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Hello and welcome to the TMZ podcast. I'm Charlie Cotton, and today.


I'm Katie Hayes.


And today I'm.


Katie Hayes.


Live from New York City, we have Katie Hayes.


It's great.


To be here. It's great you are here. We got some Delta stories today. Britney Spears wants a public apology from Victor Wem Ban Yama. Kanye, well, I guess he met the in laws, the Australian in laws, but in Tokyo. Big deal. They went to Tokyo. And also, we're going to talk about the guy who streaked in the Las Vegas casino. Oh, my God. His wife said he was drugged. She's coming to his defense. I'm not sure if I believe it.


Best video of the year.




Video of the year. Hands down.


Not best audio, but we'll.


Discuss the video. We'll discuss it. Don't worry, I can discuss it in detail.


Okay, good. All right. Well, Britney Spears is still not happy about the slap incident in Vegas. She's now taking it to Instagram to ask for a public apology. A private apology was not good enough. The security guard did apologize to her at her table after the incident. But now she is insistent listening on a public apology. Let's listen to her now.


This radio station talking smack and talking shit, that's why I'm addressing it, saying that I deserve to be smacked. Security was doing their job and protecting their client. I didn't appreciate the people saying that I deserve to be hit because no woman ever deserves to be hit. I simply tapped him on the back and I was backhanded, hit my face. I came back on the floor. My best friend picked me up and held me. And I did get an apology at my table 30 minutes later, but I have yet to receive a public apology.


What do you think, Katie?


This is interesting because I just think if you get a private apology, you don't get don't need a public apology. The only reason to give a public apology is if you think it will be a learning moment. And it was an accident. He apologized. I don't know why she's insisting on a public apology.


Just for optics, I think she's embarrassed. People were already cracking jokes at Brittany for the last years.


She's had a.


Rough go. Yeah. She's had a rough go. And now this happened, and it is embarrassing. She hit herself in the face.


Nice. I know. But she even says, she's like, he apologized. So it's like, we know the public knows there was an apology issued. So I don't really see the need to make it so grandious. Why does it have to be public?


Well, I know. And also, if the public apology isn't forthcoming, then it's only more embarrassing for her now. She's demanding something that's probably won't come, I don't think.


Well, it's too late now, right? He's moved on.


He's moved on. The police have moved on. We've moved on. It's very embarrassing.


She had an interesting point, I do think, where she is obviously this huge celebrity. She's used to massive crowds. She was saying, too, she used to hang out with Insink, which there were no crazed fans more than back in the day. It was like Beatle mania. Yeah, right. And she claims that her security and their security never put their hands on anyone. So she does have a point, I think, where it's like, I have a hard time believing they didn't either.


She's saying that they didn't and using that as evidence that she was unfairly dealt with. But I'm around big celebrities every day going through LAX, and I'm around big security every day going through LAX. And if I am any way near the celebrity, they'll put their hands on me.


And if I was going really close to them, they might put their hands on me in a way that they put their hands on Britney Spears.


I do wonder if that's a you thing, though. Could be. But no, I'm kidding. But no, of course, that's the security's job. He obviously made a mistake. And I think it's up to security to issue an apology, which he did.


He did, but just not publish it earlier. And so I don't think that's going to be forthcoming. And so I just think that Brittany is just going to be left with egg on her face.


I know. It's a little unfortunate. And I think at this point, this video should not have been made. She should have just let it go because now, what are we, eight days after the fact, six days after... Or days after the fact.


Just move on. Yeah.


He's not going to make an apology now.


There was a weird video I saw she posted before this trying to promote her book that's coming out. But whoever's filming it was a guy. It was a guy filming it. And the whole video, you can hear, huff, huff, huff, huff.


Coming from who? The guy?


The guy filming it. Oh, boy. And then at the end of the video, he goes, No, let's do it again. That was too much. That was too much. And so I don't know who the guy was or what the huff, huff, huff, huff.


I don't know. This sounds like something we need to look into, possibly.


Is that ASMR when I go huff?


No, that is the opposite. That makes me want to shut down my ears for the rest of my life. Right, right, right. Okay. All right. So don't start doing those videos.


On to our next story. Kanye West. He is married, question mark, to an Australian model. Well, she's actually like, I think she's in architecture. Her name is Bianca, sorry. Well, he was going to go to Australia to meet the parents after they got married about seven months ago. Didn't happen. And so now they're meeting in Tokyo. This is like a making a murderer where you got to put the pieces together because there's no picture of them all together. But the sister of Bianca Senzui, her name is Angelina. Angelina? Yes. She was posting all the photos of Kanye, one photo of in the Hello Kitty store. With North? With North, the Hello Kitty store. Then they're seen at the sumo match.


In Tokyo. And then we see a picture of the parents. So it's like we know everyone was there, even though it wasn't a big group shot.


You're putting strings between all of.


The pictures. Yeah, like one of those boards in the detective office. We're getting down to it. Yeah, it's.


A war room. So I guess the reason that potentially they didn't meet in Australia was Kanye's anti semitic remarks really pissed off a lot of people in Australia, including the government. And so the government officials jumped saying, we can deny people for any reason. We can deny people for their... I don't know if it's nice or not to deny people for their views, but he said his anti semitic comments aren't going to fly here. And so that's why I think they had to meet in Tokyo instead.


Well, I also wonder, did she prolong the meeting because of the heat on him at that time? Now, obviously, we all still remember it because what he said, the things he said were so hard. Horrific. But there's been time he's laid low. She's obviously been in this for a little while. So now, seven months later, eight months later, she's like, Okay, let's all just meet in Tokyo. We'll watch a sumo match because that everyone knows that brings.




Together. I'll finally introduce my parents to them. I think there was a lot of factors before, but I really think probably the biggest one was it was just too soon. There was too much heat. You could not bring Kanye home to meet your parents right.


After that. Unless they loved Hitler too.


Yeah, I guess. I suppose that would be.


The only reason.


That would be the Russian home. He's the man of the hour. That would be the only reason.


Because, yeah, he was making all these wild, like he was praising Hitler on Alex Jones. He was tweeting Swastika. He was just on a different.


Level, man. But you can't take that stuff back. So no matter how much time passes, if you're her parents, even if he's taking you to a sumo match in Tokyo, aren't you still a little like, oh. Yeah. What is he going to wear? Although if the parents are meeting him and he's in the Hello Kitty store with his daughter, it gives a different viewpoint than this public persona we've been seeing of Kanye where he's been absolutely off the rails for the last year. So it's like, let's meet in a foreign country. Here's my daughter. Let's go buy some plush kitty animals. I'm a great dad. Look how I'll be fine. Your daughter's in.


Safe hands. One of Kanye's friends just gave an interview saying the reason that he was doing all that anti semitic stuff was allegedly because he was trying to position himself to the right of Donald Trump in this whole, I'm running for President. He thought Donald Trump has got his base because he's saying all this wild stuff. I'm going to even double double down, you know what I mean? And be even further to the right. That was his plan, his friend said. I don't know if it's true or not, but he has calmed down the anti semitic rant of late.


But you can't forget. And I think it starts to get dangerous when you're like, Well, someone just said that because they wanted to appear this way. But they're not really like that.


It's like, Ugh. Oh, totally. Do you think you'll ever be able to shake the stank of anti semitism off him?


Yeah, I do. It's weird. He's like Teflon. He always just... Obviously, everyone always remember it, but I do think that if he lays low for even longer and then comes back with a great album, people have a tendency to forget and forgive, especially when it comes to artists. And especially for some reason, we always talk about this, for some reason, Kanye almost always gets a pass.


It's wild. Because he always says wild stuff. The only predictable thing about Kanye is that he's going to say wild stuff. What is it going to be about next? He said 20 yards from where we're sitting, he said slavery is a choice right there in the studio. And people don't really talk about that anymore.


He just keeps upping the ante with the insane things he's saying. He just keeps coming out saying insane things. So it's like you just forget about the last insane thing and focus on the current, and then he says the next insane thing.


Do you think, Bianca, you know how if you're introducing a significant other to your parents or your family, you think you're a bit nervous about how the interaction will go? Do you think Bianca was like, Man, I hope he doesn't say any vile things about Jews?


She has to be nervous, but also she has to be nervous with how she's dressing, which is she never wears pants, which it must be disturbing to one's father, I would think. If I brought someone home to meet my parents and I wasn't wearing pants, my dad and my mom would have probably some things to say. You should wear pants when you.


Meet parents. Why is that?


Don't you think? You're all for no pants when you meet the parents?


But this is Kanye and B iankeson. They're in Tokyo too. Bathroom stuff is pretty easy, I think, in Tokyo. With the new technology and stuff, they got these whiz bang new toilets and stuff over there.


They can... I'm confused how we jump to bathroom stuff.


Because pants and.


Go to the toilet in public and stuff. I see what you're saying. I see what you're saying. Okay. I don't know. I just think that if I... She must be a little worried, right? Just everything about her now. She's dressing differently. She's bringing on this very famous guy who's had a lot of controversy. You can't not be nervous.


G'day, Mum. G'day, Dad.


It's weird, right?


It's Kanye. I don't know. Yeah. Who knows how it went. But the sumo match, as I say, that brings some people together.


So probably that was... I'm sure. I mean, what's more fun than watching a sumo match?


I would love to watch a sumo match. I know.


Me too.


Okay, onto our final story. If you haven't seen the video of the Las Vegas streaker in the Harass Casino...


You're missing out.


It is the best video you'll ever see because this naked guy jumps on a poker table and is thrusting, is banging.


The air. He's thrusting in the air. Then he lays down on the table and gives everyone a full shot of his organs, his behole, and his organs inside his behole, I think. He's on.


His back like a baby with his legs in the air, spreading his cheeks. And then that's not enough. He goes, The people on the other side, you haven't seen it. He spins around.


Spins around, and shows them. And shows them. To the point where the poor woman who was just, she was a dealer at the casino, starts dry heaving and she can't stop. She never stops. She never stops dry heaving. I think she's still dry heaving now, days later.


She's got PTSD for sure. You must. When you see inside a man.


You have to rinse your eyes out with gasoline after you experience that. Anyway, so it turns out this guy is married.


I mean, he looks pretty.


Straight lacy. I mean, I have got to be honest, you need to go to the TMZ website and look at this video and look at the photo of them. And this does not look like a man. I wouldn't have expected it.


He looks like nerdy or in the army or something.


And she is like, they both look like this just lovely little couple. And she's standing by her man.


Yeah, she said he was drugged. Someone must have drugged him. Someone spiked his drink.


What do you think about that?


I think bullshit.


I think he spiked his own drink. Yeah. Think he had too many of those... What are those yardstick drinks that you get in Vegas? I think he had 25 of those.


Because it wasn't only that he was in this one casino, he was making his way down the strip in different casinos, causing incidents. Yes.


So she's now saying he's a great person and she insist that he's the victim here.


Of hallucinogenes. They weren't slipping him anything because they wanted... They slipped him hallucinogenes.


They said she... Does that happen? She's saying he has a drink was spiked and that caused him to hallucinate. And then he apparently has no memory of it, which honestly, good for him. You wouldn't want to remember that.


But when people like, I'm not familiar with this whole slipping drinks and that stuff. It's not usually hallucinogenes, though, is it?


I'm not familiar either because I have never slipped anything in anyone's drink. Or being slipped, thank God. Well, yeah. Usually, you have to worry about it in terms of passing out. Well, apparently, they're trying to get to the bottom of it because they're working with doctors who are performing toxicology tests. So she's really doubling down. Now, the question is, if this comes back and the doctors are like, No, man, that was just straight up rum and vodka and tequila all mixed together, do you stay with him?


Yes. Oh, you definitely stay with him. You do? In fact, the video is an aphrod cardiac.


No, it's not. There were so many disturbing things in that video on so many levels.


Have you ever streak?


No, I've.


Never streaked. I once got arrested in Ireland for public nudity, for streak ing.


I believe that. What did.


You do? I was just running down some street of, I think it was called Killarney, the town. And the cops caught up to me and the tour guide I was with at the time. And they're like, You can't go running around with your mickeys hanging out. We were at some fairground scaling a Ferris wheel.


You were naked scaling a.


Ferris wheel? It's a whole thing. It's a whole thing.


That seems dangerous. It seems like there's a lot of places to get things caught on a Ferris wheel.


They were fun days.


They were very fun days. Did you get in trouble?


No. Just a warning. Yeah, warning. Give your.


Clothes back.


Got to love the Irish. Thanks for visiting Ireland.


Got to love the Irish.


All right, Katie, thank you very much for joining us today. Thank you. And we'll see you guys here tomorrow. Bye.