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No one like. Welcome back to the Soldier Proner podcast, where we talk about sluts who make money. In today's episode, I'm going to be teaching you all about foot fetishes and we will explore how you can pay your bills with your feet. That's right. Your feet are a profitable form of income. And I'm very excited to share with you all my tips and tricks. You might have listened to one of our more recent episodes where I teach you the ins and outs of how to sell your panties.


So this episode is going to be fairly similar. But there are different things because we're talking about a different, entirely different clientele.


So let's put our best foot forward and get started. What is foot modeling for nearly two decades?


It all began during the dial up Internet days. Websites that catered to men with foot fetishes started to surface on the World Wide Web. As many of us are inclined, we are always open to make more money with the establishment of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, all of these platforms became a hub of the entire world to be able to connect with a click of a button. Instagram has become a large distribution center in a sense, and allows people to expand their storefront.


Let's get to it. Many women who have pretty feet heard through the grapevine that they can make money by selling photos of them, even videos and other services of their feet.


Why are we so ashamed of feet? Is that because we think they're dirty or gross or just not a sexual feature of our body? And why do we think shame in the first place? First of all, I admire and respect anyone that's so in touch with themselves that they are willing to have the courage to admit what they like and don't like.


Imagine living your whole life, not expressing what turns you on and feeling closeted to that.


So when a guy messages you and your dreams and says, Hey, do you sell pics, why do you get disgusted and shame him? I mean, to me, that's a potential client. This foot fetish market is huge and I mean huge, if not more, than selling dirty panties for sure.


You know, a lot of fetishes stem from different things, could have to deal with worshipping women and their feet has a lot to do with being submissive.


But when it comes to selling photos or videos of your feet, there's no discrimination to the size of your feet, the color of your feet or even the gender of you in the heart of this thing called a foot job.


It's kind of like a hand job with your feet. Like, imagine you're watching Netflix on the couch and your partners rub it on your feet, giving a little foot massage.


And, you know, you move your feet down to his junk and get a little rubbing and tugging and fireworks happen.


I don't know.


So there's no absolutely no reason to laugh at someone.


I mean, honestly, if you are the type of girl who has a patron or and only fans or a webcam model, any time someone creeps up in the dorms, that's a client. So act intrigued because that's the name of the game. This is a business for you. And you want to appear likable. You want to make them think that you are interested in them, that you love foot fetishes.


The more you make them comfortable, the more money they're going to spend on you.


First things first, we need to maintain our feet. So what kind of maintenance are we going to do to keep them nice and pretty and perfect for our customers? So pedicures are really important.


You would you really need a color that pertains per client, but nude is always one of the best colors to have. I'd also recommend a French pedicure. Keep your toes somewhat long.


You don't want them super short, but if you have a high paying client, just do whatever they want you to do and make sure they're paying for your pedicures.


Come on. Now, another thing I recommend before taking any photos of your feet is doing a foot massage appeal treatment. If your feet have calluses or rough in any way, you can buy one of these foot masks on Amazon.


I'm not sure what stores would sell them, but it's basically like a mask. You put your feet in for like thirty minutes to an hour and over the course of two weeks, your feet are going to shed and peel quite a few layers of skin, but it's really going to make your feet super soft and shiny and beautiful. So I definitely recommend these. If you want to even turn it up a notch, get yourself an at home wax machine.


You all know the wax machine that you use at the nail salon. Will they sell them on Amazon for like 30 to 50 bucks? And if you already have a fan base, put one of these on your wishlist. I swear, if anyone that's following you likes your feet, this is going to be one of the first items that gets purchased.


You can also buy the wax on Amazon to refill this machine. It's super relaxing, too. It's not necessary. But some guys might even want videos of you peeling the wax off or even pictures of the mask with your feet peeling. You know, you never know. You could literally sell the skin that falls off your feet from that foot mask.


You could even sell the wax that you peel off everybody like I'm not kidding you guys, like, let's get creative here. Anything that touches your body or falls off, they will pay for.


So as interesting as these topics are, some of you lovely listeners may not be in a position to commit to this type of income.


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Seriously, you can make a difference while making an extra buck. So head over to friends, infertility, dotcom slash register to start your account today. And I myself will be making one right after this episode.


OK, let's talk about the personal social media accounts. I did recommend starting an entirely new account. So with this, you definitely want a new email address. Nothing that links to your real name, your real address, nothing. Come up with a new alias. And of course, on any account, make sure your location isn't showing. And if you decide to do this on your personal, you need a really white. Elaine, any pictures that have a location, even friends that you have tagged in photos, people can find your friends and see where they are and find pictures of you with their friends on their page and see where the location is like.


Just be super cautious because people are crazy, you all know. So be more anonymous and discreet if you decide to make a new account. But be bold, be confident.


You know, no one's going to buy from a girl that's ashamed or beating around the bush about her feet. So just, I don't know, approach this with an open mind.


And people are going to be judgmental, but fuck them, like when you look back on your life. You're you're going to wish you made yourself happy and made choices for you, so I know this is like a total side now, but if you are living your life or somebody else, what the fuck is wrong with you?


I cut that shit out. You only live once.


You can have a cookie cutter job and still sell feet picks on the love without anybody knowing. You don't have to show your face in these pictures. You don't have to show your name. Like if nothing is linked back to your personal page, you got this. You just have to make sure you create these accounts really carefully and just don't fuck it up.


I know it's easier said than done, but just be smart. Ladies and gents, let's talk about marketing.


So a lot of you will have the motivation to do this, but you're going to really wonder, well, how do I put myself out there? How do I get clients to get me?


OK, I'm going to tell you, write this down.


You can join feet groups on Facebook. Yes, there are a lot of them. Join messaged the people in there, make a post.


There's a website called omegle dotcom o m e g l e dot com.


It's like a video chat website. It's similar to another site. I can't remember that. It basically just goes from one random live chat to another all across the world. And what's cool about this is when you log in, you can choose a category.


So choose like foot fetish, any other categories that you could find yourself suited for.


And you are literally going to be swiping through potential clients.


So when a new video or potential opportunity pops up, there are going to be like, hey, what's up, girl? Most of them want something for free, but just say, hey, I'm new here. I'm selling FT pics. If you're interested, get straight to the chase.


This way of marketing is time consuming. It can get frustrating because people are crazy on that website, but it is all a numbers game. So even if it's one out of a hundred, you might meet a millionaire on there.


So just give it a chance. It may not be your thing, but if you're persistent, you can really find some clients there. So let's get back to Instagram and Twitter. Go ahead and search for foot fetish pics, whatever, and start following accounts that are dedicated to this. Just like the Facebook group. Start following members who are following the page Demming members. It's just a numbers game. So do this there. You can also search for hash tags.


Hash tags include foot fetish, foot worship feat pics. You catch my drift, figure it out. You can do this now, like I spoke about before, create a patron and only fans.


These are free websites you can create to promote yourself.


So even if you're working one on one with a client, you can say, hey, if you'd like to see daily pictures of my feet, subscribe to my only fans or my Patreon. And those are websites where you give a subscription price for your content. So whether it's five dollars a month or five hundred dollars a month, once you have X amount of subscribers, you can afford a new car payment. So get inspired, get motivated. This is incredible.


This is a real job. This is real work.


Nothing to be ashamed about it. But Patriot and only fans may not be your thing because you definitely have to keep up with it so that your subscribers stick around. But it's just another potential opportunity for you.


Back to marketing.


Let's write up a pre written proposal.


You never want a DM someone and be like you like fit some perks. You can say, Hey, my name is Jennifer, I sell picks and if you're interested, please reply.


I'd love to, you know, make your day or so.


I don't know, like you could probably Google a good one, but definitely make yourself seem. Make yourself seem genuine, approachable, nice get to the point, because you're going to eventually start talking about prices. But for my experience, if you jump into your menu too quickly, it kind of takes the genuine conversation out of it. So, you know, take a few messages to just say, hey, hello.


But, you know, make sure they know that you are a foot model. Some guy is like when you say that you're new at this because it's kind of like you're a virgin. But at the same time, if you say you're new, they will be more apt to take advantage of you.


So use that approach lightly.


So once we get that conversation out the way you eventually need to get to pricing and you do want to get the pricing somewhat quickly because this is going to weed out the clients that can't afford you very quickly.


Once you do this over and over, you'll kind of catch my drift as to how easy it is to spot the real ones from the people who don't intend to pay you anything.


And I think that is important because obviously you are going to get paid before you send any material.


So any any motherfucker who says they're not going to pay you first immediately Quickstop, do not move forward with that conversation. There's no which way you can convince them to pay you first. And that's my number one rule, to weeding out people that I don't want to work with.


You pay first rule of thumb.


Every model knows that you're just going to get into a war of of words and it's just not going to be fun and you're going to get frustrated and you're never going to get any cash from that conversation. So be firm on your prices, know your worth. You'll figure it out along the way. I'll give you some roundabout instructions, don't worry, but just know that. Be confident in your work. You have beautiful feet, you and even if you have gross feet, some people like gross feet.


All feet are welcome here.


So in these conversations about pricing, again, be nice but also be dominant.


This is where there's a gray area because more clients will prefer you to be dominant because this is somewhat of a submissive fetish. So most clients will want you to be dominant. So if someone says, oh, that's too expensive, you can be like, well, you're not fucking worth my time. Come back when you have enough money or if you're more comfortable being nice, you can try that approach too. But I highly suggest trying both approaches, being nice, being dominant and see what works best for you, see what you're more comfortable with, because we want to have a happy, good experience while we're at work, don't we.


Money up front. No exceptions. No, you're frickin worth when you get paid, make sure you have either a Vanimo account or a cash shop account, an Amazon account. These are my go to ones. I don't fuck with PayPal because of their terms of use and their policies. It's just too risky.


But you can download Venmo Cash app and link your bank account to them. The more payment options you have, the better. And I highly recommend if you have an Amazon wish list, definitely include socks, shoes, foot treatments. We talked about nail polishes. You have your Amazon wish list and all your social media accounts because who doesn't want to get free shit on their doorstep?


But not only that, but people can actually pay you an Amazon gift card and you can use those gift cards to put towards your expenses or to put towards absolutely anything you fucking want.


So on your payment accounts, make sure your name is discreet, so don't have your cash shop name as Jennifer Lawrence, if that's your name, you know, make it, you know, Tiffany Toes, I don't know, whatever it is, just make sure it's not your real name, just like I talked about previously with privacy.


Let's not apologize for our prices.


When I talked about being direct and dominant, you know, there's just honestly, there's no reason to apologize in general. Fuck that noise.


But when it comes to pricing for your photos, this is totally different for everyone. I'm just going to give you a very generic rough draft of pricing. Let's suggest they want one foot photo now.


Remember, this is time and energy for you. You are not going to be cheap, I will not allow you to be so I suggest five to 10 per photo.


Now, you already have an album on your phone full of your photos.


So that's going to make it a little bit easier. So I know how much your feet are worth to you and start at that.


You can even offer bundled deals and say, hey, why not get five for twenty five instead of spending ten dollars per foot? If they're into toes, I would suggest one dollar per toe and that kind of goes hand in hand with how much per foot. So if you're doing five dollars per foot, that's like one dollar toe. If they want both feet, that's ten dollars. But that's on like the normal low end. So you can always raise your price if you want to, you know, just figure out what you're comfortable with, a lot of it.


So you might get asked if they can see your arches or your soles or the tops of your feet. So make sure you have a lot of different poses of your feet and you will start you will start to realize based on feedback, which parts of your feet are the most attractive or what people keep coming back for. So don't freak out if someone's like, can you can I see the arches, like obviously know the parts of your fucking feet.


There will also be requests for videos. I would suggest fifteen dollars per minute because you can do a whole lot with your feet in one minute.


So that's a really good rate to start. Even ten dollars a minute is cool, but honestly, I wouldn't stop what I'm doing in the middle of the day to make like a one minute video.


So I would particularly say, hey, you have to purchase a minimum of three to five minutes because obviously this is going to weed out the clients that are really going to pay you or not.


You don't want to mess with any one and done deals. You want long term clients. And at the same time, if you're looking for fast cash, don't be afraid of the one and done deals either. This is just my personal preference.


Now, while we're talking about money, I do want you to consider the tax implications if you are on Patreon or only fans or YouTube, etc., they will request I don't know if it's a W2 or a nine because you do have to file taxes on the income you make and it's super easy.


At the end of the year, they will tally up how much money you've made, send you a form and you just take it to your accountant. And if you're uncomfortable with being in a room with an accountant, you just tell them it's from modeling. You don't have to say anything more than that.


But I would definitely keep track of the income you're making. You definitely especially I think PayPal does it, too.


They'll send you a form at the end of the year, but just know how much money you're making and talk to an accountant on how you need to pay your taxes, because we all need to do the right thing here and no one needs to get in trouble.


But if you have a real job, you have to pay your taxes again.


Now for the fun stuff, more fetishes that involve your feet.


One of my favorites, stepping on food, whether it's ramen noodles or peanut butter, you are going to get these special requests.


So raise their prices for the special requests and make fucking sure if they want you to step in peanut butter that they're paying for you to get a brand new bottle of peanut butter. Any opportunity for them to pay for something that you need in your line of work they are going to pay for.


You can even propose to them that you will mail the food. You step in at another price and listen to my episode on how to sell your used panties if you have any questions about shipping, how to ship discreetly, because that is also very important.


I also heard of a story about a girl whose client asked her to bandage her foot and to act like it was broken.


So there's a lot of fun and exciting opportunities for you based on what your customer wants from you and your feet.


I know we talked about pedicures for maintenance, but if you're taking photos of your toes and say one of your toenails, some of the Polish is chipped and the client notices it, say, baby, I'd love to get a pedicure today, you know, kind of entice them to getting that pedicure for you.


And honestly, how much fun is it to sit in the chair there and just know that it's paid for and taken care of?


Love that I even knew of a client that enjoyed nail clippings. So we will no longer throw away our dirty toenails. We will save them. We will gather them and we will sell them.


Can you imagine someone coming over and being like, oh, nice couch or nice new plant? And you're like, yeah, my toenails paid for it.


When it comes to payment, if a client pushes you.


I know we talked about, you know, the situation where they might try and take advantage of how much they can get from you.


You really need to establish boundaries. Another, you know, this is another opportunity where you will learn as you go. But these. Guys are trained and experienced and women telling them no, so if you get down to their level, they will beat you with experience.


So just be firm and if it gets out of hand, press the block button, how to take photos, go online, search foot fetish, look at photos, get inspired. You don't need a decent camera.


You can use your iPhone, but just make sure you're in good lighting. Put some lotion on your feet.


But seriously, Google is my daddy, so get on Google and figure it out. You guys can do this.


Let's talk about the pose. The pose is a very influential yet sometimes subconscious part of the foot fetish world. You see the pose almost everywhere during photo shoots on the beach, at the park, during time of leisure, almost anywhere. The pose is where a young lady lays on her stomach and holds her feet up behind her, knowingly or unknowingly showing her soles. That has become a trademark and one of the most recognized symbols in the world.


Some more content ideas would include wet feet, like in the shower pool or Jacuzzi, sweaty feet after the gym workout.


Another fun one I could get more depth with, but I want to keep it light.


Here is dirty feet. So walking around barefoot and sand, dirt or mud, some people are a little.


Turned off to do that sort of thing, but again, there's different levels of foot fetishes here, so that's just another one of them and videos, too, if you want to show them in motion.


So just like quick little clips of this stuff to put on, your accounts will definitely help with content on your new social accounts. You could also create raffles, contest games, any ideas that allow you to become interactive with your followers and let them get a glimpse of your personality. Guys tend to spend when they feel like they know you. So that goes back to being really engaging.


So I have a few safety tips. There are people who want to meet in person and have foot fetish sessions. This is something I'm not experienced in, but I'm sure there's a lot of free information on the Internet about it. But if you're thinking about doing a live session, please be vigilant and aware. Treat it like a normal date, but make sure someone knows of your whereabouts, meet at a mutual location and always carry protection. And if you don't know already, you can check out my store blades for Beeb's dotcom.


Sorry for the shameless plug, but I do sell defense items for women that can cut you. But they're really cute as well. Use code blades for obstacle. Protect your identity.


Many women in the fetish world are wives mothers, but they're professional. So respect and separate your personal life from your fetish life.


So if you've made it this far in the episode, I love you so much. I'd like to have a little bonus round of dos and don'ts of the fetish world.


Let's start with the dos post. Often and consistently.


Inactivity gives a vibe that you're not really into this fetish. Allow DM's, even if not business related, you can't control who DM's you, but you can control who you respond to. Be creative in the social media accounts you use. Yes, Instagram may seem saturated, but find your niche and stand out. Be unique. Go live whenever possible, this will kill the FAQ page accusations. I think it's really important if you see an opportunity to take a pic, take it after the shower, watching TV by the pool with some girlfriends at work.


Sorry, if you're at work, be careful.


Also, give yourself time to grow. When was the last time you heard of a store opening and they made a million dollars in a day? You have to build a foundation and build a reputation for yourself. So with any business advice that I give, I always say treat it like a flower. The more you tend to it water it, it's going to grow. But if you fucking abandon it, it's going to die. All right. And now some very important don'ts of the fetish world.


Already said this once, but I'll say it twice. A common mistake by newcomers is not receiving payment first. Always get paid, then send pics. Don't delay the delivery of content once payment is received, only accept payment. If you're ready to pull the trigger on your content, delays and excuses will raise red flags.


So interesting enough, there is a big community in this world.


So if you do something like take someone's money and run, they are going to tell their friends about it. In this world, whether it's on Reddit forums, Facebook groups, they will know. So do the service that they are paying for. Don't be a scammer. If you're listening to my podcast, you better not be a scammer. That's not the type of audience members we have here.


Never post anything to explicit Instagram will allow feet.


But if your feet look like they're making money and they aren't getting a cut, they will limit, if not terminate your account. So be extremely cautious about this. Do not just post your feet and say hair salon pics. Damn me, here's my PayPal, you know, post pictures of your fee, maybe say DM me if you like. Just don't make your account look like that.


You're a poor service. You want to appear genuine. And again, just look at the accounts. I have a lot of followers look at their verbiage in their captions, look at how they're taking pictures and emulate what they're doing so that so that you don't get taken down.


Oh my God, please do not advertise on these sugar daddy sites or forms or groups. I in another episode, I'm going to tell you how I got scammed by one of these websites. But the majority, if not ninety nine percent of these accounts are scam pages. They will literally tell you that they can transfer money to your bank account, steal your bank info and rob you of your of every penny you have.


So steer clear of seeking arrangements or any website like that. If if your intuition tells you that something's fishy, most likely it is. If something sounds too good to be true, most likely it is.


Also, don't get mixed up in any drama. Respect yourself and your customers lifestyle outside of the community. I know I mentioned before that you might be a wife or a mother or whatever it may be, but your clients may be too.


So do not get too personal with them. Just set your boundaries and it'll be way less dramatic in the long run.


So I hope you enjoyed this episode. Actually, I know you did because I did.


And if you create an account and you make your first sale, I want to know follow me at so much per year on Instagram and shoot me a D.M. if this works for you, because honestly, that would make me so incredibly happy.


There's nothing better than giving free advice and people actually taking it. And then all of a sudden they have a fucking side hustle. You know, again, I just want to share my success with you. I want us all to be successful.


Girl fucking power, y'all. You are limitless. You are magic. You are a treasure. So use what you got.


No, you're worth. Make that money. Honey, I love you. And I will see you on next week's episode by.


So, ladies, here are some inspiring words that I'll leave you with, I want you to look in the mirror because that is your competition. You can't have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic.


So really, what are you waiting for? Bad bitches don't make excuses.