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Today on the TMZ podcast.


Hello and welcome to the TMZ podcast. I'm Charlie Cotton, and today I'm joined by Devon Roll.


Thank you so much for having me. This is a long time coming, huh?


I know. I've been tapping you on the shoulder every morning saying, Come on, Devon, let's do it today. And finally, we got you here.


Hopefully it doesn't disappoint.


Let's see how it goes, okay? We'll go easy on you. We got some big stories today. We're going to talk about more Murray Povich. He's got his very own home paternity test. So you can test your hobbies, you can test your.


Boyfriends at home.


Insane. Insane. But to begin with, we're going to talk about the Titanic shipwreck, the submersible that has now been deemed imploded. It imploded. The five people on board have been presumed dead. We got some interesting new information about how the waivers that they had to sign before they're going on board were very like, if you die, it's not on us. Even if it's our fault, it's not on us.


Yeah. So they had to sign these waivers, which isn't that shocking because you do something as dangerous as this, I would imagine that they would want some liability so they don't get sued if something like this does happen. There's some debate, though. I know they're working on the story right now, but possibly these waivers might not even hold up legally because if there's negligence before hand, basically, the families can sue.


They still can sue, even though they sign something that says, I hereby assume full responsibility for the risk of bodily injury, disability, death, and property damage due to the negligence of Ocean Gate, which is the company, while involved in the operation. So that's pretty airtight, but still, you think that.


There's ways around it? I think there might be a legal way around it, but when you read this document, why would would you ever want to go? It's just like you read through all these things, you're basically like, yeah, you could die. You could die. I think they say die or death nine times in the document.


How desperately do you want to be at the bottom of the ocean?


I'm personally not a thrill seeker, so I don't even do roller coasters. Me neither. So these people are paying $250,000 to go down. I don't think you could pay me $250,000 to go down.


100 %. I don't even see the thrill in it to be honest, you're in a really dark, cramped space with people you don't know.


It sounds like hell, bro. It sounds like absolute hell. And obviously, there are thrill seekers and adventurers people out there. But it's like, you go down. So it takes, I think, three hours to get down there. You're in this little tube, and the pay off is looking through a little hole where you can see some moss growing on the Titanic. It's like people will be like the argument like, Oh, I saw the Titanic. It's like, Yeah, I saw it too when the photos online and they were more clear. Isn't the.


Window as well, the one window is above the toilet.


Right above the toilet. So hopefully no one had to use the bathroom before the big pay off when you get to see the Titanic.


Well, they didn't get to see it. The people who perished, they didn't even get that final like, Oh, my God. There it is.


I know. But yeah, obviously, super tragic story. And the thoughts go out to all the families. But yeah.


It's crazy. Look, one Vegas financier, his name is Jay Bloom. He probably had some final destination type stuff where he could have been on that... You know how sometimes people miss flights and that flight goes down? This guy missed the submersible going down. The guy who ran the whole thing in this Sutton, whatever his face is, he basically was trying to convince this Vegas guy, Come on the ship. I'll give you a hundred thousand dollars discount. Bring your son on. I'll give him a hundred thousand dollars discount. The son was worried. The son didn't want to go. I'm laughing because the son didn't want to go on board because he was worried about giant squids.


It's crazy. So he posted, Jay posted these text message exchanges between him and the head of Ocean. It's called Ocean Gate, right? Ocean Gate, yeah. Between him and the head of Ocean Gate. And basically, the whole reason why they didn't end up going was the Sun's friends at school, I believe, were telling him, Oh, they looked into it and you could get attacked by a giant squid. You could get eaten by a whale.




Eaten by a whale. And so that was ultimately the reason why they didn't end up going because the Sun didn't want to go. And yes, they even tried to convince the sun. The head of Ocean Gate was willing to get on the phone and explain to him, Hey, whales can't go that low. It's safe. But yeah, he's got to thank his son for saving his life.


Oh, totally. Or the son's friend.


Yeah, whoever that friend is out there that was worried about the giant squid. I feel like there's other worries I would have about going that far in the down in the ocean and a giant squid are getting eaten by a whale.


That sounds like a.


Cartoon or something. It wouldn't be towards the top of those worries. But regardless, they lived.


They lived. He was right. The son's friend is vindicated, and they owe him their lives. But as this saga wraps up, it's interesting what will happen from this point with that form of tourism. If if this is going to discourage people from doing these underwater, or maybe it's only shone a light on.


I feel like if you're the type of person that's willing to do this, I don't think this is going to deter you from future exploration or whatever because it's a very, I feel like, small group amount of people that would even want to do this and have the money to do it. But legally, I don't know, depending on what happens with this company, I don't know if there are other companies are going to want to have the chance of getting sued or losing.


A ton of money. Totally. Well, I mean, this Submarine company, it's almost like DIY subs. It's like me or you could start a Submarine company and put all these parts together. It says on the waiver, no government regulatory body has given us the big tick. They've given us like, Oh, this is safe. This is just like mum and pops, like, submarine.


The controller was a video game, dude. I don't want to go down anywhere where the controller is a video game. If the batteries can come out of it, that's.


A bad idea. I don't know. I played video games growing up. Those things break. Yeah, exactly. You throw them at your sibling and they can break really easily.




Okay, onto our last story of the day. This is a good one for Maury Povich fans because Maury Povich is obviously most famous for those paternity tests he does on his show.


His show.


Is electric. Wow.


I was a huge Maury.


Guy, personally. If you're calling sick for.


School and stuff. 100 %. It's that or Price is Right and Maury was the go to.


Maury W ee. Well, when he delivers those paternity tests, like the results are in, you are not the father. And then the guy does a little dance. You can do all of this at home now because he's making his very at home paternity tests and they're called the results are in. Is this something you'd look to invest in?


I mean, super smart by him. It's literally the perfect product for him. And the thing is, they're saying basically they send these DNA sample kits to your home, they explain for you how to do them, you send them, and in 2-3 business days, you get 99.99 accuracy rate. That's pretty accurate. That's pretty damn accurate. Great idea by him. Definitely people are going to buy him. People are going to definitely talk about him. My issue, though, is if you're getting a paternity test, it's more than likely you don't want to be the father, I would say. And if I'm doing an at home paternity test and it comes back that I'm the father and I do not want to be one.


You use somebody else's DNA?


There's that. Oh, I didn't even think about that. Have you done this before?


And what is DNA? Is DNA like?


I think it's like spit. I believe it's like when you like squab your mouth. I'm assuming that that's how you do it or a hare or something.


Like that. It's not like that. You have to go into a jar, put your.


Little man into a jar. No, you're not trying to have kids. You're trying not to have kids in this situation.


Oh, okay. My bad. My bad. Go on.


So I'm just saying these people probably don't want to be parents to begin with. And so if it's an at home test, I'm going to say it comes back here, the father, it's like something went wrong. This is just a little rinky dink test that.


You sent in. But then there's a 0.001 % chance that you'd be right, though, because they're not.


Yeah, exactly. Just me personally, and I haven't ever been accused of being a father, but I would need to have something official. I need to go into a doctor's office. I need to have something I trust. I'm not saying I don't trust Maury because, I mean, seems like a great guy. But in these type of situations, it's like, I just can't risk it. I'm not risking a little. I don't know how much these cost, but I can't imagine very much.


Right. But then this just takes the place of the at home pregnancy test. And then you go to your doctor to confirm. You know how girls just pee on a stick? Okay, it says baby. We're having a baby, but let's go and double check.




That's fair.


These are the peeing on the stick type. So this is like the starter one. And then you're like, Okay. But then I think it could go the opposite way. If it comes back, it's not the father or the person celebrating. And then maybe the girl is like, Oh, this test is definitely doesn't work. We have to go do the real thing. But the one thing it does do is I guess it helps out people that want to find out and don't want to do it in front of cameras, which hurts us at home.


I hope this takes off and it's not like a viral thing where everyone's doing the Maury tests at home and it comes like a TikTok trend. And then the guy does a little dance like, yeah, I am.


Not the father. It's for sure going to become a TikTok trend. I can guarantee that.


But I think the surefire way then is just to keep a hair brush. Have you got a hair brush you could lend me? You just need a hair brush and then pick out little hairs of some other guy.


Put it in the box, set it off. There's a lot of loopholes in this is what you're saying.


Yeah, but I do think it's a.


Fantastic genius idea.


It's a genius idea. This is like the next George Foreman grill. This is going to be massive. It's going to.


Be everywhere. I don't know if it's going to be the next George Foreman. Are there that many people that are trying to find out they're the father?


I don't know. Probably not actually, because that does take some conflict. Yes, I am.


No, you're not. Exactly.


But you're trying to have a baby right now, it says here on my notes.


Your notes are who was the producer for this show? Yeah. That's wrong.


Inaccurate? Inaccurate. Okay, inaccurate. All right. Well, I hope that goes well for you.


Yeah. If it does happen, I'll definitely be using a Maury at home paternity test.


Have you got any baby names picked out if you have a baby?


Don't. None yet. We've been going back and forth. Now it sounds like I'm about to have a kid, dude. This is years from now.


I just went to your wedding a few months ago. And so that's just what happens next. First comes marriage, then comes the baby in a carriage. That's how the rhyme goes.


Is it? That's how yours went, right?




How everyone's go there. We'll see. You'll have to tune in, maybe a year, two years.


Tune in in two years to see if Devin's got a little kid. All right, Devin, thank you very much for joining me. It wasn't too bad.


Was it? No, thank you for having me. Hopefully, you'll bring.


Me back on. A hundred %? I don't know. A hundred %. All right, thank you guys very much. We'll see you here next week.