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Oh, my God, this has brought me way more joy than I have had in absolute years, I am reminded how much of a sensual being I am. And like you said, it's not just about sex. It's about being a sensual person and feeling everything that there is that the world has to offer. Welcome back, baby slut's.


Today, you will meet the sweetest slut who slept in my dorm, spilling the tea about her recent success in the sex industry. So let's welcome this summer Alexander to the Sludge podcast. Oh, well, hello. Thank you.


Yes. For myself, because I am so happy you're here. I know it's been long awaited. We got through Black Friday and now we can kind of jump back in the podcast game. And I recently found out that you have a podcast as well.


I do. It's super exciting. I love podcasting. Tell us what your podcast is called. Give yourself a little plug.


Well, you can head over to Smash speaks to a search that wherever you want on whatever your favorite podcast platform is. I do a lot of business tips. I do a lot of mental health stuff. I'm all about helping other people make their life a little bit better. But I'm not going through what I've been through.


I love that. So relatable. I have it pulled up right here. It says, Welcome to the wild world of an introverted Scorpio. So shout out to our Scorpio sisters. And I'm so impressed that you are bringing awareness to mental health because I myself, I think I have an episode about my mental health. So what like what are your mental health struggles out of curiosity?


That would be depression and ADHD. So I was diagnosed with ADHD was like around sixteen and I'm 33 now, so that's fun. And then depression came as a diagnosis a couple of years later. And so I've been off and on meds for that and therapy and all that kind of jazz.


So do you think diving into your own mental health and working on yourself, do you think that's an advantage to being a sex worker or disadvantage? Oh, that is a really good question.


I love that. I think it's it's important for any person at all to dive into their own mental health because so many people just let life happen and they don't understand what's happening to them. They never understand that things are happening for them. But when people can dive in and understand, like maybe why something happened, maybe even an origin of a kink, then I think it can help with themselves mentally. But then bringing that into the sex work side of things, I think it can be super powerful to help not only them, but their fans.


And if they happen to be really into the kink world, then maybe they have a dog that would be really interested in knowing the origin of their kinks. So it's super important to me.


That's a great answer. I loved how you said things don't happen to you. They happen for you. That's just a beautiful way to say it. And I mean, you probably get people who like you here, commenters on social media that shame a lot of the kinks that our clients have. And that's just such a big frustration to me because it goes against everything about being yourself and just entices people to be more closeted, you know? Yeah, absolutely.


And I'm all about smashing the stigma. That's part of my my gimmick with Smash. But think like mental health and and sex work and everything that comes with the nasty stuff, you know, and it's so frustrating, like you said, when people aren't open minded.


So I want to I want to back up a little bit if you want to tell me, like a few things about before we forget, dive into the nasty, nasty and kind of like how you found me or the podcast.




So I've been in sales and online marketing for nearly 12 years. I currently run a multimillion dollar organization in sales a year. And so I've been doing that for as long as I remember. I don't even know who I am outside of it anymore because it's all part of me. It's so I do that. I live by myself with my cat and she's my pride and joy, my little baby. You know, I recently moved down here in Texas for a little over a year and I come from the Midwest.


So speaking of like stigma's, the Midwest is pretty close minded for the most part. It's so cool to branch out of that and live my own life otherwise. Yeah, that's that's me.


So how did you find the soldier producer squad so super interesting? Actually, I was living with a friend and she's like, oh my God, she ran out of her room and she's like, I just found someone on YouTube who sell sex toys.


And I'm like, Oh, that's so awesome.


And so that makes me so happy. Yeah. A year ago now, and I was like, that's sweet, because we both come from the sex toy industry and so it was really interesting. Yeah, and then months and months went by and we had got into twenty twenty. And then your tick tock popped up on my Facebook page and I was like, what are the odds. I was reading your bio and I'm like, hold on a second.


And I called my roommate. I was like, is this what you were talking about a few months ago? And you're like, Oh my God, yes. I follow, follow, follow, follow.


Like, crazy how the universe works. It's like one day your friend is talking about, like, bongs and dildos and then the next we're like on a podcast. It's just fucking bizarre.


Oh God, it's so good. So I'm just like kind of backing up through our DMS right now because I want to like, know how this how this happened.


And because he messaged me and I'm like, hey, are you from ticktock. Oh, you must have been in one of my lives because you said I'm messaging you here like you asked what happened.


Yeah, we were chatting on tick tock. Yeah.


I don't even remember, I, I don't remember because there's only like three people I've ever told, like it's usually online, like they'll start talking about something really interesting. I'm like please message me because my big talk is just flooded. You know, it says you used my referral link to sign up for only fans.


Yeah. I literally started a separate account. I didn't know that existed. Oh. Like, not through this account. I'm starting a new one.


So here's your link. And then I voice texted you something. I was probably like, thank you.


What do you need help with some directives that I followed, which I love. Correct. Touching your great then.


OK, so you sent me your link and I told you it looks great. And then we started talking about fat life.


Mm hmm.


See, you got some new subs. One has already sent me three pieces of lingerie from my wishlist and is sending a toy and a backdrop next payday. So is that like a first for you and that happened?


Yeah. This is all of this is Supernus. I just started. That was October. So I had never had anyone want to send me something, you know, and it was his idea, which is, I think the coolest, because he brought up to me. He thanked me after we chatted on. And he's like, So what's your wish list? I want to thank you for spending some time with me.


I was like, it was as you should. Yeah. So I want to think about this moment, like what clicked in your head that made you want to click that link and make the profile like a lot of girls who haven't started yet or guys, they're always like, oh my God, my family and friends are going to find out I can't do this. But like, what were you just like, fuck this, I'ma do it. I've always wanted to do it.


Like what happened in your brain that made it seem like the right fit for you.


OK, so I love it. You ask this because it's been going through my mind all this year that twenty twenty. It's been a shit show obviously, but that's something isn't right. There's something is missing from my life and I've been thinking that for the last couple of years. And it boiled down to me coming out of a really nasty depressive episode this year. And, you know, I'm still there, don't get me wrong. But this one, it was bad.


But I'm very fortunate to have really good friends in my life who essentially had to grab me virtually and shake me and say, listen, bitch, you are a sexy Scorpio who is confident and beautiful. And she slapped me with compliments and reminders that I'm worthy and that I am a goddess and that I am and asked me if I had ever started or wanted to start with only fans or Patriot or anything like that. I'm like, well, I mean, it's crossed my mind, but and I don't want to say this to the Bragi or whatever, but I don't need it for the money.


They're like, but you're confident and you're sexy and you like showing that off and you can only show so much on regular social media. So you should try it. And I was like, you're right.


And that's kind of the struggle of being a Scorpio is you're so intuitive and so introverted that you can be like your own worst enemy sometimes.


And I really agree with not wanting it for the money. And a lot of people ask me, you know, you have your own business, why are you doing this? And there is a joy in your sexuality. Like it's not like you want to have sex with people. You just enjoy this.


Like, well, yeah, like it's it's empowering.


Like like I enjoy my sexiness, like my sexuality. Like, I just love enhancing it and it makes me feel powerful and good. Like I'm not like trying to have dicks in me all the time, which is OK too. But there's something about the energy when I'm watching myself film, when I'm doing a live like can you feel that too. Like does it have. How does that make you feel? Oh, my God, this has brought me way more joy than I have had in absolute years.


I am reminded how much of a sensual being I am. And like you said, it's not just about sex. It's about being a sensual person and feeling everything that there is that the world has to offer. And what of that? It comes from sexual things or not. I think it's so cool because like you said, when I'm making content like I am so horny, I have to stop sometimes and, like, take care of myself. I'm not even kidding.


Oh, my God. Hold on.


Is like, do you ever, like do like your filming and then afterwards, like, you get off the way you want to, like not being all sexy, like ugly cum face type of thing.


Because I like I always feel so bad.


I'm like I should be making extra content filming that, but I'm like I just need like a face in the pillow grunting situation.


Absolutely. But you know, if I'm going to want to see that. So maybe, maybe you should. And I love how you said sensuality. It's essentially a part of you and we're taught to kind of cover that up or shame ourselves for it. So once you bring light to it, you're like, oh, my sensuality is a part of me. And it makes me a better version of me.


I mean, maybe not for everyone, but it's definitely helped me evolve into the person I want to be like, do you ever feel like you're just walking down the street and not that you feel better than other people, but you're like someone paid for my coffee?


Oh, hell yeah. I definitely feel like, oh, I am that bitch.


So like I'm going through idioms again. And you said, girl, this guy found me on fat who sent you the gifts and he claims he's a sadist. What is a sadist to those who don't know. So this is someone who sneezes.


Oh my God. I see. I like to pretend like I know everything. So can you scold me on what a sadist is? Dear God, it's no problem. No problem. So the BDM community, it's basically goes back and forth of the DOM sub relationship and the feto a sadist and masochistic relationship, back up to people who that's gibberish to them.


Like explain that those terms.


OK, so well I got to write things down. Those are numbers and letters here.


OK, are we going to do them together. OK, so I'll answer your first question first. That is someone who derives pleasure from inflicting pain or humiliation, degradation, that kind of a thing. Oh my God, you said it. Just how the dictionary does a person who derives pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain or humiliation on others. So this is the person who enjoys humiliating other people or enjoys being humiliated, humiliating the person with the act.


And then the masochist is the one who receives it.


Isn't that interesting how people are like, oh my God, I'd love to scream at men for money, but it's actually a lot harder than you think it is. Yeah.


Yeah, absolutely. And I'm not going to lie. That's what I did last night. And I thought that didn't seem right to me. But before I did it, I was like, what words are your boundaries?


Because I don't want to say something like to mean. I think that's important to talk about. And at the same time, he was like, please be as mean as possible. So it's like you don't want to be too nice either. But after that session, I was like, who? I feel good. Like I feel I got some energy. Out you go.


I love that. And I talked about the boundaries because it's so important, especially when you step into that role of women in that role, you are the greater the person and you need to understand people's limits and what's going to be a hard limit for them because you never want to cross those boundaries. Absolutely.


What was the one with the I think it started with an M.. That's the masochist. That's one who is a masochist. So they get off on being humiliated, aggregated and getting the pain inflicted on them.


It's funny, my girlfriend and I, we were Googling last night why people enjoy being peed on so much. We were like trying to figure out, like, if it's psychological or like childhood trauma or something. So I'm wondering what stimulates this pleasure from being humiliated for masochists?


I honestly I've wondered that, too, because I don't I don't identify as that I'm much more in the top energy and the dumb energy. So I don't have an answer for you. But I also want to make it very clear that not every king comes again, but not every king from some sort of psychological trauma. I think so many people get that mixed up and they think that everything has to be because something bad happened to them.


That's a really good point. I think that's another thing that, you know, to smash the stigma behind the community now and I really like that train of thought because I'm very introspective about things. I like to ask more questions and act like I know everything. So when we were thinking about this and reading about this last night, there was a lot of instances and I'm just referring to the one we were reading about, about the peeing. I think I have the actually word for it somewhere up here.


You your girl, your log. Yeah, I think you're you're allowed MIA. It's sexual excitement associated with the site or thought of urination. And there's so many different ways it could be like being peed on drinking pee, seeing someone act like they have to pee. And we were trying to figure out where this stemmed from. And one of the reasons was being turned on, like when you're a kid, like the pleasure of like you, how to use the bathroom really bad or seeing someone else act like they had to use the bathroom really bad.


And I was just trying to put myself in that person's shoes. So, you know, the only thing I could really come to mind was kind of like childhood, like same with the feet, like, you know, what happened when you were a kid, like what happened when you were in adolescence to being an adult that made you so strongly attracted to something like. It's just very interesting.


I totally agree. And I love following that train of thought to and trying to find origins of certain things.


But I also, like I said before, I don't think that everything needs like a quote, excuse, but things things that aren't society's version of normal definitely caused you to think a little bit more. I love it. You put yourself in someone else's shoes rather than it being an instant like. Yeah.


This website on Business Insider says there's unlikely to be a single explanation that would apply equally. Obviously, numerous theories are always proposed. Perhaps the two most prominent theories are that masochism. Either one represents a learned behavior or to serve's and an escape from self awareness.


Oh, interesting. That's an interesting point.


So maybe like a learned behavior, meaning like pain has always been a part of your life or to serves as an escape from something. And then that kind of makes me think about self harm. You know, some people self harm as an escape. But then where's the line that turns it into sexuality or makes it sexual? You know, like I like getting tattooed because it puts me in another place and heals some of my trauma. It's like pain therapy, but I may not necessarily want that in the bedroom, like there's so many different grey areas.


So it's exactly like you said, there's no one reason. But I think if you are diving into your self-help self care sort of thing, it's always interesting to kind of think about, I don't know, just kind of understanding who you are that's made you that way. And even if you don't want to, that's fine, too. But with these sort of kinks, it's bizarre to people. And as a sex worker who's trying to learn and respect other people's kinks that I work with, I think it helps me better understand how I can be a better partner for them.


I love that. Perhaps. Yeah. Sorry, that was a little bit of a rant.


No, I don't love it. I love that train of thought for sure. Relationships are supposed to be that that give and take in the learning about things. And yeah, that's a good point.


I mean, it's, it's just similar in any other relationship. Even though it is business, it's still a relationship if you're trying to have some long term.


Sepetys, I just want to interrupt the show and let you guys know we finally have Mirch. You've been asking for it. So I made a few designs. We got some honey, some hats that say such Barnhurst see how and much more will come. But if you want to see what we have so far, check out Sledged Panmure dot com.


And the link will also be in the bio because I know no one can spell celebrityhood. But come check out the merch and thanks for listening back to the show.


So you continue to tell me in our DMS that this guy found you on fat claims. He's a sadist and has a history of doming. Never. Subang, he told you he was wired differently and that he would never submit challenge accepted.


I love that. So now he has expectation's roles and is punished when he doesn't meet them. He had a wet dream to me two nights ago, which is against the rule of showing me.


Oh my gosh. OK, so you said he had a wet dream about you, but that goes against the rules because he has to show you every time he comes. So he's in the middle of punishment. OK, can you explain this?


So let's pull that back to how he thought that he was only meant to do that.


He has got a little confused because I got. Yeah. So I wanted to make it a quick message to you because long messages are obnoxious. But so he thought that he was wired a specific way and through us talking and connect. And letting each other in on those things that are still sometimes frowned upon in society, we create a very safe space with each other. And OK, so our first encounter was him asking me why I had infidelity as one of my fetishes and I explained my side of things and basically how it's not up to me to make decisions for people like I don't want to be cheated on knowing I shouldn't say nobody.


Some people do want to be cheated on, but I explained my side of things and I basically made him feel less guilty and that he wasn't alone in wanting to sort of be controlling or like truly let someone feel satisfied.


Mm hmm. Because if they're not getting that from their partner and it's not like I want people to leave their partners for me, like, I don't want that at all, but I'm not the one to make the decision. And so basically, I made him feel really comfortable in our first interaction and that's how it moved on. And he told me about how he's got all this doming experience. And so he's like and at the time, I didn't even realize that I would be into doming personally.


Like I joined Fed because I thought it might be fun for my only fans link in there. And, you know, but what I found in Fed is so much more such a community there and acceptance and love.


Wouldn't you agree that when girls start this, they assume they're going to be submissive because they they just want someone to give them money? A lot of girls start for the money and they don't find it joyful as others, some of them.


And so they're like they want to sugar daddy, you know, I just want to send them news and, you know, he pays my bills or whatever. So you kind of go into this assuming you'll be submissive. I find it rare that girls go in like I'm ready to rip these dudes heads off.


So I think a lot of even models listening might maybe this is helping their gears turn like, oh, maybe I should go out the box. And the next time someone approaches me, you know, in this guy wants me to make fun of their little dick, like, maybe I'll take it seriously instead of laughing about it and find a joy in it and find a comfort in someone who's so open with what they like. I mean, I personally think it's so much easier when a guy is calling you a goddess and asking permission to speak to you.


Like who who wouldn't want that instead of this Dom being like, you know, send me this video now.


It's it's kind of I found myself more hurt or feeling more anxiety when I couldn't please someone that was being more dominant with me. And I just couldn't give them everything they wanted in return for like at that point, the money didn't matter how much they gave me because I felt so underappreciated as legit.


I swear. I'm so glad you found your goddess energy. Oh, it's so beautiful.


You know, that is like the best compliment.


Like, I am so happy you found your goddess energy.


I love it. I do, too. And the way that you you hold and handle yourself, especially on top, because that's like the best platform ever. The way that you handle yourself is so powerful because you're like, yeah, of course. Oh my God. Like with a Rolex on your wish list. Oh like oh my God, this is beautiful. Like Chef. So I guess I posted about how to make a wish list and a girl thought it was absurd that I had a Rolex on there.


And you can put anything on your wish list girl. Any thing.


And then someone even commented they were like, girl, this is the cheapest Rolex you can sit down. And I mean, I didn't feel bad. I put crazy things on my wish list because I can. And someone even said, like, you're the most conceited person I've ever met. And I you know, a few years ago, I probably would have saw myself and thought I was conceited, too. But it's clear once you have confidence that it makes other people see how non confident they are when they try to pull you back down to their level.


So I like to take those nasty comments and turn them into a learning experience for everyone, because as we all know, I say it over and over, hurt people, hurt people. And let's not bash the hurt people anymore. Let's let's let's teach them a lesson.


So what made you think about him having to show you every time he came? Like, where did that come from?


So I think it's it's a lot of control. So once he he came up with the idea to be my sub, I was not the one who initiated that conversation because he drew what I thought was a boundary. But it turns out it was a kind of a an uneducated. It that I was able to get through without even trying because of what we talked about in that relationship with people, so we were able to have these conversations and I eventually got him over to the only fans because I sent him a picture of the laundry that he sent me.


Right. But I was realizing that if I'm going to step into this role, which turns out to be way more natural to me than I ever expected, then someone who was looking for a Adam generally is looking for some sort of structure and control and essentially something to do, something to live for. And a lot of that control is obviously going to be sexual. Not all of it is by any means, like I make him drink water. He has a gallon of water a day.


But when it comes to making sure that he shows me when he comes, especially if it's about me, I need to know these things because first of all, that turns me on and I get a little more of that, too. But second, he needs to have that structure in his life or I think that he can get away with anything. And that's not helpful for either party because it's doing him a disservice. If I didn't call him out on not following through with the expectations that he agreed to.


I'm smiling because I'm so proud of you. I read every every little thing in this in this whole conversation relationship. There's always an opportunity. And even with the photo viewing, if you need to see a photo of his mom or whatever, like that's an opportunity where someone could have to pay you to see that. And I think with newbie's, they oversee those tiny little instances where you can turn it into something more and more special, more valuable to your SOB or your dom.


And after that message, you said that you revoked his only fans access and you actually sent every other fan an exclusive photo except him. And you told him that to me, that's that's thinking outside of the box like that. It takes a creative to do this. It's not just cut and dry conversations and it's not all numbers. I mean, you can't give this attention. You're giving him to 10 people every day that, you know, you're going to spread yourself thin, but you can give this quality content and attention to someone who's going to value it.


And then you have a long term client and then you have promised income instead of a quick buck where you're going to quickly get dissatisfied when you drop 10 subs versus losing one quality sub would be way more worse to me. What do you think about that?


I completely agree because this isn't a get rich quick thing. You know, like you can get those quick bucks here and there, but you still need to work for things again. Work is work.


So I know we gave him a whole lot of credit for the first half of this. But I think what really struck me is that you said you've only been doing this for a few months and a lot of the newbies reaching out to me have no idea what to do. And I think it would be very important of me to ask you, what advice would you give to newbies? What expectations did you have when you started?


Well, my biggest tip always, no matter what I'm giving advice on, is authenticity. We talked about that momentarily. But you have to be yourself and you have to find joy in yourself, whatever you're doing, because there can be, of course, some role playing wherever that follows for you. But if you aren't finding the joy in letting your freak flags fly, then you're going to you're going to get bored. You're not going to enjoy yourself.


You're going to give up, and then you're going to blame the industry, which isn't fair either. So being able to find your people that aren't just there to, like, bash you and for whatever reason, that is fine.


Those people who are going to support you like you need a good support system to cheer you on, because I'm sure you've had bad days where you had to call a friend and be like this happened.


Not yet, but I know God told me, I'm sure it's right around the corner to take things in stride.


Like I'd like to think of myself as a duck where I kind of let things fly off or roll off my shoulders. But when you find that joy in something and then you commit to it, I think you can get a lot more fulfillment out of it. And you're not going to give up and blame someone else for what you didn't do at the end of the day.


So when you are able to find that that support system, like you said, you're able to have those those bad days and not let them turn into bad weeks or bad months, and then you can let things go a little bit easier because like I said, I've been in sales for 12 years and hearing no, it sucks at first, but over time it's it doesn't matter as much as I love that.


I didn't even think about that because, you know, in some of my business. As I do customer service and, you know, hearing that or sometimes a bad review like it doesn't hurt as much over time. And to someone who it does her, I guess that's great advice to give them. Like, hey, it's it's not a representation of you. It's, you know, don't take it so seriously. And like you said, just kind of move on to the next one.




And those aren't necessarily usually they're not about saying no to you. It's about the product or the opportunity at hand or, you know, maybe they're not ready to say yes for their own purposes. There's something inside them. Maybe they have internalized shame or guilt over something. And so when you say, oh, my God, I started only fans and they have that, oh, my God, you did what you're doing, that it's all the time.


It's about them, not you. Yes. Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to do a quick little overview of your only fans account, because I think there's some really valuable information here. So I'd love for you to button if you have any comments on any of the constructive criticism, I have to say.


Okay, so so I see the first thing I always look at is the photo in the banner on your page. And I love how in sync everything is. Do you care if I shout out your link at all? Great. It's only fans. Dotcom slash summer. Alexander spelled how you think it's spelled. So you have like some very devilly energy, like red hair, the red lights and it matches like your photo goes in sync with your banner.


My only critique would be I don't think you can show nudity in your photos, but maybe in the banner to show more of your body if that's something you showcase at all, so that people coming to your page, they can get a little more taste instead of just the face. I dig it. OK, so then moving on to your name, Summer Alexander is perfect. There's no numbers. There's no underscores. It's your name. People remember it.


It's on Brand. I love it. Oh, it says you're available now.


OK, I bought you when you know there. So I love that you have a top 15 percent in your bio.


You're like, hey, I know what the fuck I'm doing all of the emojis. And then you get straight to the point. You're a kinky Scorpio ready to dominate you. You show what you are and what you're giving. And then following that, you kind of show a little bit of a menu or services you offer. And it's also written beautifully with the little emojis. It's all the grammar is correct. It looks great. So you said if you're good, you'll get some.


I love that. And then you proceed with lingerie, toy play, Touby Time burlesque set, sexy lip syncs and swordplay. What the heck is that.


Well, I have a sword. My God. And what happens with the sword.


Well I haven't. I've got to post something. I haven't done a sword play in a very long time so it's I can use a sword to tease my like, to cover certain areas, to tease, to show more power posing and exert my dominance a little bit more. And you some people have knife fetishes too.


So myself included, I love I just I need to send you some knives. I thought this meant like you did sword swallowing.


Oh no, not bad. And I'd never recommend it, you know what I mean? Like, you go to the Renaissance Fair, there's always some thought, but it's like swallowing a fucking sword.


What I could put that on my to do list to learn how to point to any good. So you also follow with kings and fetishes are welcomed. I love that. It kind of helps the reader not feel shy and tips are appreciated. Goddess menu available. And then we proceed with my pages free, but my time and energy are not prove. You are here to play with me and I will change your world output. I will rock your world maybe.


Or is. That sounds silly, but I love the scorpion emoji.


I'll change your Little Rock your world or prove you're here to play with me and I will fucking devour you like something a little more. You know what I mean. Oh OK. Oh my God. First off, I love that you say my time and energy are not for every listener needs to know that your energy has value set. Your boundaries don't give too much if you're not being compensated. Next, it says no nudity, which is interesting. I didn't know that you didn't show nude.


I do want to get back to that as to why I like that. You also said no nudity so no one has the expectation of nudity. I also like that you put that at the bottom and not the first thing to like or immediately shy people away. Then you have the disclaimer sharing content without permission. Perfect. The location says the depths of your mind, body and soul. Love that. Love that. Then your Amazon wishlist.


Do you have a Twitter account? I do. I don't use it, I guess, because I know that when you connect that.


You can get the check mark, but does it connect actual Twitter, I don't like to people can go to it or is it just the ending? So let's test that out. So if no one knows if under settings, if you link your Twitter, it gives you the blue check, which I thought I was just special when I got it, I finally verified on something.


So I click the check. Nothing happens. So I guess that's a good thing that's going to.


Oh no, I'm doing it. Oh, I just got a good sub.


Oh yes. The universe is doing great things. So I love that you have a free subscription so that on your wall you can do the pay per view content. The Peevey, do you also have a subscription based page? And if you don't, why not?


I do that with my first page and then I realize that I could get some mentorship from you and that's when I switched over to a free page. So I do still have it. I don't use it often. I have a few paid subs still on there, but I don't use it as often as my free. And for me, I don't know if it's because I don't do nudity that I was like, I don't know if it's necessary because I can do all the paper reviews and I can do all the messages and it would be the same content.


So I just kind of I don't know if I felt guilty like charging or not, but but I don't know.


OK, so two things. Well, one, don't feel guilty to put the pay in account in your bio, because for me, I'm always like, you know, more hardcore content on this page and also at the bottom of every pay per view post on my wall, I always remind people, you know, hey, you can pay to unlock this post, but if you subscribe to my paid subscription, you can always get these post free, if not half off.


So if you're making content for this free page, there's absolutely no reason that you can't post the same content on your paid page. So, for example, my see on here, let's go to a post to unlock unlock this post for nine ninety nine. We had a couple glasses of wine. Things got weird, looks exciting, but it's ten dollars to unlock. So at the bottom of that caption you could also remind people, hey, this is free on my paid account or it's half price on my paid account.


So when you're actually posting it on this wall, you can have another tab open with your other account and be posting it simultaneously. So you're not wasting time. And they're still getting value because they may only be paying ten dollars a month and they're getting more content for less. What do you think about that?


I love it. I love it.


And I take notes and I was doing that for a while and then I don't know why I stopped and think I, I got overwhelmed with this and my business and hey, completely valid.


And I completely understand. During Black Friday, I think I went almost a week without posting on my paid account and I felt guilty. I was like, these motherfuckers are paying and I'm not even posting. And then I was like, shit, I should have done some scheduled content. Because, you know, the more seriously you take this, the more money you get in. The second you step away, it's like the subs just disappear. Absolutely.


So another thing I'm looking at the amount of content you have right at the top of your page. It says you have one hundred and ninety pictures, seven videos and five hundred and twenty six likes. A lot of new models get really upset when they aren't getting subs fast enough yet. They only have ten posts.


So I recommend when you make a new account, I mean at least get like ten, twenty, thirty, if not fifty things on your wall, even if they're not new, just like brand and pictures, cute things saying good morning, good night, or something exciting in your day or even just like a hey, have a great day, because before people subbed your profile, they want to see that you're active. So don't ever feel like you're over posting whether it's here on social media, there's millions, if not billions of people on the Internet.


You're never going to overwhelm someone with your posts because they're just going to keep scrolling fast and like they're not even going to think twice about it. So kudos to having lots of content here. I would put more videos. I see. Only have seven.


You know, your Scorpio, you already know. You're like you tell me twice. But yeah, I mean, this is it's ten out of ten for me. A few little tweaks. If it were me, my profile is a little more short and sweet. I think my profile like two sentences but I think I don't have to do much because of the following I have. So if this is new to you, especially if you're not doing nudity, you have to be like, hey, motherfuckers, this is what I do.


This is what I bring to the table.


Yes, agreed. Mouth full. It looks great. Oh, I'm so proud of you. And congrats on being in the top fifteen percent. Your menu looks fucking awesome. Thank you.


I got a little info from someone that makes me so happy because I still halfway don't know what I'm doing. I'm. Posting what works for me and like praying to God it works for other people and it's appreciated that you share what you do and you have great tits, by the way. Thank you. I share today.


Interestingly enough, I was in a deep dive into YouTube the other night, and I need to get me a lift because, good God, I didn't know I was so scared to like, people are going to think I had a boob job, but really I got to take it out.


I got like a reverse boob job, right?


Oh, yeah. And because I had been in doubt since I was like 15. So now they're just like I look down like so saw my my nipples are like checking out my toes.


I see your beautiful big titties and I but I also feel the pain too.




And you know, I struggle with showing my scars on only fans. And I was curious how other models do that. You know, some days I'll put concealer over my little incision marks because I'm not there yet. I'm just not fully confident with putting it out there like that. Do you have any advice for me?


I love that. So I go back to my authenticity because if someone's going to judge you or someone's going to look at you and say, oh, I don't want that, then they're not your people. They weren't going to stick around long enough anyway. They were going to probably unsub regardless because something didn't like them, that something rubbed on the wrong way at some point down the road.


And so if they're not going to accept you right away off the path and that's on the what you think you sometimes you need, it's like as a Scorpio, I feel like I tell my advice all day, but it's hard for me to tell it to myself.


Can you agree a thousand and feel like I gave some advice to someone? Yeah. And I needed to get the same exact advice from my therapist a few days later.


Oh my God. I just told someone else this. What the hell.


Fucking reverse card God. So tell me, in comparison to a real job that you had or still have versus this is the money the same or is it more how's it making you feel?


Well, the money is like we said before, it's like a second thing. I get the joy from this job. This is my fun time. This is the fulfilling side of me being able to be a dom, being able to express my sensuality more than I can on Facebook or Instagram brings me so much joy and I feel so good about myself that, well, money is good. It's awesome. Like I mean, I have made a thousand dollars in a couple of months, so I mean, cool.


But it's so much more for me. It's so much more.


That's amazing to hear. You are laying the groundwork and the foundation is so strong that I don't see you having any problem with finding just a few quality fan subs, clients, whatever. And eventually you can kind of just move off only fans and continue those relationships through email, WhatsApp, Kik, whatever, and get those benefits of just like a little extra side income to cover spoiling yourself, you know, food, meal, bills, whatever you want to spend it on.


But ultimately, that's always where I landed, like from stripping and webcam. It was always like this little side income in this whole only fans things. Subscription base is completely new and putting myself really out there. So it's I think people get lost in the amount of subs they want and seeing like what realistically a quality sub could do. And just after what you've told me, that's kind of what I see in your future, is you having enough energy to handle, like up to five guys weekly, but them compensating you more than fairly for that time.


And that would be like fun and exciting for you to do.


So. Yeah, I love that. That's exactly how I feel, too. Like it's fun to have, like, those random people. You know, I'm looking at three post, but it will help them.


It does boil down to those building those relationships with standing people. That's what it's about. So I love that.


Now I'm looking at you tick tock. And I want to commend you for not posting very heavily about only fans, especially with the recent ban. And look at your link in your bio.


It's a lot of stuff. So I actually I haven't gone public with my only fans yet. So every once in a while I'll throw it into my bio. You can see that's the it's always Scorpio's using here.


That's my old fans I love. See, I kind of had to do the same thing like the first few months. I didn't want to promote it. I just like I think I had like, see more of me here or something or would only advertise on my DMS.


But that's brilliant because I'm scared to put it in my. Now, I'm like, I don't want to risk losing my ticktock, maybe because I used to blink so I would I would do that because they haven't gone after tackling yet. That's a great suggestion. Thank you.


So there's another one that I've been meaning to switch over to is called Milkshake. And that will let you have like a really cute it's like a mini website within the links. I just haven't done it yet. No, no real reason other than being lazy, but it doesn't show up as it does like a like a tree or a tackling in blocks like this. It shows up as like a cute little website and it's free.


Great advice. I can't wait to dive into that. Is there anything you wish you didn't do when you started or that you wish you had done differently?


Goodness. No, no, no, no, no. All right. So I never I try to never regret anything. So I you know, like I said, I love things.


So the way that they flow, I don't know that's so hard because maybe it's hard when you're perfect.


I'm right. Don't you go ask a peasant this question. I know. I love it. No, no fucking regrets. Well, Summer, I want to thank you so much for being on the show today. You taught me so much about kink shaming boundaries and just being a powerful fucking man eater today.


I wish you all the success. And is there anything else you want to say to our lovely little baby sluts? Oh, just do it.


If you're thinking about it, do it. Don't stop yourself. Don't let other people shaming you stop you. Just do it. Make yourself happy.


Well, thank you for coming on. And everyone go follow her. Only fans, the links and the description. And we will see everyone on next week's episode. Bye, guys.