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Hello and welcome to the TMZ podcast. I'm Charlie Cotton, and today I'm joined by Melanie Miller.




Hello, Melanie. You've come from the field. You're one of our field reporters. You're going to grace the podcast studio with your presence.


Thank you for.


Having me, Charlie. It's a pleasure. How's it been out there in the field? Have you got many.


Celebrities lately? Yes. Just Robin S, classic, You've got to show me love. Who's that?


She's a legend.


Oh, wow.


Who? What's her name? Her song was sampled for Break My Soul.


Never going to break my soul. Never going to throw.


Me down. No, the Beyonce song.


Okay, moving on. Moving right along. We actually got some really interesting stories today. I'm into them. We're going to talk about Jennifer Lawrence. She wants you to know that she did not have an affair with Liam Hemsworth while he was married to Miley Cyrus. We're going to talk about Pink. She was at a concert last night and someone threw their mother's ashes on stage. But to begin with, we're going to talk about Cardi B. Well, she's beefing with her hubby, Offset, online. So let's get into it. Offset put up something on his social media basically saying that my wife is banging a guy on me. You guys know how I come. Basically trying to reveal that Cardi B is having an affair or sleeping with someone else.


I think there's one of two things happening. Number one is that obviously he's going through a lot with take off dying, and then they just reunited with Quvo for the BAT awards. And he's just like, because she said he's spiraling, or he's cheating on her and deflecting because that's what men do.


Well, that's what she said, actually, because she responded on a Twitter spaces, saying that he's accusing me of what he's guilty of. Let's have listen to what she said.


You can't accuse me of other things. You know that you are guilty of. Sing it with me, you all. Listen, don't pay attention to that country, man, you all. Don't pay attention to the country, man. That spaces the other day, that motherfucker is spiraling and thinking shit. Come on now. I'm fucking Cardi B now. I think sometimes motherfuckers forget I'm Cardi B. If I was giving this pusty to anybody, it will be out. So please, boy, stop acting stupid.


I like that. I like that.


I live.


For her. I agree that if she was sleeping around, that'd probably get out. I mean, I guess you can get him to sign an NDA.


Yeah. So it comes out about everyone. We find out about everything.


Yeah, I would have thought so.


I feel like he probably did cheat on her and he's pushing it back to her.


Well, he has in the past, hasn't he?




He has in the past. They've had issues in the past. And so now he's trying to, I don't know. Deflect. Oh, deflect? Yeah. And have everyone come after her instead of after him. What does countryman mean?


Because he's from Atlanta, he's from the country.


Is that supposed to be an insult?


Maybe she's calling him a red neck.


Oh, maybe she is. I was like, Countryman. I never heard that one before, but I like it.


Is it calling him stupid?


I don't know. I mean, maybe. I know. I'm from Australia. I've never heard the term countryman before, but I like it.


Like a downh all?


Like a guy from the country. Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, that makes... Thank you for.


Clearing that up.


You're welcome. It's a bit sad. These guys are perfect.


For each other.


Yeah. They're one of my favorite couples, to be honest. So this doesn't look good for them and their family. They got a couple of kids. I'm a bit worried.


About them now. I'm not worried. I think she knows that he's going through something he's having a really hard time. Sunday was probably obviously really hard for him. I think she just doesn't want these rumors to get out in spiral and go nuts. So she's like, Listen, let me just put an end to this now. He doesn't need this press. And it's going to be fine. She's going to forgive him for she forgave him before. If he did cheat, they'll get past it. They love each other.


They're perfect for each other. I hope so. But I wonder why people try to settle these things on Instagram and on Twitter spaces.


Because you got to get out ahead of it. She's getting out ahead of.


I know. But imagine me and my wife having issues and then taking to Instagram live to try to expose them. It just seems so weird. Pick up the phone and hash it out.


Yeah, but nobody's interested in your experiences.


With your wife. I know. But even if they were, why don't you just talk to each other? Why are you trying to get everyone, the mob, to come for your loved one?


Because they got into this industry for a reason because they love attention.


Wow. You really could be some therapist.


I go to a lot of therapy.


Don't take this the wrong way, but you're smarter than you look, Melanie.


Thank you. I get.


That a lot. Very interesting. All right, onto our next story. Jennifer Lawrence wants you to know that she didn't have an affair with Liam Hemsworth. There's been rumors, there's been speculation since Miley Cyrus came out with that flowers song. I can buy yourself flowers. Basically, the big dots that fans are putting together is that she was in a gold dress. And guess who else wore a gold dress at the premiere of a Hunger Games?


Jennifer Lawrence.


Yes. And those rumors that her and Liam hooked up during the filming of The Hunger Games so that the gold dress there and the gold dress there. I don't know. I think it's tenuous evidence.


I don't think it's tenuous at all. I don't know what tenuous means, but I think you mean.


Like silly? Okay, I'll take my previous comment about your very smart back.


I think that she is doing this on purpose. She's very smart and she's leaving what we like to call Easter eggs.


What you and the Taylor Swift community call Easter eggs?




Exactly. Right. Okay, well, let's listen to Andy Cohen talking to Jennifer Lawrence about the supposed affair.


When Miley Cyrus's song flowers debuted, there was a lot of talk that the music video... I know the audience is already responding. They're like, Oh. Okay. There was already a lot of talk that the music video was referencing a secret fling that you had with Liam Hemsworth while he was with Miley Cyrus. Can you please respond to this?


I would love to. Not true. Not true. Total rumor. I mean, we all know me and L ake kissed one time. It was years after they broke up. Okay. So I just assumed that was a coincidence.






You for clearing that. Are you satisfied? I'm not.


Not satisfied?


No. What do you need? Because she was being cooey when she was like, I think when they were broken up and we kissed once and she was excited about it. And I feel like there was probably a lot of flirting, and I feel like like, They probably did hook up. And she's not going to admit to it if she did.


That's true. That's very true. So you think the rumor is still alive and well?


Yes. And I also did a little research before.


Wow. That's more than most co hosts do. So thank you. You're welcome.


So apparently there were rumors that it was the house in the flowers video. He took 14 women to hook up with. But if.


You recall... At the one time?


No. Different times. However, he was seen leaving some party at the Chateau Marmont, an Oscar's party or something with January Jones. They got in the back of the car together. And that could have been the girl that she's referring to in the video. And she's sending us over to Jennifer Lawrence. But it's maybe.


I don't know. All right, I m lost. Okay.


I'm lost. Well, I tried.


Thank you for trying. Honestly, that was really nice of you to try.


He potentially hooked up with a lot of people.


I bet he did. He's a young Australian in LA.


We love Australians.


In LA. Absolutely, you do.


I shot my shot at one a couple of weeks ago.


Didn't work out? No. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Cracking. Give me some. That's sad. So do you think that Miley and Liam would ever get back together? I think that they're almost a perfect for each other couple.


When they broke up the first time, I.


Was crushed. Oh, you were?


Yes, they made me believe in love. I think they're perfect for each other. When they got married, they got back together. And then the house burned down and he saved all the dogs.


Oh, yeah. That was romantic to save the dog's lives. Yeah. So yes, you think they'll get back together?


No, I don't think they'll get.


Back together. Oh, okay.


He's moved on with that Australian girl.


I think.


They're broken up. I think they're done. He doesn't like the way that she's out there and crazy.


She's too much of a party animal.


Yeah. And he likes to...


He likes to what?


He just likes things.


Composed, I think. Oh, you think he's a bit more straight down the line and she's crazy?


Yeah. Which is odd for us, Joey, because I feel like you guys are crazy.


Yeah. You could be an Australian's Miley. You could.


I'd love that.


Yeah, because you're a bit off the wall sometimes. Yeah. In a good way. Thank you. Yeah. So keep that in mind.


I think it's over forever. I think more happened between Jennifer Lawrence and Leanne that she's giving us. Interesting. I'm looking forward to Miley's next move.


I think there might be a new Hunger Games movie, like in the works, or they're thinking about a new Hunger Games movie. So this could be lighting a bit of a fire under that. Like, if Liam and JLO are back. Jlo's a mom married. She's married. Well, so was Miley and Liam. They were married.


And so was Austin Cardi B. They're married.


Oh, be careful, everyone. My biggest tMZ interview in terms of hits or response ever was when I interviewed Jennifer Lawrence. It's my favorite. Well, it wasn't an interview so much as I leaned down to give her dog the back of my hand to smell, and she scooped up her dog and said, Don't touch my dog, you fucking loser. Jennifer, how are you? Hey, Jennifer. Have you been scared off flying private for Good Down? What's up, mate? Hello, little doggy.


What do you expect me to do? Touch my dog in a fucking show?


And that clip went everywhere. I was interviewed on Australian radio and like, Oh, my God. Because she's like America's sweetheart. And this horrible paparazzi was trying to touch her dog. But I was proud of it. I was like, This is fantastic. It's great.


I actually have a Jennifer Lawrence story, too. Go on. Back in the day, I was helping cast a movie, and she came in. It was probably 2009, and she read for the role, and I convinced all the producers and directors not to cast her. Wow. And then she went on to win an Oscar for Winter's Bone.


So did she get cast? No. So you think that you made the directors turn down an Oscar winning actress?


It was before she won an Oscar. But she had it in her. She had it in her. I convinced them not to. And then she.


Wow, Melanie. Everything you touched turns to dust. Oh, my God. That's a good story, though. Thank you for that. On to our final story. Pink was performing on stage, and sometimes people in the crowd throw various things like bras or mostly it's bras, to be honest. Well, a fan chucked something a bit peculiar on stage. Their mother's Ashes. And we got it on video here. I know it's mostly visual, but we'll play her responding to the ashes.


This is your mom? I don't know how you're going to love this.


And she just goes on playing. She picks it up, says, Is this your mum? And I guess the fan nodded because he goes, I don't know how to feel about this, and places the Ashes down.


Slowly puts them down.


I think that maybe Pink should have been a bit nicer about it.


Yeah, it felt like she was like, Ewe, weirdo.


Well, she went on and singing the song, so you go, What a professional. What did she just get on with the show? But obviously their mum must have been the biggest Pink fan. And in their will, or maybe when they were dying, or they must have said, Spread my Ashes at Pink concert. You know how much I love Pink? And so I think instead of putting the little baggie down at Ashes, she should have thrown them and waived it around and scattered them into the front row would have got a bit. That would.


Have been so cool. Or even just to scatter them on the stage a little bit. That would have been iconic.


If she just showered in them, she would have above her head and showered in them. Imagine how much their mum would have loved that.


Who cares? It's just a little ash is pink.


I know.


It doesn't make me like her.


No, I know. I mean, it's divided online between is it a weird thing for the fan to do? Kind of.


But here's the thing. I think us as fans forget that we don't actually know them and we connect with them. And we feel like we know them and they forget that. And it's like she just wanted to connect with Pink.


Yeah. I mean, is it weird? Slightly weird. Bit weird. But I guess if someone's dying wish is to be scattered me in a pink show, I guess you got to honor that.


You have to honor that.


And I wouldn't put it past you to want to be scattered at a Taylor Swift concert, right?


Burn my whole body and scatter me everywhere.


We don't want to burn your body at the Taylor Swift concert. Just give us the ashes. That would be somewhat of a fire hazard.


Truly, that would be a be my greatest dream.


To what?


To be scattered at a Taylor Swift show. Really? Yeah.


What else if you were having so much fun and you died at a Taylor Swift show? Would you be like...


Take me out the way I've been happiest.


In my life. Right. Should we just burn you right then and there after you... Yes. Take me away. Oh, my God. How do you think Taylor Swift would respond, maybe not to a burning body, but to someone throwing their ashes at her?


I don't She doesn't like things being thrown on stage. I went to a show and I had a tube because she was learning her music video and they took it from me.


You had it? Oh, you had a pool tube? Yeah. Yeah, you can't bring things to concerts, really. Yeah, they don't like it. No, they don't. But I hope this starts up more people doing this because... It's connecting with them. I know people really love their favorite band or their favorite artists. That's a.


Moment they'll go on to remember forever. If Pink had given her her moment, she would have remembered that for the rest of her life.


Who would have.


Remembered it? Pink? The person that.


Through the ashes. The daughter or the son or something.


Yeah, whoever through the ashes, that would have been the best day of their life. That would have been a moment for them. They'd remember forever. And Pink, I clearly doesn't realize how much that would have meant to the fan. It upsets me, actually.


Yeah, I know. They're obviously your biggest fan who tragically died. And now they're looking down on the show.


We think.


Tragically died. Well, I mean, yeah, in so much as every death is somewhat tragic. And so I think that maybe they're going to haunt her the rest of their lives, the rest of their ghost lives. I hope. Yeah.


I hope that the ghost shows up at every single one of these next shows. Yeah. Charma.


Yeah, it could be. It could be bad. But yeah, I want more ashes at concerts. I think it's a fun way to do it. Or even.


More weird stuff. Make it fun. Let's go with it. Lean in.


What do you mean?


Just whatever. Just unique things to give to artists.


At concerts. Oh, you want more throwing things on stage to be normalized?


Yes. Except for phones and getting hurt. But I'd like them. The soft things. The soft things. I'd like artists to go along with it.


Okay. That's a PSA. I like that. I agree. What would you throw at Taylor Swift given the chance?


God, that's a great question.


My body.


I throw myself in front of a bullet. Now, I don't know. I just wanted to tell her how much she means to me. And she's heard that before. Like, maybe a little letter.


She doesn't care. She wouldn't open it. All right. Thank you very much, Melanie, for joining me. Very entertaining episode.


Thank you for having me. I really enjoyed talking with you.


Great. All right. We'll see you guys all here tomorrow. Have a great day.