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Welcome back to these new a podcast, I'm your host and a deal here to empower women to build their own empire and interview sluts who like to make money on my podcast, I give you a peek inside my life as a girl, boss, mentor, retired camgirl fibrotic talker and one person only fans creator.


I share my ups and downs of running a multimillion dollar business and the difficult yet sexy path to success.


Happy Humpday everybody. I hope you all are having a prosperous week.


One of my puppies, Miss Sasha Gray, she had her surgery this week to get all her female parts removed.


If you follow me on Instagram at Miss Mothership, you may know that we added an addition to our family. So little Leonardo. They cappucino is now here home he is 12 weeks, 13 weeks now.


I made a video on my YouTube channel about introducing him to Sasha and Noodle's and so far so good.


But he's already humping everything, including Sasha.


And it looked like she was going to go in heat for the second time as a one year old, God forbid. So we went got her fixed. And gosh, having a puppy alone is a lot of hard work, but try keeping a puppy away from a dog that just has surgery while having another dog. So forgive me for not posting an episode last week. And, you know, I just needed some time to make sure the family life was safe and smooth and between trying to make it to the warehouse and just create content, I just had an overwhelming moment.


And I never like to create content when it's forced, when, you know, it's hard enough. Re watching content right here in content you make. So half the time I don't even do it. But so that's kind of what's been happening in my life.


And before I recorded this episode today, I got a beautiful message on only fans that I wanted to share.


I love when you guys message me. It's interesting. A lot of girls follow me, my only fan. So it's funny when I'm posting content for all the dicks that follow me. And then every now and then I'll try to post some advice for the ladies. And it's it's been excellent feedback.


But I got a message this morning along with a gracious tip that said, Good morning, Miss Rebecca Blue. First, I'd like to say thank you for taking the time to read this. I've been a huge fan of yours recently because of my wife. I truly respect and admire what you do and how you got here. You are strong, beautiful woman things, girl.


Never change. I know about a month ago, my wife also wrote your message when she made the choice to make her only fans because you inspired her and she had to say thank you. You're welcome. She was pretty excited. So why am I messaging you? Never in a million years did I think I'd be exploring my sexuality, kinks, fetishes and fantasies. But here I am. Life is good. The night when she asked me for my opinion about having her own only fans, it changed our life.


To her surprise, I was more than understanding. And honestly, the idea of someone getting off to her turns me on. We are learning so much about each other on so many levels. Watching her love herself more every day is beautiful and she's liking her bank account. And of course I benefit in the bedroom.


So that made my heart so happy. Maybe that inspires any of you who.


Are a little weary about starting if you have a partner, but, you know, this was a really positive experience that I wanted to share. So thank you for that message. It made my day. So and today's episode, this is a long awaited episode about sugaring change. So I got an e-mail. It's from the beautiful Jimma Rose, who says, Please do I have a story for you? Well, I was on and off again, sugar baby.


And for three years, I had one long term who I often refer to as my mentor because it was more than just a financial benefit for me.


He was also a huge motivator. He pushed me to finish my undergrad. He helped me build a budget and learn how to survive on my own. He essentially filled the parent role in an odd way. He's married now with the kid, but we met before he was engaged. It's truly a wild story. I made the decision and things this past summer when I realized I know, not when I realized I no longer needed his financial help because I was stable on my own and in a killer city with a cute ass apartment.


I'm totally down to talk about that relationship and my overall sugar baby experiences with others. Ekso, Ekso, Jimma, who. So this episode is all about being a sugar baby, how it started, how it ended and everything in between. So let's welcome Miss Gemma Rose to the show. Thank you for reaching out.


First of all, like I know it takes a lot of courage to just be like, let me take the cat out of the bag. Yeah.


Because there are so many people that have no idea that I was a sugar baby. So this is kind of like my also coming out to the world I love. Do you feel like sugar babying is almost like a gateway into sex work?


Because I feel it's almost like with feet picks, people kind of normalize a little bit more and they're like, well, if I don't have to do anything with this guy, he just sends me money, then it's OK if I don't have to be naked or whatever it's OK.


Is it was that kind of your first thought or did it just kind of happen unexpectedly?


Ironically, it kind of happened as a joke to begin with. My long term sugar daddy or my mentor, as I typically call him, is kind of sick. But I actually met him on Tinder like it wasn't even a sugar baby situation. And then we joked about it and it kind of evolved into it. But I actually started camming well before I then ventured into seeking arrangements.


So were you on Tinder to meet someone or were you on there to advertise?


I was on there to meet somebody and said I've never used dating sites as advertised, actually, because I always kept like my personal life and my calm life so separate that I never, like, mingled the two. Most people don't even know that I've ever dated. I know that I did Kanaly.


So tell me, like, a little bit about yourself. How old are you? Where you from?


So I'm twenty eight. I am in the metro Detroit area. I work in a normal office job, nine to five. And then on the side I do a ton of side hustles because I'm just why not make money in my free time?


How does it feel working that nine to five and doing sex work on the side? Because I find myself included in the industry not shaming people who do. Ninety five to each his own, I'm sure. Seventy five percent of people listening do nine to five.


But once you dip your toes into the wealth of something else, it's kind of hard to go back unless it's necessary. But how like what? Where does your heart sit with your nine to five?


I love my my job. I originally wanted to be an attorney. That was kind of my goal and covid here. And I was just like, I don't think my mental health can handle law school. So I think it was just kind of I love my job. I really do. And I know I'm very thankful that my boss is very open and free about things. So I think even if it were to come out that I did these things or I'm currently doing sex work, that they would be accepting of it, which I feel like is not normal in a nine to five job, I feel like they're very judgmental.


Is it kind of like you get the best of both worlds? The grass is green on both sides. Yes, for sure.


Because I'm I make a really good income for my nine to five and I'm also making a really good income from all of the side things that I do. So I'm essentially in a position where I have two, three, maybe five incomes going in at once. And it's it's hard to even consider letting go. Do you get. Like anxiety, if all your eggs are in one basket, because I had tremendous doubt of myself, if I didn't spread out my streams of revenue.


Yeah, I would say so, because I've always even if I didn't do like only fans or any of my sugar baby situations, like I always had two incomes. I just I have a fear of not having enough then that concerns me, I think more than anything, which also led me into sugaring because I was I needed more to feel comfortable.


Where does the fear of scarcity come from for you?


My childhood. I definitely was raised lower middle class. I have a single mom. My dad wasn't in the picture, so it was just her supporting. So I think that definitely kind of allowed me as an adult to be like, OK, I need to make sure that I have. Enough income to survive for ever. So having your mom work so hard, it kind of normalizes work ethic in that scenario. I totally relate to that. Yeah, for sure.


So even now, I have to kind of remind myself. You know, this is something your work ethic kind of stems from trauma and people ask a lot, how do you work so hard? How do you stay motivated? And I'm like, I don't know any other way.


Yeah, it's I think it's almost a defense mechanism. Mm hmm.


It's yeah, it's definitely you know, life is a battle and you have to protect yourself, you know, especially if Mama Bear did for so long now, it's like, all right, here I am in the world. What what the fuck am I going to do?


And when you have the lack of love from a male figure, the second or moment you get it at any other age, you're like, oh, this feels good. And it hurts me when it doesn't hurt me. But when people are like, oh, you have daddy issues or something's wrong with you, like, first of all, you don't know unless you've been through that. And there's definitely something healthy about having that kind of like bossy male protective energy around you.


And I think if there's a consensual situation where both parties are having a positive impact, I don't see anything wrong with it unless, you know, every situation's different. But myself, having a partner that's older, I definitely thrive from having an emotional reaction that was neglected for so long.


Can you relate to that? Absolutely.


I think that my mentor played a huge role in that aspect. He was feeling that father figure that I so desperately wanted growing up that didn't really exist. And he was only 10 years older than me. So he wasn't it's not like he was seven or eight. He was younger, well off. And just I think he also looked at it more as a mentorship as well. Just a little financial benefit. How like what was pre pre meeting your mentor?


Like like what was the foundation of like I know you said you were camming and stuff, but where you introduced introduced into any other kinks or fetishes or any relationships with the customer before the world of sugaring.


Actually, yes, I had one particular customer that was a regular on cam. He was from Canada and we openly would email back and forth. And he I guess it was almost a form of sugaring because I was listening to him and his problems and he was helping me with mine. And therapy was kind of it was it was therapy. And he'd send me, like, gifts here and there of Amazon. And yeah, I guess I didn't even really consider that that came before the mentor when that relationship happened.


Did it feel just like a normal relationship to you or did you have to really put effort into it as if it were a business like he'd message you and you kind of roll your eyes, you know, it was a job or was it very fun and easy and exciting for you?


I think it was definitely on the easier side. It didn't feel forced. And that's something that I feel is extremely important in the sugar world, is, you know, if it feels forced, then it's not it's not natural. And they're going to be able to tell you're not going to be happy type of situation. And I think that in order for it to be beneficial, it needs to be more natural.


Did anything ever or did you experience anything that made you realize you needed to set boundaries?


Yes, I had. I also had a sugar daddy who is a high school teacher. And I think that was around the time that I realized that I needed to be more stern with some of my boundaries. He would just show up. And also, I never recommend letting them come over to your house. What's a hold on was that was in person pre meeting your mentor? The my free CAMHS relationships, those were all virtual and then did something shift to make things physical?


I wouldn't say so because the directly after that came the mentor, and that was just a fluke situation. But the regular off of Cam, we never met in person. It was strictly just I don't even think there was a probability because he was so far away.


That's true. So that when these Tinder situations come up, you know that they're local, right?


Exactly. And same thing with seeking arrangements is that's really local as well. Occasionally you'll get somebody from out of the area, but not a ton. Most of them are at least within the state.


OK, so remind me, did you have practice of sugaring before you found a long term mentor?


Like what? What was your experience like going on, seeking arrangements? Because let's face Hohnen, let's go to seating arrangements, dotcom. Let's see what the definition is, because they. It's like it's for sugaring, but they make it as far as the wording, let's say sieging arrangements is an American Oh Sugar Baby and sugar daddy, a dating website founded by MIT graduate.


But they make it. I feel like when I went on there, they were like, if you try to do anything off the website and promote yourself as like only virtual, they'll kick you off like they would absolutely do that. They would use that the phrase of like, you still have to do me in person. Like, you couldn't just do virtual. It wasn't an option.




And it's it's interesting how how it's legal, you know, because if it were a, hey, meet me in my hotel room, I'll have sex with you for one hundred dollars, then it's a legal prostitution.


But if you have this arrangement where, hey, we're going to day and you're going to gift me money or buy my dinner or buy me gifts, then it's legal. It's just this ridiculous gray area that shames this direct correlation of meaning for sex versus being in a relationship and being tipped for your time. Yeah, I would definitely agree with that, that it's that gray area can sometimes be a little bit iffy. And I think that's where there's a lot of negative stigma about sugar babying and being a sugar baby, because people see it just as like sex work, which it is.


But they're seeing it more as, oh, you're you're receiving money for your time. And usually sexual favors are involved. The homepage says upgrade your relationships or beautiful, successful people feel mutually beneficial relationships. So what was the mutual benefit, beneficial relationship with your mentor? Did you discuss the trade off right from the bat, like, hey, what do you need? Here's my minimum allowance. What was that conversation like?


It honestly just he was the one who brought it up. I didn't I didn't set a boundary because I kind of thought that it was a he was joking in the beginning.


And then a lot of the times it feels too good to be true all the time. Absolutely. And I think a lot of girls get that picture of, oh, you know, I am going to require a five thousand dollars a month allowance. Like that's usually not realistic, at least in the Midwest, I'm sure in Cali, in New York and some of the more highly populated areas, it definitely is probably a little bit more realistic. But with the mentor, it just kind of happened where he just started giving me money, really.


He would just leave an envelope filled with money every single time he'd come and visit. And then it became he would send me money on Venmo me for my legal weed now for Michigan. And so we used to joke and call him my weed daddy because that was pretty much where the money was going. Was that or, you know, it was it was never I needed it to survive. It was just it was a nice extra to treat myself.


And I think he enjoyed seeing that part of it of me, like getting a few things and spoiling myself because he did see how hard that I worked.


Do you think that's what really made you special to him or stand out? Is that you were so hard working and, you know, intellectual in a sense, because I feel like a guy with money can really pick out any bird from the bunch that he wants. What do you think made that spark for him?


I do think it had a lot to do with the intellectual side of things because we did bond on a little bit of a deeper level besides the financial aspect. So I think that had a lot to do with it. I also sometimes wonder if maybe he knew that he was stepping into like that father figure role and he enjoyed that. He pushed me to do a lot of things. I mean, he pushed me to go back to school and finish my undergrad.


He was the one who was like, yes, you should go into law. Yes, you should do these things because you are smart. You are worth it. And he. Yeah, I love that. So you I need the dirty details. What the fuck happened between meeting online and meeting in person? Because I'm not going to lie that first time of meeting someone in person like that.


I know it's different if you meet someone on Tinder and you go out for a coffee, but having that just adrenaline before you meet someone like, was he just like, hey, let's meet here, let me come to your house. Like, did you screen him before? What was that experience like?


So the mentor I did not screen at all just off of Tinder and I went to his house to watch coffee because I'm a huge I live in Michigan, so it's a huge thing. So we went to watch the playoffs at his house and he had a nice Audy. And I was just like, OK, I was just mesmerized.


But I never tell anyone where you were. No, my best bad girl all the time. She says that I have no fear and she's always concerned about me because I had multiple situations with, like sugar daddies other than the mentor where I would go and meet up with them and not tell anybody.


And she's like, what if you didn't come home? My God, do you have any screening tips now after looking back? No, I would definitely say ask more questions if they're not willing to answer some of the basic questions, like, you know. About your relationship with their wife, because most of them are married or if they don't want to be as open with what they do for work, that's semi understandable. But a general. Basis of what field, if they're very secretive, it's probably a hard no.


OK, do did you feel like an instant attraction to him when you saw him or because I know sometimes they may not be the type of guy up your alley physically. So I'm and, you know, some people kind of have to fake it to get that back. Yes. Ironically, I was highly attracted to my just the lucky girl I was.


It was a very fortunate situation because these things just don't stumble on your doorstep every day. And I feel like he kind of did. But I'm highly attracted to blue eyes. So his are like piercing blue. And that was it was just a done deal for him. But I have had to fake it in the past with other sugar daddies.


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So realistically. If someone was new to this, how would you explain to little baby sugar baby what her expectations should be? I think the biggest thing is not expecting to get that bag right away. It can take time like you are exchanging your time for their money. But at the same time, they want to build a relationship. They want to get to know you and know that who they're getting involved with is somebody that they can actually have a companionship with.


I hear that all the time. They're looking for companionship. So you have to be a little bit more compassionate. And, you know, if you're not willing to have a conversation with them, then it's probably not the best field of work for you to be in.


Do you think that virtual sugaring has the the realistic expectations are a lot more difficult? Because I find myself when I try to seeking arrangements, I put the location in Chicago because it's a very wealthy city. There's a lot of men who travel and just want some quick flings. But I found trying to dance around the law of seating arrangements and not, you know, you have to like, get them off the site before you can explain that you don't meet in person, because if you did say that on the site, they'll kick you out.


But I found that nine out of 10 times they'd be like, nope, only looking for physical in person. So to me, virtual sugaring.


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I feel like if you are willing to meet someone in person, you already have a bit of the upper hand and meeting on seeking arrangements.


I think seeking arrangement screens the guys to an extent. I can't recall if they match ID or anything that way. If anything, God forbid, happened, it could kind of point back to the site. But in your experience, did you try anything just virtual before you were OK to meet in person?


And did you find it harder if they were like, no, it's only in person if that makes sense?


Yeah, I would say I did struggle a little bit with it. Like I there was a time that I legitimately only wanted to do virtual. I didn't feel as comfortable meeting with people for a slight moment, like maybe two months. And I just realized there was no market for it. Nobody everybody wanted to meet in person at some point like they were they were fine with keeping it virtual for a short amount of time. But eventually they're like, well, I want to see the goods.


Like, I don't I don't want you to just continue to send me pictures. And now we have only fans.


So well, generally, what is a sugar daddies expectations?


Because it's like you see all these, Meems, are screenshots on tech talk where they're like, you know, I just want to send you money with nothing in return. And what's your instant reaction to that?


It's a scam. Yes, scam, scam, scam.


Tell us about the one and only scam.


I have one scam in particular that I screenshot it and I put it all over Twitter. I blasted this guy. He was like, I just want I want to send you like five thousand dollars right now just for you to be on my arm. But you can do it virtually. I just need to know that I have your confidence and your loyalty to me. And I'm like that just it doesn't. And then he I played along with it and I tried to see how far he would go before he asked me for, like, my bank account information.


And then as soon as he did, he was like, OK, well, honey, I need you to send me five hundred dollars and then I'll send you forty five hundred and then plus the five thousand. And I'm just like, no, that's the biggest scam ever. Fortunately, people fall for it.


May I interject? I, I feel like I recorded. A story once and then I didn't post it because I'm so ashamed that I fell victim to the scam.


Yeah, I'm trying to find my notebook because I actually had to write down all these numbers in case I thought I was going to go to jail. But the same thing happened, met on seeking. You know, he wanted to get off the site first. And I was like, great, I don't have to ask him.


And he was so cute. Was, you know, really well with his words.


And he didn't bring up the scanline until, you know, maybe after a week of texting.


And it was like, what did he say first? First he gave me his bank account info. And he was like, I want you to pay off any debt, any credit cards.


And I was like, oh, this is interesting. Let me choose a credit card.


I only have like one hundred dollar payment on.


So I went into my bank account online and or the credit card site and I paid off the credit card using that bank info and it went through like immediately.


So then a few days later my adrenaline, adrenaline was like, OK, let's try it with the two thousand dollar payment. And it went through and he was like ecstatic. And he was like, Now I really need you to do me a favor. I need these gift cards.


Like, I don't know if they were like Google Play gift cards or something. I can't remember exactly. But he was like, you can buy them at Wal-Mart, you can send me the code. And after you do that, like, I'll send you this much cash. And that was a clear clear given that like, why would I give someone like you have money?


Why do I need to give you gift cards like it was not going to happen. But he was painting it in a picture that it was easy, like, look, I already paid off your debt.


I want you to have like forty thousand dollars in your bank account. You were sending me screenshots of his bank account and I never sent him the gift cards. There was a lot of back and forth. And then my intuition was like, OK, this guy's pushing way too hard, and I was like, then I wanted to screen him. So I'm like, what's your Instagram did it? And he got really defensive, like, you don't believe me.


And I was like, Bro, send me a photo with my name on it or holding up three fingers.


And he just wasn't about it. So then I said, OK, let's Google image reverse search this motherfucker, and lo and behold, some famous cute little farmer guy shows up on Instagram with like half a million followers.


So I DMM and I'm like sending him screenshots of this sugar daddy messaging me. And I'm like, is this you?


Like, he's using your picture and he's like, what the fuck? This is never happened to me.


Like, what are you talking about? I'm like, oh God. OK, he's catfish ing me. So I send the screen shots of this message I'm having with the real guy, the guy with the real pictures, I send them to the sugar daddy and I'm like, this isn't you like, what the fuck?


And then it all just came crashing down at once. I got a call from my bank and they were like, the payment you use, like it reverse because you used a bank account that's been closed. So I'm like, fuck, like none of that got paid off.


And not to mention I ordered more things on that card because I knew I could pay them off. So I'm like, fuck, I need to return all this stuff.


And then I go on the Internet and I type in like sugar daddy scam. And if you type that in, it is all over Google about this fucking gift card scam.


And then I'm down this rabbit hole on Reddit and it's like this is bank fraud. You can go to jail. So I immediately called my lawyer.


Didn't you know how embarrassing it is to tell your lawyer, like, yes, I have a boyfriend and he's OK that I do this and this is what happened.


And now I think I'm embedded with bank fraud and oh my God, he just started laughing and he was like, OK, call your bank right now before any more payments get reverse.


Try to get them canceled. You know, tell them you entered the bank account info wrong.


It was an accident. So I call the banks, but because the payments were already reversed, they said they could do anything. I got hit with like reversal fees. Sometimes you can talk the bank into, like, giving you a grace of getting away that reversal fee for like a first time offense.


Yeah, I've done that before. Exactly. But oh, my God, I was sleeping with one eye open. I was just waiting for a letter from the government, like, you're going to jail. You stole someone's bank information.


Nothing ever came of it.


But I wrote down like I screenshot it everything. I wrote down all these numbers. And I just knew if and if anything ever happened that I felt like I was a victim in that situation. And I did feel like I was a little too greedy.


And I learned my lesson, learned my fucking lesson. So that is the sugar daddy scam.


If anyone ever messages you and they're like, I'll give you all the money you don't need, I don't want anything from you.


OK, now send me gift cards like bro, honestly, the Google image reverse is like the best way to actually make sure that you're talking to the right person. So embarrassed.


I mean, don't be embarrassed. It happens. I know plenty of people that have had it happen, but it just it does blow my mind that people do fall for it.


You know, even the queen can make a mistake.


So there might be I think there's other ways you can screen. You can reverse search IP addresses.


You can even go on Spokeo dotcom type in someone's name, address, phone number, email, social media. It's like one ninety nine to pull up more records but be safe than sorry.


Also check their criminal records. Yes. Felons that have murder charges.


Yeah. Whenever I'm sending people panis I will search their address. And there's been a time where someone's address was linked to a guy that was on that. What was that show where like they try to talk to kids and then the guy would go to the kid's house and that old guy would be in the kitchen and he's like Mister Rogers.


But Mr. Rogers was a kids show oh, are you talking about, like, the Predator, how could they oh, that scared the child show.


To catch a predator, that's what it's called. Yeah, I think so. I never searched any of their addresses. Maybe that's why I'll do this afternoon. Yeah. Chris Hansen, I think, is his name. Yeah, that's him, so I literally looked at this guy's address and there was a news article he was on the he had his record up there like he built a relationship with a 14 year old. And then he was I don't know if he was on TV, but something happened like the the cops set up something for him.


And it was so weird. I was like, OK, he likes kids and now he's buying panties from women online. I was like, what's happening like this? You're not getting any panties for me. But it freaked me out. I was like, this stuff's dark. Yeah.


I don't know what sites you've ever sold off of, but eBay and has some pretty wild things on there. Yeah, that's where I sold my I.D., so it's all because mine comes out next year. Yeah, if it's the right place, right time, you'll find a big spender for the weirdest things anyways, not just sugaring. Yeah, like let's go back to the pretty stuff, but, hey, that's that's the fucking reality. And that's what what these conversations are about is realistic expectations and protecting yourself and learning from those so that you don't have to walk in the mud yourself.


So this Datu, you had a mentor. What made you start calling him a mentor? Was his idea or did it just blossom into that? Naturally, it just blossomed into it.


In fact, I don't even think that he realizes that.


And that's what I call him. But I when I started dating somebody a couple of years ago, I was very open and honest with him about everything as far as like the sugaring, the scam, all of that. I had never been open about it with anybody before other than my best friend. So at that point, I was like, OK, to make it less confusing, I'm going to come up with nicknames for the people that were important.


And to me, I was just like, you know, he was more than just a sugar daddy. He was also a mentor. And then that's when he my ex told me that that was very sick and twisted, my mentor. But I still roll with it today.


So, hey, you know, in any relationship, I think most of the time we're all trying to get something out of it. And naturally, you know, we all have friends. We call for advice. And if they're going to give you advice and money at the same time, like, why not judge it all you one till someone approaches you with that opportunity?


Absolutely. I, I mean, it's a win win situation because I'm getting to things where he's getting one, you know. May I ask if you guys did the dirty and if it was good, we actually did it, the only thing we ever I kid you not the only thing we did was oral because that's my evidence. So what? Why, like you do oral usually leads to that. Like what?


Well, I was just I'm a queen of getting finished very quickly, so it didn't it wouldn't even take that long. But did you spend the night? No. No. Interesting.


So it was really these like coordinated hangouts and leave and like was it the boundary ever discussed as far as not having sex that and not spending the night once he once his fiancee moved in and they got married, that was kind of a hard no.


It was a line that I actually put a boundary line that I put up about not having sex just because I technically came before the wife. So I felt a little weird knowing that I was really then just the side piece that he gave money to. Did he ever explain to you that he there was any more babies or it was just you or any before you? I'm pretty sure I was the only one. I don't think I now I'm not or wasn't.


I ended things this past summer with him, but I believe once covid hit or like slightly before, I think that there were more babies that I didn't know about, which is fine.


Could you see yourself with him? Long term, like in a relationship, yeah, like no no sugar baby daddy mentor relationship, like full on being with him. Could you ever fantasize about that in the beginning? Yes, I would say towards the end, no. I think I then became toxic. Yeah.


Did how did the conversation happen when he said he was seeing someone else?


I actually found out on Instagram. I didn't even know, like he didn't tell me. And then it just kind of then I mentioned it and then that's when he started to open up about it. And then all of a sudden he was engaged, did it break your heart a little bit? Kind of that rock was huge like that was it, was it? Their wedding was extravagant, so. Yeah, like that. It was kind of sad.


It was like I'd put in all this effort, but it then planted even more that it was more of a sugar baby sugar daddy relationship.


You know, in retrospect, maybe it worked out the way it did because I imagined like five more years of that. I feel like it could have damaged you more mentally, not damaged, but just affected. Oh, I agree.


My perception on marriage is just out the door because of that.


How was the last time you had with him? Like, did you know it was your last meeting or did you just, like, talk about it over the phone like, hey, we can't do this anymore? Like, what was the last thing of him that you remember?


So ironically, it was definitely my decision to end things. He had come over midsummer and had to have been like June or July of last year. He swung by because he was going to be in the area for a business meeting. And it came during the day because I was working from home and we were sitting on my couch and I have this jar next to my TV where I put my extra money in like my dollar bills, stuff like that.


And he made a comment. He was like, oh, is that where all the guys leave the blowjob? Funny. And I'm just thinking, OK, so clearly in the last six months, he him and I hadn't been communicating because if you would have been paying attention, I'm in a relationship. So I wasn't giving blowjobs out left and right to Tom, Dick and Harry down the street. It was just them too. That was it. Oh.


So you were in a relationship too. Yeah. So what did you tell Bay and how do you tell Daddy? Bay was not very excited about the idea of me still sugaring more so I feel like he was he kind of became possessive. We're we just broke up recently. But how long were you all together? A year. So not terribly long.


So how long were you with Bay?


Until sugaring stopped for months. OK, so at least like he grit his teeth for a little bit. Yes, he stuck it through. He's supportive in the fact of he knew why I was doing it. Both sugaring, all of the side hustles, everything like that. He understood why I was doing it, but he wasn't happy I was doing it, if that makes sense. He panicked a little bit odd, but he was still supportive enough to stick around.


Was the financial benefit from Daddy benefiting Bay at all to make it a little easier?


I mean, the the weed definitely helps.


So is it really just like a weed fund or did you ever have like a massive payday?


Oh, I had a massive payday. He paid for multiple trips. What country? I went to Toronto. I was ironically there when the Raptors won the NBA finals. That was pretty insane. He paid for that entire trip. He also paid for a trip to Chicago. When I graduated from my undergrad, I got a large lump sum. Good. You deserve that one. Well, yeah. I mean, it would have been nice if my tuition was paid off, but beggars can't be choosers.


That's awesome. I, I had a friend who got on seeking and found a really great potential, but he was up in New York and was like, I'll just follow you up here twice a month you'll get a thousand per trip. And it was just too nerve wracking for her.


But I just thought, wow, that if if you have the balls like you know, or the big pussy energy, it would be so thrilling to, like, just get on a plane and just enjoy this experience.


But again, you have to have a really thick skin to, like, get through that.


I feel like especially on the first time, had I not.


Been working a nine to five job, and I if I would have had more free time available, the man travels all the time for his job. So I would have had more opportunity had I just quit my job. But there is no way that I would have been able to then support myself. Do you ever feel like you'll tell anyone in your family about this experience? I often think that my mom would be understanding. I almost wonder if maybe she may have been a sugar baby back in her day existed back then.


I'm sure it did. But they may have not labeled it anything. And my grandma would have a heart attack.


Like, I love the woman, but I I can't tell her anything about sex work at all.


How do you feel about the quote, what is it? Go that moment you realize you've been sexting guys for free?


Oh, honestly, it changed the game. Absolutely. As soon as I realized, like, I can get paid for the shit, like it's it's mind blowing. That's like that's why only fans is just such a. Gold mine, because you're going to see an opportunity and it's the same thing with sugar baby. It's an opportunity if somebody is going to pay you for your time and you have good conversation with them on top of maybe some sexual. Side effects, I agree, it's all it's like communication, talking, therapy with sexual side, it's great.


Were there any guys after him or were you like at all buckle down in this relationship, real relationship I'm in right now for a while.


When I ended things with the mentor, I was done. I just I think I'd move to Austin. Yeah, I was moved. I moved on to other ventures. And in fact, when I ended things with him, when I I texted him about it and I said, you know, at this point, I don't need the financial benefit of this anymore. So I just think that there's no benefit for either of us anymore. And I wished him a good life.


He was like, I'm so proud of you for ending something and, you know, mentor language. Absolutely. I mean, he was right because I had never I have a problem with not ending relationships in general or with keeping toxicity in my life. And by me cutting that cord with him, that was kind of like a stepping stone of like, hey, bitch, you're powerful. Like you are in control, not him in every situation. Are you still doing any sex work right now?


I do have an only fans and I sell things on the Internet, things like that.


What would be your firm like? Dos and don'ts for someone listening and being like, oh, this is interesting. Like what would be a quick like here's a good tip, here's something to watch out for.


The biggest thing I would say is do your research before you jump in. Don't just go blindly. I wish I would have done a little bit more research as to how to approach it or how to even bring up the conversation of money if they don't bring it up or things like that. It would seem that the biggest don't. Don't expect. So much right off the bat, the good point, so what is next for Miss Jimma Rose?


That's a good question. I don't really know anymore. I'm I'm considering starting a podcast about my dating life because it's pretty wild, like. But it's going to be better than her daddy. Yeah, I won't put my opinion out there about color, Daddy, but it's all it's mostly fake. That's the problem. My best friend made a good point about it. She said, I have real world experience where that particular podcast doesn't. Well, I think they do have a great the audience they're targeting to.


They're definitely giving content for them.


So. So where can we find Jim? Rose, would you like to link your only fans or plug yourself in any way? Yeah, actually, if you go to daily dotcom now, that goes straight to my only fans. And then I'm also on Twitter at Daily Underscore. So how did you come up with that? That's brilliant.


On the Toronto trip, I was with one of my really good friends and we were just talking about all of our trauma and whatnot and all of our sexual experiences. And she was like, let's start a Twitter account and just openly talk about it since we can't do a podcast. And yeah, we sat there and just started thinking about how slut like every word possible. And then she was like, Really? Oh, it's like the Daily Mail. That is so genius and it's so important now more than ever if you have a link in your bio to make a dot com that forwards to it so that the stupid algorithm bots from hell don't find that you have a link to me with an only fans and take your account down.


So kudos on doing that. Yes, yeah, that is definitely important and it's so cheap to do it, I mean, it's you're going to pay less than twenty dollars for the year just to buy a small investment.


Big return. Well, you're a smart cookie. I'm so grateful to have you on the show. And thank you for sharing your valuable experience. It was really fun to go down memory lane. Absolutely. Thank you for having me. I'm really excited to do this. So thanks again for coming on the show. And we'll see everybody next time. Children's National Hospital in Washington, D.C., improves children's health by developing better treatments and technologies as one of the top children's hospitals in the nation.


We take on the most complex, rare and life threatening conditions because all children deserve a healthy future. And with our new pediatric focused research and innovation campus opening this spring, we'll be able to generate and share even more discoveries. Learn more at Children's National Organ Innovation.


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Could save you fifteen percent or more.


Know it's from Geico because they help save people money.


Well I hate to break it to you but Geico got it from Shakespeare.


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