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Hello and welcome to the TMZ podcast. I'm Charlie Cotton and I'm joined by Lauren La Rosa.




Hello. Who's come straight from the BET awards to the podcast studio.


Yeah. Excuse my appearance today, guys. It's not slaying.


Well, lucky it's just audio for the people listening.


Okay, for the people listening, excuse my voice because I had a time this weekend.


If you're watching on YouTube, I am so sorry. I am so sorry.


Okay. You so fake. Before we started this, she was like, No, it's fine. We get on here. It's like, Girl, you.


Look horrible. You are telling me that you're not even supposed to be here today?


No. Oh, my God. I thought that I requested off today because... So the BT awards weekend goes from Thursday and you have to take the Monday to just get your life together because you're partying all night Sunday after the awards. I had an event on Thursday and then I ended last night at 3 AM and realized I had to be at TMZ at 6.




No. Yeah, I got half lashes on. Edge is late from last night. I should have kept my makeup on from yesterday. That's what I should have did. I look good in this makeup. You look good at the awards, too. You look good at the awards? Oh, yes. The BT awards, it was different this year because there was no host.


Let's just get straight into it. I won't set up the episode like I usually do. What was it like? There was quite a few headlines to come out of it. The biggest one I thought was that Migo's reunited on stage.


Yes, which no one knew. You know how normally there was rumblings? We had saw them together for Takeoff's birthday celebration on or around June 10th, which was not even a week ago, really. So we knew that they were at least cordial enough to get together for his birthday. But it's Takeoff's birthday, so you would assume that they're able to do that, especially because there's been a little bit of time that has passed. And for anyone watching that doesn't know, the Migoz grew group has been monumental as a three. After Takeoff, who was one of the three was killed, Quavo and O ffste H ordes, who were the big names from the group, even before prior to this, they were not getting along. There was a very big divide in the group. Quaver had actually come out and did a song and he said that the Migoz is no more. If Takeoff is not here, we have no more Migo's. We won't see.


That again. At the Grammys, they were beefing it out.


Backstage, they were shouting. Yes, there was a big shouting match backstage at the Grammys because Quaver was doing a memorial or tribute for Takeoff.


Didn't want an offset on it.


And what we were told is that he did not want offset involved. It was just a whole thing. But I think people have to realize, I mean, it came out that they're not biologically family, which most black people knew. Your cousin is your cousin, but they don't got to be your cousin. That's a thing. But I think with these guys, it was surprising to see them on stage because I really thought that we wouldn't see that, at least not for a long time. And not musically, not a performance. But I think everything everybody in the room, when I tell you guys, everybody instantly just gasped. You felt the emotion in the room. There were people where I was seated at that were actually crying because it was just like, Wow, we really thought we wouldn't see that. And then the way that the graphics were set up, they had take off in the background. There was a spotlight, like a third beam. Quvo and Offset were very, very... It's like they were almost working with the third person who wasn't there. The was there. They were on opposite sides of it. Let's play some of the audio.


I want you guys to see it and listen to it.


Yeah. Doors for take. If you ready to do it for the Rockets, let me.


Get it. Yes, sir.


Rockets taking off.


I like that. But it was crazy because even, you know how they set up the at the awards shows? You know who's coming on next. You just see the person. You didn't even see them. They revealed them and then the whole crowd just like, people were standing on their seats. It was a moment for sure.


And then Bad and.


Boogey came on. Oh, my God. When they did Bad and Boogey, they did it. So they started with some of the newer stuff, and then they ended with the older stuff like Bad & Boogie. It was just good to see them on stage and they're dancing with each other. And they're like, you know what I mean? The camaraderie was there. And it didn't feel forced. It didn't feel like, Okay, we're making these two guys come do this tribute. You know what I mean? It felt like they wanted to be there.


Are they back together? Are the Migo's back together or is this just one-off tribute?


I don't really know for sure. I feel like the Migo's will always be the Migo's. I don't know what's about to happen musically, but I can tell you, you guys yesterday watching them on stage, you felt that they missed each other. It just was good. And there was video of them backstage, too, as they were saying hi to other people. There was a video of them saying hi to TI. I don't know. I can't describe it. That's nice. Yeah, it was one of those things. You got teared out a bit, like, dang, they've been through so much. I'm just happy to see they finally have each other to go through it.


And tell me about JT and Lil Uzi Vert, who were beefing in the audience. He was sat next to I Spice, and then he even sang about wanting to bang a girl looking like I Spice on stage. And then she went off, JT, his girlfriend from the city girl, she went off at him in front of everyone.


Yeah. Okay. And it was weird because it was like delay. So Uzi opened the show. So Uzi opened the show. The show was going on. All of a sudden, there's video. Also, too, I want to say for the people that were in the audience at the awards, unless you were in that, they were in the first row. So if you were not in the first or second row, you had no idea what was going on, but you saw it.


Everyone in the audience was looking at this.


Let's watch this video and listen to this video first, and then I'll explain from the person that was there. Said, She's such a sad. She threw the phone and said, Give me my phone.


So is this for real? It almost seems like unexplainably, the fact that Lil Uzi is singing about I Spice, then flirting with the I Spice in front of his girlfriend, JT, it almost seems like, Is this a.


Pr stunt? No, I'm telling you, this was not a PR stunt. So they were for a second row. I think me and my friends were maybe ninth or 10th row. There's video of her storming up the aisle to leave. We were seated right there. So when you saw her coming, you knew something was wrong. As a woman, I just knew I'm like, somebody pissed her off. But you could tell she was trying to keep it together because there's also seat fillers and fans in the audience. People are recording and people are yelling her name. She's smiling and literally you see her, she's storming up. And then all of a sudden you see this little black hoodie, this guy run up and I'm like, Oh, shit. That's Uzi. He's tying it up. So he runs up and he grabs her and she's like, Get off of me. And as soon as she goes like this, she's like pushing him back. You guys can't see me. You can only hear me.


Lauren's throwing hands right now.


She shadowed Bucks. I'm trying to tell you, I thought it was about to be like it was going down in there because she was so upset. When I say security, their security sworn them and got in the middle. That'd take a minute just to get that broken up to then see everybody to start the show.


She's probably be a bit triggered by I Spice stuff, having heard her man raping about it on.


The stuff. And then he took a picture with I Spy says, well, there's a picture I Spice posted the photo. She posted. So it's like, I don't know if maybe there's some back history there where... You know what I mean? I don't really know. But she was very upset. You hear in the video, she calls him a groupie.


Right. He's just a big fan of I Spice. I mean, everyone in the world, for some reason right now, is.


Obsessed with I Spice. And it's nothing wrong with that. But I just think when you are a male artist and there's a new hot girl out like an ice spice day tea, and young Miami are still, you know what I mean? The city girls are still the biggest. But it's just like, you got to be cautious in certain things. As a woman artist or a woman in general, even taking pictures with a guy, they can't hold you certain ways or whatever because then it starts rumors. I think for JT, it just seems like there was... She felt disrespected. So she reacted the way that she reacted. And the whole time, even when he's sitting down, when he's up and running after her, you're hearing him like, I didn't even do anything. I didn't even do anything. So I don't.


Know if... He's such a sweet guy. I've interviewed him a few times, and I've always struck by what a nice.


Guy is. He is nice, but nice guys can rub you the wrong way as well. Obviously, she was rubbed the wrong way. And I don't really know everything. But I will say, if it was me and it was my guy and you're uzi, everything you say gets picked up, and then you all are seated next to each other and the photos are coming. And I'm sitting right here, it is a little bit like, Okay, relax. Do you want an autograph, too? You know what I mean?


Another behind the scenes question. In? Did Sexy Red really get up and perform pound town?


Oh, baby, did she? Let me show you.


I got video on.


My phone. You got video? Yes. So that was the best part of the awards.


Because Pound Town is obviously quite explicit. I don't know that they let that on the actual show. But in the commercial break, apparently she stood up and sang.


And everyone went off. So during the awards, they had Kid Capri DJing. The BVT awards this year we're celebrating 50 years of hip hop. So Kid Capri was taking us on the journey of from New York to LA all of the years of hip hop. There are so many people performing. He was playing different songs while we were waiting for the next set. He just played her song, just playing it. And she stood up with her stack of money and started going off. The whole crowd stood up and was like, she has also a hot song of the summer. The whole crowd stood up. Everybody's recording her. Christian Rock stood up and started twerking because she was sitting next to her. That set the crowd off as well. It was a good.


Time for her to say it. Was everyone just going off of those opening lyrics, which are just so explicit?


I sing the song word for word. Word.


The whole song. Oh, did.


Everyone was just doing it? Everybody does. I think even the guys, you got to hit the pound town.


Is that song good or is it ironically good?


I think it's just a bop. It's just like you don't think that much.


Into it. But is she a good rapper or is it.


Just funny? I don't know. Outside of that song, I haven't really looked into her much, but I will say that that song has me in very much of a chokehold.


Very much so. Wow. I mean, that's a pun given what the song is about. Yeah. I don't know. Last thing on the.


Bet stuff. Oh, my voice sounds horrible. Bet voice got.


The best voice. It's Husky. It's good. Patty Label, she forgot the Tina Turner lyrics?


I love Patty Label, but I was watching that performance and I turned to my friend and said, She don't know the words. She's trying to get through, but she's really only singing the chorus. And at some point, her mic got turned down because I'm like, It's Patty Label. Why is the audio lot of the... Why is the track over her so much?


It's the most basic song that Tina sang, too. You're simply.


The best. But she knew that part. She knew the chorus and she added the best as much as she could to it. She was rifting. She was doing all that. They brought the choir out, but she did not know the main part. And then there was a teleprompter that was supposed to be helping her, and she said she couldn't read it.


She couldn't see it. But you shouldn't be reading a teleprompter for simply the best, better than I don't.


Know the rest. I don't know. I just felt like I noticed it's going to go viral because people already felt like Patti La Belle and shady as hell. So it's just one of them things. And we have audio, you guys can hear. I mean, she sounded good for the part she did know, but it was just like... Oh, Lord. What if I can't see the words? I don't know. I'm trying, you all. At least she said it, though. Because when I was watching it, when you were watching it, I even people at home on Twitter, you knew something was like, you're like, What is she doing? Because she was only really strongly singing the chorus. And I'm like, Does she not know the words? And then she said, I can't see the teleprompter.


A bit embarrassing. It looks like good night last night, though. Oh, my God. Thank you for coming in and giving us the wrap up.


You're not welcome. I did not.


Want to be here. Oh, well, thank you very much for telling me that.


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On to our last story. Harry and Megan, they're at war with the another big company. First, it was Spotify dropping them from the $20 million deal. Now, Netflix is considering dropping them from the $100 million deal because they've got to produce better content. Apparently, they really like that bombshell documentary where it exposes all the secrets. Now, it's like, What else you got for me?


Nobody wants to go to work. I feel them.


Yeah, but all they've come up with since that bombshell doc, which everyone watched, they loved Netflix, was some animated series about a girl inspired by historical female figures. That was canceled by Netflix. No one would want to watch it, they think. And they've got a documentary coming out about the Invictus Games, about Harry's like...


I think that they took on a lot really fast. And then they took on a lot really fast. And maybe it's a bit overwhelming for them because this is a whole new life or whatever. So trying to do all of this at once, I just think that they over promise and under deliver. And that's what we're seeing. But these companies don't care because they've already given them the money and now they're threatening to not give them the rest of the hundred million dollars. So it's like, what are you going to do?


Well, yeah, they're giving them half and they say, we want better content because I guess because of what Spotify said and what Netflix is saying, the only string to these guys, Bow, is exposing family secrets.


What else can you do? There's no.


More secrets. The secrets are tapped out.


There's always more secrets. You just got to get a spades game going and you'll find some.


Stuff, though. What's a spades game?


Bro, you don't know?


Is that cards? Yes. What do you do with it?




I'm from Australia. We do different drinking games over there.


Okay. I don't even know how to respond. I've never in my life met someone. So basically it's just something... You know how you have your thing that your family sits and does where it makes you guys talk.


Your family does drinking games?


Space isn't really a drinking game. It's a card game. You can drink if you want, but then it gets even worse. But people are yelling at each other, slamming cards on the table. You really find out a lot about people doing a space game because people are so upset they say anything. Home. So I'm just saying they need to get something going where you can pull more stuff out the hat. Take a visit home.




Something. But there has to be more. I just think also, too, at this point, the racism stuff, I think a lot of people are starting to feel like, Okay, we get it, but you've moved on now, so now what?


I know. I mean, I don't really care to watch another documentary about climate change or animals dying. I get all of these that you're important causes about female empowerment, important cause. But you are Harry and Megan. I want to hear something Harry and Megan ish. I don't want to hear you virtue signaling about something.


What is Harry and Megan ish, though?


I don't know. Maybe they could do a dating game show, a dating show where it's about people from different countries. Is that good?


You like that idea? No, I just feel like that's too cliched. There's no substance there for them.


Okay, well, next idea then. I mean, something about royalty. What about, I want to be a royal... I want to meet a princess, some dating game show about trying to meet a princess. There's plenty of dating game shows.


I don't know. I'm indifferent. I feel like people just don't care anymore because what they first started out on is dying out.


What are they going to do now, though?


I don't know. I think it's just over for them.


It's over for them. But they need to make money somehow.


Yeah. I don't really know how though. I don't know what they do from here. I think they just invest and be quiet and just They fought the good fight. We already knew that the Royal Family had racist ties and all that stuff. They did all they could do. At this point, nothing's going to change. That's the way the system goes. And I wish them their best of luck.


See you later. Thanks for memories. Harry and Megan, it was nice knowing you. Well, thank you very much for coming in for gracing us with your presence. You're a bit of a hungover, but that's all right. Thank you for being here. Lauren La Rosa.


Stop saying thank you because you're not welcome.


I'm not welcome?






Well, see you.


All later. See you all later. Have a good sleep. Lauren. Good night.