the all saying, Hey, baby, or how are you? So the trick is to not do that, to be more creative and try and find a way to start a conversation.


Right. And so when it comes down to what should you or should, you know, I'm always like, well, you should. But at the same time, you know, more recently there was a massive influx into the industry that did very much disrupt things. And so there was a period of time just for a few weeks where I did say, look, maybe hang back until things calm down and then when you know normal.


Well, I have to ask you, my next question was, do you think tech talk in particular was oversaturating the market?


And it's really interesting that you said there was a period for three weeks because I had a video go viral about my foot wax from my little hot wax machine, and it's almost at 20 million views. And part of me, it was like, I hope I'm not hurting the industry. And like, I thought about it and I and I thought, you know, it's really a supply and demand thing. Like there's always going to be a demand for it.


And even if new sellers are coming in this with no idea how to do it, I. It's kind of like with you know, I always refer back to the strip club like new girls, it's a revolving door, but the girls who've been there and it's their full time job, they have regulars. But there was part of me and honest to God, I felt a deep discomfort. I thought, you know, I want to share my life.


I want to be authentic, but I don't want to take away from the sex workers who are doing this to pay their bills. So what are your thoughts on that? Like a recent oversaturation? Like how did it affect you? Do you think it's going to continue to oversaturate while everyone's working at home?


It's it's a lot.


Yeah, I went through the exact same thing. I have like a real crisis of confidence, I suppose, where I have my job as a sailor trainer. I feel like I have obviously basic training products that help sailors. So I you know, I get financial and I get money from that, obviously. And so when there was an influx, I saw an increase of people listening to the podcast, like the download episodes went through the roof. I obviously saw an increase in sales.


And then I was like, well, hang on a minute. Like, I have my own group of settlers and they're hurting right now. And I feel like I wasn't responsible for it, obviously, but I felt like I'm benefiting in some way and therefore I felt guilty about it. And so a few of the tech stocks that went viral that created that upsurge and didn't come from a legitimate place. I mean, the difference with you is obviously you are a sex worker, you are legitimate.


But one of the tickets or a selection of the tech stocks from one person were not legitimate. And so that felt really gnarly to me. And I was very upset and angry about it and about what the advice that I was given, the sellers was like, OK, people are coming in on the back of a false premise that this is a get rich quick scheme, which isn't that there will be like they just have to post things and they'll sell and that's not reality.


And so I would envisage that in a few weeks things will come down. And they did. Right. It went back to almost normal a very short time ago. So there will always be things like that that happened that will create these upsurges which are organic. The platforms themselves have a responsibility to enact its message. A couple of them going, OK, what are you going to do to manage is you're also making money from this and you're not able you know, if a site, for example, gets like two thousand new sellers and like 50 new buyers, well, that's not sustainable and everybody suffers.


So I think we all have to play a part in the community to not necessarily protect ourselves from this happening, because it will happen here and there, but just to make sure that we're sort of like we have the measurements in place and that we also hold our ground because, you know, six weeks from nine. Ninety five percent of those sellers will fall away when they realize just how difficult this is.


And that is the best analogy I can think of is say a customer walks into a strip club and a girl sits down and she goes here, I'll give you a twenty dollar dance and let's go to the let's go to the champagne. Here's a better example. She says, let's go to the champagne room. It's a thousand dollars for an hour and I will totally have sex with you back there. And then they go back there and she doesn't have sex with him.


And then the guy leaves the club. He's angry and he doesn't want to come back and imagine there's a house mom that's telling the girls to do this. Like, all you have to do is convince him to go to the champagne room. You'll make your money and everything will be fine. No, if there's enough angry customers, you know what? If they then want to blackmail you or, you know, they get angry and it could be a new set of problems for people receiving false information how to do this and not taking their safety seriously.


So I agree. As I've shown my experience, it has led to women asking me how to do it. And I have been extremely careful doing my research as I know you have to make sure that I am passing along the most important information because we do have a responsibility if there's no one in the industry to be like the staple of how to because this is such a taboo industry and the more popular or viral it gets, there are going to be people who want to ride so coattails, so to speak, and eventually time will tell what's real and what's not.


You know, I always I firmly believe and every experience I've witnessed and from business to social media, people who try to duplicate someone that's not them, you know, you can't be a cop. If someone forever, so that's kind of my stance, yeah, I agree, and I think that's why your podcast is important. My focus is important and getting that information out there about the reality of it. And I've been very honest on my podcast. I have talked about the dark days when it's just like it's it's hell and I want to quit and I want to quit a thousand times.


And, you know, and also the very beginning of my guides that I sell for helping women sell, like the first introductory audio is like this is hard fucking work, right. There are going to be things that you hate it. And it's like blood, sweat and tears. Like here's the reality, because up until the point where I started my podcast to do with Pontoise, like really a lot of the information that was online was what had come from the platforms themselves who have a vested interest in making you believe that this is super easy, like, you know, and just sign up and straight away you'll get like seventy dollars for a pair.


And that's obviously bullshit. And so I consider myself like an intermediary between the sailors and the platforms and going. Right. OK, well, this is actually what you need to know. Of course you can make it work. Of course you can make lots of money, it can be fun and all that stuff, and it can happen quickly, but also explain the stuff that the platform wants. You can rely on me to share with you. And and so it's just important that that continues and that the people that clearly don't know what they're talking about.


Yes, it will become quite obvious. Hopefully it will in a very short space of time that they come back with experience. What they are claiming to teach.


I would never push that. This is a full time job. It has always been a side hustle. And I'm I'm interested in what you feel about. Do you think sex work in general can be a full time job? Because even with only fans, it's never promised income. So do you think panty sellers are considered sex workers? And what would be your best advice, even if someone's doing really well and they're making thousands of dollars a month, would you say, you know, to your best friend, like, hey, I think you should still think about branching out and not putting all your eggs in one basket because this has never been a full time job for me, because I have three Shopify stores, I have an entertainment company and the Panay sells.


And the only fans I totally indulge that money and just spoiling myself, fixing my house up. It's been the best feeling in the world to just go into Target and spend five hundred dollars on fucking baskets.


That's what I think. So for me it's just this like fun money, enjoy it while it lasts because it's it's a feeling I've never felt before in all my other money from my business goes back into the business and I know every girl jumping into this is not living my experience, my journey. So I always say, you know, if you have a job right now, don't fucking quit just to start a side hustle. So what do you think about that?


Do you think there it's considered sex work? How would you tell someone like whether it can be a full time job or not?


Sure. So this is come up a few times. There's been Saylor's in my group. Sure. Like, no, no, no, this isn't sex work. And I'm like, yeah, it fucking is sex work. Like, I'm sorry to break that to you, if that's disappointing, because of course, like it's like sexy work.


A lot of parents come into this, something like, oh, I just I'm going to make some money online doing like this. Not a thing, but I'm not a sex worker. Right. So I think the first thing I would say is like, if you're hung up on whether you're a sex worker or not, like, I would deal with that because what are you bringing to the work where you have this mental block around, like what it means to be a sex worker?


Like it doesn't mean anything. Right? You are a sex worker because you're engaging in fantasy, right? Panty sniffers, panty buyers, they are you know, they have a panty fetish and that is centered around sexual arousal and satisfaction. So if you're providing technically oral sex work but you know, it doesn't matter, like don't call yourself a sex worker if it freaked you out or if you have a problem with it, I'm not going to be like you are.


But, yeah, in my opinion, Pontac, Salazar, sex workers. And the other thing is that eighty five percent end up to go on selling like pictures and videos and other things. I was consensual. Poncy selling is like the gateway drug to sex or whatever, but I think that it's so important.


That's why it's it's crucial to know how this money is being processed, because it might feel like an eBay sale, but certain banks don't want sex work money coming in. Just as we all know, people hell know they don't want that kind of money coming in, so people think like, oh, cash at me, Venmo me if I get an Amazon gift card on me. But you have to know and and I'm sure you talk about this in your book as well, why that's so important.


And I think that's why when you come in, you have to know straight from the gate, this is sex work. You got to be careful. You can't just put it all out there on social media because Tick Tock will take it down. Facebook will take it down because they pretty much consider you a fucking prostitute, which is bullshit. I mean, yeah, that that's the whole way, you know, you're a sex worker is the fact that I'm on my PayPal account now.


My ex. Oh my God.


If and if that's not me as a sex worker, I literally don't know what is. And but yeah, I mean, that's another thing. That's just what we're talking about is the grip's for sex workers that are on Facebook. That to me just blows my fucking mind because I'm like really like that is so not fake. You have hundreds or thousands of women in there with their real names, all their pictures, where the fuck they work, their family connections.


Like, no, that's I don't know. So, yeah. With regards to your earlier question about whether you can make this a full time living, not definitely not in the beginning. Like, definitely don't give up your day job, whatever that is. That says I do know sailors who gave up their day job after maybe like a year and a half or two years doing this because they've got regular customers and they've got passive income from video sites and they've got only phone subscribers.


So, you know, those are the top sort of like five percent, I guess. Right. It's not for everyone. And they also maybe have different circumstances to you in that they go all the time or they've got a bit of money to support them or they've got a partner to support them. So everyone's circumstances are different. When I started, I was looking for some additional money as a side income. I was never going to be like, oh, this will be my full time job.


I only actually intended on doing it for six months to get a fixed money. And, you know, so and also, like, you know, I know I could have made more money if certain circumstances have been different, but yeah, it's it's a great site hustle. I wouldn't consider moving into full time money until, like, you've been doing this for at least a year and a half or two years. And also, you don't know how things can change, right?


Something like a platform can just fucking delete in a day. And then there's you got less eggs in your basket. So it's very precarious. That's the word I would use that you would go about. Just give up my full time job. Like, you have to be really doing very well.


I recently had actually two girls within twenty four hours messaged me and tell me their ticktock got shut down and how it's affecting their only fans money because they now don't have tens of thousands of people to promote it to. And my first question was, OK, you probably had videos removed before they took your ticktock account down. So you have to learn when a video is removed. Do not do anything similar to that again.


And I know this because I follow only fans models who are just you know, they might be, you know, rolling around on the floor to music in a very scandalous outfit. And the caption says, Lincoln bio. And I'm like, you are. It's literally like an amateur porn ad.


You cannot do that. You have to do abide by the tick tock rules, maybe do a tick tock dance in a skirt and crop top, no bikinis, no lingerie, because you're catering to tick tock rules. Secondly, they're shutting down girls who have their only fans link straight up in their bio. I encourage anyone listening to Now move to attach in your Twitter link and saying like, hey, check out my links on my Twitter and then having your only fans link there or what I did, I created a website with my links because my link tree got removed from my website and having almost a million followers, I was like, oh hell no, I cannot risk this.


So if you lose your free advertising platform, which I call social media free advertising, you need to consider how this will affect your income. So you have to take those risks into account. Yes, you might be getting more followers, more likes because you're being more scandalous, but stay away. Like if your intuition tells you, like, this might be a little risky to post, but let's just test it out. No, don't do it.


Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. You're playing with fire. Basically, you're playing with your income potential. I support their accounts deleted from punch down platforms, either for a mistake or for a legitimate fuck off of the rules. And yeah, like you have to start from scratch, like you don't have any reviews anymore. And so you're like, start. The bottom again, again, it's it's like I said, it's precarious, yeah, there's a dark website I use on the dark side and there's a lot of girls selling piss and shit.


And I've noticed they call it like golden tea or their chocolate lemonade.


Yes. So I've noticed, like, they're playing by the rules. They'll take a picture of like a tray of brownies. And obviously they're saying, you know, message me for what flavor you want.


And I'm like, these girls are so smart, but they're playing by the rules.


And that's what's so interesting to me when it goes down like the dirty rabbit hole of things like, you know, Creampie Panis, Pussy Pops, you know, all the things that these girls are in more of the top percent because they're willing to do more risky things besides panties. So and I know you know all about that girl. So experience cellar's how are girls who want to really build it up to their what kind of products would you recommend for them to ease into trying other things besides panties?


Because like my first kind, it's not taboo. Like more scandalous panty was doing like a creampie one. So my partner comes inside of me and then the cum politely sits in my.


Yeah. So how do you feel about that girl?


It does seem to be a sort of hierarchy, if you like. I don't know if that's the right word. I'm using. Like what I said before, people start with socks and then they're like, oh well, I mean, like panties. And then when they do like when I started selling panties, it was just going to be panties. And then the first guy that wanted to do something for me, he wanted three pictures of me, like not even just like scantily, like softcore sort of thing.


And I was like, OK, OK, I wasn't going to do that. But I've got a guy here. He's like, raises pay me. Oh, money is OK. So then it was kicked. And then from pictures sailors tend to go, well if I want to do pictures then I'll just put together some videos on YouTube videos. And then once they start to see the random things like Christie pops or like selling vibrators or hair, or they may start adding all of these things to their shop, which is cause there's something that well, the more things I sell, the more money I'll make, which I suppose there's an element of truth into that.


But for me personally, I'm like, well, it helps if you can be a little bit more conscious and organized with regards to the things that you want to sell and build a brand around you and your offerings and all that kind of stuff. So, you know, it does like I said, people are you tend to go on that journey where it's like stocks and Ponce's, and then it becomes like, you know, the pictures, the videos, and then perhaps like sexting and then skyscraping and all that kind of stuff.


And then, yeah, I suppose like the end result is sailing your toilet product.


I've never had it.


There's a lot of guys that are looking for that. And yeah, I like horror stories that I could tell you about sailors that have decided to try and cook brownies using their kitchen equipment and then their entire house stinks for a week. They can't get rid of the smell.


I think that's why every single time that they use and imagine like your family comes over for Thanksgiving and there's like, ah, remnants of like shit in your own and then eating turkey in there taste like ants, apparently.


I mean, but it obviously smells bad enough by itself. Apparently when you cook it, it goes to the next level.


So yeah, I think it would take at least twenty thousand pounds for me to even consider being fat.


Well, there's a price for everything. Like, you know, I've been to I've been talking about all sorts of things with friends. You know, I'll message them and be like, is it worth it? And then like I'll ask them, I'll say, like, what would be your price, you know? And they'll say, you know, ten thousand dollars.


I'm like, shut up. You would do it for a thousand. Some of that money in front of you. Shut up.


I'm sure. But yeah, I mean, there's also people who are just like, well, I would never do that. I had an interview with a journalist recently. I just like but you know, like how bad did it have to be for you to consider doing that? And in my head, I'm like, well, not to talk. Like, it just was like a fun, strange thing I decided to do. Like, I never thought I'd stoop to a low level or something like, oh, my God, the things I'm willing to do.


For money, it was just like sell panties. That sounds kind of crazy. That's exactly the kind of thing that I would do. So everybody has their judgment and their homophobia and all that kind of stuff. So interesting.


Now, I also when I brought up creampie, I, I remembered a memory of someone who is so persistent about buying a used condom. And at first it freaked me out. But then I was like, OK, like once I got used to those kind of questions that didn't as much. But my excuse was like a I don't use condoms. It's not condoms, it's not going to happen. And when I asked my partner, he you know, he.


Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. And I even asked him, I said, you know, my feet, I'm having a hard time making them stink as much as these people want. I'm getting bad reviews. And I was like, can I please just put my sock inside of your sock? I mean, I begged him.


I was like, if I do, come on. And he you know, he's just a hard nose, like, do what you want, tell me about it. But I was like, God damn it, like you your feet stink.


Yeah, I am. I did sell a few use condoms and I remember my husband just being like, oh my God, what on earth? And I was like, yeah, you have to do it like three times.


If you could just fill them up for me, that would be what does he does he get a cut of your earnings? No, it doesn't matter.


That's my girl. So what is he what does he think about it? Spelled the T..


I mean, that's another common question that comes my way. People are worried to tell their partner because they don't know how they're going to react and all that. And again, it comes down to your individual relationship with your partner. My husband is used to me coming up with crazy ideas. And so when I said this to him, he was just like rolled his eyes like, oh, my God, what is it? But he thought it was funny.


You know, I probably framed it to him. I was like, I'm going to sell my panties, I'm going to make some money. And he's like, oh, my God. Right, OK. And so, you know, in the beginning when I was learning stuff and getting like all these match requests from guys, I would be I would tell him and he'd be like, oh, my God. Like, he, you know, a lot of times like just don't tell me.


I don't want to know. Like what what does he want to do with it. Like, no way. That's crazy.


Because because his feelings like ever get hurt though. Like if you bring it up just jokingly is he ever like stop talking about it.


No, never. Not at all. I mean it's very, very supportive but it's one hundred percent trust. Like this is my work. I'm not like even in the beginning actually it's work.


It's not personal. That's right.


There's no you know, don't get me wrong, like I'm kind of friendly with customers, but there's no emotional connection there. It's purely, you know, to me, it's just like if you were a waitress or a bartender, you know, you got to play the part.




But, you know, at the same time, like, he would have to do with, you know, like I said earlier about wanting to play or being pissed off or being upset or anything negative happening, he would be the sounding board. So I'm really lucky in that respect that he would never go, oh, well, I don't want to hear about it. Don't talk to me like that. Like, he's completely willing to hear me out and help me.


So I have some guy's messaging me on only fans all the time. If you're ever in Atlanta, call me or how much to come see me in Florida.


And I'm just like, bro, like I'll Altis that fantasy. I'll be like, oh yeah, what are you going to do to me when I get there? But like, no heart. No, I know.


I think as well. I always put on my profile. I was married. Some sailors choose not to share their relationship status, but I did because again, I was just like, you know, I'm here and I'm not going to pretend to be something I'm not not. I'm saying it's a bad idea to say you're single if you're not like for sure, there are guys that want to buy from you because they feel you are available to them but aren't married.


Maybe they like that, right? That's right. And of course, like the guys that are looking for couples content, they're happy that you have a partner is like, well, now I can get the videos that I like.


So, you know, again, whatever your individual circumstance, are you ever like I want to use the word stinky, but like, sometimes if you need to wear your panties for five days, God forbid two weeks and you haven't showered, is he ever like, girl back up?


No, no. I suppose like maybe that's just me.


No, I suppose a couple of times I wear one socks for quite a number of days and I have a pact to make my smile. I have this really old pair of slippers that are horrible man made. I don't even know what they're made of. They're just made of pure oil. And whenever I. Where then my feet really, really stink, like it takes just a few hours and it smells as if I've worn them for days. Yeah, a couple of times it's like, bloody hell like that's really well before I forget, I want it.


I know that, like being outside of the US. I know it's completely it's a whole different ball game for you.


And I get questions all the time like how do I do PT.. All the US, we don't have a job. What do you suggest for Girls International. And I don't fucking know. So I'd like to give you the platform to help my listeners out for those who are that percentage that aren't in America.


Yeah, well, first of all, I think you're really lucky if you are in America, because that is where the majority of the audience seems to be. I'd say probably 80 percent of my sales were to Americans. So that gives the cash up, does work from the UK to the US, but not anywhere else. But the fact that they've changed that recently, maybe they're working on making it available in other countries, too. So cash up is one option.


PayPal is another option. I'm recommending at the moment that you go through buy me a coffee page because PayPal can link to that. So it means that you're not like giving your link to all the different buyers, just giving them your new coffee page and they're just paying them.


So tell me tell me about the buy me a coffee page because I'm not used to buying the coffee dotcom. It's basically for people that want to buy you coffee and support your work in some way. And so you set the price of coffee is I think it can go up to five dollars, but the average is like three. And then they decide how many coffees they want to buy you. So when that's where you get your order, you can go, well, here's buy me a coffee page.


That would be ten coffees. And then they buy that. And it's really cool, actually, and so on. Their statement, as far as I'm aware, it shows buy me a coffee and on yours it shows five people. So it's kind of like they're the middleman. Now, they do take a small cut. Of course they write this.


I was just saying, how funny would it be if someone messaged you like we were talking about? You know, I was saying sometimes you can ask for a down payment before you even talk. I just had an idea what if you were like, oh, my God, it's so nice to meet you. Want to sit down and have coffee? I'd love to talk more and be like, here's my coffee page.


And then that's a great thing.


And it can all it can also hook up to credit and debit cards, which means if they don't have people that they can pay by card. So it's really useful. Yeah, I would suggest that. And then finally, it's like Amazon or another gift cards. That's it. For international payments, it's really sucky.


But what if you have a client that you really trust? Do you feel like PayPal's than an option?


Yeah, I'd say that most sellers are just using PayPal and risking it. I always recommend upgrading to a business account so that they don't see your name. And because PayPal starting to get really crafty with the verification process, the last one I opened, which was number eight, I had to actually login to my online banking through the PayPal platform in order to verify my bank like before. I remember. I just like the details. But it was like, no, you have to look in.


So, you know, do you have a actual, like, LLC business so that you can make the PayPal account or a bank account with your business in order to do them?


Now, you don't have to and you just basically say, I'm a business, I'm selling online and I want a people business.


So but what if they ask for, like, your website or do you need any verification that you are a business?


No, no, I do. Then they ask for your business name and wish you can make anything you like and your business address. But they haven't asked for any verification of the address. And so, yeah, I mean, so far so good touch. It's like I said, it seems as though they are changing as they go along. Obviously I don't know their algorithms are in place that managed to shut down moment's notice. So it's risky as hell.


But most sellers are still using it.


And you always use like friends and family payments. I don't personally know I am. Yeah, with the business account, actually, I'm not sure if you can. Maybe you can. I think you possibly can, but no, I never you know, I'm the kind of seller that's like I don't care if platforms that I'm using to support my business take a cut because they're not worth the risk.


Yeah. So do you is our taxes different in your country, like at the end of the year? Does PayPal say like, hey, here's your tax form to take to your accountant? Do you have any, like, quick tips about taxes? Yeah, well, taxes in the UK are different. I do get from certain platforms like here's your. The information for the year, but I just I everything usually through PayPal or my stripe account, they have different ways for me to keep track of it.


And then I'm registered to self-employed. I just want my tax return there for the last tax year. And I always say to sellers, you have to be paying your taxes because I know lots don't want to. But as far as I'm concerned, if you are a business, which is what you're meant to be, this is what this is, then you should be paying your taxes. You should be recording your payments. You should be doing everything that a normal business would do.


Now, do you I have this thought that Amazon gift cards might feel a little like they're under the table, though as far as I'm aware, they do still count as income.


Yeah, well, in your case, sorry, that's in the U.K. they just thought, I won't say that they are.


But just it's interesting to me. You were telling me about a couple content myself, not doing couples content. Are there any other items that you would suggest selling that couples can create together like but not like pictures and videos, but actual like tangible physical products?


Yeah. Oh for goodness. Yeah, I, I sent my husband up with an account. I was just like right you're selling there as well. And because a platform that I was on started to have an increase in the number of male sailors who are obviously sailing to males. Right. They're not selling to females.


And and it's like not as big as a market.


Like it's you can be a big fish in a small pond being a male or like or trans like if you're in the LGBTQ community. Yeah, absolutely.


Although I haven't seen as much of that, I think that's probably coming. But but yeah, when I get this uptick in the number of male sailors, I said to my husband, right, OK, I'm setting you up with an account, I will manage it for you. I will do all the pictures. I will do your bio. I will deal with the pain and the hot and honest to goodness it was so different. See, I'm dealing with a man versus a man dealing with a female sailor worlds apart, like the guys would just message and be like, hey, I want to buy this.


And then like because it was my husband, I'd be like, well, I'm going to say that the price is higher, not feel bad about it. And so I'd be like, yeah, that's forty dollars. And then they'd be like, great, cool. What's your PayPal. And I'm like, bloody hell you have got it so much easier compared to me. So he sold far like we ended up having like a competition to see who could sell more in a particular week or a month.


He ended up doing it for a couple of months and then it was just getting too difficult for me to run both of them.


And I was like, OK, I'm just going to pour for you.


I wanted to experience it from the other side because, yes, as a female sailor, I would get approached from male sailors going, what kind of like stuff, guy stuff do you have? So they would be purchasing used condoms, Creampie Ponce's whatever they wanted posters, they wanted socks and they wanted a couple content, all that kind of stuff. So it makes sense just to create an account for him. But I have suggested that sailors can create a couple accounts where it's like having her, like, what do you want?


And they're opening up their audience.


So I saw on your podcast one of the episodes was called Avoiding Panty Accidents. Could you elaborate? Oh, yes.


So that was a question that came my way. And I was so grateful for it because, again, I think that there's a lot of conversations that don't take place even in, you know, like in my Saylor's group, you get to know everything. Right. And obviously on a platform, you get to see everything. But there are still little conversations that I think people are too embarrassed to ask. And so I have contacted me and she's like like what happens if there's a little bit of pressure on the panties?


And like, obviously they haven't purchased that, like, they don't want that, like, what do I do? And so I just gave her a couple of hacks to avoid that happening because, like, this shit happens to happen. And so, yeah, that that's what that was about. Also, you know, if your period comes on, like, what should you do if you are doing weird stuff that's been there, done?


And I would just list that pear's period panties and or will not to interrupt, but, you know, that happens to me. And I tell the clients sometimes they're OK with it. Sometimes you like. No. And then I'll say, OK, give me a week and then we'll pick out a new panty and I'll wear it longer for you.


Yeah, but sometimes I take that opportunity and resell that panty and sometimes if I can't get the panty to like have enough ovulation or panty scent, just like a tiny little skid mark adds like enough to in if that makes sense.


I haven't had any complaints.


I know the conversations that we ends up having. Right. I mean, these are the things that come up and that's like being a part of a group is such a good idea because people sailors have. We'll have some tips that can help to really, you know, make the party look and smell and be the best that it could possibly be. So you know what? Maybe that will be my next thing I released will be Pontiac's for all these little things that happen or what you should do.


But with the period side of things, I find that some sellers really, really, really don't want to contact the buyer and say that the blades on the panties because I don't know, maybe they're embarrassed or they feel like that's killed the guys turn on or whatever, and and then other sellers are just really honest and go, yep, it happens like I'm really sorry, but I'm going to have to delay your hair by seven days or whatever.


So what about if Panty gets lost in transit? I'm sure you've dealt with that. Like, has the panty ever been seized?


Yeah, well, I got them returned. I had one set returned, which I don't ever recommend that you put your address on the envelope. But this was very early on and I contacted the post office because I didn't know that she was going to ask and that my religious with a different name and they got returned and unopened. So it wasn't opened. But yeah, this this happens unfortunately quite a lot. They get massively delayed. I had one pair that I sent to New York and they took three and a half months to arrive.


So I'm like, OK, what was going on in that package for the time that they got there and and then, of course, others, that either they get lost or maybe they get stopped and customs like nobody really knows what happens to the missing panties. But I suggest, you know, as a standard, you really should send them tracks so that at least you know, where they end up like or where the last were before they went missing.


But if you're going to send them unchecked, which customers can offer that because it brings the price down, then that's the risk that they take. And so the advice I give is like, well, it's a 50 50. If it's a customer that you really like, has bought from you before and all that kind of thing, then for me, I would just wear for them again. Right. And just go right. I'll take the hit on that.


Or I would offer like a video compensation or something like that or 50 percent off or next pair or you know, it depends like it depends on the customer and your relationship with them and how you feel about what happens.


I recently had a customer say that the penny went to his neighbor and he asked them if they got a package and they said no.


And I was like, oh, my God, I'm so sorry.


Oh, no, that's awful. Do you have to soil your panties more?


Because you know that they might lose the scent when they have a long journey to get to the customer? No, I don't.


I mean, I make sure that they're packaged as well as they possibly can be. And of course, when I'm so far away, I just let them know this is like five to seven days to arrive if it's UK to the US. But no, I don't go to any particular like if the panties I wore them and they were really, like, scented, then I might just wear them an additional day because obviously I want to create a great customer experience.


So even if they haven't paid for two days, I might just wear them for two days to make sure they were more scented.


So fun fact, I had a follower, her name is plant based Bati, and she started posting about panis stuff and I just was so attracted to her aura and I was like, you know what? There's there's room in this industry. Like, we can all make it and succeed if we, like, support each other and are encouraging instead of really turning it into competition in a way. So I reached out to her and was like, oh, my God.


Like, I want to give you some tick tock ideas. Like you were like the Barbie of panty selling and come to find out, we have the same birthday, I think like the same middle name, like it is so bizarre.


So I was in her bio and I noticed she had some panty selling links that all linked to you. So that's how I found your podcast.


And then I was like, oh, my God, OK, she has an affiliate program. She has a fucking scholarship. So tell me about, like, those things on your website, because I think that's so cool and I think a lot of our listeners would benefit possibly from either of those things, the scholarship or the affiliate program.


Well, it all kind of really happened by accident ASPO. So obviously I was selling for a few months and then I decided that I really wanted to community because I felt like such a lone wolf and it was hard and all that kind of stuff. And I needed people to talk to and stuff. So I created the group and then from there, you know, lots of the same questions were coming up from the new Saylor's. So I decided that I would put together some free trainings which are still available.


So like these are, I don't know, almost like a year and three quarters old, like the originals. So I pick these three trainings together. And then it was actually in the course of those trainings like you can hear if you listen to them, I'm like, oh my God, I got so much to talk about. I should start podcast. And so that just seemed like the obvious next step. I wanted to my own my very first episode.


I'm like collaboration over competition. I want to help you. I want to make this industry a better place for all of us. And so after the podcast for a short period of time, I was like, well, I should make a training on this, like a page for training that covers the very basics for people. And so that was the beginning. And then after that, I just started creating more trainings around different topics. And I get a lot of joy out of doing that because I'm quite a creative person.


And then that led them to the affiliate program. And then the scholarship actually came out of what we were talking about earlier when I felt like I want to make sure that I support the community that I care about, what can I do? And so the scholarship came to my desk every month. I'm going to offer like a different training and like all of my trainings for free to people that go through the scholarship process. And also on top of that, I decided to make 10 percent of all of my sales go to different charities that either support sex workers or support domestically abused women and children.


And so those were like my ways of giving back and supporting the overall community, if you like. So, yeah, that's the long answer to that question.


And well, you know, I had a I had an idea right now, how about for this episode? What if I purchased five of your handbooks and we gave them to some of the listeners?


Do you think that would be super cool? Definitely, yep.


Awesome. All right. After the show, we can talk about that.


And I'm really happy you brought up the Facebook group, because my idiot self, I wrote some of my comments asking for a group, and I was like, yeah, sure.


And then I posted the group and immediately my girl plant based.


It was like and I hold the fuck up like people people are going to, you know, get called out and their family will know.


So we went through all the questions. We added all these privacy policies. So if you join my group, you are going to be hit with some heavy roadblocks that when you join, it's like, you know, by joining you are giving away all your privacy rights. You don't know who's in this group. And now you're at it more towards growing small businesses and entrepreneurship, because half of my podcast is about growing like a small business aside from sex work.


And then I was introduced to what Dischord actually was, which is a private communication server where you can be anonymous, you can have all your information safe. So I will link your group and your dischord in the description of this video, mine as well. So I encourage everyone listening to join both if you want to have more of a community and friendship, because like you said. You might feel like a lone wolf and like you're laying out in the middle of the road having no idea what to do, and it's great to have someone to talk to or listen to when you have a client that's being brutal to you and harassing you.


So we'll definitely do that.


Yeah, I don't think I would have made it this far if it hadn't been for my group. Quite frankly, it's been a lifesaver for me, but I have strict verification process. While I say strict is quite strict verification process because we had when we first started, Amam entered the group pretending to be a woman, which was hilarious, and then obviously like trying to chat up different members of the group until he was found. And we talked to Mike.


So, yeah, those are the things that you have to be aware of as well. Like if you have a group that men will try and get in there either posing as men or just trying to mess things up. So, yeah, that's yeah, that's important. We luckily have five moderators and who screen everyone but sometimes just fall through the cracks.


So, you know, you got to be safe than sorry.


Well to conclude this episode, I just want to thank you so much for providing such great information. And I think we both can dream and collaborate on creating a community with higher priced quality items and less scammer's so we can really help these girls create firm boundaries and just make this a better place so that we can all thrive, we can all pay our bills and that we can satisfy our customers. So thank you again for being my guests today. The best of luck continuing to build your empire.


And do you have any last words for all the producers listening? I just want to say thank you so much for this opportunity. And yes, I totally agree. Women like you and me and, you know, there's loads of us out there who genuinely want to make this industry or industries similar to us a good place for us all and for us all to make money and have fun and make connections and all that kind of stuff. So it's really important work.


Thank you very much for your part in it.


All right. So if you want to find out more about Miss Dolma Rosa, you can check out her podcast and the description of this bio if you want to join her school.


I highly encourage that the link will be there, too. And we will see all you bitches on the next episode. Bye, guys.