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If you want to make it very vanilla, you can do that, too, and that's sort of like what I've made like like I really like where it's pretty chill, like it's not pretty like girlfriend experience.


I like it. So not like what you see in the movies or anything like that, you know what I mean. Welcome back to the producer podcast, I'm your host and Andy here to empower women to build their own empire and interviewing sluts who like to make money on my podcast, I give you a peek inside my life as a girl, boss, mentor, a retired camgirl viral tick talker, and now one percent only fans creator. I share the ups and downs of running a multimillion dollar business and the difficult yet sexy path to success.


How are you guys doing today?


Special episode per usual. They're all special. But today you're going to meet Christina, who's a mother fuckin escort. And it's been a while. I've been waiting for an escort to reach out to me because this is one of the most critical sides of sex work. It's something a lot of people look down upon. But I think the most beautiful, hardworking, thick skinned people I meet in my life have escorted before.


So I'm also going to leave some links in the description about safety when being in this line of work, because with this and particularly being face to face with someone that you don't know can be really scary. And I think having resources to know how to screen people, all sorts of things, because things can go south very quickly. And if you haven't joined my discord or Facebook group, we have a lot of girls in our community that you can talk to and relate to if you feel alone in this industry.


The Facebook group is linked in the description of this episode. Or you can go to see HOHs Dotcom. It will direct you to the group, The Discord. You have to get a special link. The links expire so you can get that link in the Facebook group just by asking any of the mods. So enough of the intro. Let's dove into this episode. I can't wait for you guys to meet Miss Christina. So you reached out to me on only fans.


How did you hear about me? Did you find Rebecca Blue on Tech Talk? That's usually the case.


Oh, I found you, like from word of mouth, actually. No way. Oh, I know who does? She does a podcast. She said she tried reaching out to you. Never heard back and retire soon.


Maybe afterwards you can let me know and maybe we can spark that up again.


Yeah. Yeah. No, I didn't know anything about you. And then I found you just just your podcast. And it took me a while to finally find you on to talk because you mentioned tick tock, but you didn't say your name.


Yeah, it's really interesting. I have so many characters that I play and indulge with. I try not to cross-breed them too much, but I'm getting more comfortable as this goes on as as we all are.


Yeah, I got a clue. When I saw Mother Ship, I was like, Oh, you're so clever with your names.


I think you I, I guess like being I don't know, there's something like names are really important to me. And that's why I think stage names are because online there's already so much competition. So you got to, you know, stand out from the rest from the game, you know, just with your name.


Yeah. And you said that a lot. Like if I if I ever get this really going, I think the first thing I'll do is like get a copywriter because I'm the worst at writing those kinds of texts. I can do everything else better, like the creative, like visual things I can do. But writing is like the works for me.


Well, there's all there's so many copywriters out there. And one of my friends dolma, she has a podcast called The Panty Selling Podcast. She just started a site. It's called Sex Work Rolodex. I think it's spelled S.W. Rodek. Yeah, I saw that. Yeah. Yeah.


And I'm so interested in it because there's probably copy writers and editors and all sorts of things on there. And I always claim, like, if you're not good at something, I don't enjoy it. Like outsource it if you can.


Yeah, if you can. Exactly. And that'll be the first thing I do for sure.


So I see you have a podcast called The Dawn Diaries. You care if I plug it.


No, that's great. I mean, it's very new, so I want as many people to know it as possible for sure. Yeah.


So it says about you coming from a 12 step background, I've always enjoyed the part that we get to share the truth, but not everyone is from a 12 step group. In fact, I no longer am. This podcast will be based on my life. Lives of others will appear and I speak about me, which will include but not limited to sex work. So it's kind of interesting. You drop the sex work at the end. Yeah.


And then I started adding it to other episodes, more so. But that was when I first decided to do the podcast. I didn't think I was going to mention that at all. And then I started kind of improvising and I could not do it without talking about sex work. I just let it all happen. And now a lot of the episodes are just catered to that. But I think I'm more than that. Not that that's you know, it is like you think like it's your idea.


You know, I'm saying like, I know I can pull out of sight. Well, you look back and you're like when it's happening, it just seems like another day. But then you look back and you're like, oh, my God, that taught me a lot. And that's really interesting.


And day to day, people don't understand that experience. So when you start talking about it and get feedback and people are like, proud of you, you're like, oh, I'm I'm kind of, you know, I survived that and I got my bag, too.


Yeah, totally. Totally. And I just think that, like those girls that have been in talks, that means that I don't know if. Are you familiar with 12 step by chance? Is that like Alcoholics Anonymous?


That's the main one. And then there's there's like like all kinds of like galore of 12 step meetings after a like a founder. And then there was so many of them branched from it.


So I did get a DUI when I was 17 and I was kind of forced to do alcohol classes.


I see. I know all about you. Yeah. Yeah. So I did that. I had to do the Alcoholics Anonymous.


And it was I mean, I was so young. It was a little scary like being in there. I don't know if scary is the word, maybe intimidated. So I ended up going next door to the Sex Addicts Anonymous person doing anything that's cool.


Yeah, it was interesting. Do you know why that might be? Why that one was lessons mean?


I guess just because I'm so comfortable with my sexuality and maybe I just wasn't comfortable exposing that I enjoyed taking substances. I always was kind of one of those self meditators that knew the dose I needed to take and kind of wouldn't go like take advantage of going more than I could handle, because back then I was like one hundred pounds, four foot eleven.


Oh, I got a little baby.


But let's get into the T. I see you were born and raised in L.A., which is pretty cool. And do you care telling what age you were when you started escorting the legal limit, the legal limit.


And honestly, I like I might know less than a handful of people who have escorted. And I think the public persona is that it's prostitution. How do you feel about that?


Oh, the verbiage never matters to me. I don't care, like what you call it, you know.


But why do we look down on that particular side of sex work and not like a webcam model?


So I don't know. Like, I don't know. Like for me, it's hard. Once you started doing that, it's hard to see the lens of somebody else. Like I know before I ever started sex work, like how mysterious and unknown it was. And now that I know all about it, I can't see what someone else would compare the two, like modeling and squirting.


Like, do you think it's just because it's physical and not virtual? Oh, like for me personally, I think camming would be less of a boundary push than boring, but a lot of hard work. I know that too.


So well. What's it like.


Put yourself back being eighteen. And you know what, what made you take that step and like was it scary or are you just like fuck it know so scary.


Like I just don't have like a like a good upbringing to begin with. So I didn't have a whole lot of choices. You know, there's a lot of people out there that are so close to being homeless from just one mistake and they don't have like a whole net of life support system to, like, carry them through if, God forbid, like there was a hurricane or if there was something something has to go wrong, like one time for people to be in that situation.


And that's what happened to me. Like I was just in a bad situation and I just decided to do what I knew could make me money. And it was only because someone had talked to me about it.


Had someone talked to me about camming first, then I probably would have chosen Cam, you know, did it just seem like any option at that point you were ready to to get out of, like a hole you were in?


Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. So who was this guy like?


Was he just a friend or was he someone you trusted?


I know. And I still wouldn't to this day trust him because there was a lot of sketchy things that ended up happening between the two of us. I met him through Craigslist. I was looking for like someone to live with and I would pay them some rent. And I remember talking to this guy who was a lot older. He had a big ol house. And I remember feeling really scared about what he had expectation wise with me.


What were his expectations? Was it a. I am here to rent or like, what's an off the bat was he like, you know, you need to do some other things for me, too. Yeah. Yeah, it was like that. So basically, like, I have never supported in my life. So for me mentally but jump from like paying rent with a living with a guy was weird to begin with and then paying them rent like was weird, not, not weird but just the fact that it wasn't like a regular roommate situation like let's say a college situation with someone my own age.


So that was weird for me. Like, I'm just thinking back, like you say, when I was that age, when I was that age, like living with an older guy was just weird enough. But knowing that he had these weird expectations of, like, maybe doing more physically, like really reading me out. And I was like, why isn't the rent enough? Why why do I have to do more? And he was like, well, two hundred fifty dollars for a bedroom is like nothing to me like.


And I didn't understand that concept either because to me that was a lot of money, you know, at the time.


So seeing that as a red flag, did you run for the hills or you're like, well this again, like this is an option. So I'm kind of blind to what my intuition is telling me.


No, I did like I did kind of like think about it and left and now I'm going back maybe like, see, that's the thing. Hindsight is so crazy because now I think I would have done that instead of what I ended up doing because it was just one dude. And I probably would have been so bad because he had like this huge mansion. Right. So actually, that probably would have been the better choice. But at the time, I was so scared that I was like, I don't know.


And then I met that guy that I'm telling you about who told me about a story. And he was like messed up because he sort of like kind of manipulated his way into, like, getting stuff for, like what I would call for free right now. But at the time, I thought it was like kind of like proving myself or like showing that I'm a good roommate or I don't know what it was. It was just weird stuff. Right.


Like, yeah, well, he's like, I need to trust you so I can give you your necessities in a way. Where were there other girls around or was it just you.


It was just being with this guy particular. He was not a pimp or anything. It was just someone who told me about aspiring to begin with.


So he tells you about escort and how does that conversation go? You just saying, like, how he met a girl the other night, someone I never seen in person. And he was saying, like, how she makes a buck fifty an hour. And it didn't sound like a lot of money to me at the time, but he was just sort of like kind of just put him in my ear, you know, like telling me what it's like and how she had fun coming over and this and that and how she drives this nice car.


Like, I don't know how he would do these things mysteriously. Like, he would tell me he was kind of like like how guys do that when they hook up with, like, hot chicks, they just have to tell you about it. He did that to me. So you'd be like Buddy, buddy with me too. And then tell me stories and give me ideas because he knew I was in such a bind. So would you call that grooming?


I think I would. And then there was a time where I was escorting and we were still friends and I wanted to move into this apartment complex that required a cosigner because at that time, like even now, it's hard to prove income. Right. So I asked him to do it, thinking that he might not like on a small chance. Right. And he's like, oh, you have to do this for me. And so I did.


And, like, nothing ever came of it, you know, like so where like where do the clients come from? Does he tell you, like, how to do it? I mean, no, you didn't tell me any of that stuff.


Now maybe it wasn't grooming right this way. Right. I mean, I've, you know, I've I'm trying to think of any grooming experience.


Like when you're in it, it doesn't feel like that, just like you said, to process it.


And, you know, I we even had a review on the podcast where someone suggested that I was glorifying grooming because when I met my partner, you know, I was younger and he was older. But, you know, we're still together and we're in a really healthy relationship. And I didn't pre face at the time, like, it doesn't always work out like that in that situation. And there are older men who have played that game over and over.


So when a younger, more naive girl comes along, you know, they just know the ropes to kind of pull her a little bit. But was this the guy that got you clients? Like, I'm curious how the client's situation happened.


Well, like, there was always a weird vibe from the guy, so I distance myself from him. I was kind of in and out of his life. He was in and out of my life. Right. But the whole thing was just kind of like a plug in my head that he left like an impression. Right. But I never, like, communicated to him that I was going to play. I was planning on doing it, that I was going to do it.


He found out on a website and he laughed about it, actually, he laughed about the fact that I had these photos that I just used because they're like the only headshots that I had that I had use when we first introduced each other on Craigslist. Right. Like, send me a photo, you know, email exchanges. They want to see what you look like, whatever. He was laughing that I had used the same photos. He was also a weird guy.


But were those photos like you advertising for escort services?


Yeah. Yeah, he thought so. Exactly. So like, what was he doing on those sites? Right.


So how did you end up deciding that you were going to advertise yourself and how did you find those websites?


Oh, well, that I actually have that in my podcast. But basically I just went to Starbucks and I answered a lot of ads under ESCORT'S and Craigslist. You won't see that now because Craigslist is shut down. But like I said, there was so many agencies that you could respond to at any given day.


OK, and so you put that ad up. Do you get clicks, like, instantly or just a ton of emails?


The emails Craigslist used to be that way.


Like, you get so many responses, so you get an email and it's a potential person you're ready to offer your services for for the first time. How did that make you feel and what made you choose him?


Oh, no. It was it was not that simple. It was never like like you could find clients that quickly. It was that it was agencies that I was going for because I didn't know how to get started. So the agencies would set you up with clients and that's when you first meet the clients through them.


So what's the difference between an agency and a pimp?


You know what the truth is or is no different as the agency is more organized. Yeah, OK, so you do have that like this just as rookies. Everybody else is like, so how do you pick that agency?


Was it just like the first one or.


Yeah, like it was just like emails at like I responded to and they responded back to me and I would meet with them.


OK, where do you guys meet and was it like just one person?


Well, it was so many responses that I went to like one. It would be like at a Starbucks. Others would be like at a hotel room.


Some would be at a house that they I don't know if they rented or some vacant house that was like, yeah. That had rooms with other girls in it. That's crazy.


So Eagle Rock and L.A., so there's like a lot more space, like here in New York. It would be like some apartment or something like that. It wouldn't be like a house or anything like that.


So what was the first call like? Like do you remember it vividly or did you have to like, take anything to relax yourself?


No, I always wanted to be stone cold sober because I don't know, I just just you never know what could happen and you're already freaked out as it is. So it's like you just want to be very alert.


But I don't remember my first.


Maybe I do. And it's just it just came to me because I literally can remember who it was. But now I do remember who it was. Yeah. And it went OK. Like if he freaked me out in the beginning, like because I wasn't attracted to but like in hindsight he was probably one of the most attractive guys, just like at the time. You think what's attractive is like someone close to your age who. I know that sounds weird, but almost sort of looks like you in a way like where they're your equal, maybe physically.


I know that sounds strange and weird and superficial, but like.


No, that I mean, that's not strange at all. Even at the strip club, it was kind of the opposite for me. Like I found that the younger attractive guys wanted more for less than an older gentleman, some sort, you know, they were willing to pay more because they knew they didn't really money is what they could offer. So I always were drawn to them. So when escorting, did you ever have, like, an older client who maybe wasn't your type?


Was that, like harder to deal with or was it like, oh, I'm just going back in time though? Like, yeah. So you asked me my first time, but that's what I was thinking at that time. But now, like it's totally like what you just said. It's the opposite, like I do. And isn't that interesting why I like guys my own age. The worst to deal with. They are the worse they are like unless you're really lucky, which is very rare.


It's like finding like like a needle in the desert, you know.


So what did you where do you like what was your go to to where first things like that where I always imagine they tell you like but I was so young so I played up on that which is kind of like the wrong thing to do, to be honest, because they get so sketched out.


But like I was like the schoolgirl outfit, I was like my go to.


Interesting. Did you have this, like, act played out in your head? Like start to finish, like how to make it through the hour if if it was just only an hour. No, I was doing it like the way I would normally have sex, like like back in the day once again, so like for me to have sex was like like like being all in. Right.


And remember, the guy was so like kind of rude because my hair was all messed up, like torso, like the weight. Yeah. But like that's what Norm is. Do you know. Like they don't care what they look like after sex. So that's how I was like and he's like aren't you going to the law like make yourself up or whatever or freshen up. And I was like yeah.


Cause you know, I just kind of follow what he tells me to do. And now I like to realize, like, I was an escort, you have to be like picture perfect, like after like never mess up your you know, your presentation. Right.


But did Sevillian. So like. Yeah.


Like it's did you can you recall anyone you ever met that you had a connection with that you like. Well how about this. Did you ever find someone that quickly turned into a regular or was it always like a one off kind of John thing?


Well, I have these weird phases throughout my career, quote unquote. But and when I was really young, I definitely wanted to not see the same guy again twice. And it doesn't even make sense business wise at all.


Well, probably it would give you a little bit of anxiety at that age, like, oh, God, I have to, you know, live up to this expectation again. And what are we going to talk about this time?


That it was definitely that and it was also just having to relive or like recall the guy like if I didn't like my mom, I don't know if I can do this. There was something more more like easier to handle if there was mystery and not knowing who he was, you know, because I even if I knew, was not going to be any better, like there was. So that chance that it could be better if I didn't know who the person was.


And you're right, there is nothing to talk about. Like when they're young. Like you don't. You don't, right. Yeah. You don't want to like. Yeah. Something about having feelings when you're young. They get tired of you too because you can't put the act on long after that. Like, like that makes sense. It's worn out.


But when, when you get like you put. You start to enjoy the job more, but when you're young, you cannot for your life, enjoy it for your life, at least for me, but that's what happened to me.


Did you definitely feel yourself putting the character on when you walked into that room? Like, did you really what was it like black and white of who you were not in the room versus in the room?


No, not characters. It was just me super nervous, like a scary little kid and then acting like I love the sex. And I was it like, you know, there was no character, though, like, what was your sex life?


Pre squirting. Pretty nonexistent.


Like, I was a grandma for like a year and she oh my God, I love her to death. But like, living with her was like it was like it's hard.




So how often were you getting booked and was it was it scary going from like not being very sexually active to frequently faking these orgasms and pretending like you were enjoying what you were doing?


No, thank God I never had to fake orgasms. I don't think that's the point. They just want you to like what they're doing, you know, like. Gotcha. So it's more like pretends do an orgasm or anything like that, you just have to you just have to like like just be down for it or, you know what I mean, for whatever they're there.


What's the word you're not really down for, like making you care about your. Did you ever find yourself in a moment of orgasming or was that not even your focus, you know?


No, no, I never cared. I never cared. I like just masturbating about myself like that feels good because I there was no pressure as to when it happens and there's no one staring right at me. Like, I don't like it when people stare at me like too long.


And I know I just like laying like a limp fish just using my vibrator. No expectations.


I just can't the the looks that I get like like it's just too much like they get too into it. It's just like enough OK, you know, I'm not like a center of attention. So what do you what's on your only fans.


Do you like solo masturbate or is, is the other content that you enjoy making.


Yeah, I put out content but no one has bought it. Yeah. Which totally blows. All I have of my only fans is like, like the vanilla stuff, like the sex dances and the sexy outfits and like lingerie but like everything that I play for pay for play or not. I'm sorry. People pay per view. I'm always opposed to slogans. But anyways. Well I'm curious.


When you masturbate, do you ever think about the experiences you had as you actually do, which is really strange?


Like that's very strange.


Well, I, I think that's how some people cope with traumatic experiences because I even find myself going through my head of really bad sexual experience I've had. And sometimes I think about them when I'm masturbating and it's a way for me to, like, process and gain power over that experience.


Also, how what made you come up with that whole realization? Because I wouldn't I would never come up with that on my own like that.


I probably was sharing the experience. The big one was losing my virginity in that aspect, which we all think about in my head, because I think as women, we can kind of close our eyes and take ourselves somewhere a little more so than men. Can they? I feel like men need more visual, like porn and whatnot, but I'll create these fantasies in my head of me, kind of biting back in that situation and taking my power back.


And it it turns me on in a way and I don't know, I like I don't know if that's healthy. I should probably talk to his therapist about that. But it's just it comes naturally in that sense because I'll lay it down with my vibrator and I'm like flipping through the chapters of my spank bank sometimes.


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Xfinity The Future of Awesome. Learn more at Xfinity Dotcom. Trust me, it's it's still strange to me, but what what do you like why do you think that might happen to you, too?


Well, geez, I thought you had talked to a therapist about that because it sounded so insightful. It sounded like you really came to terms with, like, the reasons behind what you're doing.


I think it must be like self therapy or like something I probably subconsciously saw on take to me that something like my tick tock experience is so limited, like I do not know where I would even begin to find these kinds of talks.


Like it was so interesting. Every time you bring them up, I'm like, Oh, I want to see that.


Like so with the tick tock algorithm, they can tell what you're watching and what you're constantly going back to and liking and they'll give you more of that.


So I was kind of showing my aunt, you know, she likes to cook. And I was like, you really need to follow these cooking content creators. So that tick tock will give you more of it. Or if you want to see animals like you have to on the four you page like engage with those tick talks. And my partner will be like, why am I always seeing these sexy girls doing dances and stuff?


I'm like, because that's all you're watching and you know. Right. Oh my God.


So I think safety is really important to talk about.


Did the agency screen these people or were you just kind of oblivious to the process and you were just there to make money?


Well, they they can't really scream. They they claim to be big. They claim to be a lot of things like body guards, good screeners. Trust me, they're not any of those things. Like the minute you get arrested, you're on your own. You know, like they don't like they they're nameless. You don't know their real name. They're not protection. They're just they just trying to find a reason to, like, get hired and act like they're they're fifty fifty is like completely valid.


So it was fifty fifty. So if it's like one hundred fifty an hour. So it's really seventy five an hour.




But like I think the girl that that guy was talking about that made one fifty an hour, I think she was independent because I mean nowadays like there can be really low end, low end agencies because of the saturated way. I don't know or where you live with depends on where you work. Yeah. A lot of things. You know, if you let a foreigner like Ben.


One hundred dollars can seem like a lot of money in your country, but like if you don't live here and you're just visiting like, I don't know, there's a thing like that's kind of screwed up where you get paid what everybody. It's like what's called the buyer's market. No, I don't think they don't understand why you might charge more, but it's like, well, maybe it's because my is higher than the girl who's just visiting from Mexico or whatever, you know what I mean?


So was an hour like the general time or did people request like two or three or four get in the whole night?


It really depends. Yeah. All of the above. And and there are places that do half hours and stuff and quickies, which I hated. And I never do any of those things and I always have people for that.


So did you ever like as a quickie like a blowjob and do they fucking cum in your mouth?


No, that would be just like no, there's criteria. There's like girlfriend experience and then there's like porn star experience. What you're talking about would be porn star experience like any. Yes, they call it S.O.S like come on face or time to interrupt this episode with a shameless promo for myself.


If you guys haven't checked out our Marchette, check out your partner Dotcom and head over to the mart shop. Whether you want a CEO hat or a Google is my daddy sweater. I've made tons of fun designs for you to express your inner self and is always use code slut on your first purchase to get ten percent off. Now let's get back to the show.


I don't realize that like that there's such a huge difference between our done be, right. Yeah. When someone hasn't done my side, like I wonder like what's confusing about it.


But I realize that not everyone's done every little area of sex work. Right. So.


Right. And honestly I think I have a nervous laugh sometimes too because I would that would make me so nervous. Like it is easier behind a screen to give someone what they want and have boundaries, because I have boundaries about if I'm using a toy in my asshole, like I can't take a big cock in my ass. I could probably take like a little butt plug. So I have a boundary there when I'm filming. So I'm thinking, OK, before you have a session with a guy in person, like, is this already discussed or do you tell the agency like, hey, I'm not comfortable with anal, for example?


I'm just curious how that conversation is to be had.


Well, the girl usually tells you ahead of time and then the agency will like they'll soak it up so hard. Like if a girl says she's comfortable with, like, let's say, anal, like every eye you'll see on the girl is like, I love backdoor this. Not like they will ride it to the end. You know, I have to discuss these things. But like, if you want to make it very vanilla, you can do that too.


And that's sort of like what I've made like like I really like where it's pretty chill, like it's not pretty girlfriend experience.


I like it.


So not like what you see in the movies or anything like that, you know what I mean.


Like so are are condoms just a given. Definitely for me. Yeah, yeah. For me. But I don't know what these rumors are about like I mean I don't know if it's a rumor, but I hear a lot of requests for non condoms and I think that's insane for for them to even ask and for, you know, how guys are there, like it feels better.


That's a weird thing, though, considering who we are. When we say yes you, aren't you worried about who else we're saying yes to?


Is anyone getting tested or having papers or anything like that?


No. And like that doesn't happen in porn either. Supposedly I heard a lot about foreign like people get all kinds of things in porn. Supposedly they get. So I feel like that's so inaccurate as well.


Why do you and I totally agree. The whole industry is a little known.


There was a big Courneya where there was a vote about wearing condoms. And I don't even I've never done porn, but I still voted to have them. Work has nothing to do with my life, but I was still going for that. But the only reason why they did that is just so they could kick out the the porn in California like they moved it to Las Vegas now or something at that time. No. And everything is everywhere. Right.


But at that time, it was very popular in like the valley in California. Do you recall having a like a amazing payday or was there a moment where you were able to get out of the situation you were in or purchase something really lavish? Because, you know, we all think with sex work, the positive is just, you know, having all this money.


Yeah. Like, it was cool paying for like a car in cash. What did the dealership think?


I always love that moment when a girl walks in with fucking cash.


No, no. It was not I think I was too scared to do it, to do a show. It was a private OK. No, God hell not like it was hard doing it to that guy. I didn't even know that guy, you know, but just what, a week later, I reacted and then I had to pay for the repairs, which was like basically like a no, not what I paid for the car, but close enough.


You know what I remember thinking how proud I was that I could solve the problem so fast, you know? Right. Like just like bought the car, fix the car. And like, it was like nothing because because it was like the money just came right.


And you didn't have to, like, ask someone for it. I feel less then.


Exactly. Yeah. You mean like when I first started working I was still in a mess, like where I didn't have a place to live. But like I remember my car getting towed one night and I could get it the next day like no questions asked, whereas like a little bit like back in college and not college. But that would have been a big fucking problem and a huge industry.


Right. So I remember feeling good, even my thinking, like I can freakin just solve this problem. Girl, that's me.


When I park downtown and I don't have quarters, I'm like, fuck it, I'll pay a parking ticket.


I would do it by choice. But yeah, a feeling like.


So did Grandma ever figure out what was going on or is so I moved out by then like she had no idea.


Does anyone in your circle know about these experiences. I know they just know the title.


OK, ok. I know everyone's different with that. It's either like I don't give a fuck my family loves me or it's like they've disowned me or they're trying.


Oh that's crazy. It is. So are you, are you still escorting what's you know, how long has it been since you started and what's happening now.


It's just so chill now and yes, the answer is yes. And it's just so much better. And it doesn't feel like any different than just having friends that you sleep with, you know what I mean? So are you freelancing and have regulars? Yeah. Yeah. What's the best part of it now, looking back like now versus then that they are like they're not really my friends.


Like I know in a crisis they wouldn't be there for me or anything like that. But they're friendly and it's friendly like like like always before. I could not like make that connection, like I say, like I just wanted to distance myself and never see them again. It just it couldn't feel real in that way, whereas now it just feels very chill and very friendly, you know.


Do you have a screening process? Oh yeah. Now I do, Michael.


For I relied on those guys I relied on. Yeah. I just relied on experience and now I'm now that I have the experience, like I know what I'm doing. So yeah.


What tips would you say as far as screening goes, like do you ask for their I.D., do you do any like a website.


Yeah. You do some research online of them when you have their names and everything and and there's websites to look up numbers if a number like comes out like, like they're shady like that money, just any red flag, basically anything like there's you can never be too cautious like it really. It's just a bad vibe and everything else looks good. It's not worth it. It's just not.


Do you ever have like a friend like weight down the street or have you ever had someone like check in on you or do you give someone your location?


Well, no, because it's where I live now. So it doesn't matter. Like everybody knows that I'm here. So OK.


So I'm curious, have you ever had, like, a bad, gut wrenching experience? Because it seems like it's been pretty peachy.


Oh, well, no, but that's how I've learned. That's how I made it to learning the bad experiences. Yeah, there have been a lot of weird moments like where I just have a lot of regret, like I shouldn't have gone to that call, shouldn't have seen that person.


Do you care to share any of that? I know it can be difficult.


Sometimes it is difficult, but only because nothing comes to mind. I just know that I have a. What do you think? You blocked it out in a way. Just maybe.


Just maybe because it's on the spot. But like, yeah, I recall them all the time.


Like when I'm just doing errands or something, like I think about those things like may I ask if if it had to do with like nonconsensual situations.


Oh yes, of course. Those are the worst. Yeah. I'm so sorry. That's so fucked up. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. No I mean I'm sorry for everybody that's doing like.


So now you're in New York City. I, I'm curious how that is with the current situation. I heard that it was just bonkers there at the beginning.


I mean, from my day to day it wasn't. But I know that there's a lot of people panicked big time. Is there any, like, covid protocol with seeing people, or is it just like you take your chances? Well, I mean, I'm more the conspiracy theory type, even though I don't like the label, but it is what it is. I don't really buy into the whole coma thing. Like, I think, like death is part of life, you know.


So, yeah, it's sad about the deaths, but there's a lot of, like child trafficking that doesn't get put out there. And like those numbers, we don't know. There's a lot of missing children every year.


You know, my biggest question mark is cars can drive themselves. So why are we still I think car wrecks are one of the biggest reasons for that. That's right. That's still a big problem for me. It's like that's just the one thing so simple.


But you be careful with those car, those cars that can drive you because to a point where you're only allowed to drive to work and back or something like that, like you never know with technology, like where it can lead, you have to ask someone you're giving up more rights. Yeah.


So now I see that you're on only fans. Did that just start?


Yeah, very new to it, because it's hard to figure out, like, I don't know, like if I'm supposed to give it all away because like I said, every time I put up, like, the review ones, I get nothing. And then the content that I have on my feed is something you could still you won't see it on my, like, regular social media, but you'll see it on all the girls, like, you know, like half naked, like, you can see that pretty much anywhere.


So that's probably why I'm not really understanding, like, how I should frame it.


Do you mind if I give you a quick little overview of your only fans?


Yeah. So this is just first impression, just flying off. So your bio says exclusive videos, hot content, fetish model, sexy videos. So to me, that's a very basic phrase like if you're on only fans, we already know that it's hot and exclusive. So I think having a phrase right there that explains why you're different and why someone should sub to you is really important. So that would be my first thing. Secondly, I think twenty two dollars a month is a little pricey for the market we're in, I think at nine.


Ninety nine is a good starting point for when you're new because myself, you know, I have a twenty dollars a month thing, but I have a million followers on ticktock. So that's kind of saying, hey, you get the exclusivity to more of like a celebrity type. Not saying I'm a celebrity, but as far as tick tock goes, there's a lot of people who want to see their favorite people and tick tock naked. So that would be my second thing.


And lastly, girl, you got four posts.


No one's going to subscribe until you have at least 50 things up there. So whether it's just pictures of yourself or some quick videos, put a ton of, you know, forget the pay per view right now, like focus on connecting and getting subscribers and talking to them and maybe doing some voice memos. But I think having more record of posting is going to show people who subscribe like, oh, she's active, she is content, she is just not here to, like, take the bag and run.


So that would be my kind of overview of that page if if you're feeling frustrated, like you said. Totally.


Yeah, no, I know it says for post now, but I bet I did that thing, that option. Or you can post something for three days and then it comes off seeing if someone likes it or tipsy or whatever. It was just a lot of experimentation when you don't know what you're doing, right? No.


Well, experimenting is the most important thing because then you're learning what to do and what not to do. But I think don't focus on posts that expire right now, because if you only have a few subs, how are you going to tell what's a really good post and what's not? I think that the focus comes later. Yeah. What I and I did hear your podcast for these kinds of tapes, like like I'm thinking about doing that zero dollar thing.


Right. And then adding the blurry photos on your feet like like. Well, there you go. Yeah, I have a free account and then yeah, that was my next move because because of you you're the one. Oh only think.


Well I'll be honest, you know I have a free account. Let's see.


I have more than one. Yes.


You can connect to your paid account, to your free account. So if you go to settings profile subscription account let's try it.


Yeah. So you go to account and then connected accounts connect another only fans account. So that way, just really quickly, if people come to your free account in your opening message to them, you can explain like, hey, so happy you're here. If you want longer videos, more exclusive, check out my paid account, too. So then vice versa. On your paid account, you frequently remind people like, hey, by the way, I have one hundred and fifty videos on my free account.


They're all pay per view on my wall, but people come to my paid account all the time and I don't have all those long come shows on my wall because on your paid account they're all free on your wall. So I'm like, oh, if you want a long video, like go to my free page. There's tons of videos that are pay per view and then you can kind of shop there what I already have, but I'm not going to lie.


My paid account is making more money. It's generating more income than my free account is right now. Granted, I have sixteen thousand subs on my free account, but it's making less money because of that entry fee. So I think it's just important to have your eggs in two baskets. You know, it's two streams of income versus not even allowing yourself to have a second stream. You know, that's your hurdle you're putting up in front of yourself. Sorry, that was a lot longer than what you said.


I didn't know that you could add another account to this account. Yeah, well, what about. Content is the same as what you're saying, it's the same so perfect example, let's say I do a five minute come show what I'm going to do when I edit that five minute commercial. I'm going to do like a 10 second clip as a preview. So when your front page, right? Yep. So on my front page, I show the preview and I say, hey, you can pay fifty dollars for here.


Or if you subscribe to my exclusive page you'll get at half price. So I'm posting the content in both places. You can pay for it if you want it on my free page or you can sub to my paid page and get everything a whole lot cheaper. So that's kind of like a suggestion of posting both content on the same place. Another quick suggestion. Say you just take a booty pick a little panty pick.


Sometimes I'll post it on my wall and my free page, but I'll go to my private page and I'll private message to everyone and make it a lot more personal.


Maybe add like a nude with it as well, because it's important to do mass private messages. It's the only way to make your subs feel like you care about them. And it's more than just guys coming. They want to feel like you want them to come for you. Right.


How do you know about that?


Guys, guys, I just I love talking about cum.


So tell me my biggest question is, what do you have to tell the baby sluts who are wannabe escorts, of course, legally and consensually. But what advice would you give the newbies who are wanting or just started to do things in person?


Well, it's never legal if it's escorting, but I'm not really like always agree with what the law is like. The law is so weird.


Well, on my Sugar Baby episode, we said how it's funny that seeking arrangements is legal because you're just paying for company. You know, it's no different than than escorting.


For the most part, you have a security arrangements is so sketch like there's so many guys out there that don't want to pay for your time. Like, they're just I don't know what I don't even know whether they're to be honest, probably because they think someone's desperate and needs money they can, like, get you when you're vulnerable. I don't know, to be honest. Well, everyone has their price.


What do you mean? I guess for the I guess the girls some girls will take less than others. So if there's guys on there that are wanting more for less, like you said, they'll probably find someone that's vulnerable and will take that take that line that they cast.


No, they're like there's some crazy stuff that's happened from those kinds of sites, like where there was like, I'll tell you one of my stories and I'll tell you a story about another girl. Right. So my story is not that bad. This guy just picked me up. He drove me around, ask me some questions, and then decided that he wasn't going to take advantage of me like the plan was. He was going to take me to a bar on the east side to get me wasted and then, like, take advantage.


But then he realized, like, I was like a nice girl. I don't know what changed his mind, but he was like, he's like, OK, I'm dropping you off. And I'm like, What, you mean drop him off? Are we going to go home? And he's like, do you want me to do this? Do you want me to do that? Of course I say no to these things, but it was like a huge waste of time to, like, get ready for this guy.


And it was like a date. And then he should have paid you for your fucking time. Do you? They never want that.


It's weird. Like I always request for that. Like, OK, if you want to see me, like, bring an envelope, like a gift, you know, and they're always in.


Do you do like the money up front. Yeah. Yeah, of course. Yeah. Yeah. So that's why I never bother with these sites. But like this, this girl, she did it and this guy, she was at his apartment. Right. And he just shows me like this lot of money, like a huge pile. Right. And kind of like like kind of size. Oh. Like you could have all this. If you do this, she goes through with it and then he changes his mind, like saying that the sex wasn't good enough.


Oh, God. Like, isn't that terrible. Like like he was never planning on doing it. He was just sort of like luring her or like whatever it was, it was like some sort of bait thing. Right. Like that's so sketchy, very sketchy.


It's my home and I've heard a lot of stuff similar to those things, like in these sites, like I think it's for girls who are too scared to ask for it. So they'll go on these sites thinking it's easier and it's literally worse than escorting, you know, yet.


And it is a little more glamorized, the sugaring. And, you know, I relate it to.


But it's not really it's your lucky or something, you know. Yeah.


And I relate that to girls who just want to do FT picks. You know, there's such a market kind of how sugaring is that. It's a lot more of a. Quickly to realize, like, you know, you got to do a little more to compete, but that doesn't take away from the foot models who are doing exceptional because that's their nation, that they know how to hype that up.


So maybe they're saying you're talking about like, that's crazy because you do a food thing. Yeah. You have to spend money on those things to, like, make the ramen right and like, make up or use a peanut butter jar, like you said. Right.


The feedstuff, like, yeah, you can definitely, you know, there's like bugs squashing and lotion ing them up and a whole array of fetishes, as you know. So it's a deep dark rabbit hole. And, you know, the girls who are confident and not giving a fuck like, you know, some guys will be in your mouth or your butthole. And if, you know, it's it's just money can be mesmerizing. But I would never judge someone for what they decide to do with their life.


You know, it's their it's their body. It's their choice.


And I just hope that, you know, it's just hard to say, like, I hope these bad things don't happen because they will. But it's just it's important to be as safe as you can and learn what resources you have to use to to try and avoid a bad client or a bad experience.


Right. Like so if I were to give advice, like, the number one thing is just like like really listen to yourself, like your intuition, you know, like I think it's the thing that speaks first anyways. And everything else would just be like noise, like it's your intellect that takes over and likes to rationalize and say, this guy looks rich, he's got a nice place like that's all talk Jabra. But whatever came first is like, is your intuition telling you one hundred percent, well, where can our listeners find you on the interweb?


OK, so it depends on who it is. But if it's only it's only fans. You know, the only fans dot com slash Christina with a k o. And then you mentioned my podcast, which is actually with my actual name, Don. OK, so the Don Diary Diaries and that's on so far. It's on the Google platform, Spotify. It's not an Apple yet. I don't know what's taking forever, but yeah, it's not there yet.


It's on YouTube as well. OK, and then I'm also on Instagram with my actual name and I have all the Langtry tied to like talks and everything else. And that's Don MFL, which is basically my middle name and my first two letters of my last name because I couldn't think of another.


It's like Don Motherfucker. Yeah, people thought it was Don motherfucking life, like it was NFL like, no.


Well, I will leave your link in the description of this episode so everyone can go subscribe to your only fans and say hello. But I just want to say thank you for opening up about this part of your life. I know it's not the easiest sometimes, but it's it's just it's reality. And it's a shame that society in the world thinks this is just something we can't talk about.


But here we're going to fucking talk about it. So thank you for being on the show. Thanks for having me. All right, everybody, we'll see you guys on the next episode. Bye bye.


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