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The cameras stopped rolling on Vanderpump Rules, and that's when it all got real. I'm Jax Taylor. And I'm Brittany Cartwright. And we are talking about everything on our podcast, When Reality Hits.


Marriage and parenthood, friendships.


And feuds. Definitely feuds. And life before, during, and after Vanderp up Rules.


So listen to and follow.


When Reality Hits with Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright. At Apple podcast, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Today on the TMZ Podcast. Hello and welcome to the TMZ podcast. I'm Charlie Cotton, and today I'm joined by Brendan Jeffry on. How are.


You, Brendan? It's good to be back.


It's good to be back. We got you back because today's wall to wall to wall reality.


We love it.


We love reality TV and some of this stuff is just nuts. We're going to open by talking about the arrest video for Jocelyn Hernández from Love & Hip Hop, and she's got her own show, Jocelyn's Cabaret. The arrest video just came out when she was fighting with Big Lex. And man, it is crazy arrest video. We're going to talk about Joana Hill and the texting scandal that's happening while Bethany Frankel weighed in. And finally, we're going to talk to you about Kim and Croy back together, which I just can't understand. It's the messiest divorce ever, and now they're back together.


Great. Happy. All is well in the world. All is well in the world. In their world.


Let's talk about... This is maybe the craziest arrest video I've ever seen.


It's crazy in the sense that, to me, it starts out calm, and then she lashes out at the police and starts melting off at them. And then it's almost like they've had enough of it. And that's when they put her down on the ground. Didn't you feel like it started off somewhat calm?


Before even the arrest video cuts in, we've seen the video that came before, which is her going crazy, nearly killing Big Lex just optically. It looked like she was about to kill her. Big Lex then called the cops on Jocelyn. And you could see why because it was nasty, violent incident backstage at the Floyd Mayweather fight. And now we get this arrest video. And yeah, she isn't throwing hands at the cops when the video starts. But then she starts to.


It escalates. And then they keep telling her, or through parts of it, they keep asking her to calm down. And she starts mouthing off, and she starts saying all different kinds of slurs and obsenities. And she's making threats during parts of it. And then that's when they put her down. The handcuffed her, one of the officers says, Okay, now you're getting arrested. So for a minute there, made you think, Maybe she wasn't going to get arrested?


Yeah, I guess if they're announcing it.


Now, yeah. And then obviously, you see this video, it's about a three minute video on our website, three and a half minutes, and it plays out. And they're carrying her through hallways and down corridors.


They have to pick her up like a screaming child.


In a mall. Right. So they have these two officers on one side, and then they've got two officers because she starts kicking her legs at one point. So they've got officers holding her legs, and then they get her out to what looks like a parking garage, and they've got her down on the ground, and then they finally load her into the police car.


Let's listen to some of it now. And we actually have to give a bit of a warning before playing this because it is slur ridden, obsinity ridden. It is just wild video and audio. So let's play it now. That's it. That's it. It all starts because she threw her phone at a cop and then started hitting another. It is just what is this woman doing?


Who is she? That lunge with the phone is I think where she got in trouble. Everything's calm. And then she's obviously still filled with anger from whatever had just happened, the fight that had happened outside in the hallway. And you can tell she's just still so upset about whatever happened between her and her. And it's like she lunges at what I would assume is a cop. You can't see who she's lunging at, but one would assume, I guess, it's a cop because the other cops come in. But it's just a chaotic scene behind the scenes there. I don't know. I guess they were trying to calm her down and they were giving her the opportunity to calm down. But she's obviously filled with rage over the whole situation and everything that's going on.


Back there. Yeah. Look, maybe they weren't going to arrest her when they first got to the scene. But after they had seen the video that came out and went viral of the fight with Big Lex, she was going to get in trouble for that. But now you just add to the rap sheet, she's on at least four charges, including trespassing and battery. And my take away from this, apart from just Jocelyn Hernández is just the most mind blowing individual. How you can do that on video? I didn't even get it. But now I want to watch her show.


That's what I'm thinking. Well, I n a situation like that, she's done so much reality TV over the years. I mean, she's a big star in reality TV. I wonder if producers were wishing they were filming at the time.


They've got all.


The footage now anyway. I guess they could obtain this body the camera. It's crazy. And then she went on and she created merchandise, I guess, out of the whole situation by putting... She took the picture of her mug shot and put it on merch and is selling it. I admire that. Hey, if you're going to have to go through all of that, you might as well capitalize off of it, I guess. But I.


Was going through her Instagram this morning and she's got season 4 of her show. I'd never even heard of her personally. Season 4 of her show, Jocelyn's Cabaret coming out, which is basically, is she just auditioning girls for a cabaret and they live in a house and fight each other?


I'm telling you, she has ruled the reality TV world for a very long time. I didn't even know season 4 of that show.


Well, here you go.


So see? Put it on your... This is going to give her a season... Would you say season 4 she's doing now? So season 5 will be already... It's probably already blocked.


It is. Her fate is sealed. It's crazy how you can do something this unhinged, and it's just so good for your life.


Again, and we still don't know what the whole argument between her and Big Lex.


But Big Lex was on Jocelyn's Cabaret at one point in time. That TV show.


And I know that when all this was going on, when the day of, we were digging and digging and talking to sources that were in both of their camps. We just couldn't get to the bottom of what was the fight about. Snitches get stitches. But it makes you wonder, are they waiting for the next season? Oh, for the show to come out.


Well, I'll watch now. And it's just like, my God, this is just reality TV gold.


And we're on a reality TV gold train lately.


And let's keep on chugging. Oh, that's a boat actually. Let's keep on on the rails. No, let's get off the rails. Bethany Frankel has weighed in on the Joner Hill saga. This is just another just mind blowing reality thing.


This one drives me crazy because... Feel this in. Okay, so this whole thing, Jonah Hill's, the ex girlfriend, she, over the weekend, came out and posted all these text messages that she claims are between her and him. While they were together, like a year ago. Right, while they were together, a lot of people said were accusing him of being misogynistic, that the text messages were misogynistic and all of that. It's I guess everyone is open to their own opinion, right? I was reading a lot of comments online over the weekend, just heavily on social media. I saw a lot of comments going in the direction of almost being on more Team J onah's side in this sense of, listen, when you're dating someone, everyone has an expectation, they have different wants and needs.


Deal breakers and red flags and things that you got to communicate that to a partner if you want to be successful. You got to have a good, open communication about your likes and dislikes. Otherwise, the relationship might not work.


Right. So you had a lot of people going that way. Then you had a lot of people also going the misogynistic way. Anyway, so now Bethany Frankel has timed in and she's calling, you know, J onah this low grade dick.


Yeah, we can swear on.


The podcast.


Let's actually listen to Bethany's, I think it's the Instagram story right now.


My perspective is the following. I did The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Jonah Hill was the first guest, and he was a low grade dick. Still, these texts seem crazy. And there are texts that I've sent to people that people have sent to me that would seem nuts in a vacuum. And I want to know from you where the line is in what text and phone calls should be shared. Our text free game, like fair game, has he abused our sure in a way that she's just a cry for help and she needs help and she will not be silenced anymore? Because they both seem a little nuts. This is crazy.


Not only is those texts came out about the back and forth and misogynistic type stuff, but she also put up new text last night basically saying, exposing that she wasn't happy that Jonah Hill had broken up with her and called things off officially, like the day he was pictured with this new one, this new girl that he's now got a baby with. And so she texted him that day and she put up these screenshots saying that, I'd appreciate if you made that woman aware how recently you've been flirting with me, sexting with me, leaning on me for partner level emotional support. And so this is just a jilted ex who's really pissed that she wasn't that one. The woman of... She loves Jona Hill. She's got a lot of emotion towards him. Man, what do you think about all of this now?


Well, the Bethany thing, I have a lot to say about that because Bethany Frankel has an opinion about everything. Her TikTok every day, she's commenting on every damn thing out there. I'd love to see some text messages that Bethany Frankel said, like she said there. Anyways, for the Jonas stuff, I think that if this girl feels this way, I think this is going to screw her up in the long run because if I was... She's never going to date a celebrity again because she's revealing all these private text messages. So what celebrity is going to want to date this girl now? Because you're going to be like, Okay, well, if it doesn't end how she wants it to end, she's just going to be like, h, he's just going to drop the receipt. I think this is something that should be handled privately. On the other hand, you also have it from the point in these text messages that you're bringing up now, where she's saying they came out on the day that he was photographed with a new woman, in. So maybe he went out with this new woman not realizing that the cameras were following him, and he.


Got caught. He's got to realize that he's in Joanie Hill. This is the big issue with being a celebrity. This is a really big downside.


That you can't ... It's hard to sneak around.


And that's what Jonathan basically said as well. When you live a public life like this, it's not like you can have a messy, unclear end to one relationship and start a new one. Because when we're single, dabble lead or whatever like that. But if one knows about the other because of your public and they screenshot all your stuff as dirt, this is a messy, hard situation. I feel sorry for Jonathan in this.


I do. And she's obviously broken about this. But I'm thinking maybe she needs to get some therapy, talk to a therapist. Well, Jo not offered to pay for it all. And to be going on social media and posting all this, it screams a little bit crazy. I mean, I would be turned off by someone like this. If I was someone that thought, Oh, she's hot. Maybe I'll go after her. And now, knowing she's single. Now I've been turned off because she's just airing the dirty laundry instead of trying... Who knows? Maybe she tried to handle it with him behind the scenes.


Well, to begin with, I thought that she was trying to make some point, some feminist, anti.


Misogynist point. The one from the weekend.


Yeah, she was trying to do stand up for something. But now that she's just like... Her Instagram is littered with various screenshots of different little arguments and different things that happen. She is just an ex girlfriend who wishes she was a main girlfriend. She wishes she was the one with the baby with Joana. This is how it seems to me anyway.


She obviously still has feelings for him, and he doesn't have feelings for her.


He's moved on, and she hasn't. That's the way it reads, I think. And so, man, how embarrassing for both of them. I feel for Joana Hill, but it's not a good look for anyone.


I think she needs to talk it out with someone. Well, as I said, behind the scenes.


Joanie Hill, in one of the screenshots offered to pay for her therapy. Maybe that's condescending, but he offered to pay for her therapy.


I think she should have taken him up on it. I don't know if the offer is still there.


I don't know either. On to our final story. Kim Zolziak and Kroy Beeman, they were going through one of the messiest, most acrimonious divorce s ever with, he said, she said, name calling, different abusive accusations.


I mean, we were being told they hated each other. They're back together. They're back. How? Church, God.


Okay. Allegedly.


So God is the matchmaker.


Yeah, the whole thing is crazy because I've talked to multiple people around, both of them. And what's weird here is it's like, like I said, two weeks ago, we did a story that they were telling people they absolutely hated each other. And then we get the these... Last Sunday, we get video of them at this church in Atlanta. And they've got their four kids, the young kids, and they're walking in a church. And we're looking at it and it's like, Wow, they don't really seem like they hate each other. I mean, it's not like they're walking in a church holding hands and showing PDA, but they're showing PDA. But they're together, if you hate each other and you're going through a divorce, unless you're trying to put on some united front for the press or the public, what's the point in doing that?


But they've been doing anything but doing that for a couple of months now is showing that they're enemies.




It's weird that they'd be seen together.


And then on Friday, I'm just sitting at my desk and our court team sends these documents and it's like, File to dismiss divorce.


I'm like, What? So Kim is a long time believer. Croi, apparently, is a new born again.


Ish type. Yes. Apparently, from what I have been told, Croi has been really walking around their house, literally holding the Bible, reading the Bible. Is that true? And it's like, apparently this new thing for him where he's like... I mean, he's been religious for years, but it's like a new thing in the sense that he's leaning back into it. They say death... I mean, come on.


Death can make believers out of people, but can divorce?


I don't know. I think there's more to the story here. These are reality TV stars. The people that I have spoken to insist that they're not working to get a show right now, that there's nothing in development, that they're not in talks. I don't know if I believe it. I think there's something going on here. You also have to remember, the current season of Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently airing, which means the casting producers for the show if they haven't already, are going to start looking at who do we want to bring back for next season? Who do we want to.


Get rid of?


This is an audition tape. Is there a role for Kim? Right. Or can we bring them? Kim needs the money. They both need the money. Oh, got you. They're facing multiple lawsuits. He's being accused of owing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a Bentley that they've used as a family car. The house was in foreclosure at one point. They need money. Yes, they're stronger together. So how can you say they don't want to get back on reality TV if Andy Cohen called Kim tomorrow and said, We will sign you for next season at X amount of money.


We need to.


We can't say no. You can tell me she wouldn't say no.


I think their marriage right now, I think, is like a business arrangement. It's like, we're stronger together than apart. We're more valuable together than apart. We need to figure out for our kids how to get out of this deep hole we're in.


Have a lot of people to pay back.


We've got a lot of people to pay back. And so I think that if we divorce and try to figure out our own lives, then that is not a way to get out of this mess.


I think soon, maybe the next thing we see is, they put the house on the market or something. It's a nice house. It's in a nice neighborhood in Atlanta. You could probably get 4 or 5 million out of it. So there's some nice money there. They get back on a TV show.


What about Don't Be Tardy? They used.


To have their own show. The producers from Emerge Boot Camp should be calling. Is that show still a thing? They should be calling, signing them up. I don't know. I'm telling you, Charlie, these people that I talk to are adamant that they have no interest in doing reality TV right now. I call bullshit.


Okay, there we go. Bravo, Brendan. That's his luck for.


The week. In a month, we'll be talking about them getting some reality TV deal. Like you said, don't be tardy. They could bring that back. I mean, Bravo canceled it after eight seasons. That doesn't mean another network is going to take it up.


I want to see that show. I want to see the Jocelyn Hernández Show. I want to see the Jonny Hill Show.


I love reality TV. I'm here for it all. I need plenty of platforms for it.


Well, thank you very much for joining me today, Brendan.




Fun. And we'll see you here tomorrow.