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Today on the TMZ podcast. Hello and welcome to the TMZ podcast. I'm Charlie Cotton, and today I'm joined by Dylan Barry.


Wow. Thank you. Thank you for having me.


I've been trying to get you on for a little while, so I'm glad.


You're here. Yeah, thanks for coming over. I saw you coming out of the corner of my eye and I was like, Oh, no, I know what's coming. Tmz podcast. Glad to be here.


Okay, good. What do you do at TMZ, quickly?


I work on a special project. So a lot of the documentaries that we're doing for streaming, for Fox, h, yeah, it would help produce those.


Well, I think there's a few documentaries in the stories we're going to talk to about today. We're going to lead off with the Titanic. What's going on at the Titanic with the Titanic, with the submersible that's there, missing still, but there's new information. We're going to talk about Jonathan Major's had Megan Good by his side, hand in hand, when he's seeing the judge for the first time in his assault case. And finally, we're going to talk about Bibi Reksa, where she had an incident with a fan. And then there was another incident with the fan with this singer Ava Max. So we're going to talk about all of that. But off the top, the disaster, the potential tragedy that looks like it's unfolding at the Titanic shipwreck. The new information we're getting is that banging can be heard every 30 minutes from sonar there. So it leads people to believe that potentially these five people on board may be still alive.


Yeah, it's crazy. The all the different cluessthat have come out since the capsule went missing. There was that time of like, we have to figure out where these people are. And then yeah, the sonar, that's got to be eerie. If you're already looking in the depths of the ocean for this missing capsule and you're hearing banging, I don't know if that is helpful or if it is something else. If it's a false hope type thing or if this is we could find it.


Well, I wonder if the banging can help you pinpoint exactly where they are, using different audio waves throughout the water. Then you can be like, Oh, there. There must be pinpoint down there. God, if they are down there banging, trying to get rescued, can you imagine what hell they are in right now? Because we're in the last 24 hours, potentially, of them having enough oxygen in that tank. Can you imagine what they must be going.


Through there? I can. There's five of them down there that we saw the capsule yesterday. There was all that footage of what it looked like inside and all the parts that were attached to it. And it definitely doesn't look comfortable. Even if you're down there for 10 hours, 10 hours would feel like a lot of time. But the fact that they had only 60 hours of oxygen and then losing communication, the fact that the capsule could be stuck on something that is just out of their control, I can't imagine. I mean, I don't like small spaces anyway, but to be at literally the depth of the sea, they're at the bottom of the ocean right now. That is unreal.


And 13,000 feet down is almost unfathomably deep. It's so far beneath the surface of the water. When you think about it, it's easier to understand why it's so hard to find them because you could be on the surface of the water and the Titanic is not directly beneath you because it's just like, you're so far beneath. What would you be doing if one of your parents were on board that? And I'm sorry to sound morbid, but I'm setting.


Up my next point. Definitely going to a Blink 182 concert. It would be a tough move to do. And the stepson of the billionaire on board posted a photo. This was a big part of this story. He posted a photo at a Blink 182 concert saying, I know that I probably... That's the.


Funniest part, isn't it? He said, My family would want me to be here or something.


My family would want me to be here. It was just...


Dude. He tagged Blink 182.


He tagged Blink 182. And Cardi B seemed to speak for all of us yet again. She talked a little bit about seeing this guy, seeing him pose, being like, Dude, you need to be sad. This is the time you get pissed and I'm gone.


Yeah, you need to be sad. Let's actually have a listen to what Cardi B said about this kid. One of the billionaires, their stepson is at a concert, right? At a Blink 182 concert. And people is like, Well, what is he supposed to do? Be sad at the house? Is he supposed to go look for himself? Yes. You're supposed to be at the house sad. You're supposed to be crying for me. You're supposed to be right next to the phone waiting to hear any updates about me. You're supposed to be constantly your mom and shit. Isn't it sad that you a whole fucking millionaire and nobody gives a fuck about you? I like that point, to be honest. You got all the money in the world, but your son, instead of worrying, he's like, all the small things. He's on someone's shoulders right now as you're banging on the side of the vessel. And he.


Probably just thought only my friends are going to see this. And maybe some friends would be like, But then the news is going to find the family members.


I like that Cardi saying that. She always, she's very honest.


She just says it how it is.


She really does. So as we stand, I guess if we haven't found them and rescued them within the next 24 hours, it's not good. But even if you do find them, you have to try to drag them up from 13,000 feet under. And then you have to open the vessel from the outside. We don't have very much time to work with that. You're hoping for a miracle.


Miracle seems to be the word.


Man, it would have to be some miracle that many scientists, many people who are familiar with these types of situations, they're saying it'd have to be a miracle.


Yeah. And I mean, even if they're not found soon, I imagine the wreckage will still be searched for over the next couple of weeks, depending.


Maybe there was a crack in the thing and it imploded, which people say would have been the good thing to have happened because then you're just quick as hell. And then you're out. But if you're just there, it's a horror movie.


It's an absolute horror movie. Yeah. Like you said, this is going to be a documented story for sure, because this has been a story that's taken over the world. Everyone is talking about this. Every outlet is talking about it. So it's I don't know. People want to see some type of resolution. Might be happy, might not be, but.


It'd be a miracle. I think we will get us as the audience watching on as morbid as that sounds. I think there will be a conclusion to this story one way or the other because e will find that submersible at some point. And hopefully, the people are still alive and able to be rescued. You just got to keep your fingers crossed. Yeah. Okay, on to our next story. Jonathan Mages, who is in all sorts of hot water, allegedly assaulted, harassed his now ex. He showed up to court the first time he was meeting the judge. The court case starts August third, he was hand in hand with his new girlfriend, Megan Good. I can understand why he would like his new girlfriend next to him, but what the hell is she doing at a domestic abuse court case, having dated this guy a month or two? I was just so perplexed when I just saw her in her shades, walking in hand in hand, like a spouse supporting her man.


A new girlfriend. If it's true, they started dating in May. And it's June, and you're already coming to court dates for something that has to do with a relationship issue that now she's in a relationship with. It's crazy. And I think this relationship, the whole time has been shocking to people of like, Why is Megan good with him? Everyone's like, oh, is this for to make his image look good? Well, now she's going to court with him. They've traveled the world. He's met her family already. And now they're in court. So it's just crazy. She's standing right by him. But it must be legit.


Right. You would have thought it must be legit because you're right. They've had this whirlwind romance where they started dating almost as soon as they these assault allegations came out, the week or two around then.


He lost everything and then got Megan Good somehow. He lost Marvel stuff. He lost sponsorships, but he gets Megan Good, and it's going great.


I mean, it must be going great. They must be the most in love, best chemistry because I can't imagine standing by your man at that stage.


What do you talk about? Obviously, this is something he's going through. And if you're going through something like this, it's probably on your mind constantly. Stressed. Stressed and working through the case. Even just having a relationship, dating someone during all this mess and then still trying to get your career together. I don't know. It must be love.


I mean, it must be. I was thinking that maybe he's got that magic deed or something like that.


But to go to court for it?


I think you do anything for that. I'm not familiar with these types of situations because no girls stood by me through anything. But I can't believe that they've been dating such a short time. And then she's willing to be in the photo op in court because she honestly doesn't know if he's innocent or guilty either. She just knows what we know and what he tells her. And so she's like, I can't begin to understand why it was a good idea to go to... Why can't you just stay home at least? Stay home and support him from the sidelines. Remember, you send off a tweet. But to rock up to court with him, I've been going to this big Morocco trip.


Now, when you Google Megan Good and you got Megan Good, it's going to be attached to Jonathan Major's. And these photos in court, these live for a long time. And these are big steps to take with someone. Yeah, to go all the way to court. You'd think that'd be the thing to be like, You know, you can stay home with her. We go to Morocco, we can go shopping, go to the beaches anywhere. Stay home for court. But no, she's like, I'm going.


Because clearly this signals that she's going to be there throughout the trial. And his old girlfriend, his ex will be in the courtroom, too.


Wow. What a scene.


It's just such a scene. I'm quite captivated by what's going to happen.


Yeah, maybe they were friends too for a long time, too. I don't know. It does seem very fast. Very fast.


Magic D. Magic D. Think about it. It could be. Your name's Dylan. Has anyone ever called you Magic D?


No one's called me Magic D. I'd like that reputation, too, but I'm like you, man.


I'm going to start spreading it. Well, I mean, it'd be weird if I was the one to do that. But maybe. All right, Magic D, on to our next story. Bv Reksa. A couple of days ago, she got hit in the face with the phone of fans through a phone on stage, hit her in the eye, black eye. Well, the show must go on. She's back on stage now. Black eye and all. And the guy who through the phone, Nicholas Malvagna, he went to court, this photo of him because he was charged with harassment and assault. And the reason I'm laughing is just the photos of this guy heading out of the court. Imagine if that was me or you. And then everyone, all of our friends were like, You were at the Beburexac concert? You were the one who threw the phone at the Beburexer concert?


So funny. And it sounds like at the concert, too, everyone in that crowd was outing him right when he threw it. Everyone's like, Dude, it was this guy. It was this guy. And so now he's known as the Beburexac phone guy.


Yeah. Well, he said that he was just trying to see if he could hit her with the phone to be funny. His lawyer backtracked from his statement saying, Oh, no, he wanted her to take a picture and then throw the phone back to him somehow. I think that's lawyer speak and trying to get on the defense. He ed just through... He pegged the phone at her to try to be funny. Why would you do that? As a fan, why would you go to a concert and then try to knock out the.


Lead singer? Yeah, I've seen at concerts on the walkways coming out, people will set their phones out. And that's a way for Taylor Swift to know, Oh, this person wants me to pick up their phone, take a selfie, maybe with them, and then put it back. But to go the extra mile of chucking your phone... If you watch that video, she's walking into the light, she can't see anything. And that phone just hits her right in the face. It's crazy. Phones are a problem at concerts already. You go to any concert. We get concert clips all the time, and you see the sea of cell phones that are just up in the air. I think cell phones should just be banned from context. I think a lot of people would be on board with that.


Because it's just.


So many people wanting to get their little moment of glory.


On social media. You could never do it. But imagine if cell phones were just banned from events. Just in general, any event, you walk into SoFi Stadium, no phones. Just enjoy the experience, guys. You don't have to have your phones there with you. I don't know why this guy would throw his phone because surely you're not getting it back. This is a $1,000 piece of hardware and baby Rix is not going to go, Oh, yeah, this is Nicholas's, Mel Wagner's phone. Yeah, let's get it back to him. I don't know as we stand if he has the phone back right.


Now or not. That's a good question. Probably not. I mean, there's going to be no photos on there, too. It'll be wiped. It's the videos that we're seeing. That's unfortunately now his memory. He wanted a memory, but now his memory is just blasted all over the internet.


Because that happened a couple of days ago, the Bebureksa thing. And then there was another incident with this singer, Avene Max.


Avene Max is great. You know Avene Max? Avene Max, yes. Sweet but Psycho. Yeah, great song.


I wasn't familiar. Well, she was. Maybe this was you actually at the concert last night, Magic D. Someone ran on stage and slapped her in the face. Why do fans think that they have that... They're allowed to disrupt or interrupt or... He just ran on stage. I don't know if he was trying to slap her in the face, but he certainly did. And he hurt her eye.


Yeah, he did. He scratched the inside of her eyes, which he said. And yeah, it's just not cool, man. It's crazy how you go to these concerts and people just want their own moment. That's all it is. And it's like, Dude, you're there to see a great performer, to hear great music. I don't know.


It's sad. I think because of social media and everything, you feel like you know the artist maybe. And in a weird way, you feel like maybe the artist might know you because they know their fans and they love their fans. And so it makes you think that you're entitled to, I don't know, some one on one type experience with like, they'd really love me. But it's just it's psycho.


It's crazy. Well, you get some artists, too, who maybe respond better. I remember Adam Levin was like, tackled, but he was being hugged, and he hugged the fan and pushed her. It was a few years ago. But people see those videos, too, or Post Malone is fun with his fans. They might think, Oh, this artist, she might be fun with her fans. I'm going to run up there. I'm going to throw my phone. And it always ends up.


You never know which way it's going to go, I guess. You're crossing. I guess that's what.


People want.


Their moment. Streakers do, too. You think that maybe you're going to be the guy that evades this and evades that one and then jumps over the thing. But maybe you're going to be... I can't remember what country musician it was, but he ended up kicking a fan in the face. She held onto his boot or something like that, and he ended up kicking her. You never know it could go really well or really badly. You're going to get a moment of some degree, but you just don't know if it's going to be like flattering for you. Maybe you just take your chances. A few drinks in.


I'm going to... It's definitely a few drinks in. I feel like with most of these people.


Yeah. Oh, it has to be. Is there any celebrity or singer you would jump on stage for to try to get... I'm not saying you'd throw something at them, maybe a quick kissy on the cheek or a hug or something like that.


Who would you do? I got too much respect for those. But I will say if Dua Lipa was on stage, I'm a big fan of Dua Lipa. I would love to go up with Dua Lipa on stage and dance with Dua Lipa, but I think I would be.


Tackled pretty quickly. I think so too. But I'd like to see that close.


I can't take a hard tackle. You and I, we both can't take a hard tackle. We're twigs. But you really shouldn't.


We shouldn't, but do a leap. I like that.


She'd be the one worth doing it for, I'd say. Yes. If I'm going to break ribs, if I'm going to get thrown in jail, it's.


Probably worth it. And hey, maybe she would nurse you back to health.


Right. See, that's what goes through their head. Maybe she'll tell them to stop and then ask to.


Kiss me. Yeah.


Maybe she's like, Wait, I love this guy. This is Magic D. This is it.


That's a good place to end. Thank you very much, Dylan. I appreciate you coming on the pod today. All right, guys, we'll see you here tomorrow.