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Hello and welcome to the TMZ podcast. I'm Charlie Cotton, and today I'm joined by Dylan Barry. Dylan, you're back.


Yes, I'm back. Glad to be back.


The fans have been just.


Begging for you to come back. Yeah, I know. My email has been flooded, so I'm glad to be here.


Wow. Okay, I was joking.




Too. We got some interesting stories. We're going to do a bit of a reality round up at this top talk about Vanderpump Rules is shooting again. A Teen Mums star was just arrested in Las Vegas. We're also going to talk about Threads. It's the one week anniversary of the app launching. Wow, what a week. Happy birthday. We're going to go through that. And also we're going to talk about Logan Paul and his energy drink company he has with KSI. They're in a bit of hot water because too much caffeine. Too much caffeine. It's being recalled. But off the top, Vanderpump Rules. They're back. They're shooting. They're crying. Tell me about.


It, Dylan. Day 500 million of scandal, it feels like. Ain't that the truth? But we're back. We got this exclusive video, of course. They were all filming at Sur, I believe it was Tuesday night. And we got this video of Tom seems to be on camera. And gosh, the waterworks seem to be flowing. He's crying. He's back at work.


I'm just a fair weather fan of the show. I'm a casual observer. I only started watching in the last couple of episodes when the scandal hit. Yeah, you're a scandal fan. I'm a scandal fan, and we'll see if that continues into the next season. Not sure yet. Was he a big cry? Is he a big crier?


I know James Kennedy is a big crier on the show. That's the English guy? Yes, he's the English guy. He's very emotional. But I know Tom, this is now Tom's moment to be the c rier. Because now we had to live in this media circle of just scandal, scandal, scandal. But now the cameras are up and it's showtime for him. So I imagine he better be a crier now.


Is he crying to anyone in particular? Do you think he's just feeling guilty or feeling... I don't know. What is he feeling? I don't know his motivations anymore.


Well, we saw him at the reunion and he was crying and they were all picking on him for crying because it's like, Dude, why are you crying? You made this bed, you got to lie in it.


But that makes you cry the most. When you do something yourself that you feel bad about, that would make me feel most upset.


Yeah. But now, I don't know if it is coming full circle for him to be back at Sur and to be back and be like, Oh, shoot. We're doing this all over again. And I have to face the music all over again. And if he doesn't cry, if he's there laughing, having fun, throwing shots.


Yeah, keep flirting with girls.


Flirting with girls. It's not a good look. So this is just part for the course.


Because Arianna was there.


She was there, yeah.


But Rick el wasn't. And it confuses me that Raquel still hasn't signed on for the season. Is that just like PR coming out of Vanderpump Rules land where they're like, Will they or won't they? Will they? And so it keeps us interested. Or is there a possibility she won't return this season? And then why are we even watching?


Well, I mean, you need Raquel for this show. So right now, if she is a free agent, let's say, if maybe her contract ended after last season, and now she is a main player. Before, she really wasn't. And she might have just a lot of negotiating power now, too. But yeah, it matters that she's there. If she's not there, that's.


Almost not worth it. The show's not worth even... Why do they have cameras up right now not knowing if she's going to be on or not? Because if she's not.




You're doing is talking about her, and then she doesn't even show. I think they must have some maybe she hasn't signed, but she must have said yes to them. Otherwise, it's a trickiest situation to be in as a producer, I would have thought.


So I don't.


Know if she's coming back. I don't know if... I think you said this yesterday during the morning meeting, but there might be some stirring in the first couple of episodes real, they won't... Will she want... But we'll find out in the news that she'll sign on eventually. But maybe for their first couple of episodes, it's just the cast freaking out. Is Raquel gone? Good. Some people are like, Yeah, get her out here. And some's like, No, we need her.


That's why I think that she hasn't signed on might be a bit of a storyline. But she actually has signed on. Maybe.


I don't know. Yeah, it could all.


Be story. We'll see. Another big reality story that we broke at TMZ, Pat on the back, this morning is a Teen Mom 2 star Nathan Griffith. He's a guy who was with Janel Evans, who's quite famous. They were engaged before calling it off. Well, he was just arrested in Las Vegas last night, 915 at his home. And for strangling a family member.


Pretty crazy stuff. Yeah. And he's had a previous arrest of domestic violence and battery with strangulation. This has happened before. It's a super sad story. He was linked with Janel Evans in Teen Mom. Just awful story. It seems like we're talking about something in the water in Vegas lately, just terrible things happening, whether it's Cesars Palace all the way to Britney Spears and the Streaker. Vegas is just just a mess right now. Or it's still a mess always.


It used to be that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


But I guess not. It ends up on TMZ too.


Yeah, it ends up on TMZ.


Because you're right, the Brittany and Victor Wemba Nya Ma. And also the Streeker. It feels like we're doing TMZ.


Lv this week. Yeah, I think there's just as much TMZ News in Vegas as LA it seems like.


These days. I think so. We should have... I'm a camera guy. I'm a street reporter. We should have a street reporter in Vegas.


Why don't we? It's like 120 degrees in Vegas.


I know. I'm not putting my hand up, but we.


Should have one. Yeah, or even the bus. The bus will do well.


The TMZ tour bus takes Las Vegas. I like that.


Yeah. Sad story. Well, it's a sad story. And this isn't the first time he's been accused of strangulation. He did it to a ex girlfriend earlier this year. But yeah, we'll keep you abreast of more details as we learn it. But yeah, obviously, a guy with a really checkered past is now in hot water once again. He's actually going to court today. He's going in front of a judge today at 130. All these details will come out at the court case today. But yeah, sad, sad story. On to our next story, Threads. The Twitter rival from Facebook and Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg. His threads, it's the one week anniversary. They're at nearly 110 million sign ups, which is pretty good because Twitter apparently has a bit over 400 million. But they got a lot more.


Time on their side. And Meta did have the fact that it's linked to your Instagram and it's pretty easy. Did you have a thread?


Yeah, I'm one of.


Those people who just signed up. But it was easy to download the app and then just link it to your Instagram and then you have all your followers there. And even the algorithm that you're following on threads is similar to the one that you find on follow on Instagram. So it already knows what you like. It knows what you want to see. But yeah, 109 million people signed up. I don't know how much traffic there.


Is, though. And that is the big point. You can get them to sign up, but can you get them to engage?


And to stay.


Can you get them to not look at their Twitter app and look at the threads instead, basically? I don't know.


The first few days, I was using threads and I was opening it. It was one of the first social media apps I was using. And I was like, Wow, this is so new and fun. But then I still was finding myself on Twitter because the Twitter is already established, but there are things that are cool about threads that aren't on Twitter. Example? Well, I think the way that videos continue to keep coming up for you in threads, which is counterintuitive, I guess. What do.


You mean? You get lots of video posts on your feed.


Yeah. So I'm not on TikTok, so it feels like I get those types of videos now on my threads.




They're real. Right, exactly. Interesting. Ultimately, this is going to lead to a big fight, though, which is the good part. A literal fight. And legal fight, too, it sounds like from Elon. Because it's.




Copycat. Yeah, because.


It's copycat, I guess. But isn't everything a copycat? Blue Sky by Jack Dorsey, they're Mastodon. They're all copycats of Twitter.


I don't know. And Meta, the search function is still weird, finding the topics and stuff. You can't send DMs and whatnot on threads.


But yeah. Interesting. Did you know also, once you've got your account on threads, you cannot delete it?


Whoa, I did not know that.


Unless you want to delete your Instagram as well.


Whoa. Whoa. Yeah, they're linked now. Once you create your account, they're linked for life.


Wow. So yeah, threads isn't going anywhere.


Threads isn't going anywhere.


It's just the interest. One week birthday, but how long will it go for?




True. Happy birthday is what I'm talking about. I bet you there will be a function soon that makes it easier for you to jump from Instagram to threads. I bet you they'll be a lot more mixed coming forward because I think that is its strongest feature is that it's already connected to this Instagram, which I think Instagram is probably still the leader over Twitter.


Yeah, Instagram has 2.2 billion users, apparently. Twitter has 400 million.




Oh, man. I am close. And this threads is at 100 and something million. It took Facebook four and a half years to reach 100 million. Crazy. Facebook owns threads. It's taken them a week. So that's pretty interesting. Have you got that graph there that I had? Oh, yeah. I love this graph. This graph is funny. It's a useless graph, but I still find it interesting. The telephone took 75 years to get 100 million users.


Yeah, that's crazy. People signed up. People signed up now. People were like, Yo, I got to get that telephone thing.


Mobile phone took 16 years to get 100 million. Instagram, two and a half years to get.


100 million. What's your prediction on threads? Do you think it does stick around? Because it is just another social media app. That is the hard part about it is it does feel like, Oh, shoot. Because I feel like I had my balance of Instagram and Twitter, and I'd bounce back and forth. Facebook, every once in a while, see family's doing. And then now I got the Reds too.


It's hard to tell because Instagram is more like friends and family for me than Twitter ever was. Twitter was always about news for me and information. And so when you can report over my followers from Instagram to threads, it's still my family and friends that I'm now looking at what they're saying rather than reporters and I don't know what's viral, right? It's a bit different.


Twitter is good for what are people pissed off about? It's like, Oh, this thing just happened. Let me go to Twitter real quick to see what.


People are saying. Threads is more friendly, I feel.


Right now. Twitter does feel a little more friendly, a little more positive. I don't know how long that can be held up for, especially this because Twitter is that specific.


Place for that. When Elon and Mark Zuckerberg step in the ring at the Coliseum, potentially in Rome, I think they should fight over pink slips for their apps.


Thanks. So one's got to.


Close its doors. Yeah. You got to shut down your app if you lose the fight because they could fight for a million dollars or a billion dollars. It's worth nothing to them. It doesn't matter to them. Fight for.


Pink slips. And I think it's cool that this could be for charity and whatnot. But we also want to see a fight. Yeah. And there's got to be stakes. Totally. And so pink slips could.


Be it. Charity is cool and whatever. Charity is great. Everyone does charity stuff. Give me some more stakes. Do pink slips.


And charity. Make it so it's on them. There are stakes.


On each guy. Maybe you donate Twitter to a needy hundred kids.


Or something. I'll tell you what, if I'm Elon, Mark's looking pretty good. He's jacked right now. And he's hanging out with some champions. And yeah, I would be taking it seriously if I'm Elon. If it's a serious thing.


He's shredded, man. Elon is not.


It's like Bezos where it's like, Yeah, well, he's a nerd. No, dude, he could beat me up.


He's a nerd. Easily. He could beat me up so easily.


All those guys.


Okay, our final story. Logan Paul said, his energy drink has too much caffeine in it. It's been recalled in Canada. This is Prime Energy, which is different than Prime Hydration. They've got these two drinks under the same banner. So Prime Hydration, they say under 18s can drink. I think it's a bit like Gatorade. But Prime Energy is really over 18 should be drinking it, they're saying on their social media. Even though it's not banned from under 18s, they can still buy it. But they're saying it's advised. It has two times the caffeine as a Red Bull. Wow. It's 200 mills of caffeine, 200 mills of caffeine, which is quite a lot. So in Canada, they just recalled it saying you can't sell it anymore because it's only 20 mils over the limit.


180 is their limit.


I see. It's pretty close. But America is also considering the same action. This guy, Chuck Schumer, has said, We need the FDA to look at this thing because kids are drinking this.


And kids are drinking this. Oh, yeah. I have a buddy who was telling me that he incentivizes his kids with prime. If it's a baseball game or if it's cleaning the house or whatnot, it's like, Dude, I'm going to get you a prime if you clean up the house before X o'clock, or if you get a hit in baseball. And the kid is so motivated. That is all you have to say to a kid because they want to collect all the flavors. They're absolutely sugary and delicious. Or maybe they're not sugary, but they're delicious.


I think the things I was reading online, that they are...


They're like sneak key. They're like, Oh, this is not bad for you. But it is.


Yeah, I mean, it's almost not a drink. It's just a product. And it's just something that your favorite influencer is repping. So you want.


To have it, too. It's KSI. It's Logan Paul. Kids kids love those two guys and they want to drink all they drink.


They got $250 million worth of sales in their first year. It's wild. Two of the biggest influencers on the planet, and all they do, you see them at the WWE or anything. They're always repping this prime thing. It's everywhere. But yeah, bad for kids, apparently.


Yeah. Logan Paul did a whole... He showed people the difference on his Instagram story of like, Oh, this one is just prime hydration. This is prime energy. There's a difference. Because I think people were messing it up, too. He must have... We're picking the wrong one. And if you get that much caffeine accidentally.


That's rough. It is. It is. Logan actually got engaged a couple of days ago as well. He did. To Nina Agdal. Did you watch.


That little? I did. I thought it was a little like, was my mic on? Are we good? Oh, you did? I did. I thought it was loose. But it was also like, if you have that play... I don't know. They can look back on that forever. And that's special.


Other people do that, too?




Oh, totally. Everyone does. Camera set up. I actually like... It was a bit of a tear joke for me. Something about it, you fall in love with both of them while watching it. You just get their love story. I really do believe that they're deeply, deeply in love. Whereas a lot of celebrity couples are more sometimes like, I don't know. Logan Paul posted this video on his YouTube, and it's going...


It's getting crazy now. It was number one trending. It was it? Yeah, it was number one trending on YouTube. But yeah, I mean, this is I don't know how he's going to one up himself for the next romantic thing he does. But I guess is it all downhill after the engagement? That's your biggest romantic gesture.


I think the wedding is.


Bigger than the engagement. Wedding. Oh, yeah. So that'll be maybe that will go number one trending when he films that and posts that.


How far away are you from an engagement in a wedding? You've got to find a.


Girlfriend first. Yeah, I'm pretty far away. Thanks for bringing it up. Thanks for.


Bringing it up. Sad note. If you're out there feeling lonely, everyone.


No, yeah, thanks.




Right, guys.


Thanks for joining us today. Magic D. Thank you, Dylan. Yes, thank you, Charlie. No worries at all. We'll see you guys tomorrow.